Jul 20 23:24

Jeff Epstein Crime Map

Jul 20 15:08

2020 Candidates Keep Ignoring The Same Big Issue

Trump repeatedly warned during his 2016 campaign that America’s expanding national debt posed a threat to the country, but the debt has only continued to grow during Trump’s presidency.

Jul 20 13:04

Why Aren’t We All Flying Around in Jetpacks?

If we were to believe the comic books of the 1920s and 1930s, the TVs shows of the 1940s and 1950s, and the movies of the 1960s and 1970s, we should all be flying around in our own personal jetpacks by now. These personal flying machines, in convenient backpack form, were staples of science fiction and futuristic pop culture. Jetpacks exist in real life. We’ve seen them at the Super Bowl and in that James Bond movie. So, what happened? Why aren’t we all flying around in jetpacks?

Jul 20 13:01

The Soldier Who Threw His Body Over a Grenade, Survived, and Kept on Fighting

During the spring of 1971, the 2nd Squadron of the 17th Cavalry guarded the airstrip at Khe Sanh in South Vietnam. They aided American planes flying missions into Laos.

Jul 20 12:53

Son Shoots And Kills Man Who Broke Into Home And Began Stabbing His Father

What a way to go out. Had the son not been armed, this intruder could have easily murdered his father, all for a few stolen items from the home. What’s that? Oh yea, it’s the same story over and over again. Guns saving lives.

Jul 20 12:47

The Evolution of Television Weather Reports

If you are like most people, you probably have at least one weather app on your phone. With access to up-to-date weather right in our pockets anytime we want it, you may think that television weather forecasts could quickly become a thing of the past. So far, at least, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Weather Channel is going strong, and folks still tune into the evening news to see that their local TV station's weather personality is predicting for the coming week. Weather reports have been a staple of television broadcasting since the beginning. Let's take a look at the history of broadcast meteorology.

Jul 20 12:46

Oregon: Initiative Filed to Restrict Self-Defense

This egregious attack on our freedoms uses virtually the same language as the failed Initiative Petition 44 from 2018 as well as the same provisions from Senate Bill 978 that did not pass during the 2019 legislative session. Anti-gun proponents will stop at nothing to restrict self-defense rights in Oregon, and will be using this initiative petition in an attempt to coerce legislators to pass gun control during the 2020 short session.

Jul 20 12:29

Scott Adams: Bill Pulte on St. Louis Blight, AC Giveaway, Veteran Gift


Guest: Bill Pulte talks about helping veterans and philanthropy
Reversing how we think about the blight of abandoned buildings
#TwitterPhilanthropy @CodeOfVets @Pulte
Demonstration: College student opinions are easily manipulated
World renowned robot scientist…robots can’t understand concepts?
President Trump speaks to Kanye about helping A$AP in Sweden
Told PM of Sweden, he would personally vouch for his bail
Bubonic plague pending in LA, huge numbers of rats and homeless
Iran seizes UK oil tanker…does Iran want war?
Who is responsible for the health effects of Trump Presidency?
President Trump said Puerto Rico government is massively corrupt
MSM and Dems mocked him…2 years later, they agree?
President Trump said there’s a crisis at the border
MSM and Dems mocked him…1 year later, they agree?
Joe Biden needs to “find a spine” in next debate, per CNN Van Jones

Jul 20 11:33

ATM Robbery in Ireland...

Jul 20 10:50

'I am not racist!' Trump-loving beauty queen, 20, hits back after being stripped of Miss Michigan title one DAY after she was crowned over 'offensive' tweets about hijabs and black-on-black gun violence

A conservative Michigan woman claims she was dismissed from the Miss World America pageant because her tweets about black-on-black gun violence and refusing to try on a hijab were deemed 'offensive, insensitive and inappropriate.'

Jul 20 10:50

'It's not my America or your America. It's our America': Michelle Obama weighs in on Trump's feud with the 'squad' after the president told the four House Democrats to 'go back' to where they came from

Former first lady Michelle Obama is weighing in on President Donald Trump's escalating feud with four Democratic Congresswomen known as 'the squad.'
Obama tweeted Friday: 'What truly makes our country great is its diversity. I've seen that beauty in so many ways over the years.'

Jul 20 10:49

That money belongs to us: Mexican President risks feud with Trump by demanding El Chapo's $12.6bn drug money be turned over to Mexico and NOT the US - after slamming Narco's life sentence in US jail as 'inhumane'

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is preparing himself for a showdown with the United States over Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán's fortune.

Jul 20 10:48

'Where are they now?' Trump's baffling Oval Office response to Nobel Peace Prize winner after she told him how her Yazidi family was kidnapped and killed by ISIS

Nobel Peace Prize winning activist Nadia Murad shared her harrowing story of escape from the clutches of ISIS with Donald Trump in the White House
During her moving monologue on Wednesday, Murad stood beside a seated Trump urging him to help her Yazidi community return home to Iraq
Murad told Trump on the day ISIS attacked her village, killing her mother and her brothers, before taking her and the other women in her family as prisoners
Cutting her off mid-sentence, Trump interjects, asking, ‘Where are they now?’
Murad became the first woman from Iraq to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism in speaking out against abuse and sexual violence during wartime
‘So they gave you the Nobel Prize? That’s incredible,’ Trump told her. ‘They gave it to you for what reason?’

Jul 20 10:28

Deadly heatwave to leave DC as hot as DEATH VALLEY this weekend as 200M brace for temperatures in excess of 100F sparking NYC to declare an emergency and roads to buckle (19 Pics)

A brutal heatwave is unfurling across two-thirds of the nation, blighting the east with temperatures that will make Washington DC feel as hot as Death Valley, and roast much of the country with 100-degree heat.

Jul 20 10:28

Neil Armstrong's face is seen on the Moon for the first time: Amateur creates incredible composite image on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (11 Pics)

The first ever clear photo of Neil Armstrong's face on the moon has been revealed by an amateur British photographer.
The stunning image was created by property developer Andy Saunders, 45, from Culcheth in Cheshire and it shows the famous astronaut just moments after he had stepped onto the lunar surface for the first time.

Jul 20 10:05

'Where are they now?' Trump's awkward response to Nobel Peace Prize winner after she told him how how her Yazidi family was kidnapped and killed by ISIS

Nobel Peace Prize winning human rights activist Nadia Murad shared her harrowing story of escape from the clutches of ISIS with Donald Trump in the White House this week, but things quickly took an awkward turn when the president asked her where her family was - despite having just been told twice that they’d been murdered by the Islamic State.

Jul 20 10:05

Experts call for fresh ban on 'seriously flawed' artificial sweetener used in thousands of products including Coca-Cola and Pepsi over safety fears

British experts have cast doubt on the safety of an artificial sweetener used in thousands of products including big brand diet soft drinks from Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
Academics at the University of Sussex claim that an EU food watchdog assessment giving a clean bill of health to aspartame, a calorie-free sugar alternative, was seriously flawed.

Jul 20 09:52

The right in a nutshell..(Cartoon)

Jul 20 09:40

Donald Trump mocks Sadiq Khan after Metropolitan Police Twitter hack: US President says 'with the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets!' as police account tweets a stream of obscenities (11 Pics)

Donald Trump has used the Metropolitan Police's Twitter hack blunder to take another swipe at London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
The US President tweeted, 'With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets!' hours after the Met's official Twitter account shared a stream of obscenities.

Jul 20 09:40

Iran releases propaganda video of Revolutionary Guard commandos dropping from a helicopter and hijacking British tanker just minutes after Jeremy Hunt told regime of his 'extreme disappointment' (22 Pics)

A new propaganda video captures the moment Iranian Revolutionary Guard commandos drop from a helicopter to hijack a British tanker.
Footage shows troops wearing ski masks and carrying machine guns rappelling to the deck of the British-flagged tanker Stena Impero from their aircraft last night.

Jul 20 08:45

Watch: Awkward ‘Squad’ Interview Shows Tlaib Treating Other 3 Like Children

The talk of the town in recent weeks has been the unbelievable amount of infighting among Democrats, between progressive and moderate factions.

Jul 20 08:44

Kavanaugh Book Rocks Charts, But You Wouldn’t Know It by Watching Mainstream Media

If you were watching mainstream media over the last month, you’re probably under the impression that the top-selling nonfiction book that wades into the political and social spheres would have been E. Jean Carroll’s “What Do We Need Men For?: A Modest Proposal.”

Jul 20 07:57

Puerto Rico Is So Corrupt, New Scandal Breaks While People Still Protesting Old One

Things are getting nasty in Puerto Rico.
As thousands of local demonstrators gathered to protest the U.S. territory’s government after a recent scandal was brought to light, an entirely new scandal came out of nowhere.

Jul 20 07:56

DCCC Slams GOP Candidate for Taking Tobacco Money, Only To Take Donation 4 Times Larger

Hypocrisy, thy name is the Democratic Party, specifically the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Jul 20 07:52

The Royal Navy rushed to stop Iran seizing British tanker but arrived ten minutes late: MoD releases dramatic photos of frigate warding off Iranian speedboats in ANOTHER incident amid criticism of strategy

The Stena Impero was seized in the Strait of Hormuz at 4pm yesterday by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces
British-registered tanker was ordered to turn to the north and was taken into Iranian territorial waters
Warship HMS Montrose, which was patrolling the Persian Gulf, did a U-turn and raced to help captured ship
A second vessel, the British-operated Mesdar was seized by Iran but was released after being inspected
Following an emergency COBRA meeting, Iran was warned it faces 'serious consequences' for their actions

Jul 19 14:32

4th alligator sighting in two months in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh marks its 4th alligator sighting since May