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 This week a fresh United Nations assessment estimated that the Israeli military (IDF) has placed more than 80% of the Gaza Strip under evacuation orders or designated "no-go zone" - Al Jazeera reports, underscoring this means Palestinians have nowhere to go.

Russia is conducting the SECOND full "exercise" this month of its nuclear forces; with YARS 800 Kiloton ICBM Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL's) now deployed OUT in the field.  United States Continuity of Government (CoG) plans are being implemented. 

Encrypted radio emissions from underground U.S. Bunkers, are also in full activation. 

The "exercise in Russia began about midnight eastern time last night.

World War 3: The Catalyst For A New World Order Ladylove

Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

The F-22 Raptor is the best air dominance warplane in the world.

It’s the top dog fighter jet.

Everywhere Is Garbage Chinese Making Documentaries About America's Collapse Ladylove

by Tyler Durden

The Chinese are now producing documentaries on the collapse of American cities. What this showcases is the grim aftermath of decades of deindustrialization, disastrous progressive policies, and an opioid crisis—ironically fueled by China. 

"Chinese are making documentaries about ultra-extreme poverty and decaying cities since they don't exist in China anymore," X user S.L. Kanthan wrote in a recent post, accompanied by a short clip from the documentary highlighting the implosion of Oakland, California. 

‘Ticking time bomb’: Poliovirus found in Gaza sewage

Looming health disaster for displaced Palestinians living in tent camps, where sewage flows freely, contaminating water.

Poliovirus has been detected in samples of sewage water in the densely populated Gaza Strip, placing “thousands” of Palestinians at risk of contracting the highly infectious disease that can cause paralysis.

Mark Perlmutter is an orthopedic and hand surgeon who practices in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Feroze Sidhwa is a trauma and critical care surgeon who practices in Northern California.