"Communism is what happens when Socialists realize that they want complete control over every aspect of human life." -- A.E. Samaan

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The Economist Predicts Exponential Growth of Solar Power But Fails to Reckon With Scarcity of Silver malterwitty
The Economist predicts that the "exponential growth of solar power will change the world". But this fails to reckon with the scarcity of silver, which is being used up faster than it can be mined, says David Turver.
[Flashback] Sir Patrick Vallance calls for net zero to have immediacy of search for Covid vaccine malterwitty
Sir Patrick Vallance has thrown his support behind Labour’s green energy proposals, warning that the race to net zero should be treated with the same immediacy as the search for a Covid vaccine.
Scorching heatwave: Southwest U.S. on the brink of unimaginable 135-degree temperatures Sqauk

(SQAUK) — The Southwest United States is in an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures shattering records by soaring about 20 degrees higher than the historical average. This alarming trend has experts warning that the region could face temperatures exceeding 135 degrees Fahrenheit in August.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s recent climate mandates will cause the cost of living to soar and leave most Americans facing widespread rolling blackouts, a new study has revealed.

The study was published by the North Dakota Transmission Authority (NDTA) and is raising major concerns about the Democrats’ radical climate agenda.

As Jo Nova reports, climate fatigue is finally upon us. In Ireland, most people don’t believe it harms us, and they have no plans to become vegetarians or give up their cars. The UN secretary general can scream “global boiling” all he wants, but it’s not working. People quickly forgot or were manipulated into thinking the 2009 hacked Climategate email scandal was a complete lie. It wasn’t. Remember how we’ve been told for years that climate change and rising sea levels are an imminent threat to islands and island nations worldwide?
EV fires, while severe, aren’t as common as some naysayers predicted when electric power first started gaining popularity. So when a pattern in EV fires starts to emerge — say, when Rivian vans keep catching fire at Amazon distribution centers — one starts to wonder why. Video from Third Coast Drone shows Rivian vans burning outside an Amazon center in Houston. The video doesn’t capture the beginning of the blaze, but it shows firefighters doing their best to tame the flames. Crucially, though, it also shows something else: That each van was parked at a charger.

Dr. Shawn Smallwood is an ecologist who has been working as a consultant for a wide range of clients, including wind energy companies, for 25 years. 

In the course of his work, he’s raised concerns that the renewable industry is undercounting the number of birds killed by wind turbines. As a result of his refusal to back down on the concerns, he said, the industry has shunned him. 

“The industry pretty much hates me, and I don’t really have a forum to address them anymore,” Smallwood told Just the News

Ten years after the rural backlash that forced David Cameron to ban onshore wind developments, Ed Miliband is planning to resume the rollout of wind farms across the English countryside.
Northvolt, Europe’s largest climate tech startup, is considering delaying or scaling back its expansion in Germany, Canada and Sweden. This comes after shareholder BMW pulled a billion-dollar battery order, concerns over worker safety and its most recent losses reached into the billions.