"The committee believes, on the basis of evidence presented to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy" -- House Select Committee on JFK's assassination after determining that a shot had come from the Grassy Knoll (1976)

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One of the longest waiting periods of the Ukraine war has finally ended, as the Western powers announced, during the NATO summit in DC, that the first F-16 jet fighters are arriving and will be operational during the summer—leaving the expectation of an operational start in less than six weeks.

Kiev will finally get the fourth-generation fighter jets to fight Russia — but in far fewer numbers than it had hoped and asked.

The Kremlin on Saturday warned that the deployment of US missiles in Germany could make European capitals targets for Russian missiles in a repeat of Cold War-style confrontation.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke of a "paradox" in which "Europe is a target for our missiles, our country is a target for US missiles in Europe".

"We have enough capacity to contain these missiles but the potential victims are the capitals of these countries," he said, speaking to Russian state television channel Russia 1.

US and UK warplanes launched several airstrikes on Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen in the overnight and early Friday hours. "US–British aircraft targeted Hodeidah International Airport with three raids," a security source told Yemen’s SABA news agency. 

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, stands out for his audacity and persistence in the realm of contemporary politics. His tireless efforts in diplomacy and steadfast commitment to national and global stability merit serious consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize. His relentless pursuit of peace, even amidst widespread criticism, underscores the kind of leadership the world desperately needs today.

Douglas MacGregor: Iran Boost Weapons Supply For Hezbollah - Israel Can't Survive If Invades Lebanon MikeRivero

Nearly 200,000 people have enlisted in the Russian army in 2024, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said. The average recruitment rate is “about 1,000 people per day,” the ministry wrote on Telegram on Thursday.

Russia has conducted a wide-scale recruitment campaign since launching its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Last month, President Vladimir Putin said around 700,000 troops are deployed in the conflict zone.

F-16 fighter jets to be transferred by the West to Kiev will be based inside Ukraine, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters.

“The F-16s will be based in Ukraine,” he said.

The official didn’t provide details when asked whether the F-16s in Ukraine’s possession will take off from NATO bases when operating against Russian forces.

The election campaign between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is heating up. Polls show that issues like the U.S. economy, immigration, whether Trump will be incarcerated and whether Biden is mentally fit for office are at the forefront of most Americans’ minds. Yet a significant issue that could have far-reaching consequences for the American people and the world is being almost entirely overlooked.

With four months left until the elections in the United States, other issues are falling off the media radar. One might think that the genocide in Gaza had ended, as the coverage of it in mainstream media has fallen off dramatically.