"Every successful insurgency, from the American Revolution to Vietnam to Afghanistan, involved refusing to fight
the war the tyrant was prepared to fight, knowing that the rigid military structure of the enemy inherently
prevented them from adapting rapidly to an unconventional threat. The constant presentation of new forms of warfare negated the material and organizational advantage of the mercenary armies, wore them down, and ultimately defeated them." -- Michael Rivero

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COVID Inquiry: Boris Johnson questioned over partygate MikeRivero Fri, 12/08/2023 - 06:30

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been questioned over the partygate scandal which happened during the pandemic at the UK's COVID inquiry.

Mr Johnson said 'I continue to regret very much what happened".

Gina Lollobrigida, renowned as one of the most high-profile European actresses of the 1950s and 1960s, emerged as an international sex symbol during the era of cinematic grandeur.


With the alluring title of "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World", she graced both the silver screen and the public consciousness.


Gina's amazing beauty and impeccable style turned her into a global fashion icon. Her jet-black hair, captivating eyes and poise made her the embodiment of classic Hollywood glamour.



In 1955, photographer Charles Hewitt visited Salvador Dalí and his wife (and muse) Gala at their home to shoot photos for a British editorial magazine called Picture Post.


The famous artist posed showing her true personality and did not miss the opportunity to surprise her audience. Hewitt titled the photoshoot simply "A Day with Salvador Dalí".


In 1930, a few months after his father had thrown him out of the house, unable to tolerate his strange personality, Salvador Dalí purchased a former fisherman's cottage.



 On a headland a mile south of Treen, in Cornwall, England, on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the English Channel, is a famous Rocking Stone. Despite weighing 80 tons, the rock is so finely balanced on its base that a child can rock it back and forth by applying only slight pressure. Known as Logan's Rock – from the Cornish word 'loging' meaning rocking – it is one of many such balancing rocks found in the county.

Imagine the early days of cars – a time of wild experimentation and bold ideas. From then until the mid-20th century, some unique vehicles broke all the rules and hit the streets and attracted attention like nothing else.


At the time, technology in the automotive industry was in its infancy. It encouraged enthusiasts and designers to think outside the box to find unique solutions to transportation challenges.


The customization was not just about aesthetics; It was a way of tackling problems in innovative ways.



Last November 15, after 19 minutes of bidding at Christie's in New York City, a record was broken when a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, called Salvator Mundi, sold for $450 million.


It is believed that da Vinci created fewer than 30 works in his lifetime, and Christie's called this painting "the last da Vinci".



The painting is of Jesus with long golden brown hair, wearing blue robes and raising his right hand in blessing. In his other hand, Jesus holds a clear sphere of glass or crystal.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israeli forces have surrounded the home of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Wednesday.


Netanyahu clarified that the IDF did not expect to find Sinwar in the complex, but said it was "only a matter of time" before the terrorist leader was found.


"Two brief updates: Last night I said that our forces could reach anywhere in the Gaza Strip. Now they are surrounding Sinwar's house. So his house is not his fortress, and he can flee, but before we arrive “It is only a matter of time before he does,” Netanyahu said.