Nov 24 15:19

East Coast Storm to Snarl Thanksgiving Travel

A storm with rain and heavy snow will cause major disruptions and delays for Thanksgiving travel on the East Coast and in the Appalachians.

Nov 23 10:46


Jets-Bills game will not be played in Buffalo

The Bills will eventually play the New York Jets, but that game won't happen in Buffalo.

With the city buried under an outrageous four feet of snow, NFL spokesman Michael Signora announced Thursday that the league is preparing to relocate the contest.

"Due to public safety concerns in light of the ongoing weather emergency in Western New York, Sunday's Jets-Bills game will not be played in Buffalo," Signora said in a statement. "We are in the process of rescheduling and relocating the game as part of Week 12. We will provide additional information as soon as possible.

(*They're going to play , Tomorrow Night ! at Ford Field in Detroit )

Nov 23 10:09

If The Facts Don’t Fit The Theory, Change The Facts

We are witnessing the biggest scientific scam in history.

Nov 20 12:29

Polar Vortex; Global Warming

Never have cared for liars, or lying for profit.

While North America freezes in autumn and shovels snow, it is entertaining to hear the latest logic-contortions--coming from corrupted scientists, heads of state and news-mouths.

Whistle-blowers, who make data-waves with Global Warming rebuttals, have been fired from high-powered university and research positions. They've been mocked by political hacks preaching party line.

BELIEVE global warming... Think globally and act locally... Pay us your carbon taxes.

(Oinking is heard offstage.)

Nov 20 12:15

Buffalo snow totals expected to reach eight feet Thursday

With an additional 2 feet of snow possible in Buffalo on Thursday, the one-week totals for the hardest hit areas will approach the average snowfall for an entire year: 93.6 inches, or close to 8 feet.

Nov 20 12:14

Buffalo Hit With More Snow as Storm Again Pounds Western New York

A ferocious storm continued to slam into the Buffalo area on Thursday, adding more than a foot of snow to a region that has barely begun to dig itself out from the mountain of snow that fell in the last 48 hours.

Nov 20 12:13

A view of a snowy Sault

Have a look at Sault Ste. Marie's streets during this morning's onslaught of snow from the hood of a car.

Nov 20 11:09

MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9.9 BEX ALERT - 2014 likely to be globe's hottest year, meteorologists say

U.S. meteorologists say the world in October continued to set heat records. They say despite a bitter U.S. cold snap, the globe is rushing toward its warmest year on record.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 20 07:37

Obama Gives $3 Bil to U.N. Climate Fund Run by Communist, Terrorist Nations

President Obama has committed a mind-boggling $3 billion to a new United Nations Green Climate Fund run by officials from Communist nations, a country that appears on the State Department’s list of terrorism-sponsors and an Arab oil-industry chief.

Nov 20 06:57

Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth

Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out with the provocative book "Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell," which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 20 06:44

NASA Admits That Winters are Going to Get Colder…Much Colder

Climatologist John Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, thinks that last year’s winter, described by USA Today as “one of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record” is going to be a regular occurrence over the coming decades.

Casey asserts that there is mounting evidence that the Earth is getting cooler due to a decline in solar activity. He warns in his latest book, Dark Winter that a major alteration of global climate has already started and that at a minimum it is likely to last 30 years.

Nov 20 06:23

Polar Vortex To Bring Unseasonably Cold Weather Wednesday

AccuWeather says Michigan and nearly every state will be unseasonably cold on Wednesday as the Polar Vortex drifts south from its usual perch over the Arctic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is really funny when you realize that back on November 5th, they were saying "No polar vortex: Normal winter predicted for SE Michigan."

Nov 20 06:20

Carbon Tax Introduced in the Senate

While some of his Democratic colleagues joined with Republicans in pushing the Keystone XL pipeline, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz had something different in mind. Today they unveiled the American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, I hate being right all the time!

Dear Senators Schatz and Whitehouse. May I call your attention to the Constitution of the United States, specifically Article 1, Section 7, clause 1. ALL BILLS FOR RAISING REVENUE SHALL ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!

Nov 20 05:56

NASA simulation shows a year in the life of Earth’s CO2

NASA scientists have created an ultra-high-resolution computer model that gives staggering views of how carbon dioxide swirls around Mother Earth — and the heavy toll it takes on her.

Earlier this week, the space agency released a new simulation created with this model, called GEOS-5, that shows clouds of carbon dioxide, a key driver of global warming, drifting far from their original sources — turning local greenhouse gases into global problems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So you just forget about all that snow and ice and just look at this computer model that NASA (those smart guys who made Challenger, Columbia, the Mars Polar Lander, the Mars Climate Observer and all that other cool stuff) made for us! See how the evil, evil, EVIL Carbon Dioxide is turning our our blue planet ugly orange! Ugly, ugly, ugly! And if you are a loyal American you will ignore the snow and ice, worship the simulation, and pay your carbon taxes!" -- Official White Horse Souse


< This is yet another computer simulation produced at heavy cost to the taxpayers to try to sell them that they have to pay more taxes. And lie any computer simulation, it is no more valid than the assumptions used to program it. If the assumptions are made up out of thin air (literally) the simulation, pretty as it is, is meaningless. Garbage in, garbage out! Carbon Dioxide is not a "key" driver of global warming. Certainly not compared to methane, water vapor, and solar output. Nor does Carbon Dioxide "take a toll" on Earth. It in in fact an essential part of the cycle of life on Earth!

Nov 19 19:40

Obama Gives $3 Bil to U.N. Climate Fund Run by Communist, Terrorist Nations

As if it weren’t bad enough that our commander-in-chief is giving away money while the nation suffers through a colossal budget deficit, there are countless reasons why this is a lousy idea.

Nov 19 16:45

National Guard called up to help dig out from the big freeze: Troops set out to help stranded motorists who have been trapped in cars and buses on the highway for 36 hours after SIX FEET of snow fell

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called up the National Guard to help rescue up to 100 stranded drivers who spent more than a day and a half stranded on highways after six feet of snow overwhelmed western New York this week.

Authorities are bracing for up to three more feet that could fall on western New York before the storm subsides this weekend.

Nov 19 12:02

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wonders why it’s so cold if global warming exists. Here’s the answer.

There are two options for what Hartzler, a Republican who represents Missouri's 4th District, hopes to accomplish here. The first is that she's making a joke about a serious environmental issue that has scientists around the world concerned about how mankind will fare under warmer conditions. We assume a member of Congress wouldn't make such a joke.

So let's assume Hartzler is actually wondering what happened to climate change (which is what conservative message-man Frank Luntz recommended Republicans call the effect). And for that we have an answer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the Washington Post, trying to slap down a Congresswoman for asking a prudent question, not by answering the question but by ridiculing her.

However, Congresswoman Hartzler is making a valid point. Back in March 20,2000 the UK Independent ran the banner headline "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past." They were hardly alone in the proclamation that global warming meant snow and ice free winters.

We are now heading into yet another brutal winter and everyone who hitched their reputation to the human-caused global warming hoax (and its call for a carbon tax) are trying to save their reputations with ever-more fantastic reasons why we should ignore the evidence before our eyes and trust the pretty graphs and charts being wagged in front of us. The "explanations" for why we are seeing ever-colder winters in an age of human-caused global warming range from "The heat is hiding in the deep ocean" to "global warming CAUSES colder weather!"

Rest assured the defenders of the revealed dogma have plenty of impressive looking numbers to throw at you. On May 4th, 2014, a record high temperature was reported in Wichita, Kansas. What they did not mention was the temperature was recorded in the middle of the airport, surrounded by aircraft burning tons of kerosene. Another embarrassment we should all keep in mind is NOAA-16, a satellite sent up to prove the world was getting warmer, and indeed the data it provided did show higher temperatures ... until NOAA was forced to admit the satellite was defective and erased the data from their serves (which hasn't stopped the Carbonazis from continuing to cite that data as proof the world is warming).


Nov 19 09:15


You are witness to one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the people of planet Earth, to trick them out of their money and into obedience under the guise of the fight against Human-Caused Global Warming (now rebranded "Human Caused Climate Change" to explain away the icicles we were told were not going to happen). The global warming scare was concocted out of outright lies, purchased science, and scare mongering to trick you into being willing to pay carbon taxes to solve a non-existent crisis you were told was all your fault. And, of course, to lull you into accepting the dictates of a global government that needed to save the Earth from you icky-poo human beings.

It was all a lie. Here is how it all happened.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bump to the top as the all time record for most snow in a single 24 hour period gets shattered. 7 people (not counting the homeless) have died in the snowstorm in New York so far. More is on the way.

Meanwhile the Carbonazis are desperate to keep their human-caused global warming hoax (and the carbon tax) by claiming this extremely cold weather is just a "pause" that should not cause anyone to question or doubt the revealed dogma!

Nov 19 08:17

First Snow of Season for Parts of Poland, Eastern Europe

A slow-moving storm will bring the first accumulating snowfall to areas from eastern Poland and western Ukraine into Belarus and the Baltic states this week.

Nov 19 08:15

Buffalo, NY could get 70 inches of snow; all 50 states have temps below freezing

Nov 19 08:13

Holy mother of God, check out the giant snow wall swallowing Buffalo

Nov 19 08:12

Snow way! U.S. 'hammered' by freak freeze, whiteout

There was already 4 feet of snow on the ground at noon Tuesday in Elma, N.Y., and it was snowing so hard Dennis Powers couldn't see out his window.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Flashback March 20, 2000

Nov 19 08:10

Winter Whack: Nation Faces Arctic Chill; 6 Feet of Snow Hit Buffalo Area

The National Weather Service said Tuesday night that some areas of the Buffalo suburbs were approaching 76 inches of snow since Monday — that's the record for snowfall over a 24-hour period anywhere in the U.S. ever.

Nov 19 08:10

7 deaths blamed on snowstorm expected to dump 6 feet in Buffalo

A ferocious storm dumped massive piles of snow on parts of upstate New York, trapping residents in their homes and stranding motorists on roadways, as temperatures in all 50 states fell to freezing or below.

Even hardened Buffalo residents were caught off-guard Tuesday as more than 5 feet fell in parts of the city by early Wednesday.

Nov 19 07:13

Obama Launches Global Warming 'Toolkit' as Nation Freezes

On Monday, President Barack Obama announced the release of a global warming “toolkit,” one day before all 50 U.S. states fell below freezing temperatures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 19 06:56

Obama to make climate change key issue of final years in office as he seeks to secure his legacy

With limited time still in power, President Barack Obama is staking his final two years on climate change, pushing the issue to the front of his agenda as he seeks to leave an imprint on the world that will endure after he's gone. It's a strategy rooted not only in Obama's long-stated concern about global warming, but also in political reality.

Nov 18 19:19


Nov 18 16:45

Snow photos from Buffalo!

Nov 18 16:44

Senate Dems filibuster Keystone pipeline, delivering major win to environmentalists

Senate Democrats filibustered the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday, in a vote that reverberated from Louisiana, where a key senator’s career is now likely doomed, to the broader national Democratic Party, where environmentalists have emerged triumphant in a divisive internal battle with labor unions.

The Keystone vote had taken on symbolism far beyond the small impact on American crude supplies and the slight effect expected on gas prices, with environmentalists drawing lines and daring moderate and conservative Democrats to cross it. In the end most were unwilling to defy the ascendant movement, and they said it marked a key moment in the global warming debate.

Nov 18 12:44

RECORD COLD: 63 year old record will fall

The all-time *coldest high temperature* ever recorded on November 18th was 25 degrees back in 1951. We are expecting to beat that record today. Not only will Beckley beat it but every location in the state is expected to have the coldest highs ever recorded. That's impressive!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 18 12:43

Record single-digit cold likely overnight

If you think it's unseasonably cold, you're right.

If Indianapolis dips into the single digits early Tuesday, as expected, it would be the coldest November day since Nov. 30, 1976, said Amanda Lee, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "The low then was 7."

Winds of 16 to 25 mph during daylight hours today mean the wind chill value could hit 8 below zero.

It's been a while since we've been in single-digit cold: March 4, Lee said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 18 12:40

Snow, bitter cold in NC mountains

Winter has pushed into the North Carolina mountains bringing frigid temperatures, blustery winds and ice-coated roads that have delayed or closed schools.

A winter weather advisory remains in effect through noon on Tuesday in the mountains on the state's western border.

Nov 18 12:40

Snowfall Totals and Record Cold!

From snow to record cold temperatures! Snow showers will linger through this evening before tapering off. So how much snowfall did we pick-up overnight into this morning? We were right on target with what we had predicted!

Nov 18 12:40

Record cold reaches Cleveland, following unusual early-November snow totals

Add record cold to the bout of unusual early November snow we've already accumulated.

Nov 18 12:39

Bitter cold, snow makes U.S. shiver

Just how cold? Bitterly. The second major blast of arctic air this month has sent the mercury plummeting in thermometers across the United States, as subfreezing temperatures were expected in all 50 states on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. (Yes, even Hawaii.) And more than half the country woke to snow cover.

In upstate New York, nearly three feet of lake-effect snow blanketed the Buffalo area, as whiteout conditions forced the closure of a 105-mile stretch of the New York State Thruway. State troopers using all-terrain vehicles delivered blankets and other emergency supplies to stranded motorists, state police Capt. Ed Kennedy told the Associated Press.

Nov 18 12:14

Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth

With nasty cold fronts thrusting an icy and early winter across the continental U.S. — along with last winter described by USA Today as "one of the snowiest, coldest, most miserable on record" — climatologist John L. Casey thinks the weather pattern is here to stay for decades to come.

In fact, Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, is out with the provocative book "Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell," which warns that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it completely wrong.

The earth, he says, is cooling, and cooling fast.

Nov 18 11:16

Greenhouse Effect Of Water Vapor

The graph below shows how the greenhouse effect varies with humidity during the mid-latitude summer. As you can see, there is a huge increase in downwelling longwave radiation going from no water vapor to 1% water vapor (10,000 PPM.) A little bit of humidity goes a long way towards keeping the surface warm.

One of the reasons why Antarctica is so cold is that there is very little water vapor in the interior of the continent, so little heat reaches the surface from the atmosphere. Likewise, Mars is very cold despite a large amount of CO2 in its atmosphere, due to the low atmospheric pressure and lack of water vapor.

Nov 18 10:10

In all 50 states, it's below freezing in at least one spot

Every state in the Union had a reporting station somewhere in the state below freezing Tuesday morning.

That includes Hawaii, where the temperature at Mauna Kea on the Big Island dropped to 31 degrees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 18 10:08

Buffalo Is About To Get Slammed With 6 Feet Of Snow And The Photos Are Already Wild

The National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow warning for Genesee, Erie, and Wyoming counties until 1:00 pm EST on Wednesday. Snowfall rates could hit five inches per hour, bringing a potential total of six feet of snow, the service reports.

Nov 18 08:10

Polar Vortex 2.0 Arrives - All 50 States Will Freeze Tonight

3 months ago we warned US economic growth faced a challenge more powerful than any Fed-sponsored miracle could handle and 3 weeks ago Yellen's worst nightmare began to loom on the chilly horizon. But tonight, from the depths of the night, the cruel monetary-policy-nullifying devil of Polar Vortex 2.0 arrives as all 50 states (yes even Hawaii) will see temperatures drop below freezing...

Nov 18 07:32

EPA Chief: Pause In Global Warming ‘Doesn’t Represent Climate’

Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy told reporters Monday morning that the so-called pause in global warming was not representative of the broader trends in climate, which she says point to global warming.

“That is a short-lived issue that doesn’t represent climate,” McCarthy told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, adding that many other factors show the planet is changing because of human influence– though she did not elaborate on this point because the breakfast was nearing its end.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 17 14:17

Snow, Sleet Causes School Closings, Delays In Tennessee, Kentucky

Snow and sleet fell Monday morning during the rush hour commute in several parts of the mid-state.

The National Weather Service said a mix of snow and sleet were expected to hit much of the mid-state Monday morning.

Some school districts delayed or canceled classes due to the winter weather advisory issued for portions of Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky. Go to for the latest closings and delays.

Nov 17 13:44

Record cold? It could happen Tuesday

Rain will continue to fall lightly through the afternoon with temperatures hovering in the mid 40s. Rain chances will drop after a strong cold front moves through this evening. This will usher in the coldest air yet this season. This will be a true arctic air returning to the Susquehanna Valley.

Nov 17 13:44

Harsh Cold to Freeze Northeast, Set Records in South

The coldest air since last winter, now over the Plains and Midwest, will blast into the East during the first half of this week.

Nov 17 13:44

Novem-brrr: Record cold roars into East, South

Record cold temperatures will plunge through much of the country on Tuesday, bringing subfreezing temperatures to about 200 million Americans from the Midwest to East to South.

Nov 17 13:43

“Thing of the past” : 50% of Lower 48 covered in snow…

A strong cold front is pushing through the contiguous U.S. early this week, bringing a blast of snow for many, and an Arctic chill for most. Over 50 percent of the Lower 48 is covered in snow on Monday morning, the most this early in the year in at least a decade.

Nov 17 13:39

Harsh Cold to Freeze Northeast, Set Records in South

The coldest air since last winter, now over the Plains and Midwest, will blast into the East during the first half of this week.

Nov 17 12:38

More than 6 inches of snow on way to Lansing area

It may be time to break out those snow shovels.

Nov 17 12:37

Heavy Snow Slows Drivers, Knocks Power Out In Some Areas

Roads around Central Ohio became slick and snow covered early on Monday morning.

Law enforcement in several counties, including Franklin, declared Level 1 snow emergencies. That means roads and highways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow.

Many schools delayed or closed as the snow swept into the area.

The concern for Monday night is that the sludge on the roads will freeze and turn to ice as temperatures drop.

“Drive slow, and don't hit your breaks, because you'll spin out of control it's better to be slow and cautious and avoid the problem to begin with,” said Brooke Hannah of Pickaway County.

Local governments are watching their budgets carefully as this snow season begins so early. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said recently that there will be no additional funds for snow in the upcoming budget.

The city did get the first use of their new Warrior Watch tracking system, to see where plows had cleared.

Nov 17 10:10

Detroit MI–Global Warming Thing of the Past-Nov. 2014

Nov 17 07:49

New Icy Blast to Bring Freezing Temperatures, Snow

An icy blast that claimed at least six lives over the weekend was set to issue a second punch Monday and plunge large areas of the East, Midwest and South into a unseasonable freeze. Commuters in parts of the Midwest faced a "treacherous commute" on Monday after the deadly storm tore through their area. Forecasters said a new temperature drop later in the day would be accompanied by up to three feet of lake effect snow around the Great Lakes over the next two days, with the heaviest dump coming from Cleveland, Ohio, to Buffalo, New York. "It's going to be painful," said Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel. "You're talking 24 to 36 inches coming down at a rate of up to five or six inches an hour—that's what we mean when we say intense."

Nov 17 07:45

FLASHBACK - NOAA BustedReported temps may be 10-15 degrees too high

US Government admits satellite temperature readings “degraded.” All data taken offline in shock move.

The fault was first detected after a tip off from an anonymous member of the public to climate skeptic blog Climate Change Fraud (9 Aug10).

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Program Coordinator, Chuck Pistis has now confirmed that the fast spreading story on the respected climate skeptic blog is true.

Pistis declined to state how long the fault might have gone undetected. Nor would the shaken spokesman engage in speculation as to the damage done to the credibility of a decade’s worth of temperature readings taken from the problematic ‘NOAA-16’ satellite.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As we head into a hard winter and the global warming cult is struggling to perpetuate their hoax and their demand for a carbon tax, I am being flooded with emails with the usual insistance that global warming produces cold weather and that I should ignore the fact that back in 2000 the Carbonazis were saying the exact opposite. After all, they only got "this one little thing" wrong. Which is like saying Challenger was a successful mission except for the part where it exploded. Yet another email accused me of not looking at the "Big Picture" and wagged the satellite temperature data at me. But as this article points out, the NOAA-16 satellite on which all the warning studies were based was defective and produced a decade's worth of data that was anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the data recorded by ground stations. NOAA finally admitted there was a problem and deleted the data from their servers, yet the Carbonazis still cite it as a primary source for the claim that the Earth is warming even though we are clearly getting more snow and ice over the last several winters.

Nov 16 09:24

Saturday’s cold sets records

The National Weather Service said record low temperatures for Nov. 15 were either tied on broken in four locations Saturday morning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 16 06:33

Weekly Wrap Up: Cold, Snow and Ice Blasts the US

-Temperatures plunged by as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit across the Rockies and Plains early this week, and the unrelenting cold has remained entrenched across these areas all week.
-Snow piled up early for residents in the Midwest and High Plains early in the week as a blast of arctic air brought chilling, blustery and icy conditions.
-On Monday, Nov. 10, Minnesota State Police responded to 475 crashes statewide and over 700 vehicles that spun out of control and off roadways.
-By Thursday, the northwestern United States saw wintry weather blast across the region, causing havoc for motorists from Portland, Oregon, to Boise, Idaho. The 1-84 corridor was one of the most impacted areas.

Nov 16 06:09

Europe Faces Cold Winter After Longest Warm Spell Since 1964

Temperatures in Europe are forecast to be warmer than average this month in the mildest year since 1964 before plunging below normal this winter, potentially pushing up power and natural gas prices.

Six of seven forecasters surveyed by Bloomberg predict November to be milder than normal across Europe, marking 10 months of above-average temperatures this year. December through February is expected to be the 10th-coldest winter since 1981, according to MDA Information Systems LLC.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Carbonazis have a problem. They can fake (and have been caught faking) high temperature data to push the human-caused global warming hoax, but they cannot deny the snow and ice that is clearly showing the opposite of their claims is true. Earth is not getting warmer. We are heading into a little ice age courtesy of lowered solar output and there isn't a thing the Carbonazis can do about it no matter how much of your money they defraud you of.

Nov 16 06:01

Coming Europe Winter: “Meteorologists Agree” It is “Going To Be Damned Cold!”…Early Siberia Snow Bodes Ill

When alarmist climate institutes roll out papers claiming global warming is going to cause severely cold winters, then you have to wonder if they know something is up and are acting preemptively to salvage their crumbling climate science, which not long ago predicted with high confidence balmy snowless winters.

Nov 16 05:54

Siberian cold front sweeps across Europe, bringing record low temperatures

Plummeting winter temperatures have claimed dozens of lives across Central and Eastern Europe as the region battles a big freeze that is expected to worsen over the next few days. At least 50 people have died, mainly in Ukraine and Poland, as an icy continental weather front from Siberia has dragged temperatures to as low as -27 degrees Celsius, and forecasters in Poland have said that thermometers could hit -30 later in the week. The cold weather has even travelled as far south as Bulgaria where temperatures in the capital Sofia fell to -20, the lowest in 50 years.

Nov 15 11:25

Arctic Sea Ice Extent At Its Highest Level In Over A Decade

With Antarctic sea ice at a record high, northern hemisphere snow cover near a record high, and Arctic sea ice at a decadal high, government climate experts say that it is the hottest year ever.

Nov 15 07:57

Winter Storm Bozeman Forecast Update: Snow Spreads From Rockies to Midwest, South and Northeast

Winter Storm Bozeman is moving eastward and will spread snow into the Plains, Midwest, South and Northeast in the days ahead. Winter Storm Bozeman has already delivered a swath of snow from parts of Oregon and Washington to parts of Idaho, northern Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

Over a foot of snow has fell in the mountains of Idaho, western Montana, and Colorado. Some areas also saw ice accumulation from freezing rain, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Nov 15 07:56

Lake-effect snow buries northeast Ohio

Though the official start of winter is still more than a month away, parts of northeast Ohio are getting slammed with up to 12 inches of snow.

Nov 15 07:56

Cold, Snow and Ice Blasts the US

Temperatures plunged by as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit across the Rockies and Plains early this week, and the unrelenting cold has remained entrenched across these areas all week.

"This is exceptional cold," Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said. "It's the coldest air we've seen in decades during November."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 15 07:55

Cross-Country Snowstorm to Whip Rockies, Drop Rare Early Season Snow in Central Plains

A January-like storm will take aim at part of the Rockies and Central states this weekend and may result in disruptions to travel and daily activities.

Nov 15 07:09

Over 50 Inches of Human-Caused Global Warming Blankets Wisconsin Town; Possible State Record

A northern Wisconsin town picked up over 50 inches of snow since Monday, and that may have set a state snowstorm record.

A weather observer in Gile, Wisconsin, technically part of the town of Montreal, measured 50.1 inches of snow from the morning of November 10 through early morning on November 14.

Yes, you read that right: over four feet of snow in just four days' time in this area about 100 miles east of Superior, Wisconsin, or just southwest of Ironwood, Michigan.

Photos tweeted to meteorologist Jim Cantore by Jason Juno (shown above) showed giant snowpiles, some of which appeared to be over six feet high, in the town Thursday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 15 06:29

Climate Alarmists have “Religious Conversion” to pro-nuclear

A New Generation of Nuclear Reactors, the logical “Solution” for the Climate Scare

Nov 14 12:24

Winter Storm Brings Four Feet of Snow to Wisconsin; Freeze Continues

A winter storm locking the U.S. in an unseasonable freeze has buried parts of Wisconsin in more than four feet of snow, meteorologists said Friday. The hamlet of Gile, which is located near the Michigan state line, has been walloped with a rare 48.3 inches in the past two days alone. "There were some pretty high totals up there but this area in particular is certainly an anomaly," said Michael Palmer, lead forecaster at The Weather Channel. "It's amazing. It's just amazing how much has come so fast," Gile resident Peg Sutherland told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 14 09:32

Carl Sagan’s baloney detection rules

On this 80th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s birthday.

Nov 14 09:24

UHI At Sydney

Climate experts say that UHI barely affects temperatures, like the 21 lanes of asphalt at the Sydney observatory baking the adjacent thermometer.

Nov 14 05:45


He achieved this miracle, according to news reports, through various “green” business deals. Such deals are always proprietary and few details about them ever become public. They usually involve the ancient mercantilist practice of bribing politicians for a special favor or subsidy. The bribe-giver becomes wealthy, and the politicians granting the favor/subsidy have the funds to finance the next campaign. Let’s call it crony environmentalism.

Corruption, cronyism, and socialistic central planning of agricultural markets, hidden by the rhetoric of “green farming,” is what Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley calls “smart growth” policy. Crony environmentalism would be more descriptive. So-called smart growth is a very dumb, and very corrupt idea.??

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And not a bit of this kind of work is based on real climate science whatsoever!!

Nov 13 13:09

Polar vortex returns: Michigan winter will get off to very cold start

I've seen how the weather pattern has been evolving in the last two weeks, and I'm ready to stick my neck out and give a winter forecast for Michigan. I'll give you the reasons why I think we will have a certain type of winter here in Michigan.

First off, I like to wait until we get into early November to see what type of upper air pattern is becoming established. The top graphic shows the upper air flow forecast for next Tuesday, November 18, 2014. It's pretty apparent that the upper air flow next week is coming right out of the arctic. The large circular area you see over Hudson Bay is the polar vortex.

So the polar vortex is already dropping farther south than normal. Unless we have a radical upper air pattern change, it looks like we are heading for a much colder than normal start to the winter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Polar vortex" or how to admit the Earth is going into an ice age without actually admitting the theory of human-caused global warming was total bovine excrement.

Nov 13 12:05

Lake-effect snow: Lakeshore to see 6-9+ inches

Winter weather advisories are posted for counties along Lake Michigan as a blast of arctic air brings the first lake-effect snowfall of the season to West Michigan

Nov 13 09:10

Charity: 25,000 UK pensioners to die in winter

A report says that a pensioner will die from cold weather every seven minutes in Britain this winter, amid soaring fuel bills.

The Age UK charity released the report on Tuesday, saying that, this winter, 25,000 elderly people in England and Wales will die as a result of the cold weather and due to high fuel costs and poorly insulated homes.

Nov 13 09:03

Freeze likely across much of Houston tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for the entire area outside of the immediate coast. Lows as far down as the mid-20s are possible for areas well inland, and temperatures even along the coast should fall into the mid-30s.

Nov 13 08:44

Weather forecast gets worse: Expect 'significant' snow for Portland, blizzard-like conditions in Columbia River Gorge

What looked to be a quick shot of snow followed by a brief bit of freezing rain and then rain Thursday, now looks to be a doozy of a storm.

Forecasters say their confidence is growing that a significant snow storm could dump up to a half-foot of snow in the Portland metropolitan area starting early Thursday morning and lasting well into the evening. ...

Nov 13 07:40

Sen. Inhoff Says Climate Change Is A Conspiracy

November 12, 2014 - Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., defends his stance that climate change is a conspiracy.

Nov 13 07:34

All 50 States Will See Freezing Temperatures

The Arctic chill is gripping the Rockies and Upper Midwest — and it’s crawling east.

Sharp drops in temperature are expected in other parts of the U.S. in the coming days, thanks to a powerful weather system that hit Alaska with hurricane-force winds over the weekend before blanketing several state ins snow.

CBS News reports that all 50 states will see freezing temperatures.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 12 18:46


Nov 12 16:34

Arctic air that sent temperatures plunging 60 degrees in a single day and dumped THREE FEET of snow pushes towards East Coast

Frigid winter weather dumped huge amounts of snow on parts of the Midwest and transformed summer breezes into gusts far below freezing in a matter of hours is headed for the East Coast.

A huge front of cold air that has swamped Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan with intense and dangerous flurries of snow pushed south overnight, freezing places as far south as Oklahoma and Texas.

And by Thursday, the system will have reached New England and the Atlantic seaboard, where it could send temperatures plunging by 15 to 20 degrees. By the weekend freezing temperatures could reach as far south as Atlanta, Georgia.

Nov 12 14:30

U.S.- China Climate Deal—Less Than Meets the Eye?

Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a "joint announcement on climate change" in which each country made pledges about how they intend to handle future emissions of their greenhouse gas emissions. Mother Jones hailed the announcement as a "game-changer." Maybe not.

Nov 12 11:17

Record cold in Denver, 2-4 inches of snow snarl traffic, cause airport delays

Bundle up, Denver.

And don't plan on getting anywhere in a hurry. Ice- and snow-covered roads were snarled with traffic. Minor delays were reported at Denver International Airport Wednesday morning. Morning flights can expect an hour delay, DIA spokesman Heath Montgomery said.

"We have some blowing snow, icy conditions, but things are running very smoothly, overall," he said.

Weather forecasters say records could be broken Wednesday as day three of the deep freeze continues.

"Very, very cold tonight," said David Barjenbruch, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder. "Very, very cold today, too."'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the problem for Obama. He wants to tax carbon because (we have been told) carbon dioxide warms the earth, but only the carbon dioxide produced by you icky-poo humans. Ahh, but we are into the brutal winter I was forcasting back in September, so the Carbonazis are screaming "climate change" and still pushing for a carbon tax. But, logically, if carbon dioxide warms the planet and the planet is obviously cooling, then the whole rationale for a carbon tax to reduce carbon emissions is destroyed. Don't we need MORE carbon dioxide rather than less? Of course, we now know courtesy of Jonathan Gruber that the administration thinks we are all stupid and need to be lied into going along with whatever lame ideas pop into their antidepressant-addled heads!

Nov 12 11:12

Who asked for this? Snow blankets upper Midwest, cold plunges south

Even though we're still a couple of weeks from Black Friday, there seems to be a preseason special on snow and cold.

The upper Midwest and Great Lakes are buried in snow, shivering under the icy blanket.

Nov 12 11:12

As Detroit chills, storm dumps 3 feet of snow in U.P.

As of this morning, 36.1 inches of snow had fallen since Monday in Marquette County near Negaunee.

Nov 12 09:50

The coming climate onslaught

President Obama readies a sweeping list of executive actions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"1. Tax on carbon.

2. Tax on the Carbon Tax.

3. Tax on air.

4. Tax on water.

5. Tax on sunlight.

6. Tax on clouds.

7. Tax on rocks

..." -- Official White Horse Souse

Michigan last night.

Nov 12 03:27

The coming climate onslaught : Obama readies sweeping list of executive actions on ‘global warming’

The Obama administration is set to roll out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s environmental actions of the past quarter-century — a reality check for Republicans who think last week’s election gave them a mandate to end what they call the White House’s “War on Coal.”

Nov 11 14:44

Solar Plant Wants to Pay Off Massive Government Loan with Massive Government Grant

American taxpayers are on the hook for the Ivanpah solar project out in the California Mojave Desert close to the border of Arizona Nevada. The massive plant received $1.6 billion in loan guarantees from the Department of Energy to build it, out of a total cost of about $2.2 billion.

The plant went online in December of last year. After operating for most of 2014, the plant seems to have hit a significant problem. It’s only producing about a quarter of the power it has promised.

Nov 11 14:32

Heavy snow falls across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The National Weather Service says more than two feet of snow has fallen on parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with even more on the way before the front passes Wednesday.

Nov 11 11:39

Winter storm will drop over two feet of snow on parts of upper Midwest

This week’s winter blast is bringing much more than a 50 degree temperature drop, as if that’s not enough. The flakes are flying for a second day in a row in the upper Midwest, where up to an additional 20 inches is possible through Tuesday night.

Nov 11 11:39

Winter Storm Hits Upper Midwest With Heavy Snow as South Shivers

More snow from the first winter storm of the season fell Tuesday on the Upper Midwest, parts of which were digging out from a foot and a half already on the ground. Sub-freezing temperatures sent shivers as far south as Dallas.

Nov 11 11:39

It’s Snowvember! Extreme snow is already causing havoc

A blast of wintry weather blew into parts of the Rockies and Upper Midwest on Monday, bringing a foot of snow in some areas, along with plunging temperatures. The cold weather is expected to eventually blanket the central U.S. from the Rockies to the Great Lakes region.

The frigid air was pushed in by a powerful storm that hit Alaska with hurricane-force winds over the weekend, and threatened to bury several states in snow and send temperatures as much as 40 degrees below average. A look at the storm and its effects:

Nov 11 11:38

Central U.S. takes the plunge with brutal cold, snow

Arctic air continued to surge into the central U.S. on Tuesday, while record-breaking snow buried portions of the upper Midwest.

Temperatures were only in the single digits, teens, and 20s across much of the north-central U.S. as of late Tuesday morning. Temperatures Tuesday are forecast to be 20 to 40 degrees below average for areas east of the Rockies into the Great Plains, the National Weather Service warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 10 16:02

"Carbon violence" - latest global warming propaganda buzz phrase!

Queensland researchers have coined the term 'carbon violence' to describe the effects of G20 and other developed countries' investments in African plantation forestry to offset carbon emissions in a report for US think tank, the Oakland Institute.

Nov 10 09:31

U.S. Braces for Freezing Temperatures, Heavy Snow

A massive storm packing arctic air moved eastward Sunday, promising a deep chill for two-thirds of the U.S. and heavy snow from Montana to Michigan, according to meteorologists.

Nov 10 08:28

When You’re Shivering Next Week, Blame ‘Bombogenesis’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, for even a moment, doubt the reality that human-caused global warming will destroy the Earth unless you pay a carbon tax!

Nov 10 08:08


The solution to global warming, Olaf Schuiling says, lies beneath our feet.

"For Dr. Schuiling, a retired geochemist, climate salvation would come in the form of olivine, a green-tinted mineral found in abundance around the world. When exposed to the elements, it slowly takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Olivine has been doing this naturally for billions of years, but Dr. Schuiling wants to speed up the process by spreading it on fields and beaches and using it for dikes, pathways, even sandboxes. Sprinkle enough of the crushed rock around, he says, and it will eventually remove enough CO2 to slow the rise in global temperatures."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You can absorb CO2 from the air using more green plants along those same walkways. In fact there is a story that one of Al Gore's minions calculated that a 15% increase in use of decorative plants would counter all of the CO2 increase seen in Al Gore's film, at which point he was fired, because reducing carbon was never the real agenda. Selling carbon credits was.

Nov 10 07:59

Guardian Takes Stupid To Spectacular New Levels

Last week the Guardian said that global warming makes European winters cold and snowy. This week they say that global warming makes European winters warm and devoid of snow.

Nov 09 07:54

“We Are In The Bullseye!” Expert Warns, “By Midweek, All Hell’s Going To Break Loose!”

Michio Kaku joins CBS This Morning to warn 250 million Americans that “we are in the bullseye” and by midweek, “all hell’s going to break loose” as America prepares to be pummeled by something sounding almost Biblical, ‘BomboGenesis’. Kaku warns that air, train and vehicle traffic could be paralyzed next week, and schedules disrupted: “A massive disruption that will peak around November 13th to November 15th” Kaku informs us, before telling us that we could feel the ‘ripple effects’ throughout November.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Violent swings" is the latest way for the Carbonazis to acknowledge the increasing cold without challenging the most holy revealed dogma of human-caused global warming.


Nov 09 07:50

How the impending Arctic blast will unfold

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were it not for all the suffering that will result in unprepared regions about to get hammered with the cold, it would be funny watching everyone who hitched their reputations to human-caused global warming try to reconcile their pet theory (and the need for a carbon tax) with the reality of steadily colder winters every year.

Nov 08 18:22

Harsh Winter Outlook Made a Bit More Dire by Siberia Snow

Remember how evidence was mounting last month that early snowfall was accumulating across Siberia? And remember how there’s a theory that says this snowfall signals a cold winter?

So in the two and a half weeks since, the news for the winter-haters has, unfortunately, only gotten worse.

Nov 08 18:15

The CO2 Climate Change Cult Series

Too many hurricanes this year? Too many lightning strikes? Too hot this year? Too cold this year? Not enough extreme weather this year? Species dying out? Not enough food on the grocery shelves? Electricity bill too high? In the minds of CO2 cult members, the blame goes to man-made CO2 climate change.

Nov 08 18:15

FLASHBACK - Global Warming Afforded Same Legal Status as Religion in UK

In an unusual case in the United Kingdom, it has been ruled that climate change beliefs should be afforded the same legal protections as religious freedoms. The bizarre ruling sets a landmark legal precedent and could have broad implications both in Britain and abroad.

Nov 08 14:56

Arctic Blast via Polar Vortex to Chill 42 US States

As the polar vortex gets displaced to the south, the door will open for arctic air to plunge over the most of the United States as the new week progresses.

Nov 07 09:41

Fresh snow falling in northern Maine

Fresh snow has already started to fall in Aroostook County, and it is expected to come down throughout the day Friday.

“We’ve been getting snow for a few hours now,” National Weather Service forecaster Maureen Hastings said from the Caribou office shortly before 9 a.m....

Nov 07 06:44

Bees being distracted by climate changes

Nov 06 08:04

Study Says Natural Factors, Not Humans, Behind West Coast Warming

Oceanographers and atmospheric scientists are quick to say the warming waters are not linked to human-caused climate change, but also say what they've seen doesn't match other recognized patterns in ocean conditions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Or maybe we have a classic case of specialists being so specialized they don't see what they need to see.

Here is where "interdisciplinary" science becomes valuable.

In the illustration shown in the above article, note that the pattern of heat appears near New Guinea in the area of the Marianas trench. I have indicated the point of origin on the below copy.

Now, I have mentioned many times before that nobody knows how many active volcanoes and thermal vents there are on the floor of the world's oceans, but we do know where many of them are, as is indicated on this map from the USGS.

From the section indicated in detail it is clear that there are a great many volcanoes in the exact same area where the plume of warm water is appearing, which suggests that these volcanoes, rather than human activity or unknown ocean flow patterns, is what is pouring heat into the Pacific!

Nov 06 06:40

Winter is coming: U.S. braces itself for Arctic blast with average temperatures to drop 20 degrees below normal

The U.S. is bracing itself for freezing temperatures and snow as a result of part of the polar vortex heading southwards - sending temperatures spiralling 10 to 20 degrees below normal.

The current mild weather is forecasted to end on Sunday, when a vast pocket of extremely cold air will hit the Central and Eastern States and keep them in its icy grip until Friday.

The polar vortex is a massive cyclone that circles the planet's geographical poles. The Northern Hemisphere vortex often contains two extremely cold low pressure centres, one near Baffin Island, Canada and the other over northeast Siberia in Russia.

Nov 05 13:06

Sen. Inhofe, denier of human role in climate change, likely to lead environment committee

Sen. James M. Inhofe, an the Oklahoma Republican who once compared the Environmental Protection Agency to the gestapo, is likely to lead the Environment and Public Works Committee when the GOP takes control of the Senate next year.

If approved, Inhofe would replace Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), an avowed environmentalist, producing one of the most stark post-election changes in the Capitol. Committee assignments will not be made until Senate party caucuses meet in Washington after the election recess.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good. Time we got some common sense into this whole human-caused global warming nonsense!

Nov 05 10:52

Snow may be headed this way

Waves of cold air and snow will be headed from the Midwest to the East through the middle of November, warns.

A storm last weekend produced the earliest snowfall on record in Columbia, S.C.

Nov 05 10:51

Friday's Forecast Calls for Snow in Some Parts of New England

Much to the delight of skiers and snowmobilers, it looks like my recent November monthly forecast for colder-than-normal conditions with more precipitation than normal will at least start strong, even if the remainder of the month is yet to be determined, with accumulating snow in the forecast for Friday in the North Country of New England.

Nov 05 10:51

With winter weather looming, CNY drivers rush to get snow tires

Customers started flocking earlier than usual this year to get their snow tires installed at Silver City Tires on Route 5.

Nov 05 10:51

Maine power outages down to about 29,000

More than 29,000 Maine homes and businesses remain without power several days after a storm dropped more than a foot of snow in some areas of the state.

Nov 05 09:55

UN to investigate GCHQ, MI5 spying on foreign delegates at climate summit talks

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has announced he will launch an inquiry into allegations that British secret service agents spied on foreign governments at two consecutive international climate summits in 2009 and 2010.

The spies allegedly snooped on delegations’ membership lists and kit passes to discern states’ negotiation positions and give Britain the upper hand in climate talks.

Nov 05 07:48

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Highest In A Decade

Nov 05 07:44

No matter how much Tom Steyer spends, Florida isn’t buying climate disaster

Billionaire Tom Steyer has spent $12 million trying to make Floridians scared of global warming — an issue Gallup recently found ranks dead last among voter priorities. Other research indicates that the more people are harangued about it, the more they turn off, making this money not well spent.

Blame the information age, where people can easily see for themselves that we are in our 18th year without a global-warming trend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 04 08:33

More Cold Shots, Snow to Visit Midwest and East Into Next Week

Record snow amounts buried New England as the same storm pushed off the coast and ramped up. Prior to hitting New England the storm produced the earliest snowfall on record in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday. Freezing temperatures settled over much of the South into Monday and allowed some ski resorts to open early.

Nov 04 08:33

Snow Fall in South East America Breaks 100 Year Records, Ushering in Mini Ice-Age

South Eastern America is seeing its earliest and deepest snow falls in over 100 years, whilst temperature records have also been broken. The cold spell is drawing predictions of a new mini ice age between at least 2015 and 2035, or possibly for the rest of this century.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 04 08:32

Heavy snow in the high foothills and mountains

For the foothills of Boulder and Larimer counties, 4 to 10 inches of new snow is expected by 5 p.m. Monday.

Nov 04 07:46

Don’t Miss it! Climate Depot’s Factsheet on 1970s Coming ‘Ice Age’ Claims

Despite many claims to the contrary, the 1970?s global cooling fears were widespread among many scientists and in the media. Despite the fact that there was no UN IPCC organization created to promote global cooling in the 1970s and despite the fact that there was nowhere near the tens of billions of dollars in funding spent today to promote man-made global warming, fears of a coming ice age, showed up in peer-reviewed literature, at scientific conferences, voiced by prominent scientists and throughout the media.

Newsweek Magazine even used the climate “tipping point” argument in 1975. Newsweek wrote April 28, 1975 article: “The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.”

Nov 03 15:17


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked just to piss off the Carbonazis as record cold and snow set in.

Nov 03 11:54

Maine digs out from early winter dump of snow

The Indian summer came to a quick end in Maine on Monday, as more than a foot of snow buried streets, cars and homes in parts of the state, forcing traffic to a standstill and leaving tens of thousands without electricity and heat.

“We are having a lot of trouble getting into the damaged areas,” said Central Maine Power spokeswoman Gail Rice, to the Portland Press Herald. “We are telling people that this will be a multiple-day restoration effort.”

Nov 03 11:54

Early season snow storm causes widespread power outages

Winter came early this year when a snow storm on the heels of Halloween brought blizzard-like conditions, high winds and nearly a foot of snow to much of Waldo County and left tens of thousands of homes without power across the region.

Driving was treacherous throughout the area Sunday afternoon, Nov. 2, and into Monday morning. In several places, power and utility lines have been brought down by falling trees and limbs, high winds, and cars sliding into utility poles. Residents are warned not to touch or drive over downed lines.

Nov 03 09:05

With snow burst in Boston, storm breaks record

The storm that brought Massachusetts its first snow of the season, along with strong winds, power outages, and coastal flooding, was a record-breaker.

The nor’easter hit the state Saturday and churned into Sunday, depositing the most snow recorded on any Nov. 2 in 120 years, according to weather observers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 03 09:04

Winter Comes Early for Tennessee Lodge

Employees at the LeConte Lodge in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee dug themselves out of 22 inches of snow that fell Saturday.

The temperature on Saturday was nine degrees, LeConte Lodge general manager Tim Line said. Today the temperature is up to 10 degrees.

Guests at LeConte Lodge have been snowed in since Friday.

Nov 03 09:03

Record Early Double-Digit Snow in Maine After Record Early Snow Hits South Carolina

A record-early double-digit snowfall blanketed parts of Maine from a storm system that earlier brought an unprecedented early-season snow to parts of South Carolina on the first day of November.

The Aroostook County village of Cary, Maine, near the Canadian border, reported 21 inches of snow just before 7 p.m. EST Sunday. Farther south in the state while Hampden reported 15.5 inches of snow. Including these reports, at least 18 different locations in Maine have recorded 12 or more inches of snow.

Nov 03 09:03

Maine Snowstorm Leaves Thousands Without Power, Dumps Two Feet of Snow

Thousands of people in Maine woke up in the dark Monday morning after an icy blast knocked out power and buried parts of the state in almost two feet of snow seven weeks ahead of winter. More than 130,000 homes and businesses were left without electricity as of Sunday night and Maine Gov. Paul LePage declared a state of emergency. Although Monday was expected to bring warmer weather across the East, snow was still set to fall until lunchtime in parts of northeast Maine. As much as 21 inches fell in Cary, near the border with Canada, and double-digit totals peppered the Maine map.

Nov 03 08:58

BEX ALERT - Climate change is real, humans are mostly to blame, time is short, UN panel says

Climate change is happening, it's almost entirely man's fault and limiting its impacts may require reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero this century, the U.N.'s panel on climate science said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The UN IPCC took the last three of their reports (all of which were shredded by scientists) and simply glued them together for this latest report, issued even as we are clearly headed into another record-setting winter.

Nov 02 12:24

Chicago sees record-setting Halloween snowfall, 300 flights canceled

Friday’s early-morning Halloween snowfall set a record for the city of Chicago and led to more than 300 canceled flights at O’Hare International Airport.

Nov 02 09:08

Snow, Storm Winds to Slam Northeast in Early Winter Blast

An arctic blast that dumped historic early snow on parts of Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia will bring a wintry storm to the Northeast on Sunday, forecasters said. Strong winds and rain mixing with snow could lead to power outages, coastal flooding and breach erosion in southeast New England, including Boston, said the Weather Channel’s Michael Palmer. Up to one foot of snow is expected in northern and eastern Maine before the storm moves into Maritime Canada on Sunday night and Monday.

Meanwhile freezing temperatures will grip the country for another day – all the way from the Great Lakes to south Florida. Record lows are possible for the South Sunday morning and in Florida, including areas all the way down to near Miami.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like I called it back in September; another hard winter, and already the carbonazis are screaming, "You don't GET it! Human-caused global warming CAUSES record cold! You HAVE to pay a Carbon Tax. You HAVE to pay a Carbon Tax. You HAVE to pay a Carbon Tax!"

Reader photo

Nov 02 08:54

Incredible early-season snow slams the Southeast, impacts felt across eastern U.S.

Snow to start November in South Carolina? Basically unheard of. Until today.

The snow is not just the mountains either. An extremely unusual cold pocket of air has brought record early-season snow to low-elevation spots like Columbia, South Carolina. In the Smoky Mountains, and surrounding parts of the Appalachians, measurements well past one foot have been recorded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 08:31

'Leaders must act': UN panel issues stark climate change warning

"Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the report's launch in Copenhagen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 01 21:20

Roads closed in Great Smoky Mountains park because of snow

Rangers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have closed roads and evacuated campsites due to heavy snowfall and icy conditions.

Nov 01 21:19

November snow surprises Southeast

A surprise snow swept across parts of Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina on Saturday, falling on pumpkins and power lines.

Nov 01 21:18

Cold, snow fill final scrimmage of fall for Bucs

When East Tennessee State’s football players woke up Saturday morning and saw snow on the ground, they likely figured their final scrimmage would be one to remember.

It always looks like so much fun when games are played on snow-covered fields with players sliding around on the soft, powdery surface.

Then the homecoming scrimmage began and reality hit like a block from a fullback with a full head of steam.

Along with the snow came temperatures in the 30s and wet conditions on the team’s practice field next to the Center for Physical Activity.

Nov 01 21:17

Snow brings problems to Smokies: Campers evacuated, hiker flown to hospital after injury

An early winter storm brought a barrage of snow to the East Tennessee mountains this weekend, leaving record snowfall numbers and resulting in road closures and evacuations in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Nov 01 10:10

MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9 BEX ALERT - Too Hot! Too Cold! Global Warming?

Every time a frigid blast of Arctic air, or an extraordinarily heavy snowfall, or a devastating ice storm hits the Northern Hemisphere, especially off season, all sorts of commentators, principally in America, hit the news wires and blogs with: Uh-Oh! Global Warming?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As an early snow and record cold settles in for what will be another harsh winter the Carbonazis are already cranking up the USDA Choice bovine excrement about why no amount of snow or ice should ever cause the faithful to doubt the most holy revealed dogma of human-caused global warming!

Nov 01 09:07

Snow to Plaster Appalachians, New England as Cold Arrives

A storm riding a blast of cold air will continue to unleash heavy snow on the central and southern Appalachians Saturday and will turn toward part of New England Saturday night and Sunday.

Heavy wet snow and falling trees could block some roads in parts of the Appalachians.

Even in the absence of heavy snow for the major cities, including along the I-95 corridor, gusty winds can lead to travel problems for a time. Flight delays are possible in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 31 09:56

Cadillac Hit With Halloween Snow

Cadillac's was hit with some heavy snow this morning, and it seems to be sticking around.

The snow definitely came as a surprise to many in downtown Cadillac.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 31 09:55

Wind and snow lead to cancellations and delays at O'Hare

Windy conditions and snow have caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays Friday at O'Hare International Airport, officials said.

As of 11 a.m., more than 300 flights were reported canceled and delays of up to an hour were reported at O'Hare, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Oct 30 12:08

Snow to Plaster Appalachians, New England as Cold Arrives

A storm riding a blast of cold air will unleash heavy snow on the central and southern Appalachians Saturday and will turn toward part of New England by Sunday.

Oct 30 08:31

'Bad, Bad Science': Weather Channel Founder Says Climate Change Is a Myth

Many officials in the Obama administration - including Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama himself - have repeatedly hammered home the message that climate change is one of mankind's greatest threats.

According to Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman, however, there is no scientific proof that supports man-made climate change.

Oct 29 08:03

First snow of the season may hit New England on Halloween

Mother Nature has a trick up her sleeve for Halloween this year, as a cold front plunging southeast out of Canada will help create a storm system just off the coast of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This storm is likely to produce the first accumulating snow of the winter season from the Appalachians to to the Adirondack Mountains. It may also bring the first flakes of the season to Boston, Massachusetts and several other cities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I spent my childhood in New Hampshire. Snow was something we looked for after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Snow on Halloween was something that never happened!

Oct 29 07:29

Central Bankers Demand Insurers Assess Climate Risks Despite Lull In Extreme Weather

The Bank of England is demanding about 30 insurance companies assess the risks that global warming poses to their balance sheets, despite reports of a lull in natural disasters and healthy profit margins in the industry.

Oct 27 08:17

AccuWeather: Wichita can expect plenty of snow this winter

Snow shovels and snow plows should be busy this winter in Wichita.

So says AccuWeather, which is predicting about 24 inches of snow this winter for Wichita. That’s about 70 percent more than Wichita’s average winter – which is about 15 inches – and slightly more than last winter’s total.

Oct 27 08:16

The s-word appears in the forecast for CNY: Snow

When even the normally cautious National Weather Service is talking about snow a week away, it's time to pay attention.

Oct 27 08:16

Halloween Forecast: Snow, Cold to Blast Great Lakes

Highs over the Northeast will be 5-15 degrees below average with RealFeel® temperatures in the middle 40s to low 50s along the East Coast and mid-Atlantic and the 30s over the interior Northeast as trick-or-treaters venture out on Friday evening.

Oct 27 08:15

Chance of snow in forecast for Metro Detroit

A warm, rainy Tuesday followed by cooler temperatures this week will lead to a 30 percent chance of snow Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

Oct 24 05:09

EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut

EU leaders have reached a landmark deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels.

The binding decision came after heated discussions at a summit in Brussels, as some members had argued that their varied interests should be protected.

Correspondents say the final deal is a compromise between countries that rely heavily on coal, and those willing to instil greater emissions cuts

Oct 23 09:02

John Bolaris: Siberian snow could be early predictor of Philly winter

How deep is the snow in a northern region of Russia on the other side of the world?

It may seem like an odd question, but one of the factors that goes into a long-range winter outlook for Philadelphia's upcoming winter season is the amount of snow cover piling up this time of the year in Siberia.

And as it just so happens, Siberia's snow cover is rapidly increasing. This is significant because it's one of the signals that could lead to a potentially colder winter here.

Oct 23 06:43

Climate change PROVED to be 'nothing but a lie', claims top meteorologist

John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible.

Instead, what 'little evidence' there is for rising global temperatures points to a 'natural phenomenon' within a developing eco-system.

In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he wrote: "The ocean is not rising significantly.

"The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number.

"Heat waves have actually diminished, not increased. There is not an uptick in the number or strength of storms (in fact storms are diminishing).

"I have studied this topic seriously for years. It has become a political and environment agenda item, but the science is not valid."

Oct 17 07:59

First Snow Since Spring Falls on Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway, had an early taste of winter on Thursday as snow returned.

Oct 16 09:18

Polar vortex will likely make a return this winter, says Accuweather

“Cold air will surge into the Northeast in late November, but the brunt of the season will hold off until January and February,” they write. “The polar vortex, the culprit responsible for several days of below-zero temperatures last year, will slip down into the region from time to time, delivering blasts of arctic air.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So remember; think "Polar Vortex" and don't ever, ever, EVER, let all that snow and ice cause you to doubt for the teensiest instant the most holy revealed dogma of human-caused global warming and my need for a carbon tax. Or you'll get a bitch-slap that will make what happened to Galileo look like a parking ticket!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 15 16:00

Severe frosts will be more frequent due to man-made greenhouse gas: scientists

They say greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were changing the way high pressure systems formed and moved, causing severe frost problems for farmers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More of the "human caused global warming creates cold weather" crap!

Oct 14 11:34

Sydney region hit by snow, wind, rain

About 30,000 homes are without power and wind gusts of 160kmh have been recorded south of the city. As well, there have been snow storms in the Blue Mountains, the ABC reports.

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Mind you, this is their Spring!

Oct 14 11:33

Storm brings October snow to Hawaii island mountains

A winter weather advisory remains in effect for Big Island summits after several inches of snow fell Monday afternoon and evening and covered summit roads.

"Snow and freezing fog overnight has left the summit road icy," the National Weather Service said. "The icy road will make driving hazardous until temperatures rise high enough to melt the ice."

The summit road is closed and the advisory is in effect until noon.

Oct 14 09:41

Snow removal budgets beefed up as towns prepare for winter

Long Island town and city governments, battered by last winter's snow removal costs, are budgeting more money for sand, salt, labor and equipment to avoid coming up short again next year.

Oct 14 09:21

Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea summits could see 3 inches of snow by Tuesday

Up to 3 inches of snow could fall on the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea summits by early Tuesday, the National Weather Service in Honolulu says. - See more at:

Oct 13 08:10

Colorado Mountains Brace for Snow

The calendar may say it's the fall season, but the weatherman says it's time to brace for some wintery weather in Colorado.

Oct 13 08:10

Rain, snow blowing in to Western Washington

The snow level is expected as low as 5,000 feet by Wednesday which would leave the first significant snow of the season on the Mount Baker Highway, Washington Pass on the North Cascades Highway, Paradise at Mount Rainier and Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic Peninsula.

Oct 13 08:10

Get ready for snow!

Glazer informed the crowd that the woolly worms have been predicting the weather since 1997 with “108 percent correct” accuracy. Last year, the woolly worms predicted we would have a harsh winter. This year, they are predicting the same slow start but heavy finish.

It looks like snow is definitely coming!

Oct 13 08:09

Here it is: S-N-O-W in the mountains

The National Weather Service says the Sawtooths and the mountains around McCall got a light dusting of snow Saturday night. But it appears to still be hanging around.

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FLASHBACK, March 20, 2000!

Oct 12 08:14

Early winter forecast points to lots of snow

Far out in the tropical Pacific Ocean and high above North America, nature appears to be stirring up another cold and snowy winter for Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic.

The prediction from State College, Pa.-based Accuweather Inc. is among the earliest to arrive in this year's crop of cold season outlooks. Although other forecasting agencies and scientists are more inclined to hedge for now, Accuweather expert senior meteorologist Bob Smerbeck said Friday that his company's weather models are pointing to a no-compromises winter in the Northeast.

Oct 12 08:14

Snow, ice, accidents, close I-70 near Eisenhower Tunnel

Icy and snow packed roads have caused "a number of spinouts and a number of minor accidents,"CDOT spokesman Brian Jordon said at about 8:15 a.m.

Oct 11 15:59

Freezing warning out for metro Detroit counties

Break out the warm gloves -- parts of Metro Detroiters will see freezing weather early Saturday.

The National Weather Service in White Lake Township has issued a freeze warning from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. for Livingston, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties.

Oct 09 15:16

Whiteface Mountain may get first snow of East

A light dusting of snow could be seen Thursday morning on Whiteface Mountain.

Publicists at the Olympic Regional Development Authority were billing it as the first snow of the season in the East and using that as a preview for the season.

Oct 09 05:58

Storm Team 8 predicts above average snow, cold

Meteorologist Matt Kirkwood predicts this winter will be both colder and snowier than average.

Oct 08 08:09

Ocala, Florida breaks 84-year old cold record

Children were bundled at bus stops. Workers left home in sweaters and light jackets. Heat pumps switched on earlier than normal.

Monday morning, the temperature dipped to 49 degrees in Ocala - a record low for the day.

The previous record was 50 degrees, set in 1930. The official measuring site is the city water plant at Southeast 36th Avenue just north of Maricamp Road.

Oct 08 08:08

Definitive data on the global warming climate change scam

There is only one piece of US climate data which correlates with CO2 - the amount of data tampering NCDC is applying to US temperature.

Oct 07 10:47

Weather warning for snow in Lincolnshire during November

North Lincolnshire could be in for its worst winter in decades, with heavy snow in November.

Freezing conditions and strong winds will combinbe to create severe blizzards, forecasters suggest.

There is even talk of record-breaking November snowfalls.

Oct 07 08:09

Winter weather returns; snow pack may be here to stay

The snow that blanketed the Interior this weekend may be the beginning of the seasonal snow pack.

This past weekend’s storms dropped between a few inches and a foot of snow in parts of the Interior. The amount of snowfall will likely determine whether you see brown earth again before springtime.

Oct 07 06:48

Climate Science: Is it Currently Designed to Answer Questions?

When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research. This paper will deal with the origin of the cultural changes and with specific examples of the operation and interaction of these factors. In particular, we will show how political bodies act to control scientific institutions, how scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions, and how opposition to these positions is disposed of.

Oct 06 11:12

Chicago Gets Third Earliest Snow on Record

On Saturday, October 4, unseasonably cold weather brought Chicago the third earliest snow flurries on record.