Wind-Power Makers Suffer Huge Losses, Want To Abandon Major Project malterwitty Mon, 02/06/2023 - 14:46

The greenies’ dream of “clean” (except for millions of dead birds) energy from wind farms is dying in the face of the poor economics (even with tax subsidies) and unreliable technology. The big players in constructing wind turbines are facing massive losses and write-downs and cancelling big offshore wind projects.  Brace yourself for demands for even more subsides to the failing industry.

Black Hawk Down actor Matthew Marsden defends not getting Covid vaccine despite decision derailing his career: 'If more people stood up and said something then this would all stop' malterwitty Mon, 02/06/2023 - 14:25

Black Hawk Down actor Matthew Marsden has said he stands by his decision to not get the Covid jab despite admitting it has cost him roles in Hollywood.

Marsden, who is also known for his roles in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen', and Amazon's 'Reacher' series, urged more people to rebel against compulsory vaccination, adding: 'If more people stood up and said something then this would all stop.'

With temperatures set to fall to near freezing overnight, rescuers are now in a desperate race against time to reach scores of survivors who remain trapped under collapsed buildings and who are at risk of freezing to death before help arrives.

Their conditions - and those of people left homeless by the 7.8 and 7.5-magnitude earthquakes - are set to worsen soon. Rain was falling on Monday and snowstorms that swept the country over the weekend are expected to last until Thursday.

The parents of children who were allegedly asked to leave the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., recently for wearing pro-life beanies are considering legal action, and with good reason, if their claims are accurate.
For the laymen shopper and potential investor in precious metals, navigating the current market can be quite the roller coaster of a ride, which could turn out to be very good or very bad, depending on who you’re dealing with and of course, good timing.
The race is on to score a jar of sand scooped up from the very beach on which NFL great Tom Brady announced his (second) retirement on Wednesday.
Ohio high school abruptly cancels popular musical citing 'vulgarity' of dialogue, lyrics orraz Mon, 02/06/2023 - 13:10
An Ohio school district's board abruptly canceled a high school musical production that contained non family-friendly lyrics, an appearance of Jesus, and gay characters, several outlets reported this week.