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Mar 04 23:55

Caught On Tape- Killer Wave Slams Cruise Ship - 2 Dead

Cruise Ship Hit By Wave:Rogue Wave Hits Louis Majesty Cruise Ship – Louis Majesty a Cypriot-owned ship that carries 1,350 passengers and 580 crew members, was hit by a series of 33 feet (10 meters) waves while in the northeast coast of Spain earlier today.

Mar 04 23:18

9/11 In 7 Minutes

Mar 04 22:23

Louisiana Trains Volunteers for 'Project Exodus' to Combat Terrorism

A Louisiana sheriff has begun training 200 local volunteers in basic hand-to-hand combat techniques as part of Project Exodus aimed at protecting the northwestern corner of the state from the danger of terrorists, the Shreveport Times reports.

Reporter Drew Pierson writes that Bossier Parish Sheriff Larry Deen's policing plan involves "a mostly white group of ex-police volunteers and a .50-caliber machine gun"....

Mar 04 22:14

VIDEO: Breaking News - 2 Pentagon Police Officers Shot at Metro Station

A gunman coolly drew a weapon from his pocket and opened fire at the teeming subway entrance to the Pentagon complex Thursday evening, wounding two police officers before being shot and critically wounded, officials said.

Mar 04 21:20

Rabbi Feldman: Zionism is "Illegitimate Political Movement"

The political creed of Zionism has big ears and a long trunk and I think it's time that was pointed out. It also stampedes through our lives at every level and that needs to be said, too.

It has created a pincer-movement on the human mind by hijacking staggering amounts of political, corporate, banking and media power on one side and by using the fear of being called 'anti-Semitic' if you dare to state the bloody obvious.

Mar 04 20:46

Highly-Credible People Question 9/11

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission (Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton) said that the CIA (and likely the White House) "obstructed our investigation".

Mar 04 20:14

Tea Party leader paid by GOP-run campaign to promote party goals

Meckler has long been seen as one of the Tea Party's key spokesman, but his ties to the GOP could stoke fears among the movement's followers that their grassroots group is being assimilated by the Republican party.

Mar 04 19:42

Millions Protest Tuition Increases in California

Since last summer college students in California have been protesting against tuition increases and education cuts. The mainstream media has been giving the demonstrations minimal coverage...

Mar 04 19:28

Breaking: Shots Fired at Pentagon, Defense Headquarters in Lockdown

A gunman opened fire at the subway entrance to Pentagon complex Thursday evening, wounding two Pentagon police officers, a spokesman said.

The alleged gunman also was wounded, said Chris Layman, a
spokesman for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

Mar 04 19:15

BREAKING: Protesting students shut down Oakland freeway

KTVU article; independent citizen reporters just left my apartment, having been dispatched to the scene; we'll keep you updated - jo-ann F., Oakland, CA.

A major San Francisco Bay area freeway has been shut down in both directions by college students protesting budget cuts at California campuses.

About 150 people who were part of a much larger group demonstrating in downtown Oakland clambered onto the I-880 freeway at the beginning of the evening rush hour Thursday.

Aerial footage shot by television station KTVU showed people with banners spread out across the road, forming a barrier to lines of cars that stood stopped some distance away.

KTVU says Oakland police are calling for more officers.

The freeway closure came at the end of a day of protests and rallies at college campuses nationwide to draw attention to rising tuition and class cuts.

Mar 04 15:58

Afghan survivors: Women waved scarves to try to stop NATO air attack

After seeing the gruesome aftermath of that rocket strike, survivors of the NATO attack told McClatchy Newspapers, women jumped from the second car and frantically waved their head scarves to try to stop the attack.

Mar 04 15:47

Top recipients of insurance industry money

1 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $258,400
2 Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) Senate $195,100
3 Pomeroy, Earl (D-ND) House $157,900
4 Frank, Barney (D-MA) House $147,499
5 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $147,300
6 Kanjorski, Paul E (D-PA) House $144,200
7 Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) Senate $139,450
8 Cantor, Eric (R-VA) House $130,750
9 Bean, Melissa (D-IL) House $129,700
10 Burr, Richard (R-NC) Senate $127,500

Mar 04 15:46

War veterans and resisters say "All Out for March 20th-National March on Washington!"

Support the Troops:

Imagine Peace.

Mar 04 15:43

Ahmadinejad Expects War to Break Out By This Summer

The Iranian president said he expects war to break out somewhere between spring and summer of this year. Meanwhile, the Hizbollah chief vowed to strike the Israeli capital, its airports and power stations if Israel dared to attack Beirut’s critical infrastructure.

Mar 04 15:36

Infowars Officially Launches Naked Body Scanner Protest Contest

Following the runaway success of the Obama Joker poster contest, Infowars is launching a brand new activism contest to spread the word about the naked body scanners now being introduced in airports across the world in response to the false flag Christmas Day underwear bomber incident.

We are offering our biggest ever contest prize fund – $15,000 dollars – spread across three different contests all aimed at attracting media attention to the fact that the naked body scanners represent a massive authoritarian assault on human dignity, freedom, the right to privacy, as well as posing health risks that have not been properly investigated.

Mar 04 15:32

Kucinich to Force War Debate on House Floor on Wednesday

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today introduced H. Con Res. 248 a privileged resolution with 16 original cosponsors that will require the House of Representatives to debate whether to continue the war in Afghanistan.

Mar 04 15:29

Family forced to dress snow sculpture of naked woman in bikini after complaints to police

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, it's cool to lie about other nations in order to invade them kill millions, steal their wealth, torture their civilians and their children but by golly we are a moral nation and we're gonna prove it by covering up the snow titties!

Mar 04 14:39

MSNBC Lies About American Patriot Groups

Mar 04 14:38

SEC says 'psychic' scammed investors

Federal regulators filed suit today against a self-proclaimed psychic who allegedly scammed $6 million by conning suckers into believing that his extrasensory abilities would make them "piles of money" by trading foreign currencies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a seeker born every minute.

(Didn't this psychic know he was going to get arrested?!?!?)

Mar 04 13:46

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz - former head economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a nobel-prize winner - said yesterday that the very structure of the Federal Reserve system is so fraught with conflicts that it is "corrupt" and undermines democracy.

Mar 04 13:26

The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." -- Henry Kissinger

Mar 04 12:01

Police Abduction by Quota

A few months ago, Zebulun and Elijah Colbourne were among five New York City teenagers arrested and held overnight in jail in order to fill an official quota. The citation claimed that the teenagers, who had been racing in the sidewalks, were engaged in “tumultuous and violent conduct that caused public alarm.” They were given a summons, handcuffed, and held in a cell before being released the next morning without further action.

“They just wanted to arrest us,” Zebulun told WABC News. “They locked us up for nothing.”

Mar 04 11:51

Birth defects rise reported by Fallujah doctors

Doctors in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are reporting a high level of birth defects, with some blaming weapons used by the US after the Iraq invasion.

The city witnessed fierce fighting in 2004 as US forces carried out a major offensive against insurgents.

Now, the level of heart defects among newborn babies is said to be 13 times higher than in Europe.

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson visited a new, US-funded hospital in Fallujah where paediatrician Samira al-Ani told him that she was seeing as many as two or three cases a day, mainly cardiac defects.

Mar 04 11:07

Marine reportedly killed by opium-fueled private contractors

Pentagon originally said Marine killed in combat

The Pentagon confirmed late Tuesday that it is investigating the death of a 24-year-old Indiana Marine after he was shot to death in Afghanistan, allegedly by several US-paid private security contractors.

The contractors, according to a fellow Marine in Afghanistan who communicated with an investigative reporter in Chicago, were Afghanis who were found with "copious amounts of opium" and had been paid by the United States as guards.

Mar 04 10:54


Now I want to offer various quotes from Mike about how science should be done in the modern age. It’s called PNS, Post-Normal Science—and it turns out this is a real term invented and propelled by several authors, including Jerry Ravetz (Oxford University). PNS is a brand of unashamed sophistry I’ve never encountered out in the open before.

As you’ll see, PNS provides a perfect justification for carrying out climate research in exactly the kind of way it’s been done—with enormous disdain for the facts, for the way facts are gathered, for the way they are then handled and modeled and squeezed and shaped and omitted and exaggerated and even invented.

Mar 04 10:46

Obama administration plans to close International Labor Comparisons office

Soon, however, Americans may be spared the demoralization in these numbers: The White House wants to shutter the unit that produces them.

Mar 04 10:41

Argos exposes customers' credit-card numbers in emails

High street retailer Argos has compromised its customers' security by sending their credit-card details - including the vital security code - in unencrypted emails.

The company has been including the customer's full name, address, credit-card number and three-digit CCV security code in order confirmation emails, which are sent once a customer has placed an order on the Argos website. Although the credit-card details don't appear in the text of the email itself, they are contained - in plain text - in the HTML code of the order confirmation.

Mar 04 10:23

Senate rejects $250 checks for elderly

A measure to give some 57 million elderly people, veterans and persons with disabilities a $250 check was rejected by the Senate on Wednesday,

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Screw those old people; we need to save the BANKS! Those old farts ought to do the patriotic thing and die now that they have become cash sinks instead of profit centers! We can't prop up a bunch of aging useless eaters and buy bombs for Israel at the same time, dammit!"

Mar 04 10:23

Mossad helped buy off 9/11 litigants

Feinberg's actions were crucial to removing more than 98 percent of the families from the litigation process. Kenneth Feinberg and Alvin Hellerstein have waged a war of attrition against the 9-11 relatives. Of the thousands of families that could have used the courts to find justice and legal discovery for what happened on 9-11, Feinberg was successful in removing 98 percent. Of the 96 families that chose to go to court, all but one or two cases have settled out of court after enduring years of obstruction in the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein. Thanks to Feinberg and Hellerstein there may never be a trial for a single victim of 9-11.

Mar 04 10:21

USA Gun Owners Buy 14 Million Plus Guns In 2009 – More Than 21 of the Worlds Standing Armies Combined

Washington, DC --(AmmoLand.com)- Data released by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for the year reported 14,033,824 NICS Checks for the year of 2009, a 10 percent increase in gun purchases from the 12,709,023 reported in 2008.

So far that is roughly 14,000,000+ guns bought last year!
The total is probably more as many NICS background checks cover the purchase of more than one gun at a time by individuals.

To put it in perspective that is more guns than the combined active armies of the top 21 countries in the world. countries by number of troops

Mar 04 10:18

Afghans Trained by Blackwater Defect to Taliban

Remember when Sarah Palin said that "the surge principles that have worked in Iraq need to be implemented in Afghanistan." Well...as Ms. Palin would say, many Afghans working for the Afghan security forces are now switching sides and are now defecting to the Taliban.

Guess who trained many of them? Blackwater!

Mar 04 10:17

Pennsylvania state revenue collections come up short of estimate - again

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what happens when you estimate your revenues based on the official US Governmnent labor statistics!

Mar 04 10:16

State revenues again don’t live up to expectations

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tell us again about how the economy is improving, Obama; we just LOVE that one!

Mar 04 10:15

Israeli Pride....

Can you think of people who proudly walk around with T-shirts praising killing squads?

I don’t think so!!!

Mar 04 10:14

Ferries Collide Near Stockholm

Another Viking Line ship, the Isabella, is also stuck in ice nearby.

There are two icebreakers at the scene. A third is on the way, but will not arrive until around 10 pm Finnish time.

On Tuesday this week, Icebreakers had to help the Rosella, which was stuck in the ice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gosh darn that global warming!

Mar 04 10:07

Judge Napolitano On Eminent Domain

Mar 04 10:04

Squandering our children's future

My five-month-old daughter is going to have some serious financial troubles when she grows up, mainly because I'm already borrowing money from her.

Many parents like to at least try to transfer some of their own wealth to their kids. But not me, and not the millions of other moms and dads across the country. Unless we do something about our government's massive annual deficits and debt our kids could be paying dearly tomorrow for our spending today......

Mar 04 09:59

Obama Administration Urges Congress to Wait on Armenian Genocide Resolution

The Obama administration is urging Congress to hold off on a resolution declaring the Ottoman era killing of Armenians as genocide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because you know that will just piss off Israel as we head intro an election season!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 04 09:56

N.H. pols will cut budget due to revenue shortfall

Democratic leaders in Concord said budget-cutting moves were under way as state revenues in February came in $9 million below estimates and brought the revenue deficit for the first eight months of the year to almost $50 million.

Led by shortfalls in business tax ($6.4 million) and room and meals tax ($2.2 million) collections, February revenues came in at $85.2 million, or 9 percent below the estimate of $94.2 million for one the state's lowest revenue collection months.

The bright spots in the February revenue report included $2.8 million above estimates for tobacco tax collections and $500,000 above estimates for real estate transfer taxes.

Mar 04 09:48

Ex-Adviser to Former Gov. Brown Found Dead in Creek

A former adviser to former Gov. Jerry Brown who became an activist on transportation issues has died in what California authorities believe was a suicide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Drowned himself in a creek.


Just Yesterday Jerry announced his bid for the governorship of California. Is "someone" cleaning up Jerry's past?

Mar 04 09:15

U.S. will determine who can board some Canadian flights

Starting in December, some passengers on Canadian airlines flying to, from or even over the United States without ever landing there, will only be allowed to board the aircraft once the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has determined they are not terrorists.

Secure Flight, the newest weapon in the U.S. war on terrorism, gives the United States unprecedented power over who can board planes that fly over U.S. airspace.

Mar 04 09:13

Trading bibles for porn in San Antonio

Well, first of all, you know, pornography gets a lot of negative press, and it's smut. A lot of it really is. And we wanted to make the comparison between that and the smut that is religious scripture or a lot of it, you know. The stuff that says a woman is worth half a man, the things that say, you know, you should beat children.

These things aren't acceptable in our society, and if pornography is not acceptable, then these things surely aren't. At the very least, what we're doing is trading something that's very, very bad for something that's only moderately bad.

Mar 04 09:12


Anyway, however different from apartheid the occupation may be, it’s definitely more like apartheid than it is like democracy.

Mar 04 09:05

Mordechai Vanunu’s Nobel Stand

“He [Vanunu] has written letters to us this year and last year also, where he stated explicitly that he did not want to be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. The reason he gave was that Simon Peres had received the Nobel Peace Prize, and Peres he alleged was the father of the Israeli atomic bomb and he did not want to be associated with Peres in any way.” – Geir Lundestad, Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, 24 February 2010.

For the first time in the history of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a preemptive request to withdraw a nomination—by the nominee—was made.

Mar 04 08:52

Mass Loss from Alaskan Glaciers Overestimated?

The melting of glaciers is well documented, but when looking at the rate at which they have been retreating, a team of international researchers steps back and says not so fast.

Mar 04 08:50

Fire All 678 Congressional Staffers Who Are Tax Deadbeats?

Chaffetz will introduce legislation Thursday that would allow Hill offices to get rid of the hundreds of Senate and House staffers who owe the government millions of dollars.

In 2008 alone, 447 House employees and 231 Senate workers didn’t pay their taxes, according to figures from the IRS, Office of Personnel Management and Department of Defense.

Mar 04 08:47

U.S. Loses Innovation Crown to ... Iceland

Once upon a time—actually it was just last year—the U.S. was the world innovation champion, according to an annual report by INSEAD and the Confederation of Indian Industry. In this year’s study, the nation slumps to 11th place. Perhaps even more surprising is the new No. 1: Iceland.

Soumitra Dutta, an INSEAD professor of business and technology, who oversaw the survey, theorizes that the rankings show that, as in so much else, size matters. But in this case it’s the smaller the better.

Mar 04 08:45

Native Indian Genocide: Parallels in Palestine

"One of the greatest crimes against humanity occurred right here in the United States of America. Support for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People is a start to right this great wrong," declared the American Indian Movement in a press release on 24 September 2009.

Mar 04 08:39

Peace not wanted

Israel does not want peace with Syria. Let's take off all the masks we've been hiding behind and tell the truth for a change. Let's admit that there's no formula that suits us, except the ludicrous "peace for peace." Let's admit it to ourselves, at least, that we do not want to leave the Golan Heights, no matter what. Forget about all the palaver, all the mediations, all the efforts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel loves wars ... as long as Americans pay for and fight them.

Mar 04 08:38

Old star is 'missing link' in galactic evolution

Dwarf galaxies are small galaxies with just a few million stars at most. They often orbit larger galaxies such as the Milky Way, which consists of hundreds of billions of stars. In the "bottom-up model" of galaxy formation, proposed in 1978 by Carnegie astronomers Leonard Searle and Robert Zinn (now at Yale University), large galaxies attained their size over billions of years by swallowing up their smaller neighbors. But if dwarf galaxies are the building blocks of larger galaxies, then the same kinds of stars should be found in both types of galaxies, especially in the case of old, "metal-poor" stars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They evolved eyes, and yet they cannot see.

The theory of stellar evolution is that all the heavier elements, including the metals, form in the heat and pressure of exploding stars. "Population I" Stars with heavy elements in them such as our own sun sweep up the debris from those earlier explosions during their formation. "Population II" stars, which precede the "Population I" stars (they were named before the relationship was fully understood) are hydrogen-only stars, devoid of the heavy elements.

But ...

If the theory of the Big Bang is correct, then the universe was created in the biggest explosion of all, an explosion which in that moment just after the "magic" when the universe started to operate under the rules we see today pressure and temperature was sufficient to create all the known elements right from the start. The expanding universe would have been riddled through with all the heavy elements right from the hypothetical moment of creation.

So, how to explain the "Population II" stars? In a post Big Bang universe there should not be any metal-poor stars!

Mar 04 08:30

Torture At Abu Ghraib: The Full Sworn Testimony Of Ali Shalal

On the 13th October, 2003 while I was going to prayer in the mosque in Al-Amraya, the American troops arrested me. They tied my hands to the back of my body and put a bag over my head. They took me to a small prison in a U.S. military camp in Al-Amraya.

Mar 04 08:21

Silencing Critics of Israel: Germany’s Fear Of Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein, an internationally renowned scholar of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, was due to talk about the state of the decades-old conflict and the situation in Gaza one year after the Israeli assault last week in Munich and Berlin. As part of a European speaking tour which would have led him to Germany for the first time since 2002, Finkelstein has been invited to speak in Prague at a number of prestigious institutions, such as the Institute of International Relations Prague, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at Charles University in Prague.

Mar 04 08:17

Students, professors to protest education cutbacks

A movement born of $1 billion in budget cuts to California's state university system has blossomed into a nationwide protest, as students and professors in 33 states will challenge administrators and state lawmakers to ante up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 04 08:14

State Crimes Against Democracy

New research in the journal American Behavioral Scientist (Sage publications, February 2010) addresses the concept of “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD). Professor Lance deHaven-Smith from Florida State University writes that SCADs involve highlevel government officials, often in combination with private interests, that engage in covert activities for political advantages and power.

Mar 04 08:06

Where did the flu go this winter?

While infection control experts are grateful for a much-needed reprieve after the chaos of the H1N1 pandemic, they are scratching their heads and wondering what happened to the regular seasonal flu in North America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The flu viruses cannot afford to live here any more.

Mar 04 08:05

Feds weigh expansion of Internet monitoring

Greater federal involvement in privately operated networks may spark privacy or surveillance concerns, not least because of the NSA's central involvement in the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping scandal. Earlier reports have said that Einstein 3 has the ability to read the content of emails and other messages, and that AT&T has been asked to test the system. (The Obama administration says the "contents" of communications are not shared with the NSA.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And of course Obama keeps all his promises!

Mar 04 08:03

It’s Time for Israel's Friends To Condemn Its Acts Of Terrorism

By and large a one-dimensional approach has characterised our approach to understanding the phenomenon of terrorism. However, the recent killing of a Hamas figure, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in Dubai should make us cast our net wider to focus also on state terrorism.

Mar 04 08:02

Al Gore a fine choice for honorary degree

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gore gets an honorary doctorate to paper over his lack of science training, but read the comments and attendant poll; nobody is buying this latest attempt to prop up global warming.


Mar 04 08:00

Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say

To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers say, Americans may have to experience a sobering reality: gas at $7 a gallon.

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector 14 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, the cost of driving would simply have to increase, according to a forthcoming report by researchers at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Mar 04 07:57

In 'Eisenhower’s Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats. They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement. It was a cold, wet spring, and their misery from exposure alone was evident.

Mar 04 07:55

My Family’s Ongoing Nakba Story

One of the most traumatic effects wrought upon Palestinian society by the 1948 Nakba, or the dispossession of historic Palestine, is the physical separation it forced upon Palestinians, between those in the diaspora and the refugees, between those living in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 and those who became citizens of Israel. Yet this process is ongoing to this very day, and targets even individual families, like mine. This is our story.

Mar 04 07:55

Twelve New England towns demand 9/11 reinvestigation

A new movement to reinvestigate the 9/11 attacks is gaining pace in the US. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe.

Mar 04 07:55

The Pentagon’s Runaway Budget

With his decision to boost defense spending, President Obama is continuing the process of re-inflating the Pentagon that began in late 1998 — fully three years before the 9/11 attacks on America. The FY 2011 budget marks a milestone, however: The inflation-adjusted rise in spending since 1998 will probably exceed 100 percent in real terms by the end of the fiscal year. Taking the new budget into account, the Defense Department has been granted about $7.2 trillion since 1998, when the post-Cold War decline in defense spending ended.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wake up and smell the napalm - the US is on a war footing. WW3 is coming, and this time, WE are the "bad guys."

Mar 04 07:54

Gordon Brown Seeks To Change Law In Order To Further Support Israeli War Crimes

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is defending his decision to change the law allowing private people to demand arrest warrants against foreign leaders and officers visiting Britain.

The government’s decision to change the law was made following an arrest warrant issued against Israeli Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni, who was scheduled to visit London last year.

Mar 04 07:45

DNS Down

This site is dedicated to the proposition, that one day, DNS will NOT be available. Due to malicious hackers, UN intervention (so called "Net Neutrality" laws or treaties, "Internet Fairness Doctrines", or other MISmanagement interventions (content firewalls), or just plain old fashioned WAR, if the DNS system goes down, or your sites are blocked, even though the whole internet isn't, you're down...but maybe not. With a new twist on an old technology, you won't even feel a glitch. If you DOWNLOAD our products, you will have your own private DNS SERVER, which taken together, are impervious to DNS problems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only problem with a local DNS is that it does not get automatic updates. If a website you know and love like WRH changes their IP (as we did a few weeks back) you will have to manually change the local hosts file.

But as a backup to a "terrorist" (nudge nudge) take-down of DNS, this might be handy to hang onto!

Mar 04 07:33


In case any of my readers have any doubts as to the type of people that are settling into Palestinian OWNED homes in Sheikh Jarrah, the following should clarify the matter.

These illegal settlers are truly among the lowest forms of life as we know it.

These are not ordinary people, they are inflicted with a deadly virus known as zionism. To date, there is no known cure.

Mar 04 07:32

Fallujah doctors report growth in birth defects

It seems they went out of their way to NOT mention Depleted uranium, instead blaming white phosphorus which can likely be more easily dismissed as the cause. A Red herring?

Mar 04 07:29


The author of the following is a professor at the University of Haifa. His dribble appeared in the zionist rag from Brooklyn called the Jewish Press.

I have never seen anything as vile as this.

Mar 04 07:24

New data: Mega-quake could strike near Seattle

Using sophisticated seismometers and GPS devices, scientists have been able to track minute movements along two massive tectonic plates colliding 25 miles or so underneath Washington state's Puget Sound basin. Their early findings suggest that a mega-earthquake could strike closer to the Seattle-Tacoma area, home to some 3.6 million people, than was thought earlier.....

Mar 04 07:18

The Murderous Mossad and 9-11

The Mossad has been at it again: The recent assassination of a Hamas military leader in Dubai looks conclusively like the Israelis' handiwork. No doubt, they hoped for a little more anonymity in the aftermath--they likely didn't expect the Dubai authorities to be quite so technologically competent...Either we are complicit or we are not--there's no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations.
- Melik Kaylan, "Mossad Madness", Forbes, February 26, 2010

Mar 04 07:17

Veterans push for climate bill with new ‘Operation Free’ coalition

Under the name of Operation Free, the group aims to rally other vets to the cause. “We’re a coalition of leading veterans and national security organizations who recognize that climate change is a major threat, and support fast, bold action,” reads its website. “It is time for Americans to rise to the challenge, and we’re taking on the fight.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, if you deny Human-Caused Global Warming, you're helping the terrorists!" -- Saint Al of the Gore

Mar 04 07:14

Seminole County Environmental News Examiner Add to favorites Examiner Bio Arctic Ocean warming, icebergs growing scarce, Washington Post reports

Writes the Post: “Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers. . . all point to a radical change in climate conditions and . . . unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone . . . Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones . . . while at many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared.”

More evidence of human-caused global warming? Hardly.

The above report of runaway Arctic warming is from a Washington Post story published Nov. 2, 1922 and bears an uncanny resemblance to the tales of global warming splattered across the front pages of today's newspapers. It is one of many historical accounts published during the past 140 years describing climate changes and often predicting catastrophic cooling or warming.

Mar 04 07:13

Britain Grapples With Debt of Greek Proportions

Suddenly, investors are asking if Britain may soon face its own sovereign debt crisis if the government fails to slash its growing budget deficits quickly enough to escape the contagious fears of financial markets.

Mar 04 07:11


How would you feel if your child's testicles was being crushed in front of you? Do you think you would admit to being a terrorist or make something up to stop your son crying out in excruciating pain? I WOULD, I would even make something up.

Mar 04 07:06

Microsoft: ISPs should quarantine infected PCs

Scott Charney, Microsoft's corporate vice president of trustworthy computing, said quarantining systems was the only effective way of dealing with the threat of botnets on consumer PCs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? I thought firing squads for the botnet creators might work and cost a lot less!

Mar 04 07:00

Bowing to Jewish Pressure

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced plans today to stop the issue of arrest warrants for foreign officials such as Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and other Israeli war criminals who were forced to cancel planned trips to London after arrest warrants were issued against them. Under Brown’s proposals, the Crown Prosecution Service will take over responsibility for prosecuting war crimes and other violations of international law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel gets a get-out-of-jail-free card from Gordon Brown-nose.

Mar 04 06:56

Police raid Never Get Busted HQ, Barry Cooper arrested

Officers allegedly seized their computers, phones and other digital media. Barry is allegedly being charged with a misdemeanor offense. Candi claimed the charge is making a false report to a police officer, in relation to a sting operation her husband recently carried out against an officer in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The police conduct sting operations against the people all the time, but when the people conduct sting operations to catch a dirty cop, they can count on being arrested!

Mar 04 06:51

Polar bears survived previous ice thaw... but they won't be so lucky this time, warn experts

New research suggests the species was able to rapidly adapt at a time when Earth was in the last stages of an ice age and was beginning to warm.

However, scientists have warned they may not be able to repeat this feat, should temperatures continue to rise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I keep telling you; the Global Warming Cult are not giving up.

Mar 04 06:50

Documents reveal leaks and spills at national virus lab

It sits smack in the centre of downtown Winnipeg and contains some of the world's deadliest pathogens behind air-tight walls and biosafety cabinets.

But new documents reveal Canada's National Microbiology Lab isn't immune to leaks, spills and failures in restricted areas where lethal organisms are housed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Around here, when a new illness starts making the rounds, we joke that they must have dropped another test-tube at the bio-weapons lab!

Maybe it isn't a joke!

Mar 04 06:47

Economic “Crisis” = One World Corporate Socialist Government Opportunity

With the continuing global economic “crisis” brought on by the international banksters, the European community—which already has one common awful fiat currency (the Euro)—is now talking about creating a European economic government to oversee the economies of all of the individual European states. Of course, this was the whole point of creating the economic “crisis” in the first place.

Mar 04 06:46

Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage and car industry crisis

Some might say Jon Brumit overpaid when he stumped up $100 (£65) for a whole house. Drive through Detroit neighbourhoods once clogged with the cars that made the city the envy of America and there are homes to be had for a single dollar.

Mar 04 06:45


Hirsch also announced that label’s first film will be based on the life of Holocaust refugee Anne Frank, though the age of the character will be altered in order to comply with Unite States law.

“The story of Anne Frank is one that I find particularly compelling,” continued Hirsch. “The script we have going is a really interesting and compelling blend of a young girls desire to survive in the midst of the horror of the Holocaust, and the innermost sexual desires of a young woman. We also plan to film an alt version of the film which will of course involve Nazi’s and lots of leather.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think I will pass on this one.

Mar 04 06:44

Greece should sell islands

'The Greek state must sell stakes in companies and also assets such as, for example, unpopulated islands,' Frank Schaeffler, a member of parliament for the pro-business Free Democrats, Merkel's coalition partner, told the Bild daily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"After all, those ultra-rich Wall Street CEOs need someplace to retire to with all their bailout trillions!"

Mar 04 06:43

Gordon Brown 'blunders cost every family £50,000': PM to blame for ruining the economy, say Tories

Gordon Brown's economic blunders have cost every family in Britain £50,000, the Tories claim today.

Mar 04 06:42

The slave labour graduates: Cynical firms are forcing thousands of high flyers to work for nothing - or even making them pay for the privilege

Welcome to the world of the graduate intern - a world of unpaid work where the academically gifted are treated like schoolchildren on work experience, the promise of a 'proper' job dangled carrot-like in front of their noses.

Indeed, so desperate are university leavers for employment that not only are they willing to work for free but some are actually paying thousands of pounds for the privilege.

They know that, at a time when one million under-25s are unemployed, when it comes to getting a job, then the fuller the CV the better.

The problem is, of course, that it is a route that only the well-off can even consider.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why not just call them slaves and get it over with?

Mar 04 06:42

Zionism and the Third Reich

In spite of the basic hostility between the Hitler regime and international Jewry, for several years Jewish Zionist and German National Socialist interests coincided. In collaborating with the Zionists for a mutually desirable and humane solution to a complex problem, the Third Reich was willing to make foreign exchange sacrifices, impair relations with Britain and anger the Arabs. Indeed, during the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler's Germany.

Mar 04 06:40


THE scandal over MPs’ expenses has gripped voters more than any other political news over the past year – but some still trust politicians, says a report out today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real story here is that 3/4 of the British public do not trust Parliament any more.

Mar 04 06:39

118 UN members reaffirm support for Iran's N-program

"NAM confirms the basic and inalienable right of all states to the development, research, production and use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, without any discrimination and in conformity with their respective legal obligations," the statement said.

"Therefore, nothing should be interpreted in a way as inhibiting or restricting the right of states to develop atomic energy for peaceful purposes," it added.

"States' choices and decisions including those of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear technology and its fuel cycle policies must be respected," the 118-member movement said in its statement.

Mar 04 06:30

Government Swine Flu Ad Portrays Vaccine Skeptics As Raving Lunatics

A glib 33 second propaganda ad produced by the Kentucky Department for Public Health portrays skeptics of the swine flu vaccine as raving lunatics, despite the fact that the head of the Council of Europe’s investigation into the 2009 outbreak labeled it “one of the greatest medical scandals of the century.”

The commercial, which is entitled ‘H1N1 Vaccine Myths,’ features a group of office workers spewing ridiculous theories about the swine flu vaccine that have never been embraced by any vaccine skeptic, in an attempt to build a classic straw man and smear people who question the necessity for taking the shot as unstable lunatics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The commercial is not only silly and heavy handed but shows the government to be on the defensive.

Mar 04 06:27

NOAA's chief cop shredded documents in November

Dale J. Jones, whose decade as the head of federal fisheries law enforcement has produced a dossier of alleged heavy-handed practices against the fishing community, authorized a mass document-shredding operation last November while under scrutiny by the U.S. Commerce Department inspector general's office, a federal committee chairwoman charged yesterday.

Mar 04 06:25

Muslim woman refuses body scan at airport

A Muslim woman was barred from boarding a flight after she refused to undergo a full body scan for religious reasons.

The passenger was passing through security at Manchester Airport when she was selected at random for a full-body scanner.

She was warned that she would be stopped from boarding the plane but she decided to forfeit her ticket to Pakistan rather than submit to the scan. Her female travelling companion also declined to step into the scanner, citing “medical reasons” for her refusal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have a good story for you all. Yesterday my wife flew to a convention where we hope she will sell some of her music. We purchased one of the special TSA-approved locks for her luggage. The TSA, apparently too stoned or too stupid to see the special TSA logo on the brand-new lock .... cut it off of her suitcase with bolt cutters and threw it away!

Mar 04 06:20

Terror Plot Emerges as Secret Service Game

The Sauerland group were declared to be members of the Islamic Jihad Union, an alleged terrorist organisation based in Uzbekistan.

Almost two years later, the case is before the higher regional court in Duesseldorf, some 460 km southwest of Berlin, and should come to a close early 2010.

But now, the case has ceased to be "the serious terrorist threat" it was called. It is now a mysterious puzzle of secret service games, prosecutors' alarmism spread by the media, and basic failures of justice.

The supposedly dangerous group members have emerged as no more than some muddle-heads. They had no links whatsoever to international Islamic terror groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American media is reporting the case somewhat "differently."

Mar 04 06:17

US: The Next USSR Believe It

Author Dmitry Orlov criticizes the U.S. government's response to the economic crisis, arguing that current popular economic models are not equipped to deal with the problem. Orlov explains his worst-case scenario: that if current trends continue, the U.S. may collapse, ending up as "a defunct nation composed of many wretched little feifdoms."

Mar 04 06:16

Debt & Taxes

The premise of an income tax, that government has a right to the fruits of your labor, is antithetical to a free society. An income tax implies that a government owns you and allows you to keep a portion of what you make.

No judge would ever challenge the constitutionality of a $1+ trillion revenue source. But the constitutionality of the 16th Amendment is clearly questionable, if for no other reason than it is not an apportioned tax (Article 1 Section 2). Even if an income tax is constitutional, certainly a progressive tax cannot be. Article I Section 9 states "No capitation, or other direct, tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government" -- The Declaration of Independence

Mar 04 05:23

Soros, Goldman, Hedge Funds Attack Greece, Euro

Financial Warfare Exposed - Soros, Goldman Sachs,
Hedge Funds Attack Greece To Smash Euro

Mar 04 03:02

State Crimes Against Democracy

New research in the journal American Behavioral Scientist (Sage publications, February 2010) addresses the concept of “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD). Professor Lance deHaven-Smith from Florida State University writes that SCADs involve highlevel government officials, often in combination with private interests, that engage in covert activities for political advantages and power.

Mar 04 02:50

“Coffee Party” Founder Is Obama Campaign Operative

Billed as an alternative grassroots movement to the Tea Party, which has been for the most part absorbed by mainline Republicans and Neoconservatives, the “Coffee Party” promised to wake up politically minded Americans and offered a different avenue for the freedom movement.

However, the so called founder of the Coffee Party has been quickly exposed as an Obama campaign operative, whose caffeine concept was purely designed to undermine and co-opt the Tea Party ideology.

Mar 04 02:46

Floor Statement on Assasinations.. Ron Paul

Mar 04 00:24

Carts of Darkness: North Vancouver 'Can Collectors' Race shopping carts down hills for spare Money (Documentary Film)

(scroll down for video)

Everyone has a story to tell and every story has its place. For some the story told is heard by a couple of down and outs under a bridge or beside a dumpster. Either way every story deserves its day. Murray Siple an ex-action sports filmmaker gives us a brief look into the lives of the outlaw can collectors in North Vancouver.