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Sep 01 21:46

Obamacare bill's gravy train for union supporters

Ten thousand million dollars…
August 31, 2009 6:21 pm R.D. Walker
That is how much pork there is for unions in the Obamacare bill.
Antilabor forces say it’s welfare for the UAW and Democrats’ union allies. Labor supporters say it falls short of what’s needed as tens of thousands of union members are pushed into early retirement as employers cut back health care coverage.
They’re both talking about a $10-billion provision tucked deep inside thousands of pages of health care overhaul bills that could help the UAW’s retiree health-care plan and other union-backed plans.
It would see the government — at least temporarily — pay 80 cents on the dollar to corporate and union insurance plans for claims between $15,000 and $90,000 for retirees age 55 to 64.

Sep 01 21:09

Global warming and the sun

Don't you dare forget your reusable shopping bags, but feel free to pay no attention to that burning ball of gas in the sky -- it's just the only thing that prevents the planet from being a lifeless ball of ice engulfed in total darkness. Never mind that sunspot activity doubled during the 20th century, when the bulk of global warming has taken place.

Sep 01 20:58

What exactly is your take on 9/11?

Cheney saw an opportunity for what Bush called his trifecta, and gave it to him by giving the go-ahead to ISI and Al Qaeda, and ordering up a terrorism exercise that allowed him to send all relevant close-in air defense strip alert craft away from the target areas, and to disable the NORTHCOM normal response to flight path diversion.

Sep 01 20:35

Government-Run Health Care verses Privately-Run Health Care

The Post Office, Amtrak, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Freddy Mac, and Fannie Mae are all essentially bankrupt. President Obama tells us to ignore past failures and give the government another chance to run something big, this time health care. But is there any possibility that a government-run health care system could out perform a privately-run health care system? No way. Here’s why.

Sep 01 20:34

The Rise and Fall of the Dollar: 1800-2009

graphic summary of the rise and fall of the US dollar from 1800 until now

Sep 01 18:46

Pregnant women express fears over swine flu vaccine

Almost half of all pregnant women say they will refuse to be vaccinated against swine flu once the jab is available, suggesting there is widespread concern about its safety, a poll has revealed.

Yesterday's survey, published by the website mumsnet.com, confirms the fears of the authors of the US study, which was published online by the Lancet. It showed almost half – 48% – of pregnant women who responded said they probably or definitely would not have the jab if it is available. Only 6% said they definitely would and 22% said they probably would.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These moms and moms-to-be have good reason to be concerned.

As reported in:


"There have been no reported deaths from Tamiflu in the United States, but in Japan, where the drug is much more widely used, at least 14 deaths have been reported. Five children under the age of 17 died after "falling from windows or balconies or running into traffic," according to the FDA. According to Roche, two people under the age of 21 died from a brain infection, and seven deaths from neuropsychiatric symptoms have also been attributed to use of the drug by adults."

And if that isn't worrisome enough, as reported here:


'Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius has not only given immunity to the makers of Tamiflu and Relenza for injuries stemming from their use against swine flu, she has granted immunity to future swine flu vaccines and “any associated adjuvants”. '

Sep 01 18:23

Mitchell, Israelis to meet on settlement deal: diplomat

Israeli officials were to meet Wednesday with US envoy George Mitchell as an Israeli diplomat said both sides moved toward an understanding on the future of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great: so now, the US and Israel are working toward an "understanding" about Jewish settlements.

Where are the needs and desires of the Palestinian people in all of this?

Obviously, as usual, no where.

Sep 01 18:17

Watchdog reports 'chronic' woes at US embassy in Kabul

The nonprofit Project On Government Oversight (POGO) said on its website it had sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailing the problems, which also include language barriers between Nepalese Ghurkas and other guards.

It said guards presented POGO with allegations and photographic evidence that some supervisors and guards are engaging in "near-weekly deviant hazing and humiliation of subordinates."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait a minute: the US government has let a security contract for one of the most crucial facilities we have in Kabul to .....private contractors, and was unable to find an elite unit in the US military capable of doing the job?!?!?

Forgive me; my head just twirled around backward at warp speed on that one: I hate it when that happens!

Sep 01 18:10

CIA refuses to release torture documents

The Central Intelligence Agency has refused to turn over documents they were ordered to produce to a civil rights group under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

In a filing Monday, the CIA said they wouldn’t turn over the documents, claiming their publication would threaten national security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No US agency should ever, ever think that they are above the law of the land.

This refusal has nothing to do with national security, and everything to do with the embarrassment of what this torture actually produced.

We have known from the time of the Catholic Inquisition that torture produces one thing, and one thing only: confessions to anything to get the torture to stop, period, end of discussion. So what torture does is give the torturer anything they want to hear, for geopolitical or monetary gain.

I hope this judge responds by issuing a contempt of court citation on Panetta for this, immediately. Of course, I'm actually expecting this to happen when pigs fly.

Sep 01 18:02

ElBaradei calls Iranian threat 'hyped'

Mohamed ElBaradei, outgoing chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has called the Iranian threat "hyped," saying there is no proof the Islamic republic will soon have nuclear weapons.

"Yes, there's concern about Iran's future intentions and Iran needs to be more transparent with the IAEA and international community," he told the Chicago-based magazine. "But the idea that we'll wake up tomorrow and Iran will have a nuclear weapon is an idea that isn't supported by the facts as we have seen them so far."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ElBaradei is speaking calmly, and speaking the truth, absolutely, as he knows it to be.

Unfortunately for the world, the US and Israel have absolutely no regard for the truth in this case, and that utter disdain for the truth may well lead to a military confrontation, resulting in a world war.

Sep 01 17:38

Blackout Britain warning as Government predicts severe power shortages within a year

Britain faces the first widespread power blackouts since the 1970s because of looming energy shortages, Government documents reveal.

For the first time, ministers are expecting that the supply of electricity will fail to meet demand at peak times.

The Government is forecasting that by 2017 there will be power cuts of around 3,000 megawatt hours per year - the equivalent of the whole of Nottingham being without electricity for a day.

Sep 01 17:37

Game time changed to avoid conflict with holiday

ESPN and Major League Baseball have agreed to switch the starting time of a Yankees-Red Sox game to avoid conflicting with Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would they do that for Eid?

Sep 01 17:36

Families charged £500 for leaving wheelie bins out on wrong day

Families could face fines of more than £500 for breaking wheelie bin rules.

Draconian new town hall tactics mean every adult in a household is hit with a £110 fine, rather than just one.

A family including an adult couple, two children over 18 and a grandparent could, in theory, be hit with five fines totalling £550.

The penalties are imposed for 'offences' such as putting a bin out too early or taking it in too late, leaving out extra sacks of rubbish and over-filling the bin.

Prime targets for mass fines are multi-occupancy properties, particularly student homes, where there is no clear head of the household.

Sep 01 17:29

THIS is Big Government

The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 - they've had 234 years to get it right; it is broke, and even though heavily subsidized, it can't compete with private sector FedEx and UPS services.

Social Security was established in 1935 - they've had 74 years to getit right; it is broke.

Fannie Mae was established in 1938 - they've had 71 years to get it right; it is broke. Freddie Mac was established in 1970 - they've had 39 years to get it right; it is broke. Together Fannie and Freddie have now led the entire world into the worst economic collapse in 80 years.

Sep 01 17:15

Men overdiagnosed for prostate cancer: Study

More than one million American men have gone through needless treatment for prostate cancer since the PSA test became common more than 20 years ago, a medical journal study says.

And the study's author says Canadian men face the same problem of "overdiagnosis," causing them to have surgery and radiation treatment that can cause impotence, incontinence and pain.

This doesn't mean diagnosing cancer where none exists, says the study and editorial in Monday's Journal of the National Cancer Institute. It means that many men had a form of cancer that could have been left alone safely.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If we just leave it alone, how the hell am I supposed to pay for my yacht!!!"

Sep 01 14:20

Booga booga!

Sep 01 13:17

Schoolgirls rumble Ribena vitamin claims

Two New Zealand schoolgirls humbled one of the world's biggest food and drugs companies after their school science experiment found that their ready-to-drink Ribena contained almost no trace of vitamin C.

Sep 01 13:14

Federal Government teams with Sesame Street to spread swine flu awareness

"We are thrilled to partner with Elmo, Gordon, and Sesame Workshop again to emphasize the steps kids and their parents can take to stay happy and healthy this school year," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said.

Sep 01 11:55

Provocateurs At End The Fed Rally?

Video shows two of the provocateurs pick up rocks and try to incite violence before they are outed as cops by legitimate demonstrators. The two thugs then tried to slip behind police lines before their fellow officers were forced to stage their arrest. Again, the fact that they were cops in disguise was later admitted by authorities.

Sep 01 11:27

US Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques

One of the first women to die in Iraq shot and killed herself after objecting to harsh "interrogation techniques."

She was Army specialist Alyssa Peterson, 27, a Flagstaff, Az., native serving with C Company, 311th Military Intelligence BN, 101st Airborne. Peterson was an Arabic-speaking interrogator assigned to the prison at our air base in troubled Tal-Afar in northwestern Iraq. According to official records, she died on Sept. 15, 2003, from a "non-hostile weapons discharge."

Sep 01 10:43

Shh! Play Nice,The Americans Are Looking!

The Israeli army has canceled a number of planned arrest operations in the West Bank fearing soldiers will be “seen by US diplomats touring the territories”.

Israeli army officers serving with their units in the occupied West Bank stated that they were instructed by their brigade commanders in recent weeks to call off the planned arrests of wanted men inside Palestinian towns, because of these diplomats’ presence.

Sep 01 10:42

Another Reason Our Great-Grandparents Were Happier

Sep 01 10:37

What’s Next, Sidewalk Tolls?

There are increased payments required from cradle (birth certificates) to grave (plots in municipal cemeteries); in the workplace (licenses for private investigators, lifeguards and tax preparers) and at leisure spots (entrances to parks and public golf courses).

Sep 01 10:23

Obama Man

Sep 01 10:22

Why Our Great-Grandparents were Happier Than We Are...

Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine. It was also used to treat children with strong cough

Sep 01 09:56

Activist Releases Archive of Suppressed News Videos

In a move sure to send shockwaves through the online activist community, Jonathon Elinoff—activist, researcher, and the filmmaker behind the Core of Corruption documentary series—has released a video archive of dozens of network news broadcasts detailing controversial and suppressed news stories.

The archive, compiled over a period of several years, features actual network news coverage of the Trilateral Commission, the shadow government that went into operation on 9/11, the Bohemian Grove and numerous other topics that the nightly news almost never mentions. Many of the videos (if not all) are being released online for the first time.

Sep 01 09:04

Taliban Ready if Afghan Government Fails, Analyst Warns

Afghanistan's government must fight corruption and quickly deliver services to Afghans, because Taliban militants are filling gaps and winning support to their cause, a top counter-insurgency expert said on Monday.

The Taliban were already running courts, hospitals and even an ombudsman in parallel to the government, making a real difference to local people, said David Kilcullen, a senior adviser to U.S. commander General Stanley McChrystal.

"A government that is losing to a counter-insurgency isn't being outfought, it is being out-governed. And that's what's happening in Afghanistan," Kilcullen told Australia's National Press Club.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we are supposed to applaud David Kilcullen for his magnificent grasp of the obvious?!?!

The US is completely responsible for having installed a government in Afghanistan which is collectively more crooked than a dog's hind leg. We are now reaping what we have sown from that decision.

Sep 01 09:00

US Hummers Enter Pakistan, Undercover American Soldiers Swarm Islamabad

Undercover armed Americans are swarming the Pakistani capital in the latest sign that the elected government has allowed Washington to dispatch what is believed to be a large number of American special operations agents and contractual security guards, including the infamous Blackwater private militia.

There are indications that the PPP government and some other politicians, like Nawaz Sharif, are encouraging the Americans to get involved in domestic issues especially as a hedge against a powerful Pakistani military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pakistan is this administration's next "front" in the so-called "war on terror"; unfortunately, this may well play out just as our current military misadventure in Afghanistan has has played out, and that can only be described as catastrophically badly.

Sep 01 08:53

Obama formalizes Bush policy on digital searches and seizures

The Obama administration disclosed on August 27 that it will carry on Bush administration policies that allowed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to seize and search international travelers' laptop computers, cellular phones, cameras, and other electronic devices, even in the absence of suspicion of criminal activity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What we have in the presidency of Obama is the absolute antithesis of "change"; we simply have the Bush agenda, wrapped in a far more intelligent, telegenic package.

And that agenda appears to include the total evisceration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Sep 01 08:48

Don't Criticize Israel, You Anti-Semite

Isn't it about time people see though the smokescreen? The history of the Jews is full of misfortune and suffering. But so is the history of so many other peoples, including the Palestinians, who have been made to pay the ultimate price for the Jews' persecution. Pulling out the anti-Semitism card whenever Israel is pushed into a corner, rather than examine its own lack of morality in dealing with the Palestinians, should be a losing strategy, simply because it is such a shaky argument. However, guilt-tripping the world into apologizing yet again to the Jews for the sins of the past has worked for Israel for many years, unlike other peoples whose injustices have gone unrecognized.

Sep 01 08:43

The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies

Fifteen months ago a Sky News investigation revealed growing numbers of children being born with defects in Fallujah.

Concerns were that the rise in deformities may have been linked to the use of chemical weapons by US forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: horrendously graphic images of kids born with deformities due to parents' exposure to chemical weapons, not the least of them depleted uranium.

These are images of infants as "collateral damage", courtesy of the US bombing campaign in Fallujah.

Sep 01 08:30

Burmese unrest may provoke reaction from China

The United Nations and overseas Burmese groups say upward of 10,000 refugees and hundreds of ethnic Kokang fighters are in southern China, presenting a logistical headache for the central government in Beijing.

In the past, Beijing has played down political, social and human-rights problems raised by the West, contending that these were internal Burmese issues that didn't affect regional stability or China's national interest. This stance may be harder to maintain now that the problem has washed over into Chinese territory.

Sep 01 08:27

Not one penny has reached Gaza

Although Israel is slowly easing its restrictions on the flow of basic humanitarian goods to Gaza, including food and medicine, construction materials remain prohibited from entering, institutions and homes still lie in rubble, and critically needed projects to repair and upgrade Gaza’s power plant and tottering sewage network lie dormant.

Of the billions of dollars pledged for reconstruction by the international community, UNRWA noted in a press release on August 17, “not one penny” has reached Gaza, and reconstruction has proven to be a “mirage”. The humanitarian situation in Gaza, according to the UN, “remains precarious”.

Sep 01 08:25

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

U.S. forces are being increased by 21,000 to 68,000, bringing the coalition total to 110,000. About 9,000 are from Britain, where support for the war is waning. Counterinsurgency theory concerning the time and the ratio of forces required to protect the population indicates that, nationwide, Afghanistan would need hundreds of thousands of coalition troops, perhaps for a decade or more. That is inconceivable

Sep 01 08:24

Germany to host six-power talks on Iran nuclear program this week

Germany will host high-level talks this week between the United States, China, France, Britain, Russia and Germany on Iran's disputed nuclear program, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The United States, Germany, France and Britain have threatened Iran with harsher UN sanctions if it carries on enriching uranium and refuses to clear up concerns that it has conducted extensive research into how to build a nuclear weapon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US and Israel will not get the concessions they want from Russia and China on this call for markedly stepped-up sanctions against Iran at the UN.

Then, what?!? How much longer before the UN again (as happened right before the invasion of Iraq), become "irrelevant"?!?

Sep 01 08:17

East Jerusalem Shuts Out Thousands of Palestinians on Holy Day

Thousands of Palestinians were turned away at West Bank checkpoints leading into Jerusalem by Israeli security forces as they tried to attend Friday Ramadan prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque.

While thousands of Palestinians from elsewhere, mostly children, women over 45 and men over 50 made it to Jerusalem, the vast majority of the West Bank and Gaza’s population of nearly 4 million people are forbidden by the Israeli authorities from traveling there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This behavior against Palestinians brought to you courtesy of the alleged "only democracy in the Middle East".

Unflipping believable.

Sep 01 08:17

Seven Points About Dick Cheney and Torture

A response to Cheney’s pro-torture media blitz.

Sep 01 08:15


Thousands of Palestinians were turned away at West Bank checkpoints leading into Jerusalem by Israeli security forces as they tried to attend Friday Ramadan prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

IPS witnessed dozens of heavily armed Israeli soldiers and police cordoning off the Qalandia border crossing south of Ramallah, and preventing hundreds of Palestinians from crossing through.

Women wept and elderly men argued with law enforcement officers. Several scuffles broke out, and a number of young men were beaten and arrested as they tried to force their way through the metal barriers.

Sep 01 08:14

The Eckhart Tolle Booth on the Road to Somewhere.

I give away everything I have all the time. My home is open to all of you as is my larder. Whatever I get, I am going to give away, as I always have, and when the time comes when I am more high profile which is not too long from now as I understand, I am going to do what I keep expecting all of these other people to do and which they NEVER FUCKING DO and you’ll see it when it happens.

Sep 01 08:09


Israeli maxim: Occupy a country and then make the people pay a price to get part of it back. When they object, accuse them of refusing to take advantage of opportunities for peace.

Sep 01 08:09


On August 31st, the Israeli navy attacked a Palestinian fishing trawler with what is reported to have been shelling, causing the boat to light afire. At the time of the attack, the fishermen were in waters near the north of Gaza.

The Palestinian fishermen say that they were within the (arbitrarily-imposed by Israel, solely at Israeli authorities’ whim) new 3 mile fishing limit (although under Oslo, they have the right to venture 20 miles out). Israeli authorities said that the boat had entered Israeli waters.

Sep 01 08:09

Colombian Leader Hit By swine flu

(* "We're just going to have to give him the inoculation" ; official white horse souce)

Sep 01 08:07

The Corruption of Empire

So as the US presence in Iraq winds down there is a lesson to be learned. Military occupation inevitably corrupts the occupier. Many US military officers involved in managing the billions of dollars spent on reconstruction and support of allied forces have succumbed to temptation. Afghanistan might well be different, but there is no reason to assume that to be the case. Indeed, given the harsh physical environment and pervasive corruption in Afghanistan itself everything might well be worse. If it is not too late to halt the march of the juggernaut, it might be wise for the Obama Administration to step back and consider what it is doing.

Sep 01 08:01

The U.S. needs Iran and Russia

With the war on terror now a war of logistics, the Obama administration must rely on the goodwill of those two

In Afghanistan, the U.S. increasingly depends on Russian goodwill, and Iran is influential in Herat, Mazar, the Hazarah regions and Kabul. Iran can play a positive role in its two neighboring countries, de facto acting as an ally of the U.S. Or it could play spoiler.

Sep 01 08:01

False reports about guns

Many media outlets have misfired about guns. Countless newspapers and television networks -- from CBS to MSNBC -- have misreported that conservative protesters are threatening President Obama with guns at public events. It hasn't happened.

Sep 01 07:59

The US invasion/occupation of Pakistan has begun

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Undercover armed Americans are swarming the Pakistani capital in the latest sign that the elected government has allowed Washington to dispatch what is believed to be a large number of American special operations agents and contractual security guards, including the infamous Blackwater private militia.

This comes at a time when whistleblowers within the government and the military are reporting the arrival of a large number of US Marines in Pakistan. Some reports put the figure at 1,000 US soldiers, much of whom are thought to be arriving as part of the massive expansion of the US Embassy and four consulates across the country. While the US embassy continues to deny this, new buildings are under construction to house security teams. The expanded US embassy is supposed to become the largest US embassy in the world.

Sep 01 07:48

Sex Education?

Kristin Maguire, an Upstate evangelical and one of South Carolina’s most respected social conservatives, has been one of the governor’s closest education policy advisors for years. She’s also Sanford’s appointment to the S.C. Board of Education, which last year elected her its Chairwoman.

What else is she?

The prolific author of hardcore erotic fiction on the Internet, according to documents provided to the governor’s office earlier this summer and later obtained by FITS.

Sep 01 07:48

Beijing's derivative default stance rattles banks

A report that Chinese state-owned companies will be allowed to walk away from loss-making commodity derivative trades provoked anger and dismay among investment bankers on Monday as they feared it may set a damaging precedent.

Sep 01 07:48

Israeli President Suggests Obama Putting Too Much Focus on Settlement Freeze

Israeli President Shimon Peres suggested that President Obama is putting too much focus on trying to halt settlement construction in the Palestinian territories, urging all sides to broaden the scope of Mideast peace talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The settlements, plus the right of return, are the two issues Israeli President Peres hopes will just disappear: they will not, and cannot.

This intransigence on the part of Israel guarantees that any possible negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis cannot happen, which is precisely what Israel wants.

The Israeli government wants territory, by any means necessary: it is thoroughly disinterested in true, lasting peace.

Sep 01 07:47

The Afghan Situation and U.S. Choices

It must be really embarassing to the alcoholics who run the Pentagon to have their heads handed to them by a bunch of hash smoking Pashtuns!

Sep 01 07:47

Russian Professor: Collapse Of America Could Begin In Two Months

Russian Professor Igor Panarin says that events are continuing to confirm his doomsday prediction first made over 10 years ago, that the United States will completely collapse like the Soviet Union before the end of 2010, and warns that the chaos could begin to unfold in as little as two months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THAT would be worth putting up a Christmas tree for!

Sep 01 07:46

AU holds Israel responsible for Africa woes

The president of the African Union (AU) holds Israel responsible for all the woes facing Africa, calling on member-states to cut diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.

Israel is "behind all of Africa's conflicts," Muammar Gaddafi said on Monday and demanded the closure of all Israeli embassies across Africa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Sep 01 07:45

Delphi retirees dismayed by cuts

Salaried employees suffer loss of health care, reduced pensions due to Delphi bankruptcy

Sep 01 07:44

'American Zombie' blogger outs himself while facing libel suit from City Hall employee

Berry decided to dispense with pseudonym for this news story; the anonymity wouldn't last anyway, he said. Berry said he's never hidden his identity out of fear, but as a way to encourage dialogue about corruption in a city where few problems are addressed head-on.

Sep 01 07:43

Last Temptation

In June 2007, Wendell Potter was head of corporate communications at Cigna, one of the largest health insurance companies in America, when he attended the U.S. premiere of Michael Moore’s Sicko. Potter was part of the team charged with discrediting Moore’s film, which advance word said was highly critical of the health insurance industry. Potter “sat quietly in the back and took notes,” but soon realized he had a problem. “When I saw the movie, I’ll be honest: I thought it was a real good documentary. I knew from my own studies of other healthcare systems that it was an accurate portrayal of those systems and how they are able to provide universal coverage.” Yet he was being paid by Cigna to tell people the opposite, that the film was full of lies.

Sep 01 07:40

Recent Concentration of Volume in Financial Stocks: Coordinated Capital Infusion?

We’re seeing a massive infusion of capital into very troubled financial institutions, no doubt aided by short covering and the participation of program traders and proprietary daytrading firms. Where is the capital coming from?

Sep 01 07:38


When doctors had tried to suppress the symptoms of the typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid which they named paratyphoid. But when they concocted a stronger and more dangerous vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease which they didn’t have a name for. What should they call it? They didn’t want to tell the people what it really was — their own Frankenstein monster which they had created with their vaccines and suppressive medicines. They wanted to direct the blame away from themselves, so they called it Spanish Influenza. It was certainly not of Spanish origin, and the Spanish people resented the implication that the world-wide scourge of that day should be blamed on them.

Sep 01 06:55

Four in 10 cases of breast cancer 'could be prevented by healthier lifestyles'

More than four in 10 cases of breast cancer could be prevented if women lived healthier lives, according to the largest ever review of research into the link with lifestyles.

Drinking less alcohol, exercising more, keeping weight down and breastfeeding, have the potential to radically reduce the number of cases of the potentially deadly disease.

Sep 01 06:41

Mother Watched Son Tasered To Death

Sep 01 01:05

Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire

Globalization and unfettered capitalism have been swept into the history books along with the open-market theory of the 1920s, the experiments of fascism, communism and the New Deal. It is time for a new economic and political paradigm. It is time for a new language to address our reality. The voices of change, those who speak in powerful and yet unfamiliar words, will cry out Sept. 25 and 26 in Pittsburgh when protesters from around the country gather to defy the heads of state, bankers and finance ministers from the world’s 22 largest economies who are convening for a meeting of the G-20. If we heed these dissident voices we have a future. If we do not we will commit collective suicide.

Sep 01 00:17

Putin Triumphing Over Zionist-Controlled West

VLADIMIR PUTIN’S METEORIC RISE TO POWER began in 1996 when he was invited to Moscow from St Petersburg in his role as deputy mayor to become a member of Yeltsin’s inner circle known as “the family.” Impressed with his administrative abilities, his cool efficiency, and apparent loyalty, Yeltsin appointed Putin as the deputy head of his presidential administration.

In this position, Putin kept a low profile. Far from being charismatic, with his expressionless mask-like face, rarely smiling, and speaking softly, Putin became known amongst his peers as the “grey cardinal” - a man wielding power behind the scenes. (Putin’s personal style has since changed into a charismatic, uninhibited and aggressive style.)