Apr 21 06:17

Spain’s ‘Robin Hood’ takes from the banks and gives to the disenfranchised

- They call him the Robin Hood of the banks, a man who took out dozens of loans worth almost half a million euros with no intention of ever paying them back.

Apr 20 21:19

How the West Gassed Thousands to Death in Damascus

The Chemical attack was premeditated conspiracy to mire Syria in a sectarian bloodbath for the purpose of achieving regime change in Damascus and undermining neighboring Iran.

Apr 20 20:31

Ukraine calls for US military support

The Ukrainian acting prime minister says his country needs to be militarily and economically supported from the United States in its standoff with Russia.

“We need a strong and solid state. We need financial and economic support. We need to modernize our security and military forces. We need the real support,” said Arseniy Yatsenyuk while appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

He made the remarks ahead of a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine this week.

Apr 20 19:46

BEX Alert: Haaretz- "Russian activists staged shooting, Ukrainian forces say"

Ukraine's police and intelligence service accused Russia of staging a fatal shooting incident on Sunday in which pro-Moscow separatists were killed in the east of the country.

Apr 20 19:37

BEX Alert: Haaretz "Ukraine synagogue reportedly firebombed"

The main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev reportedly was firebombed.

The synagogue was empty of worshippers when it was firebombed early Saturday morning, according to the Chabad-affiliated website.

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the door and window, the report said, citing Yisroel Gotlieb, son of the city’s chief rabbi, Sholom Gotlieb.

A passer-by put out the fires with a fire extinguisher, according to the report. The attack was recorded by the synagogue’s closed circuit television security camera and uploaded to YouTube.

Last week in eastern Ukraine, fliers calling on Jews to register with pro-Russian separatists and pay special taxes were distributed in Donetsk.

Apr 20 16:13

French region of Brittany wants to reunite within historic bordersRead more:

A mass rally of supporters of autonomy of the Brittany region in France's west has taken place in the city of Nantes.

Apr 20 15:57

EU misdiagnosed the crisis, former Barroso advisor admits

In his new book, Philippe Legrain, a former adviser to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, says European leaders are responsible for the record-high unemployment and rock-bottom growth afflicting the EU.

Apr 20 15:21

Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops

The Pentagon may deploy more ground troops in Poland, although the number may be much smaller than what the eastern European NATO member wants to see. Washington is seeking to reassure allies amid fears of a Russian aggression.

Warsaw and Washington may announce the deployment of additional American troops in Poland next week, Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said following a meeting with his US counterpart, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon on Thursday.

He added that Poland would play a leading role in the NATO build-up of troops in Eastern Europe, “under US patronage,” the Washington Post reported. He added that the US needs to “re-pivot” back to Europe from Asia to counter “Russian aggression” in Ukraine.

Apr 20 04:02

Belgian Banker, Wife, Nephew (9) Murdered

The shooting in Vise last Friday that demanded three deaths looked like a true execution. The bank manager and his wife were shot dead in cold blood, and the godchild of the woman was killed by one or more perpetrators in cold blood. The couple both worked in the banking industry and were quite liked in the neighborhood. The police are still in the dark about the motive.

Benoît Philippens and his wife Carol Haid arrived home Friday night around 23 hours after dining at a restaurant with their godchild Esteban (9). The trio had barely stepped out of their parked car when they were fired on by one or several persons. The offenders had clearly been waiting for their victims.
The investigation is currently focusing on the banking industry.

Apr 19 21:21

Dollar dying; multi-polar world in offing

Washington’s decision to go for the military coup in Ukraine was intended to rupture the emerging cooperation between key Eurasian nations that ultimately would have isolated the power of US hegemony and opened the door for a genuine multi-polar world where peaceful cooperation replaced military threats and sole Superpower domination.

The very rich and powerful families who control the US military industry complex reacted by trying to revert to their tried strategy of re-activating a new Cold War that paints Russia as evil and tries to cripple or severely weaken her. Ultimately it was a stupid decision being implemented by very stupid people, who believe they are very smart.

Apr 19 08:11

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

Poland and the United States will announce next week the deployment of U.S. ground forces to Poland as part of an expansion of NATO presence in Central and Eastern Europe in response to events in Ukraine. That was the word from Poland’s defense minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, who visited The Post Friday after meeting with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon on Thursday.

Siemoniak said the decision has been made on a political level and that military planners are working out details. There will also be intensified cooperation in air defense, special forces, cyberdefense and other areas. Poland will play a leading regional role, “under U.S. patronage,” he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

HOLY CRUD, FOLKS: something wicked this way comes, and I am hoping to heck that the precious few adults in the room in DC are not even beginning to contemplate a war against Russia, which the US cannot possibly win, because it doesn't have the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia.

Apr 19 07:35

Dutch Right-Winger Wilders Blames EU for Ukraine Crisis

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has blamed the crisis in Ukraine on the EU, accusing it of inciting violence by dangling the "carrot" of EU integration.

Apr 19 02:09

Italy grants refugee status to Kazakh tycoon

Italy has granted political refugee status to the family of a Kazakh tycoon, who is in prison in France fighting an extradition order from Russia and Ukraine where he is wanted for massive fraud, lawyers said.

Apr 18 19:02

Flashback 1967 - David Frost Interviews Oswald Mosley

The Frost Programme - Oswald Mosley (15th Nov 1967)

David Frost confronts Mosely, Frost is very sharp, funny at times. But Mosely, former head of the British Union of Fascists, stands firm. He holds his position and presents his rational. They discuss the alliance with Hitler, racism and anti Semitsm. Around 14 minutes in, the Jewish mob attacks. This is a must watch!

Apr 18 14:27

The Geneva agreement on Ukraine, translated

The talks in Geneva resulted in an agreement that is in favor of all that is good and opposed to all that is bad. That's the basic gist of it; but what does that mean? Let's translate this memorandum from the language of high diplomacy into the language of the Ukrainian crisis.

Apr 18 13:32

Italy PM Renzi cuts taxes for 10 million low earners

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday cut taxes for 10 million low earners to try to boost household spending after a two-year recession, making good on a promise he made after taking office two months ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"OH THE HORROR! OH THE HORROR! This cannot be allowed to stand!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 18 10:56

Europe understands there is no backtracking on Crimea according to Russia's ambassador to the EU

Europe is fully aware that there is no and there will be no backtracking on Crimea, Russia’s Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said on Friday.

Apr 18 08:07

US to extend stay of F-16 in Poland till end of 2014

The United States said Thursday that it would extend the stay of its F-16 fighters and military personnel in Poland through the end of 2014. The decision was made after Tomash Semonjak had a meeting with his American colleague in the US. During the meeting the both ministers discussed possible expansion of American military presence in Poland. In view of Ukrainian crisis Polish government turned to the US and other NATO allies, asking them to station their forces in Poland.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though the US and NATO are pre-positioning assets ahead of a military conflict with Russia, in this move.

Apr 18 06:54

China: The hypocrisy of the U.S. in Ukraine, Old government 'inhumane' against Demonstrators. Now U.S. considers, Demonstrators as Terrorists.

China has said it perfectly regarding the U.S. position in Ukraine.

In February, the U.S. took a stand against the elected President and his reactions to (CIA led) demonstrators. They yelled and screamed that any action against the demonstrators for 'Freedom' was inhumane and would not be tolerated. The U.S. said the elected President, Yanukovych was 'suppressing Democracy' with his actions to stop the protests.

Now the protesters are to be stopped by any means possible in the U.S. eyes, because they are not 'democracy' protests, but the protesters are terrorists who are disrupting the Ukraine installed government.

China doesn't stop there. They say, which they have said in the past. The U.S. 'spreads' democracy and takes over countries for 'freedom' in places they want the resources.

Apr 18 06:23

‘Letter to Jews’, Kerry cited, appears to be fake

A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication.

Following the four-side meeting on the Ukrainian crisis in Geneva on Wednesday, John Kerry lashed out at a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine’s eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register and report all their property, or be stripped of citizenship and face expulsion.

Apr 17 19:58

Hurtling into DARKNESS: America’s Great Leap Towards Global Tyranny

I do not believe the citizens of the United States any longer possess the capacity to avoid these dark prospects. They are being swept along by forces they mostly do not understand, and most are unwilling to give up on the comfortable almost-religious myths of enforceable Constitutional rights and a benevolent national government.

Ironically, one of the key forces which brought Europe and North America over a few centuries to the kind of liberal democracies we know today is capable of delivering a new and unprecedented form of tyranny. That force is the body of interests of a nation’s middle class – the group of capable, ambitious, and rising people who were called a few centuries back by Europe’s landed old aristocracy “the new men.”

Read more

Apr 17 19:54

The Obama Game : Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap?

The coup government’s crackdown on ethnic Russians in Donetsk and Kharkiv could lead to a Russian intervention which would provide the justification that Washington is looking for. However painful it is for Putin to watch Russian speaking Ukrainians get beaten and perhaps killed by Nazi thugs and foreign mercenaries dressed up as Ukrainian Security Forces, he should avoid sending in the troops. It’s a trap.
Vladimir Putin, whatever one may think of him, has not done anything to fuel the violence and chaos that has spread across the country.

“Russia … is now recognized as the center of the global ‘mutiny’ against global dictatorship of the US and EU. Its generally peaceful .. approach is in direct contrast to brutal and destabilizing methods used by the US and EU…. The world is waking up to reality that there actually is, suddenly, some strong and determined resistance to Western imperialism. After decades of darkness, hope is emerging.” – Andre Vltchek.

Apr 17 13:45

Russia Blocks U.S. from Treaty-Approved Spy Flights

Until this week, the United States and other European allies who are a party to the 34-nation treaty were conducting weekly overflights

Apr 17 13:29

NATO Chief Rasmussen secretly taped, leaked meeting when he was Danish PM

President Vladimir Putin at the Q&A session in Moscow said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, when Danish PM, secretly taped private conversation with Putin and leaked it to the press.

Apr 17 12:43

Anglo Irish Bank accused could each face five years in prison for each offence

After being found guilty of 10 counts of providing unlawful financial assistance to ten developers, former Anglo Irish Bank executives Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer will return for sentencing on 28 April.

Apr 17 11:57

Italian court: 'You don't have to name to defame on Facebook'

Facebook users in Italy may want to think twice next time they post something on the social networking site after the country’s highest court ruled that insults on the site – even ones with an unnamed target – could be regarded as defamatory.

Apr 17 11:53

'Knockout game' spreads to Italy and claims its first victim

A man has died in Pisa after being punched in the head while walking in the city centre in an attack characteristic of the so-called ‘knockout game’, a vicious street-game craze that originated in the US, whereby passers-by are punched for the fun of it.

Apr 17 10:28

EU Would Accept Independent Catalonia – Report

The European Union would accept an independent Catalonia despite Spain’s veto on holding an independence referendum this autumn, a report by Catalonia's National Transition Advisory Council has concluded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"As long as they agree to shackle their people to the European Central Bank, who cares what flag flies over the slaves!"

Apr 17 10:25

Germany has no alternative to Russian gas

Germany faces a renewed debate on energy in the wake of the ongoing Ukraine crisis. To a large extent, the country depends on Russian oil and natural gas imports. Just recently Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that “all of Germany’s energy policies must be reconsidered.” According to Germany’s Energy Balances Group (AGEB), imported rose to 71 percent of all sources of energy last year.

The most important energy supplier is Russia: It provides 38 percent of Germany’s natural gas imports, 35 percent of all oil imports and 25 percent of coal imports, covering a quarter of the country’s entire energy needs. There are no suitable alternatives in sight that could cover shortfalls of this magnitude.

Apr 17 09:49

Canada sending 6 CF-18s for NATO operation in eastern Europe

Canada is sending six CF-18s and military personnel to assist NATO in operations in Eastern Europe.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was to announce the measures Thursday morning. The move comes following a request from NATO amid increasing tensions in Eastern Ukraine.

The fighter jets will be based at Lask, Poland.

Apr 17 09:31


Apr 17 08:14

More NATO Forces for Eastern Europe

US-led NATO threatens world peace. It’s a global killing machine. It prioritizes militarism and war. It threatens humanity in the process.

It’s escalating East/West tensions. It supports Kiev fascist putschists. It buries truth. It spreads lies about Russia.

Apr 17 05:46

Cyprus warns economic sanctions against Russia will destroy its economy

Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told a German newspaper Wednesday that economic sanctions against Russia by Europe would destroy the Cypriot economy, adding that every EU state should decide separately whether they want to cut ties with Moscow.

“There are very strong economic ties between Cyprus and Russia. If sanctions are really necessary, then every member state should decide for itself whether to take part. However the measures look, we must not harm ourselves,” Kasoulides told Die Welt.

Apr 17 05:37

Promoting a “Right to Heal” from Ft. Hood to Abu Ghraib

Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are holding the U.S. government accountable for innocent victims on all sides of the fighting.

The recent shootings of soldiers at Fort Hood and other U.S. military bases have once again brought to public attention the challenge of making sure that soldiers returning from war zones find security and support at home. The Washington Post calls the pressures on veterans “the next war.” But whatever war comes next, those existing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their consequences continue.

The exploding rates of suicide among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the escalating numbers of soldiers turning their weapons on each other as well as themselves, and the endemic spread of PTSD all are linked to the wars themselves. Wars of aggression and occupation have an enormous, terrible effect on the young women and men ordered to fight them.

Apr 16 12:30

Italy's poor forced to live in squats / Clashes as Rome police move to evict squatters

Italy's recession, the worst since World War II, has had a devastating effect on many ordinary Italians, squeezed hard by tax rises and an alarming unemployment rate, currently at a record 13 percent. The country's traditional family support network has come under increasing strain, and rights groups say more should be done to turn the capital's unused public offices and empty army barracks into council houses.

Clashes broke out at an abandoned office block in Rome on Wednesday as scores of riot police moved to evict some 350 poor families who had occupied the building because of a chronic housing crisis in the city.

Apr 16 12:05

Poland: NATO Must Ignore Russia, Send Ground Troops

Continuing to play up the idea of a ravenous Russian bear racing across the continent devouring all it sees, Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak is pushing for NATO to send “significant” amounts of ground troops to his country as soon as possible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Probably looking forward to increased business for the local prostitutes!

Apr 16 11:44

Catalan report is wrong on independence: EU

The European Union has once again said an independent Catalonia would be automatically left out of the EU, a day after lobby group for the region's government released a report arguing this would not be the case.

Apr 16 11:35

Beppe Grillo won't apologize for 'anti-Semitic' post

Italian politician Beppe Grillo has refused to apologize to Italy’s Jewish community after the press dubbed him an anti-Semite for publishing an adapted version of Holocaust survivor Primo Levi’s classic ‘If this is a man’.

Apr 16 09:28

Nigel Farage Blasts "There Is No Consent For A United States Of Europe

"The whole European project is based on a falsehood... and it's a dangerous one.. because if you try to impose a new flag, a new anthem, a new president, a new army, a new police force; without first seeking the consent of the people you are creating the very nationalisms and resentment that the project was supposed to snuff out." Farage concludes,

Apr 16 05:44

France is the new cauldron of Eurosceptic revolution

Britain is marginal to the great debate on Europe. France is the linchpin, fast becoming a cauldron of Eurosceptic/Poujadist views on the Right, anti-EMU reflationary Keynesian views on the Left, mixed with soul-searching over the wisdom of monetary union across the French establishment.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National leads the latest IFOP poll for the European elections next month at 24pc. Her platform calls for immediate steps to ditch the euro and restore the franc (“franc des Anglais” in origin, rid of the English oppressors), and to hold a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

Apr 16 03:42

Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap?

Russia is not responsible for the crisis in Ukraine. The US State Department engineered the fascist-backed coup that toppled Ukraine’s democratically-elected president Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with the American puppet Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former banker. Hacked phone calls reveal the critical role that Washington played in orchestrating the putsch and selecting the coup’s leaders.

Apr 15 07:56

Predictably, Central Bankers Suggest the 'S-Word' ... Securitization

So Europe's central bankers have decided that the only way to revitalize the European economy – especially Southern Europe – is via securitization of assets.

This we learn from Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph, and author of the article excerpted above. Is it possible that Mr. Warner did not think up this thesis all by himself?

Is it possible that it was, ahem ... suggested to him?

Apr 15 07:26

Europe having cold feet on sanctions

The United States is working to convince a reluctant Europe of the need to punish Russia more severely for its meddling in Ukraine while at the same time warning Moscow to step back or take more financial hits.

It's a difficult balancing act for Europe, which wants to make Russia pay for its aggression but fears the economic turmoil from the fallout of new, harsher trade sanctions by the West. Europe is Russia's largest trading partner and therefore has huge sway over Russia's shaky economy.

Economists say the U.S. risks appearing weak without support from Europe. But Europe is far from ready to levy penalties against Moscow that would undercut its own financial stability and possibly endanger its main source of energy.

Apr 15 07:12

Turkey to fix broken image: EU Minister

Hoping to keep the prospect of making 2014, the “year of the European Union,” the Turkish government will launch new “reform packages” following the cascade of tough EU criticism about recent developments, EU Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu has said.

“It’s our responsibility to improve Turkey’s image with steps to be taken both within country and outside … We will support [this work] with new reforms as well,” Çavu?o?lu said on April 14 at a meeting with the Diplomatic Correspondents’ Association.

Apr 15 04:42

NATO's Pet Nazis Savage Ukrainian Presidential Candidate

US-EU legitimacy is crippled as their Kiev regime uses overt, systematic violence and intimidation to consolidate its hold over Ukraine.


Apr 14 22:51

Italy's unelected Prime Minister slams EU austerity

Italy's new (unelected) prime minister on Saturday blasted what he called a European Union of austerity and bankers, as he kicked off his party's campaign for next month's European elections.

I was going to comment that politicians will say and do anything to get elected but then realised that this was not the case with Renzi, who has never had to bother with such niceties during his rapid rise to the most powerful position in Italy.

Apr 14 22:42

Spanish builders made 'slaves' by German firm

Wages below the legal minimum, contracts in a language they don't understand and blackmail tactics to keep them quiet: just some of the problems a group of Spanish builders in Holland contracted by a German firm have decided to speak out.

Apr 14 13:54

EU to expand Russia sanctions over Ukraine

The European Union has approved to expand sanctions against Russia over its role in Ukraine’s recent developments.

Apr 14 12:43

Germany shuts scheme for young unemployed because of overwhelming demand

Germany said on Monday it would no longer accept applications for a programme to attract young Europeans to its job market due to overwhelming demand from crisis-ravaged countries.

Apr 14 12:40

Germany warns of war in Europe

Gabriel - at an event commemorating World War I with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls - warned of resurgent nationalist forces both within Europe and "in its neighbourhood".

He said that good news several months ago from Ukraine - including an end to bloody violence against protesters - had since given way to "an ongoing military confrontation" and the realization that "Russia is apparently willing to let tanks cross European borders."

"Suddenly, we are being dragged from the observer's position into a long smouldering and incendiary conflict, which is also demanding a price from Europe in the form of sanctions against Russia," he said.

Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, meanwhile, called the danger of Europe splitting a “real one”.

Responsible foreign policy has to make sure that this is prevented,” he told Swiss newspaper the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Apr 14 12:17

Romanian villagers take on Chevron over fracking

US energy major Chevron, shielded by barbed wire, under police protection and under fire from egg throwers, is in trouble in Romania with villagers angry at its drive to drill for shale gas.

Opposition is fierce in the tiny remote village of Pungesti near the border with Moldova which has become a symbol of hostility to the environmentally controversial techniques of extracting shale gas.

Apr 14 11:04

Europe drafting joint response to Putin's message

The draft of a joint response to the letter of Russia's President Vladimir Putin on the situation involving Ukraine's debt for Russian gas will be prepared on Monday, April 14, Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

Apr 14 10:33

Oh, that awkward moment: Ukrainian PM greets Swiss president with Danish flag

An official visit of Switzerland’s president to Ukraine has kicked off with a diplomatic blunder as the country’s coup-imposed authorities greeted him with Danish flag instead of the Swiss.

It was Swiss president, Didier Burkhalter, who pointed the mistake out to prime minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk, during their meeting on Monday.

However, Burkhalter was kind enough to treat the incident as a joke, the Swiss media reports.

Apr 14 09:07

Europe's rule of law in worst crisis since cold war, says Council chief

Thorbjørn Jagland's report on democracy in Europe argues lack of human rights in Ukraine paved way for Russia's actions

Apr 14 08:16

Six Hour Work Day in Sweden?

Apr 14 07:32

Secret anti-BDS meeting held in UK capital

The British capital has hosted a secret meeting attended by 25 countries to counter international calls to boycott Israeli regime’s products.

The meeting, which was held in London this week, lasted for three days and was attended by UK's former Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Alistair Burt and the Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz, UPI reported on Friday.

The report said the participants included the United States, Australia, and Canada, in addition to a number of European states.

Apr 14 06:56

Greece: Can It Get Even Worse?

While the German public opinion, courtesy of the debate in the run up to the next political elections, is discovering the fact that Greece will be needing a third bail out, a team of economists from the US – based Levy Institute describes how things look like from the side of Greece.

The Levy Institute economists start by observing that the changes in government revenue and expenditure which are projected for the next years in the latest troika reports are far too optimistic. The key problem is that the internal devaluation of wages is not working and will not produce export growth any time soon. This implies that the scenario the troika is counting on will not materialise: Employment and unemployment trends will not turn the corner shortly and the public deficit will not be reduced down to near zero by 2016.

Apr 14 01:32

President Vladimir Putin’s letter to leaders of European countries

President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are proving to be rational leaders and true statesmen compared to their pathetic counterparts in the US, France, Germany and Britain. The US Foreign Policy is irrational.They want countries to be subservient to them and they don’t want Israel’s actions or ambitions questioned in the Middle East.

Apr 13 22:48

Greek PM rejects talk of Greece needing third bailout

Fresh on the heels of Greece floating a sovereign bond for the first time since the economic crisis began four years ago, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had to reject talk that a third bailout will be needed.

Apr 13 22:43

Spain's school dropout rate highest in Europe

Although Spain has made some progress in improving its school dropout rate in recent years, nearly one in four young Spaniards are still dropping out of school early — the highest rate in the European Union.

Apr 13 22:39

Greek police and protesters clash over Sunday trading

Greek police have clashed with demonstrators protesting against a government requirement to open shops on Sundays in the capital of Athens.

Apr 13 12:48

Diplomat who won EU exit essay prize silenced by government

After he picked up an £80,000 prize for an essay on how Britain could leave the European Union, Iain Mansfield was poised to become a new, intellectual voice in the media debate on the issue.
There was one snag, however. Mr Mansfield is a civil servant and his essay appears to have been rather too well-argued for his employer, the UK Government, which remains committed to staying within the EU.

Having accepted the prize at a ceremony in Westminster on Tuesday evening, Mr Mansfield was told he was banned from giving media interviews. His regular blog on economic affairs also appears to have been removed from the internet.

Apr 13 03:12

Dozens hurt in Rome anti-government protest

Police fired tear gas and made a number of arrests in Rome on Saturday as an anti-government protest turned violent, leaving several injured, according to medics and an AFP photographer.

Apr 13 02:24

President Vladimir Putin’s letter to leaders of European countries

Western media’s relentless demonizing of President Putin is backfiring. President Putin’s approval ratings hits a three year high and have risen to 88% (The Independent and BBC reported) in the past week, as Russians back their president over Ukraine, a height western leaders can only dream of.

“It goes without saying that Russia is prepared to participate in the effort to stabilize and restore Ukraine’s economy, however, not in a unilateral way, but on equal conditions with our European partners.” writes President Putin.

Apr 12 09:08

Ladies of the night in Eastern Europe looking forward to NATO troops to come

Mayor of the Latvian city of Ventspils, Aivars Lembergs, shared his ideas about what the Latvians expect from the planned growth of NATO military presence in the Baltic region. According to him, local prostitutes are waiting for NATO soldiers impatiently.

Apr 12 06:48

Putin Tells US Leaders ‘Not Nice to Read Others' Mail’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called Washington’s reaction to his letter to European leaders on Ukraine strange, adding “it’s not nice to read others’ mail.”

In other words - Butt out!

Apr 11 14:51

Swedish ISP Bahnhof Deletes All User Records, Stops Retaining Data Following Court Of Justice Ruling

Swedish ISP Bahnhof has long been a supporter of keeping its customers' data private. Five years ago, we wrote about its decision to delete user log files to avoid having to rat out users under Sweden's draconian IPRED law (which required ISPs to hand over info on users accused of copyright infringement). However, various data retention laws were put in place to stop that sort of thing two years ago. So, it's not too surprising that, following the ruling this week in the EU Court of Justice that found the EU's data retention directive invalid, the ISP has acted swiftly to delete all user records and to cease collecting and retaining any more information.

Apr 11 13:01

Romania and US begin second day of joint military drills

Romanian and American troops have begun a second day of joint military exercises in the northwest part of the Eastern European country.

Apr 11 12:31

EU set to help Ukraine pay gas bills - Oettinger

European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger is working on a plan to help Ukraine pay some of its gas bills to Russia, he told Austria's ORF radio on Friday, saying there was "no reason to panic" about Russian gas supplies to Europe.

Apr 11 11:47

EU taking Putin’s letter on gas transit ‘seriously’ – Merkel

The EU is taking seriously President Vladimir Putin’s letter to 18 European countries, in which he warned that Ukraine’s debt crisis could affect gas transit from Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Apr 11 11:41

Spain's part-time workers among EU's unhappiest

Spain's growing army of part-time workers are more dissatisfied with their job situation than almost anyone else in Europe, new EU figures on underemployment show.

Apr 11 11:36

Italian woman dies after taking abortion drug

An Italian woman has died after taking an abortion pill. It is the first known death in Italy that could be linked to the controversial RU486 drug.

Apr 11 11:33

FLASHBACK - Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.

Already in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised to serve justice on his socialist predecessors, who sold the nation’s people into unending debt slavery under the lash of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the terrorist state of Israel. Those earlier administrations were riddled with Israelis in high places, to the fury of the masses, who finally elected Orbán’s Fidesz party in response.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hence, Hungary is now on the US Government's Special High Interest Targets list!

Apr 11 11:32

Merkel 'believes' in Greece after reforms

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said she "firmly believed" there was untapped potential in Greece after years of tough austerity reforms that culminated in a bond comeback this week.

"Untapped potential" for sure, but for whom?

Apr 11 10:09

Strange cloud engulfs beach and sends tourists running

Days later there is still no explanation behind the massive cloud that swept through a populated beach and frightened tourists

Apr 11 09:30

Europe Folds As Putin Tells It To Pay Ukraine's Gazprom Bill, Or Else

Another day ending in "y" means another day in which Putin plays the G(roup of most insolvent countries)-7 like a fiddle.

The latest: Europe should provide aid to Ukraine to ensure uninterrupted natural-gas deliveries to the region, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said as reported by Bloomberg.

"Russia is the only country helping Ukraine’s economy with energy supplies that are not paid for," Dmitry Peskov told reporters today in Moscow, commenting on President Vladimir Putin’s letter yesterday to 18 European heads of state. “The letter is a call to immediately review this situation, which is absurd on the one hand and critical on the other.

Apr 11 08:22

Europe Targets Russia Irresponsibly

European nations follow Washington’s lead. They act disgracefully. They do so reprehensibly. They harm their own self-interest.

They partner in America‘s wars. They embrace confrontation. They harm their own people. Russia bashing is prioritized.

Apr 11 08:12

Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk appeals to restive east

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has promised leaders in the country's restive east they'll be granted more powers. The move is an attempt to quell separatist sentiment amid heightened EU-Russia energy tension.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ukraine is asking for Europe's help to pay Russian gas bill. Looks like the plan to allow the ECB to loot Ukraine isn't working out very well.

Apr 11 07:29

Europe selling accelerates after JPMorgan earnings

European shares extended declines in afternoon trade on Friday as a disappointing earnings release from JPMorgan added to the "risk-off" sentiment.

Apr 11 07:18

The Netherlands has more prison workers than prisoners

The Netherlands has more prison guards than prisoners, the AD reports on Friday, quoting justice ministry figures.

Currently, there are 9,710 people serving time in jail and 9,914 prison officials, the ministry figures show.

While the bulk of them are guards, the total also includes support staff and trainers such as sports coaches, the AD says.

Apr 10 19:27

Russia not to restore Ukraine’s economy single-handedly - Putin in letter to EU leaders. FULL TEXT

Here's what Putin said,full text with out somebody putting words in his mouth. Once again he comes off as reasonable,businesslike and statesmanlike. There is no need to characterize any of this statement as a threat!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed possible mechanisms to European leaders for urgent discussion of the situation with Ukraine's debt for Russian gas, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a statement. Putin's letter was sent on Thursday to the leaders of Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, and Italy. Here is the full text of it:

Apr 10 16:20

Putin Reaches Out In Open Letter To Euro Leaders

Ukraine’s economy in the past several months has been plummeting. Its industrial and construction sectors have also been declining sharply. Its budget deficit is mounting. The condition of its currency system is becoming more and more deplorable. The negative trade balance is accompanied by the flight of capital from the country. Ukraine’s economy is steadfastly heading towards a default, a halt in production and skyrocketing unemployment.

Apr 10 14:37

Video: Car bomb explodes in Athens ahead of Merkel visit

A car explosive has detonated outside a Bank of Greece building in central Athens. The blast smashed windows in shops, but left no injuries.

Apr 10 14:30

IRA militant charged with 29 murders resulting from 1998 Omagh bombing

Northern Ireland has charged a man with 29 counts of murder in the 1998 Omagh bombing, the worst attack in decades of violence in the province, police said on Thursday.

Are they conveniently forgetting MI5's involvement in what was at very least a "Let It Happen On Purpose" if not a "Made It Happen On Purpose" terrorist attack?

Apr 10 14:24

Italians in Genoa 'can't afford to pay for funerals'

Italians hit by the economic crisis in the north-eastern city of Genoa are unable to pay for burials, leaving one local funeral home with a €500,000 bill last year alone.

Apr 10 13:55

Court mulls community service for disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi

An Italian court on Thursday began a sentencing hearing against Silvio Berlusconi which could see the three-time former prime minister and billionaire tycoon forced to do community service for nine months.

Apr 10 13:32

Russia dismisses Council of Europe 'farce' vote

Moscow has expressed both hurt, and outrage after being targetted with a slew of new sanctions at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe .

Apr 10 13:26

Greece returns to bond markets, says end of bailout nears

Two years after nearly crashing out of the euro zone, Greece returned to the bond market on Thursday with investors hungry for high returns scooping up its debt in a €3bn deal that could mark the beginning of the end of its bailout.

Apr 10 12:30

US to send more fighter jets to Poland amid tensions with Russia

The US Air Force plans to deploy 18 fighter jets, already based in Europe, to Poland for joint maritime exercises at Lask Air Base in the Black Sea, US officials say, amid continued tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine.

Apr 10 12:27

Demonstrators in Donetsk plan to create ‘people’s army’

Demonstrators in eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, who have seized the regional administration building, have decided to create their own “people’s army”, Denis Pushilin, one of the leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic proclaimed on April 7.

Apr 10 10:41

Replacing Russian Gas Deliveries with US Shale Gas? Washington Lies to the EU

The White House and State Department have engaged in brazen lying to EU governments regarding the ability of the US to supply more than enough natural gas to replace Russian gas deliveries. Recent statements by US President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are so patently false that it betrays an incredible desperation in Washington over the situation in Ukraine versus Moscow. Or it suggests that Washington is so out of touch with any factual reality she simply doesn’t care what she says. Either way, it suggests an unreliable diplomatic partner for the EU.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The BLM is selling oil leases across the west to the fracking companies. This may well be the real motive to drive Cliven Bundy off of his ranch, and we are now getting word that similar B:M moves against ranchers are happening not only elsewhere in Nevada but in Colorado. So it looks like the US Government is going to turn the nation over to the frackers so they have enough gas to move their war agenda forward.

Apr 10 08:29

Whether WWIII Will Escalate or Not Will be Determined Tomorrow! - Joaquin

Kiev Junta yesterday issued 48 hour ultimatum for pro-Russian breakaways in teh east, particularly Donetsk, to disband. Rumors about Russian Build-up are false.
USrael is sending in blackwater mercenaries, many of whom are Israeli special forces and US trained killers from Afghanistan and Iraq. This is further evidence that Kiev does not have full command of its own army. ''

Russia will use a combination of Special forces in worst case scenario

Apr 10 07:11

Car bomb explodes outside Greek central bank building, no one hurt

A car bomb exploded outside a central bank building in Athens early on Thursday, smashing windows but causing no injuries, just hours before Greece was due to make its first foray into the international bond markets in four years.

Apr 10 07:11

Gas: Putin warns EU leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote to EU leaders to warn of risks on Russian gas supplies because of the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlin announced Aujoud'hui. "Putin expresses its extreme concern at the plight of the debt Ukrainian, and therefore about Russian gas supplies, "said his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, the agency Ria Novosti, adding that the letter had been forwarded through diplomatic channels to European leaders. He added that the letter was sent Thursday through diplomatic channels "to Western and Eastern European leaders." Putin proposes in his letter to "take urgent measures as the situation does not tolerate waiting," says Dmitry Peskov, according to Ria Novosti. "The situation may actually have a negative impact on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine," he said as quoted by Interfax.

Apr 10 07:06

Ukraine’s Rust Belt Faces Ruin as Putin Threatens Imports

The head of Luganskteplovoz in the city of Luhansk rules over a communist-era factory and workforce of 6,500 that builds trains primarily for state-run OAO Russian Railways. Like many local businessmen, he fears the pro-European government in Kiev will antagonize the Kremlin into unleashing trade restrictions that could wipe out industry across Ukraine’s rust belt.

Apr 10 03:42

Is the US or the World Coming to an End? — Paul Craig Roberts

2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads. The evidence of massive amounts of naked shorts being dumped into the paper gold futures market at times of day when trading is thin is unequivocal. It has become obvious that the price of gold is being rigged in the futures market in order to protect the dollar’s value from QE.

The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard. Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system to inflict damage on the economies of countries that resist Washington’s political hegemony.

Apr 09 19:06

Assad There to Stay?

Assad is there to stay. Change will come only under his leadership or his guidance. Understanding with him is the only way to internal and regional stability. More or less he has succeeded in turning the “huge magnet” for international terrorists into their killing field.

Apr 09 12:01

Thousands of Greeks protest austerity in Athens

Thousands of Greek workers have taken to the streets in the capital Athens to protest against the government’s austerity measures.

Apr 09 11:59

Russia Continues Economic Aid to Ukraine Despite Illegitimate Govt. – Putin

Russia does not recognize the legitimacy of Ukraine’s new authorities but continues its economic assistance to its crisis-hit neighbor, a situation that will not last forever, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

Apr 09 11:49

NATO hardliners gain upper hand, push for strong measures against Russia

The results of the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels on April 1-2 show that hardliners have gained the upper hand in pushing for strong measures to contain Russia and portray it as an enemy and long-term foe, according to Deputy Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

Apr 09 11:30

Breedlove: US troops may be sent to Eastern Europe

NATO's top military commander in Europe, drafting countermoves to the Russian military threat against Ukraine, said Wednesday they could include deployment of American troops to alliance nations in Eastern Europe also feeling at risk.

Apr 09 09:46

Jim Willie:Lightning Speed Global Economic Change Through System Breakthrough Part 1 and Part 2

Topics discussed include the following:
1. The Ukraine turmoil and Russia and China's coordinated Financial and Commercial Response to the threats of the West led by the US
2. Though most of the Non-Western world is backing Russia, there are 3 countries in particular that will play a key supporting role in this new 'cold war', and at least two of these have been strong allies of the US in recent times.
3. Jim gives his insight into what he sees happening to US treasuries and the US dollar, and the Petrodollar in the short and long term.
4. Jim forecasts a 'Split' dollar, a domestic dollar, let's call it the Republic dollar, and dollars held outside the US will become 'International' dollars.
5. The pressures that Jim sees placed upon the Domestic dollar and it's near instantaneous 33% devaluation (to start.)
6. The coming BARTER System for settlement of international trade, reducing the US dollar to the dustbin of history.

Apr 09 08:54

Greece Grinds to a Halt Amid Nationwide 24-hour Strike

Unions representing private sector workers and state employees in Greece launched a 24-hour nationwide general strike on Wednesday against the austerity measures put through by the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need some general nation-wide strikes in this country!

Apr 09 08:09

NATO to triple Baltic air patrol from next month

NATO will triple its usual number of fighter jets patrolling over the Baltics next month to beef up its eastern European defenses due to tension with Russia over Ukraine, a NATO military official said on Tuesday.

Four NATO fighters are usually based in the Baltics but the United States, which currently has responsibility for patrolling the skies there, increased that to 10 F-15s to reassure those states following Russia's occupation of Ukraine's Crimea region.

The number of fighters assigned to the Baltic "air policing" mission is now set to increase further to 12, three times the normal complement, when the next four-month period starts in May, the NATO military official said.

The strengthening of air patrols over the Baltics is part of a plan of air, land and sea reinforcements for central and eastern European allies that NATO's top military commander, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, is drawing up by April 15.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More prepositioning of military assets ahead of a confrontation with Russia.

Apr 09 07:56

Greece’s so-called recovery: a dangerous delusion

Government officials would have us believe that Greece is finally emerging from recession. Their unbridled sense of optimism is a dangerous delusion.

Apr 09 07:11

US could ‘re-examine’ its military presence in Europe

Russia‘s takeover of Crimea could prompt a review the US military presence in Europe, which has declined steadily since the end of the Cold War, a senior Pentagon official said today.

“While we do not seek confrontation with Russia, its actions in Europe and Eurasia may require the United States to re-examine our force posture in Europe and our requirement for future deployments, exercises, and training in the region,” said Assistant Secretary of Defense Derek Chollet.

Some 67,000 US military members are currently stationed on the European continent, mainly in Germany (40,000), Italy (11,000) and Britain (9,500).

When the Soviet Union fell in late 1991, the total presence stood at 285,000.

Chollet, testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, did not specify what such a re-examination could entail at a time when the Pentagon faces budget cuts and is seeking to redeploy part of its resources to the Asia Pacific region as part of a so-called pivot strategy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Deep in the bowels of Congressional committees, there lurks one bill, submitted by Representative Charlie Rangel of New York, to reinstate the draft, and this time, for both our young men and women.

Congressman Charles B. Rangel introduced legislation on Friday that would reintroduce the draft and would require all women to register for the Selective Service.

His reasoning for this is disingenuous in the extreme, and he has made the statement that "Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm's way."

OF course, a new draft will not do that because all wars are economic, and are engineered to have all countries go into debt to pay for, and finance their war efforts, which will take decades to pay back to the banks.
No war is "the people's war": they are all bankers' wars, for profit.

But should there be something really ugly, anywhere in the world which targets American assets of any kind, I would not bet against the passage of this bill, perhaps as early as before the end of this year.

Apr 09 07:05

Madrid blocks Catalan independence referendum

Spanish lawmakers have rejected a request by the northeastern region of Catalonia for permission to hold a referendum for independence. Catalan nationalists say they will still push ahead with a ballot in November.

Apr 09 07:01

Thousands of Greeks protest austerity in Athens

Thousands of Greek workers have taken to the streets in the capital Athens to protest against the government’s austerity measures.

Apr 09 07:01

Amid showdown with energy-rich Russia, calls rise in Europe to start fracking

Europe’s newest weapon in the battle of wills with Russian President Vladimir Putin lies buried deep beneath the ancient oaks and rolling green pastures of this quintessentially English village.

There, wedged in the bedrock, lie vast quantities of oil and natural gas — enough, when combined with the spoils of hundreds of other sites like it, to help kick Europe’s addiction to Russian energy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and set the tap water in fire.

Apr 09 01:23

Washington and NATO’s New Surrealpolitik

NATO and Washington are not only inverting fact and reality over Ukraine and the wider serious geopolitical implications. The reckless distortion is delivered with a contempt born of the most fatuous purblind arrogance. The conundrum is how to deal with such insanity?

The acting (sic) president in Kiev Oleksandr Turchynov has labeled all those seeking political autonomy in Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk and other pro-Russian cities in the east of the country as «terrorists and criminals»; a new set of laws cobbled together by the junta – two months before scheduled official elections have taken place and therefore of dubious legality – gives the self-appointed politicians in Kiev the power to prosecute any one that does not recognize their self-imposed authority…

Apr 08 21:03

Look at the World from Behind the Wall: Part Two

Today, almost to the month, Obama is faced with the reality he did not wish to face: Israel has had and does not have any desire to create a Palestinian State, indeed it mocks the very concept and belittles the efforts of Obama and Kerry to attempt to establish such a state. That is now blatantly obvious even to a blind person.

What to do? Take advantage of this opportunity thrown in his lap by the Israelis and send the issue back to the United Nations where it began and where it must be resolved. What will this accomplish? It will break the shackles that bind our Congress to a foreign government; it will release the President to give opportunity and authority to the United Nations to deal with this issue without conflict with the United States;

Apr 08 18:59

NATO and Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria

On March 16, the third anniversary of the NATO-led covert war on Syria, the Syrian army won a landmark victory by taking back the Yabroud town on the Lebanese border.3 Hours later, NATO-backed ‘Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon’ retaliated by launching a false-flag bombing attack in Lebanon.4

On March 18-19, the Israeli army bombarded Syrian Army positions by tank and artillery fire and airstrikes.5

On March 21, NATO-backed mercenary forces and Turkish Armed Forces launched a massive offensive on the Syrian border town of Kasab in the Latakia province. The unprecedented overt military aggression by Turkey and its NATO allies is the clearest indication of their desperation in the face of Syria’s steady progress towards a decisive victory on all fronts.

This article details the flagrant war crimes committed by Turkey and NATO during the ongoing offensive on Kasab and puts them in a context.

Apr 08 16:20

Swedes to give six-hour workday a go

"We think it's time to give this a real shot in Sweden," Mats Pilhem, Left Party deputy mayor of Gothenburg, told The Local.

He explained that the municipal council would use two different departments - a test group and a control group, in essence. Staff in one section will cut down to six-hour days, while their colleagues in a different section stick to the ordinary seven-hour day. All employees will be given the same pay.

"We'll compare the two afterwards and see how they differ. We hope to get the staff members taking fewer sick days and feeling better mentally and physically after they've worked shorter days," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Our motto is 'work them until they @#$%ing DROP!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 08 13:26

Ukraine Says Russian Gas Transit to Europe Under Threat

Russia’s set price on gas for Ukraine is unfairly high and is creating a threat of transiting Russian gas to Europe, Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said Tuesday.

Apr 08 13:24

Protesters in Ukraine’s Lvov seize building of prosecutor’s office

A rally in the city of Lvov, in western Ukraine, that demanded the resignation of the Kiev-appointed prosecutor has ended in a storm of the building of the local prosecutor’s office, local media reported on Tuesday.

Apr 08 12:36

Alleged suicide of Dutch banker and assasination of German banker brings "death list" to 16

Only this year, at least 16 people around the world who were affiliated to banking services, mysteriously died or disappeared.

Apr 08 10:43

Europe’s top court kills invasive phone and email data collection law

Europe’s top court on Tuesday struck down an EU law forcing telecoms operators to store private phone and email data for up to two years, judging it too invasive, despite its usefulness in combating terrorism.

By allowing EU governments to access the data, “the directive interferes in a particularly serious manner with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data,” the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said.

Advocate General Pedro Cruiz Villalon declared the legislation illegal and told the European Union’s 28 member states to take the necessary steps to withdraw it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Now it is high time in the US for the NSA to be disbanded, the CIA to stop torturing, and for the complete legislative repeal of the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the NDAA.

Apr 08 10:37

NATO warns Russia against ‘historic mistake’ in Ukraine

The United States accused Russia on Tuesday of sending its agents to stoke a flaring secession crisis in eastern Ukraine that Moscow itself conceded could spill over into civil war.

The blunt US charge came as Ukraine's embattled leaders waged an uphill battle to keep their culturally splintered nation of 46 million together after the February ouster of a pro-Kremlin president and subsequent loss of Crimea to Russia.

An eery echo of the Black Sea peninsula's separation sounded on Sunday when militants -- many of them masked -- stormed a series of strategic buildings across a swathe of heavily Russified eastern regions and demanded that Moscow send its troops for support.

Ukraine mounted a counter-offensive on Tuesday by vowing to treat the separatists as "terrorists" and making 70 arrests in a nighttime security sweep aimed at proving the Kremlin's involvement in the secessionist movement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The phrase at the top of this article gives me the shivers, because it was precisely the same phrase Netanyahu used to characterize the interim agreement reached by the P5 + 1 last Fall over Iran's nuclear program.

IT is still not clear if, by the time the US invokes sanctions over a Russian barter deal with Iran for oil, whether it will cause the negotiations to break down completely, but if they do collapse, you can nearly bet on Israel's attacking Iran very shortly after that.

And that statement by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen "...reaffirmed on a visit to Paris that Moscow -- its forces now massed along Ukraine's eastern frontier -- would be making an "historic mistake" if it were to intervene in Ukraine any further."

Sir, forgive me, but WHERE ARE THESE RUSSIA FORCES ALLEGEDLY MASSING ALONG UKRAINE'S EASTERN FRONTIER?!? Because apparently, they are no where to be seen by normal, thinking, analytical people, but by people who are, (and insanely so), looking to start a war with Russia.

Where is your proof, Secretary Rasmussen?!?

Because, just in case you did NOT get the memo (which I believe may well be the case), no thinking, sane American I know wants to go to war with Russia, because they understand that at this point in the US military's history, the US military doesn't have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to obtain a favorable outcome in a conventional war against Russia; and that is what makes the military option here so scarily dangerous.

The "historic mistake" was the US thinking it could go on covertly overthrowing foreign governments without the world realizing what they were doing.

Apr 08 10:33

Finns Eyeing the Russian Maritime Industry

Finland’s national investment organisation, Finpro, calls for Finnish investors in the maritime industry to consider investing in the Russian market amid shaky Finland-Russia political relations due to the Crimea crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for sanctions.

This sanctions agenda is going to backfire on the US. With the Ruble and Yuan presenting credible alternatives to the dollar, other nations will cease doing business with the US because it comes with too many strings (leashes) attached.

Apr 08 07:32

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

Once the Cold War ended, Western militaries reduced their focus on military deterrence in Europe. As a consequence, the Ukraine crisis has caught NATO flat-footed as it rushes to find an adequate response to Russia. Germany has been reluctant to go along.

Apr 08 06:47

US conducting drone war from Germany

The American Ramstein military base in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate plays a central role in Washington’s global drone war. This has been revealed by research from the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the radio networks Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) and Westdeutsche Rundfunk(WDR), based on details from American military documents and former drone pilot Brandon Bryant.

Apr 07 22:56

Ukraine's unelected President accuses Kremlin of creating uprising in east to justify new invasion

Ukraine’s President on Monday accused Moscow of trying to tear his country apart after separatist protesters stormed buildings and declared an independent republic in an eastern city not far from the border where tens of thousands of Russian troops are massing.

Lets not forget that Turchynov came to power as a result of a violent and bloody foreign-sponsored coup that overthrew a democratically elected government. Sure, the government was corrupt, but so are the political classes in most countries. Corruption and politics go together. Turchynov was elected by NOBODY and as such has the right to speak for himself only.

Apr 07 22:48

Donetsk People’s Council Set to Hold Referendum to Join Russia on May 11

Donetsk region People’s Council established by local pro-federalization demonstrators on Monday declared its plans to create the republic of Donetsk and join Russia if people so vote during the referendum which is due to take place no later than May 11, RIA Novosti correspondent reported Monday.

Apr 07 22:43

"Anti-terrorist operation" starts in Kharkov, city center blocked – Ukraine Interior Minister

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has launched an anti-terrorist operation in the eastern city of Kharkov by blocking the city center, said acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. At least 70 activists have been arrested by the police.

Apr 07 17:28

China heading off cold war through economic diplomacy

During his visit to Duisburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a master stroke of economic diplomacy that runs directly counter to the Washington neo-conservative faction’s effort to bring a new confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Using the role of Duisburg as the world’s largest inland harbor, an historic transportation hub of Europe and of Germany’s Ruhr steel industry center, he proposed that Germany and China cooperate on building a new “economic Silk Road” linking China and Europe. The implications for economic growth across Eurasia are staggering.

Apr 07 14:00

flashback: Russia Cuts Off Gas Deliveries to Ukraine

January 1, 2009 MOSCOW — In the face of mounting economic troubles, Russia cut off deliveries of natural gas to Ukraine on Thursday after Ukraine rejected the Kremlin’s demands for a sharp increase in gas prices.

A similar reduction in supplies to Ukraine in 2006 caused a drop in pressure throughout Europe’s integrated natural gas pipeline system and led to shortages in countries as far away as Italy and France.

Apr 07 13:58

flashback: Europe Readier Than Before

Thu Feb 2, 2012
WRAPUP 1-Europe readier than before as Russia gas flows slow
* Supply cuts affect Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Austria
* Echoes of 2009'S Russia-Ukraine gas dispute emerge
* Slovakia reports 30 percent cut in gas supply
* German utility says supplies ample

Several European countries reported reduced flows of Russian gas on Thursday, as bitter cold caused soaring demand, and although overall supplies were adequate the issue had echoes of a 2009 crisis caused by tensions between Moscow and Ukraine.

The European Union's executive Commission has said supplies to Italy via the Austrian border are down by a tenth. Poland reported a 7 percent decline, and Slovakia said it suffered a 30 percent drop.

Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom voiced surprise, saying it was sending as much gas as it could spare to Europe and that Ukraine, across which the fuel flows through pipelines, must be taking more than its contracted share.

Ukraine flatly rejected the suggestion, saying it was only taking its allocated share.


Apr 07 13:31

Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?

When the International Monetary Fund announced a tentative loan agreement with Ukraine last month, the move was widely acclaimed as vital to saving the country’s struggling economy. Headlines trumpeted the decision to “help” Ukraine with a $14–18 billion “financial lifeline.”

Apr 07 13:06

Ukraine is dancing on the edge of a volcano

In Ukraine, pro-Russian protestors have taken over a regional government building in the eastern city of Donetsk and declared a "people's republic". The Ukrainian interim President Oleksandr Turchynov says it's "the second wave" of a Russian operation to destabilise his country.

Apr 07 12:10

Ukraine considers stronger penalties for separatism

On April 8, the Verkhovna Rada is planning to discuss a law that will impose stronger penalties for separatism and other crimes against the state.

Apr 07 12:05

Priest stole nuns' money to pay for sex

A priest from Feltre, a hillside town in the northern Italian province of Belluno, is under investigation for allegedly paying a Moroccan man for sex, and with cash stolen from the local convent.

Apr 07 12:03

Why Italy might not exist in five years

With Europe's eyes on independence referendums in Scotland and Catalonia, Italy's own potential breakaway states have failed to gain much attention. But separatists in Venice - and other parts of Italy - have the wind in their sails.

Apr 07 12:01

Survey shows a mere 1% of Spaniards positive about economy

Despite the government's recent announcements that the worst of the crisis is over, a measly one percent of the Spanish population thinks the economic situation is "good", a new survey reveals.

Apr 07 10:45

Critics attack oil fund plans

Finance Minister Siv Jensen’s plans to change the management of the country’s huge sovereign wealth fund, announced on Friday, quickly met a torrent of criticism. Critics argued that disbanding the ethical council would reduce independence and transparency, and that the new plan does nothing to safeguard human rights or encourage more environmentally investments

Apr 07 10:21

Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO

The Obama regime has issued simultaneous threats to the enemy it is making out of Russia and to its European NATO allies on which Washington is relying to support sanctions on Russia. This cannot end well.

The Obama regime, desperate that no individual and no country escape its spy net, denounced Western Europe’s intention to protect the privacy of its communications as “a violation of trade laws.”

Washington’s objection to the Russian/Iranian deal made it clear to all governments that Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system as a means of control. Why should countries accept an international payments system that infringes their sovereignty? What would happen if instead of passively accepting the dollar as the means of international payment, countries simply left the dollar system?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IS everyone in DC pathologically incapable of long-term, logical, critical thinking?

The US government's threats to Europe will drive all European countries away from any current or future trade deals with the US.

And I would like to politely point out that that at this point, the US military doesn't have the money, the manufacturing, or the troop strength to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia; that is what makes a potential military scenario against it so scarily dangerous.

Apr 07 10:05

Poland Confiscate Bond Holdings from Private Pension Funds

While everyone is paying attention to Russia, the European economy continues to spiral downward into its Debt-Deflation, and the rising cost of debt to EU members in real international terms is alarming. Poland on Wednesday confiscated all bond holdings of private pension funds. This will be booked on their balance sheet to reduce their debt to GDP ratio by as much as 8%.

Apr 07 08:41

Tens Of Thousands Of Russian Troops Near Ukraine Border, U.S. Envoy Says

The U.S. ambassador to the OSCE said Russia had amassed tens of thousands of troops near the border with Ukraine and called on Moscow to take steps to de-escalate the situation.

"We have strong evidence that there are tens of thousands of forces on the border and again not in their normal peacetime positions or garrisons," Daniel Baer told reporters after an emergency meeting of the 57-member Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe on Monday to discuss the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US OCSE Ambassador Baer: sir, where the FLIP is your proof of this alleged massing of Russian troops?!?!?

And particularly after an NBC camera crew traveled the entire length of the Ukraine/ Russian border last week, and saw no evidence of any such Russian troop buildup on the border. Are these guys hiding under tarps, waiting for the order to make themselves visible to the world?!?

We went to look for ourselves. Cameraman Dmitry Solovyov, sound engineer Alexei Gordienko and I packed our bags, devices and news-gathering gadgets into the back of our grey, nondescript bureau minivan and began a journey along the 1,200 mile border between Russia and Ukraine – many segments of which give no indication that it’s an actual border between two countries. Sudzha, a small town in the region of Kursk, site of the biggest tank battle of World War II, was our first destination. A tank column had been spotted there, 5 miles from the border, about a week before. But as we drove around the quaint town – equally proud of its freshly painted Orthodox Church and its bronze statue of Vladimir Lenin – we saw no tanks, or even armored personnel carriers. We did see ATM machines on almost every block. All was quiet. There was no tension in the air. Outside town, farmers were planting winter wheat.

Ambassador Baer, I would very much like to politely point out to you that the "big lie" technique no longer works, thanks to the alternative media.

Putin, unlike many of his Western counterparts, is a man of his word: he has assured the world that he has absolutely no interest in invading the Ukraine, and my bet would be that he will not do so.

A war with Russia over the Ukraine would be one of the most pig-headedly, ham-fistedly stupid thing the United States government could do at this point; of course, that reality is absolutely no guarantee that the US government will not do it.

Apr 07 08:13

U.S. ‘Monitoring’ Development Of European Communication Network Proposals

n February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she’s going to talk to the President of France, Francois Hollande, about building a separate communications network for Europe so as to stop data from passing through the U.S. The U.S. has criticized such proposals and has said that they may breach international trade laws. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said that obstructions to cross-border data flows are a serious and growing concern.

The U.S. has been heavily criticized ever since word of the NSA’s global electronic spying programs broke last summer. Documents leaked by former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden revealed just how widespread the NSA’s clandestine spying operations are. Apparently it also spied on allies of the U.S., which weren’t exactly happy when all this came to light.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on Merkel, and good on Germany and Europe for this development! And there is really absolutely NOTHING the US government can do about it, except complain bitterly.

Apr 07 08:09

German industrial production posts another rise

Government data show that German industrial production grew for the fourth consecutive month in February, underlining expectations of a pickup in Europe's biggest economy.

Apr 07 07:14

US/NATO imperialism is a threat to civilization - FM Živadin Jovanovi?

Today Europe is living with the consequences of unprecedented US/NATO aggression against the former Yugoslavia 15 years ago. The invasion and destruction of Yugoslavia, the first war in Europe since WWII, resolved nothing in the Balkans but created many new problems. The former Foreign Minister of Yugosalvia ŽivadinJovanovi? discussed these issues and more in an interview with the Voice of Russia and stated that countries are increasingly becoming ready to fight back against the United States and its colonial attitudes and that it is time for all the forces of peace in the world to join together and stop US/NATO imperialist policies which are the single biggest threat to modern civilization.

Apr 06 11:38

German Finance Minister says no haircut, but new Greek bailout possible

Despite the impending release of a long-delayed 8.3 billion euro installment from international lenders and a primary surplus of as much as 2.5 billion euros, Greece may yet need a third bailout, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble says.

Apr 06 11:34

Protesters in Donetsk seize state administration building

Earlier on Sunday, about 2,000 people gathered in Donetsk’s central Lenin Square in voice their support to the officers of the Berkut riot police who had been detained by the security services.

Apr 06 09:01

The Kamikaze Economics and Politics of Forcing Austerity on the Ukraine

“Unpopular austerity measures” are, of course, among the best things Ukraine can do to aid Russia’s effort to “destabilize” the Ukraine. Indeed, Yatseniuk admits this point later in the article.

Apr 06 08:14

Anti-EU mood rising as Hungary goes to revamped parliamentary poll

Hungarians are casting their votes in revamped elections which will see the parliament slashed by almost a third. Surveys predict a landslide victory for PM Viktor Orban’s party, who led the country out of the crisis and resisted Brussels’ influence.

"If the government can stay in power for another four years it could create an economy providing work for all... cuts in energy prices and supporting families," said Orban at a rally in support of his Fidesz political party in the southern Hungarian town of Szeged.

With 47 percent of the population supporting him, the party’s rallying cry of ‘four more years’ may prove accurate, according to the recent opinion polls, led by the Median Opinion Center.

Apr 06 07:05

Gas prices in Europe to rise 50%, if it abandons Russia’s supplies – Energy Minister

Domestic prices in Europe will go up by at least 50 percent, if it cuts supplies from Russia, according to Russia’s Energy Minister Alexandre Novak.

“Moving away from pipeline transportation of natural gas, construction of terminals and deliveries of liquefied natural gas will lead to an increase in gas prices in Europe from the current $380 per 1,000 cubic metres to at least $550,” Novak said in an interview to the Russia 24 TV Channel.

“And the question arises: are the economies of European countries ready to supply and consume gas at such a price?” the Minister asked.

Apr 06 05:18

A Century of Deceit: Iraq, the World Wars, Holocaust and Zionist Militarism

While the West bears much shame and responsibility for aiding and abetting the Zionist project and all of its murderous and destructive consequences, bringing history into accordance with the facts is one way to uplift the Palestinians whose struggle for freedom and justice goes on.

Some studies estimate that close to 1.5 million Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the brutal American invasion and occupation of their country in 2003.[1] Millions more Iraqis have become refugees and orphans. American depleted uranium weapons have caused cancer rates in some Iraqi cities to skyrocket, permanently destroying the genes of future generations of Iraqis who are being born with horrific birth defects and diseases.

Apr 06 01:49

Ukraine ready to buy Russian gas for $268 per 1,000 cm

"We do not accept the price of $500", said parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

If he doesn't accept the price, then I'm sure Yatsenyuk, the unelected leader of Ukraine, can go elsewhere for a better price.

Apr 06 01:36

US operates global drone war from German base – ex-pilot

A testimony by a former US Air Force drone pilot has revealed that the US is using its Ramstein Air Base in Germany to wage highly controversial drone warfare in Africa, Yemen, and Pakistan.

Apr 05 09:12

Hagel: US May Add Brigade in Europe to ‘Counter Russia’

Over the past several years the US had been cutting back its ground force in Europe as a cost-cutting measure. In 2012 the Pentagon cut two of its four Army brigades, but that may not last.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is now saying that adding a brigade, bringing it back up to three overall in Europe, is under consideration as a move to “counter Russia” in eastern Europe.

Hagel did not specify where the new “permanent brigade,” which would be roughly 5,000 troops, would be stations, but Poland is a likely candidate, as the Polish government is demanding 10,000 NATO troops on a permanent basis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am having a palm to forehead moment, at velocity,upon reading this.

Russia is not threatening Europe, nor would it. Putin is many things, but a deliberate warmonger, unlike so many powerful people in this country, he is not.

Apr 05 08:49

How Europe is incubating an even bigger debt crisis by letting deflation take root

Prof Luis Garicano from the London School of Economics said the economic models used to predict inflation seem to be breaking down. “They need to take very serious action,” he said.

Apr 04 19:36

The Monster on the Hill

If Adelson could dictate our future, it would spell disaster for our country. INDEED, IF anyone had any illusions about American politics, they were dispelled this week.

The casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, organized a public display of his power. He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course.

It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding.

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Apr 04 14:00

Urging 'New Path Forward,' Tens of Thousands Demand End to EU Austerity

We need investment, not austerity. It's time for a new path forward.

That was the message brought by tens of thousands of people from across Europe who converged in Brussels on Friday in a European Trade Union Confederation-organized protest against EU-supported austerity policies.

Apr 04 11:21

A Century of Deceit: Iraq, the World Wars, Holocaust and Zionist Militarism

In 1961, Benjamin Freedman, a former top-level Zionist, explained how Zionist Jews made a secretive deal with the British leadership during World War I promising to bring America into the war in exchange for Palestine.

The genocidal campaign to subdue and enslave the Iraqi people was the brainchild of the Zionist neoconservative conspirators behind the Project for the New American Century, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Enterprise Institute and other Zionist-oriented think tanks that dominated the Washington Beltway.

The engine driving the Zionist-led neoconservative war machine is built on falsehoods about the “holocaust”. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lie of four million deaths at Auschwitz was officially reduced to around one million and claims that several million Jews were killed at the Mauthausen and Majdanek concentration camps have officially been reduced to 74,000 combined.

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Apr 04 11:02

Raw: Labor Protest Sparks Clashes in Brussels

30,000 protesting in Brussels, police hit by cobblestones and oranges

Apr 04 07:55

Returning Dutch Syria fighters to face extra surveillance: AD

Some 5,000 people, including teachers and police officers, are being trained to recognise signs of ‘radicalisation’ in young Muslims and the supervision of youngsters who have been to Syria is being stepped up, the AD says on Thursday.

Amsterdam, The Hague and Almere are among the three cities where most young men and women who have gone to fight in Syria come from and where surveillance will be increased, the paper says.

Apr 04 07:16

Flawed U.S. Policy Led to This New Cold War

The East-West confrontation over Ukraine, which led to Moscow's annexation of Crimea but long predated it, is potentially the worst international crisis in more than 50 years — and the most fateful. A negotiated resolution is possible, but time may be running out.

A new cold war divide is already descending on Europe...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no "flaw." The United States government WANTS a new cold war. The military want the additional money. The government yearns for those glory days of the 1950s and 1960s when they could keep the American people in a constant state of obedient fear simply by waving "commies" at us all. They have been trying to get back to that happy state ever since the former Soviet Union collapsed.