"One may well ask: How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A massive container ship reportedly lost power on the Upper New York Bay - just before the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

According to Captain John Konrad, CEO of gCaptain, a New York City tugboat captain informed him that the 354-meter container ship APL QINGDAO "lost power while transiting New York harbor." 

"They had 3 escort tugs but 3 more were needed to bring her under control. They regained power & were brought to anchor near the verrazano bridge," the tugboat captain told Konrad. 

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The Biden administration announced a final rule Thursday aimed to protect federal workers and make it harder to fire them, in an effort to prevent former President Trump from gutting the workforce if he’s reelected.

The rule, issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), clarifies that nonpartisan career civil servants with protected status can’t have that status taken away, and it prevents nonpartisan career civil servants from being reclassified as political appointees. 

Trump in 2020 issued an executive order to allow reclassification of thousands of federal employees, which would take away their protections. When President Biden entered the White House, he revoked that executive order, which the White House said “risked altering our country’s long-standing merit-based civil service system.”

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After being fortunate enough to participate in a two hour zoom call with David Rogers Webb, author of The Great Taking, I was intrigued enough to download his free book and read it over the course of two days. I found David to be a humble, intelligent, thoughtful man who is deeply concerned about the future of mankind, leading him to write a book, putting him and his family at great personal risk. Using his decades of experience in the financial world and undertaking painstaking research regarding the systematic long-term rewriting of codes, laws, and regulations by those who constitute Bernays’ invisible government (aka Deep State), Webb makes a strong case the Ruling Elite/Deep State/Shadowy billionaires in smoke filled rooms have set the groundwork to crash the global financial system and abscond with all that remains of our accumulated wealth. I could feel his angst and anxiety about the future as he explained the details of their plan. After reading the book, I found myself agitated, angry, and feeling helpless.

You can’t help but be depressed that everything you’ve worked for over the last forty years could be “legally” stolen by those controlling the levers of our financial system in an instant. My first reaction was, how can they do this and expect to succeed. Wouldn’t the citizens across the world react violently and start hanging the culprits? And then I remembered how the masses reacted to being locked down, masked, forced to not earn a living, censored for questioning the government, arrested for swimming alone in the ocean, imprisoned for protesting a rigged election, and being coerced and threatened into getting jabbed with a toxic gene altering concoction which neither protected you from contracting, spreading or dying from the annual flu (sold and marketed as the greatest deadly pandemic in history).

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has released a video of its downing an advanced Israeli reconnaissance drone violating the country’s airspace.

“The drone belonging to the Israeli army, which was shot down by the Islamic resistance fighters over Lebanese territory on the evening of Saturday, April 6, 2024, is of type Hermes 900,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

The Israeli army’s Arabic spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, said the drone had crashed in Lebanese territory after being hit by a surface-to-air missile.

The unmanned aerial vehicle, which is widely used by the occupying entity and its allies, is primarily deployed for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) purposes.

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You know how #SolutionsWatch replaced #PropagandaWatch three years ago? Well, I found a piece of propaganda so crazy, so self-contradictory, so hilariously reaching, so weirdly self-deconstructing that it has to be heard to be believed. Feast your ears on this wet hot dumpster fire of nonsense served up by the very confused propaganda pushers over at NPR.

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NATO nations can only forestall an inevitable loss to Russian forces in Ukraine by deploying their troops to the former Soviet republic, a former adviser to the US military has claimed.

“The arithmetic of this is inescapable: NATO countries will soon have to send soldiers to Ukraine, or else accept catastrophic defeat,” military strategist Edward Luttwak wrote in an oped published on Thursday by the British online media outlet UnHerd. “The British and French, along with the Nordic countries, are already quietly preparing to send troops – both small elite units and logistics and support personnel – who can remain far from the front.”

The conflict can’t be won without direct troop deployments because regardless of the quantity and quality of weapons sent to Kiev, Ukrainian forces are too outnumbered by the Russians, Luttwak argued. “This means that unless [Russian President Vladimir] Putin decides to end the war, Ukraine’s troops will be pushed back again and again, losing soldiers in the process who cannot be replaced.”

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A lot of people seem to have forgotten about the war in Ukraine. That’s a mistake.

Russia is slowly but steadily defeating Ukraine, which is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone except the most anti-Russian diehards.

That’s leading to desperation in elite Western circles determined to stop Russia one way or the other. In their minds, they simply can’t let Putin win. They think that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he’ll next move on to the Baltic states, Poland and elsewhere.

You know the West is getting desperate based on recent threats by France’s Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine.

The vice president of the Russia Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy (descendant of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy), warned that French troops would be priority targets for Russian forces if they entered Ukraine.

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State security services in Moldova’s Russia-backed breakaway region of Transnistria said Friday that a drone attacked a military unit close to the border with Ukraine, causing minor damage to a radar station but no casualties.

The incident occurred in the region of Rabnita, about 6 kilometers (about 4 miles) from the Ukraine border, the region’s state security ministry said, adding that a criminal investigation has been opened. They did not say who they thought was behind the alleged attack.

Moldova’s Bureau for Reintegration Policies responded by saying that the incident fits “a pattern of provocations” in Transnistria designed to “incite panic and tension” and maintain attention on the region.

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I have said it many times in the past but I think it bears repeating once again: If you want to understand why world events happen the way they do, you must understand the goals and influence of globalist institutions. You must accept the fact that these people create most of the national and international disasters you and I have to deal with on a regular basis and oftentimes they create these disasters deliberately.

Yes, I know, there are plenty of skeptics out there that think all geopolitics and crisis events are random or a product of bureaucratic stupidity; and those people are wrong. They have no idea what they’re talking about because they’re basing this conclusion on assumptions rather than facts and research. Make no mistake, there’s a good reason why it feels like the whole world has gone crazy all at once.

The primary purpose of the globalists is to erase national borders and homogenize all countries and cultures under one economic and governmental system. They have openly admitted to this plan on numerous occasions. One of the most revealing quotes on the agenda comes from Clinton Administration Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot, who stated in Time magazine that:

In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority… National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

He adds in the same article a lesser known quote:

“…The free world formed multilateral financial institutions that depend on member states’ willingness to give up a degree of sovereignty. The International Monetary Fund can virtually dictate fiscal policies, even including how much tax a government should levy on its citizens. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade regulates how much duty a nation can charge on imports. These organizations can be seen as the protoministries of trade, finance and development for a united world.”

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It never ceases to amaze me at how little so many people in this country have done to train their minds to critically analyze information. They have eyes to see and ears to see, and yet, somehow the truth of any major issue still seems to evade them, or they simply refuse to recognize the truth with it standing right in front of them, slapping them in the face.

So many things are currently plumb damned fouled up by this Biden regime and going awry on their own through the dynamics set in motion by this anti-American, lawless regime, that it’s nearly impossible to properly address them all in a single commentary. But I’ve tried to give the Reader as comprehensive an assessment as I possibly can with this piece.

Michael Savage, a longtime renown radio host, was fond of noting that “liberalism is a mental disorder” and we’re witnessing the result of its heavy utilization for far too many years without being grounded in common sense and a certain amount of pragmatic realism. And so here we are, on the cusp of the final fall of America, short of a miracle from God or true patriots taking a firm stand with rifles in hand and refusing to give an inch of ground and any further movement towards the new world order desired by our amerikkan commies.

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I’ve always thought that some public things were sacred whether you liked them or not, like traffic lights on red, the flight decks of commercial airliners, and embassies and their satellite consulates.

But I have been disabused of this latter illusion because a few days ago Israel bombed an Iranian consulate in Damascus. That’s right: an official consulate with trimmed hedges and flagpoles and a plaque over the door.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought this was an outrage too far, for the New York Times sent a columnist running with the news that this outrage wasn’t as outrageous as it seemed; no, sir, it was legal.

Here is Amanda Taub writing in her column, The Interpreter, to be sure that concerned citizens don’t misinterpret the attack:

“But while those rules of diplomatic relations [regarding embassy grounds] are a bedrock principle of international law, they actually have little force in the case of the Damascus bombing, experts say, because they only refer to the responsibilities of the “receiving State” — in this case, Syria — and say nothing about attacks by a third state on foreign territory.

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Welcome to another edition of the News Review. In this edition, people across the world have taken part in the international Quds Day rallies taking to the streets as Israel continues its genocidal war in the Gaza Strip. Protesters across Iran waved Palestinian flags and condemned the Israeli regime for its crimes in the besieged territory. The participants also slammed the U.S. over its support for Tel Aviv. Iranians called on the international community to take action and stop the onslaught in Gaza. Protesters also demanded an end to Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestine.

International Quds Day was also observed in the Syrian capital, Damascus, where hundreds of Palestinian refugees attended the ceremony. The attendees also saluted the parading resistance fighters elsewhere in Yemen and Sana’a. They reaffirmed their unwavering support for Palestine in another Million Man March. Pakistan and Bahrain were also among those West Asian countries that held nationwide rallies. Jordanians also staged a massive protest in the city of Erbid, which they called Friday of Anger. They fully rejected the Arab country’s normalization agreements with Israel.

Rallies have also been held in several other countries across the world, including in London, Tanzania, India, Malaysia and Nigeria.

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Main takeaway: I’m new to this subject, and after writing this article and letting it age for a day or two (always a good idea when you venture into something new and complicated), I realized that the best insight I’ve had since reading up on this and trying to make sense of it, is that massive US security state funding of bioweapons for decades has created a ‘blob’ which has gobbled up huge sections of society – including big pharma and our medical system. Our vaccine addiction is very much a result of this biowar funding. Here, I’m borrowing heavily from the ideas of Mike Benz who has described a similar phenomenon in the ‘censorship industrial complex’.

I am convinced that Benz’s work is a hugely important event which is still underestimated. It got major exposure due to a recent Tucker video, and people are starting to catch on. I can’t urge you enough to follow him on Twitter and understand what he is saying. His links and the Tucker video are below in the article. One of Benz’s central insights is that massive security state funding for years, and the need to bypass laws, leads to a ‘whole of society’ phenomenon, where the security state coopts entire sectors of society – media, academia, government, IT, etc. – in order to pursue their censorship goals. He calls it ‘the blob’. He dates its beginnings from 2016.

While thinking about this whole bioweapons / vaccine connection, I realized that it is very similar. In this case the massive funding has been going on for decades, and it has been much larger. The result of both is equally dangerous – to me, shutting down free speech is as bad as being poisoned by bioweapons and vaxes.

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The path of totality for this total solar eclipse runs through Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

What happens during a total solar eclipse?

Our timeanddate team will be broadcasting the eclipse LIVE from the USA.

This eclipse is visible in Tell City - go to local timings and animation

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On March 19th Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted a video clip to X showing a throng of homeless people in downtown L.A., sitting, standing, and lying on filthy sidewalks, some of them gathered round an open fire right there in the road.

Since 2015 homelessness in the city has increased 70 percent. It’s increased thirty percent since 2019, when Gavin Newsom took the throne as Governor of California. Female homelessness in LA has increased 55 percent just the past three years, with over 90 percent of those women experiencing physical or sexual assault.

Check out Bill Melugin’s video. Third World America indeed. How many of those ragged, doped-up people on show there are actual Third World American citizens, as opposed to Third Worlders just arrived here courtesy of Joe Biden and Alec Mayorkas, I don’t know.

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Japanese researchers say their "shocking" systematic review of research papers on COVID-19 vaccines has discovered thousands of side effects "affecting every possible aspect of human pathology."

The findings were laid out in a 93-minute press conference in Japan held January 11 by the Vaccine Issues Study Group, a panel of esteemed medical experts. The findings followed six months of investigations into the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University, long a fierce critic of the vaccines, said the breadth of the harms is "unprecedented" for medical treatments.

“A systematic review of the literature has unveiled some shocking information. Thousands of papers have reported side effects after vaccination, affecting every possible aspect of human pathology, from ophthalmology to psychiatry," he said.

"For example, the age-adjusted mortality rate for leukemia has increased. And there are significant findings for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and so on."

Fukushima said there were so many brain-related adverse events, its researchers probably hadn't found all of them yet. "Mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety, came up in abundance, but it's endless," he said.

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Germany’s defense minister on Thursday announced a plan to streamline and reorganize the country’s military command as part of efforts to make the armed forces of NATO’s most populous European member “war-capable.”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz set in motion a big increase in military spending shortly after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, which he described as a “turning point.” Defense Minister Boris Pistorius last year took on the job of overhauling the military, the Bundeswehr, after years of neglect and in November called for a review of its structure.

Pistorius has pointed to the danger of a possible future Russian attack on a NATO country and said repeatedly that the German military must become “war-capable,” a choice of words that some in Germany find jarring given the country’s longstanding post-World War II culture of military caution.

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In general, Americans don't trust their government institutions as much as they used to -- and that includes the military.

In part, that's because the military can be used as a tool to gain a partisan advantage rather than as a professional group that should be trusted by both parties. For instance, the day he was inaugurated as president, Donald Trump spoke at a luncheon and pointed to retired Marine four-star generals John Kelly and James Mattis, who were serving in his cabinet. "See my generals," he said. "Those generals are going to keep us so safe." This was the first of many times that he referred to top-ranking military officers, whether active-duty or retired, as "my generals" -- rather than as military leaders who serve the nation as a whole.

The former president's actions, while perhaps gaining the most attention, reflect a trend among recent presidential candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, who emphasize their connections to the military.

President Joe Biden has claimed he had support from numerous four-star military officers and cited his years of interactions with retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin as justification for a congressional waiver for Austin to serve as secretary of defense.

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Former President Donald Trump suggested in an interview on Thursday that President Joe Biden should be drug tested before the two compete in presidential debates this fall.

The former president also claimed Biden was higher than a kite at the beginning of his recent State of the Union address.

“I think what happened is, you know, that white stuff that they happened to find, which happened to be cocaine, in the White House,” Trump said. “I don’t know, and I think something’s going on there because I watched this State of the Union, and he was all jacked up at the beginning.”

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Leaked audio posted online shows the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, discussing a planned major censorship campaign coming from pressure put on the government to police speech and perceived threats to the nation’s Jewish populations.

Last month another, different, donor call was leaked from the ADL, which a Jewish outlet described as part of the internal struggle within the organization, noting that it was a “special meeting to pacify internal critics signifies that the organization’s vocal opposition to the anti-Zionist left is controversial even within an organization that has long been committed to Israel advocacy.”

The ADL has embraced far-left politicians for many years and unfairly harassed the political right, and that decision has been hurting the organization due to the left’s splintering of support for Israel and Jewish policy since the October terror attacks by Hamas in Israel. The New York Times recently referred to this split in an op-ed headline as “The Great Rupture.”

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Via The Cradle

Turkey has followed suit with its NATO allies and Russia in suspending an arms treaty that imposed limitations on conventional military equipment in Europe.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a decree on April 4 to suspend Ankara's duties under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.

AFP/Getty Images

In November last year, Washington and NATO members withdrew from the European arms-limiting pact after Russia made the same move. 

"The CFE Treaty was concluded at the end of the Cold War, when the formation of a new architecture of global and European security based on cooperation seemed possible, and appropriate attempts were made," Russia's foreign ministry said, adding, "Even the formal preservation of the CFE Treaty has become unacceptable from the point of view of Russia’s fundamental security interests."

The move by Ankara signals warming ties between Turkiye and the US before a planned meeting between Erdogan and US President Joe Biden in Washington next month.

Diplomacy between the US and Turkey has improved significantly since Ankara approved Sweden's NATO entry, ending a more than 20-month wait period. This move by Turkey also saw the US sign off on a $23 billion sale of F-16 warplanes, missiles, and bombs.

"I think this is a moment of significant momentum for the U.S.-Turkey partnership," U.S. Senator Chris Murphy said in February during a trip to Turkey following Sweden’s acceptance

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You can’t know with one-hundred percent certainty when a disaster will strike. In all probability, at least one disaster will occur in your lifespan. That disaster can range from natural to manmade. Often, one disaster will lead to another, and a cascading effect can occur that can lead to a prolonged grid-down situation. We hardly even stress anymore when the power goes out for a day or the water company issues a boil order, but what if these instances were wider in scope both geograpically and impacting an entire population? If services are restored in the first 72-hours, it’s just a lesson we can learn from and prepare better for it next time. Most won’t. If it lasts for a week or more and no help is on the horizon, you will see chaos and lawlessness in the streets — stores looted and crime and violence like you have never seen before. If it lasts for two to three months, you may never see normal civil society restored in your location. All along the way, you have to continually evaluate your seven major preps. In this article, we will examine each of these preps, explain how they break down after SHTF, and how you should align your prepping to compensate and overcome their loss. You cannot overlook any of these seven fundamentals if you plan to survive, and you have to know not only how they will impact you but how the masses around you will react.

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A Washington, D.C., jury convicted a 71-year-old woman of four federal misdemeanor charges on Thursday related to her participation of the Jan. 6, 2021 protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Rebecca Lavrenz of Falcon, Colorado, known on social media as the “J6 Praying Grandma,” faces up to a year in prison and more than $200,000 in fines for entering the Capitol and praying for 10 minutes.

Lavrenz’s crimes were entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a restricted area, disorderly conduct in the Capitol Building, and parading, demonstrating or picketing in the Capitol, according to court documents.

The Justice Department did not accuse her of engaging in violence or destroying any property.

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Latin American governments, including regional heavyweight Brazil, rallied around Mexico on Saturday after its embassy in Ecuador was raided to arrest a controversial politician who had been granted asylum by Mexican authorities.

The late Friday night seizure of Jorge Glas, Ecuador’s former vice president who was detained on graft charges, triggered a suspension of relations with Quito by Mexico City, with the government of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blasting the unusual diplomatic incursion and arrest as an “authoritarian” act as well as a breach of international law and Mexico’s sovereignty.

The government of Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa had argued asylum protections were illegal because of the corruption charges Glas is facing.

Still, under international law, embassies are considered the sovereign territory of the country they represent.

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Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.us,

If you’re getting the feeling like the globalists are really pushing hard for WWIII these days, you’re not alone.

In the past few months there has been multiple instances of European and US officials hinting at the possibility of a new military draft, the EU has talked openly about boots on the ground in Ukraine, NATO officials have stated unequivocally that they WILL NOT accept a loss in Ukraine to the Russians and the Kremlin has warned once again that nuclear weapons are on the table if western troops enter the war. The US government has recently asserted that Ukraine will be joining NATO, a red line in the sand for Russia.

Then there’s Israel and Gaza. I warned months ago in my article ‘It’s A Trap! The Wave Of Repercussions As The Middle East Fights “The Last War”’ that the war in Gaza would expand into a multi-front conflict that would probably include Iran. I also warned that it would be to Israel’s benefit if Iran entered the war because this would force the US to become directly involved. To be sure, Iran has already been engaging in proxy attacks on Israel through Lebanon, but Israel’s attack on the Iranian “embassy” or diplomatic station in Syria basically ensures that Iran will now directly commit to strikes on Israeli targets.

In other words, much like WWI, the situation is being escalated by the political elites despite the fact that the general public in the west is increasingly opposed to participating in the conflict. The globalists want to send us to war whether we like it or not.  Every decision they have made so far makes peaceful resolution impossible.

One saving grace that is perhaps new in the entire history of geopolitics is that the public is far more awake and aware of the fact that it’s not necessarily their “duty” to blindly go fight when their government calls on them to do so. Social media has also given a platform for people to widely voice their concerns about war, whereas in the past objectors felt isolated.

Obviously, some of this is based purely on fear – A large percentage of Gen Z is unequipped mentally or physically to go to war, which is why more than 70% of potential military recruits today are rejected before they even get to boot camp. These are many of the same young people who post Ukrainian flags to their social media profiles and jump headfirst into anti-Russian rhetoric, but now that they are faced with the possibility of having to sacrifice themselves for Ukraine they are angry and terrified.

However, there is also a large contingent of capable (and mostly conservative) men with the background and the aptitude for combat that still want nothing to do with Ukraine. The reason is simple: They believe that far-left western governments and globalists want to use them as cannon fodder to get rid of them. Once they are used up in war, there will be no one left to oppose the leftist takeover at home.

For most of us in America, Ukraine is irrelevant and we grow tired of wars in the Middle East. Whether left or right, we have no interest in fighting for them. But that’s not going to matter much, at least in terms of preventing a global war.

The basis for mobilization of troops from Europe is “domino theory” propaganda. We’ve heard some of it here in America but nowhere near the same level as the EU populace. Governments assert that Russia’s goal is to clear Ukraine as a pathway to invade the rest of Europe. This is the same claim used as justification for the US war in Vietnam: “If we let one country fall to the enemy, all the surrounding countries will fall also.”

Both Ukrainian and NATO leadership suggests that war must continue in Ukraine in order to contain it. There has been no serious discussion of diplomacy, which is utterly bizarre considering the stakes involved. A peace proposal should have been broached the moment the war kicked off and there should have been ongoing efforts to come to an agreement. Instead, even limited peace talks have been thwarted before they truly begin.

Claire's Observations:  I hope like heck this guy is utterly wrong, but the pace and tempo of this buildup toward war, can only be NOT seen by people living under a rock right now.  Alliances are both forming, and dissolving, as heads of countries choose up sides for alignment, and cast their allegiances accordingly.

This country is absolutely NOT ready for such a war; we don't have the troop strength; the weaponry; the money; or the manufacturing to insure a victory in such a conflict.   But please remember your history; during wartime, so far, Americans have never chosen the party NOT in power at that moment, to lead the country.  I don't know the bookies' Vegas odds on an election NOT happening in November of this year, but I would put the odds of that happening this year to be extraordinarily high.

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The European Union is under pressure is deal with a new migrant crisis that has besieged Cyprus in recent months. Cypriot interior minister Constantinos Ioannou said the country was issuing a "cry for help" to Brussels. He urged the EU to give millions to Lebanon to help control the exodus of mainly male Syrian asylum-seekers from the Middle Eastern country. More than 2,000 people arrived in Cyprus by sea in the first three months of 2024, compared to just 78 in the same period last year. Last week alone, 800, mostly young men, made the dangerous ten-hour journey from Lebanon to Cyprus.
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Three parent leaders in New York City have filed a lawsuit against education officials who they say have been punishing conservatives who will not bow to left-wing ideologies.

Deborah Alexander, Maud Maron and Noah Harlan sued President Tajh Sutton and Vice President Marissa Manzanares of the Community Educational Council for District 14 (CEC 14), alleging that the officials have used their power to assert dominance and infringe upon the liberties of the parents who disagree with their political beliefs.

David Banks, the Chancellor of New York Public Schools (NYPS) and Nina Mickens, the NYPS equity and compliance officer, are also listed as defendants in the federal lawsuit, filed on March 26.

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