"Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance" -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Gen Z women are the first generation to outnumber men in abandoning religion MikeRivero

According to recent polling, Gen Z women are the first generation to outnumber men in abandoning organized religion in the US. 

According to an April 4 article published by American Storylines, a new study has found that “the gender divide in religiosity has flipped,” after decades of polling which consistently showed men as more likely to drop faith related habits. 


Authored by Beth Brelje via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

It is likely that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will be throwing an elderly survivor of a communist concentration camp in federal prison for sitting in a wheelchair in the hallway of an abortion business and singing church hymns.

Zelenskyy Gives Highly Repulsive 'Gift' to Pope Francis - This Should Offend Every Christian MikeRivero

As Catholic Courier describes it, “The work commemorates the 243 children who died in the first 58 days of Russia’s full-scale invasion Feb. 24, 2022, which continued attacks launched by Russia in 2014.”

But that description fails to really encapsulate this “gift.”

What it actually shows is an unflattering image of Mary holding an entirely blacked-out baby Jesus.

Is this an April Fool's Day joke? While Democrats have spent the better part of the last six months insisting that President Biden is a well-oiled galaxy brain behind closed doors, the POTUS clearly can't keep up with his Marxist handlers.

conservative pastor Greg Locke's Tennessee church on Easter Sunday MikeRivero

Someone actually bought a bunch of Bibles and a trailer just to set them on fire outside a church. What must it feel like to have that much hate?

“I met Bob Scarborough, an independent cinema chain (Carmike) booking agent, and surviving Liberty crewman, who introduced me to their story. Strangely, as a military academy graduate, I had never heard of it, and therefore did not initially believe him. He directed me to Dick Thompson, which began a special friendship and my descent down the rabbit hole.”

What did you find in the rabbit hole?