"Dismissing criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic is like dismissing criticism of the Nazis as anti-Germanic." --
Michael Rivero

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“Jupiterian” French President Emmanuel Macron has written to the French people, reflecting on the failure of the recent snap election to produce a new government, but conveniently forgetting to mention his role in that outcome.

There will be no new Prime Minister or government appointed for some time, President Macron said in a nationally published letter to the people in which he talked up his role as “protector of the higher interests of the Nation”.

A fire broke out Thursday in the spire of the medieval cathedral in Rouen, a major landmark in northern France that was under renovation, but authorities said it was quickly brought under control.

Witnesses told French television they saw smoke emanating from the spire just after midday, and recalled a devastating fire in 2019 at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris that toppled its spire and collapsed its roof.

The French ruling establishment has been trying to get rid of Le Pen for longer than the American establishment has been trying to get rid of Donald Trump. Both leaders are guilty of the same “crime”–speaking for citizens instead of the immigrant-invaders that are being used to marginalize the ethnic basis of the countries. As has become completely clear, no Western government represents its citizens. Political leaders who speak for the people are seen as the worst enemies of the governments.

Some left-wing lawmakers in France have proposed that a separate group be created in the parliament following the victory of the leftist New Popular Front (NFP) coalition in the parliamentary elections, French broadcaster BFMTV has reported.

France’s left-wing New Popular Front (NPF), now the largest group in parliament, has proposed several ambitious policies, including a 90% tax on any annual income above €400,000. The NPF aims to introduce a progressive tax rate for high earners. This proposal would significantly impact individuals with substantial incomes.

Mad political scientist Emmanuel Macron’s little experiment blew up in his face. And his lab partner has already called for his resignation if the French president fails to comply with the leftist leader’s demands. He’s now in a hostage situation of his own making. 

French prosecutors have opened an investigation into the campaign financing of far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid in 2022. The probe follows a preliminary inquiry and focuses on suspicions of embezzlement, forgery, fraud, and a candidate accepting a loan during an election campaign.
Pressure on Emmanuel Macron to speak out and address the French public amid fear of 'regime crisis' which could make the country ungovernable after fraught elections MikeRivero

Emmanuel Macron was last night under increasing pressure to address the French public amid concerns a political deadlock will make the nation ungovernable.

I dared to get my hopes up about the French election on Sunday and shouldn’t have. I won’t make that mistake again. People ask me why I’m so pessimistic and Sunday’s outcome in France explains why I am generally a glass-half empty kinda guy when it comes to all things politics. Only the intervention of Jesus returning to earth will circumvent Satan’s minions, who are in full war-waging mode to the point where no human movement on the right will be able to stop them.