Apr 24 22:44

Introducing the Altyn: Russia Accelerates Plans to Launch New “Gold” Eurasian Currency

Several Russian News outlets have reported that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, that currently form the Eurasian customs union, will sign an agreement in May to accelerate the formation of an economic union and a joint currency: the Altyn.
Russia’s economy is eight times smaller than the US, but by forming a new ‘empire’ on top of a vast amounts of resources, this economic block will be a serious threat for the US petrodollar.

Apr 24 22:30

Missouri man serving life for pot prays for clemency

This is sick and a gross injustice! Free this man Missouri!

One inmate in the Missouri Department of Corrections system has a sentence unlike any other person behind bars.

Jeff Mizanskey is serving life without the chance of parole for a non-violent offense involving marijuana.

"I'm not here to discuss guilt or innocence, my main concern is why am I treated differently than anyone else?" Mizanskey said. "I believe it is an unfair sentence."

The 61-year-old Sedalia man is the only person in the state of Missouri serving the harshest punishment possible for marijuana.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the state of Missouri has some of the toughest drug laws in the country.

"Disbelief of being here," Mizanskey said. "I'm pretty much a loaner out here."

Mizanskey said when he tells other inmates his sentence for marijuana, they don't believe him.

Apr 24 21:57

Charges dropped against teen in Taos minivan incident

A little justice! Now hows about dropping charges against Mom!

TAOS, N.M. (AP) - A New Mexico prosecutor says charges have been dropped against a teenager whose mother led police on a high-speed chase in a videotaped incident during which a State Police officer fired at her fleeing minivan carrying five children.

Apr 24 19:13

Explosive: What really happened to Sharyl Attkisson at CBS?

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS’s top investigative reporter: gone, resigned, floating free, unchained, now viewed by the news establishment as an outsider, a defector, a weirdo with an axe to grind.

Among the controversial stories she covered at CBS: Benghazi. Just as she was digging below the surface of the Obama coverup, she was cut off and shut down by her network bosses.

Apr 24 18:58

Dynasty vs. dynasty: The 2016 Presidential race to nowhere

Like the fall of Rome, in what looks to be another repeat of history, we see two powerful entities align for one seat — the 2016 Presidency

Apr 24 18:42

The top 8 reasons you need a possum mentality to survive what’s coming

When times are good, abundance flows like sweet treats from Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory. Thinking that this river of abundance will never dry up is, as Willie Wonka sang, Pure Imagination.

Apr 24 18:04

McCain-backed plan could put more stinger missiles in the hands of Jihadists

According to John McCain, powerful weapons getting into the wrong hands is worth the risk to oust Syria’s President Bashar al Assad

Apr 24 17:41

12 Numbers Which Prove That Americans Are Sick And Tired Of Politics As Usual

The American people are increasingly waking up to the fact that nothing ever seems to change in Washington D.C. no matter which political party is in power. In fact, as you will see later on in this article, an all-time high 53 percent of all Americans believe that neither party "represents the American people". Over the past several decades, we have sent a Bush, a Clinton, another Bush and an Obama to the White House, but the policies coming out of Washington have remained pretty much the same the entire time. The mainstream media would have us believe that the Republicans and the Democrats are constantly fighting like cats and dogs, but the truth is that the Republicans want to take us to the same place that the Democrats want to take us - just a little more slowly perhaps. And behind the scenes, Republicans and Democrats have a good time with one another and they are ultimately controlled by the same set of oligarchs.

Apr 24 17:35

Ukraine and Syria: In Orwellian Times, Revolution is Imperialism

We live in the times that George Orwell predicted in his groundbreaking novel 1984. A time of deception, where nothing is what it seems to be. Lost in a deep fog of propaganda that passes for information, we have to decipher through conflicting narratives, where stories are planted to hide other ones. In this fictional conundrum, reality has become surreal, and words have lost their meaning.

Apr 24 13:39

53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People

Voters continue to believe Democrats have more of a plan for the future than Republicans do, but most again say neither party represents the public.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is fair to say that neither party in Congress is the party of the American people. That’s up six points from 47% last October and matches the previous high foundin June 2012 during the last national election cycle. Just 28% disagree, while 19% are not sure.

Apr 24 13:03

Committee on Benghazi: Obama switching sides & providing weapons to al-Qaeda led to Benghazi attack

Here’s more evidence of what I contended years ago. These were my exact words: Obama had switched sides in the war on terror — even before Benghazi. And the heads exploded on the left (here).

Apr 24 13:00

The Myth of American Democracy – Money Talks and Those Without Money Have No Voice

A new study confirms the obvious: the will of the people carries no weight in the United States. Within the nation’s borders democracy is everywhere proclaimed but nowhere to be found. These truths we hold to be self-evident: “ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does in the United States.”

Apr 24 12:27

Targeted killing could become a game for all if we fail to nail the warmongers

Stuart Littlewood examines the justifications given by Western and Israeli politicians for prima facie illegal political assassinations, and wonders what would happen if those same excuses were used against these same politicians.

Apr 24 12:17

Only Poor ‘People of Color’ who Vote Democrat Matter to Nancy Pelosi

This is worse than the race card. It’s a prime indication that she and the Democrats don’t care about people as people but people as voting blocks. Blacks vote nearly 95 percent Democrat. They overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in the last two presidential elections.

The Democrats count on their vote in every election since they are the saving grace of the Democrat Party. Since President Obama will not be on the ticket in 2014 and 2016, the black vote is even more crucial, especially if they don’t show up at the polls. They have to be incentivized to turn out.

Apr 24 12:10

Independent Scotland could escape UK austerity

Perhaps the convincing case for Scottish independence is the prospect of Scotland never being ruled by a Tory government ever again.

Apr 24 10:49

Republicans on the U.S. Supreme Court Are Wrong: The Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution Was Progressive

The original intent of the U.S. Constitution can most accurately be determined upon the basis of the debates that occurred at the Constitutional Convention that (after preliminaries during the Convention's opening days of 25-28 May 1787) started on 29 May 1787, and ended nearly four months later, on September 17th of 1787. James Madison transcribed those epoch-making, nation-forming, debates.

Apr 24 10:47


According to The Salt Lake Tribune, "It's time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders, lawmakers and county commissioners from Western states said at Utah's Capitol on Friday.

"More than 50 political leaders from nine states convened for the first time to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-,timber-and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

"'It's simply time,' said Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands along with Montana state Sen. Jennifer Fielder. 'The urgency is now.'

"Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, was flanked by a dozen participants, including her counterparts from Idaho and Montana, during a press conference after the daylong closed-door summit. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee addressed the group over lunch, Ivory said. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington also were represented.

Apr 24 10:36

Video: Ivy League Study Says the General Public Has Virtually No Influence on Policy

Benjamin Page says that the analysis he conducted with Martin Giles of public opinion surveys and elite policy preferences of the last 20 years shows economic elites virtually determine governmental policy.

Apr 24 10:22

Fighting for a Legitimate Democracy, by and for the People

Two weeks ago in reaction to the McCutcheon decision we touched on an issue that will become central to our movement: Has the democratic legitimacy of the US government been lost?

We raised this issue by quoting a Supreme Court Justice, former US president and a sitting US Senator..

Apr 24 10:12

Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force

During his two-day visit this week to Kiev, Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden unfurled President Barack Obama’s “U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine.”

A key part of the package involves promoting the deployment of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Ukraine. Dean Neu, professor of accounting at York University in Toronto, describes this phenomenon in his book “Doing Missionary Work.” And in this case, it involves the U.S. acting as a modern-day missionary to spread the gospel of fracking to further its own interests.

Apr 24 10:00

Episode 32 Occupy: Robbing Cowboys and Indians


Guests Richard Mack, Raymond Yowell, Ramona Hage Morrison

Apr 24 09:08

Patriots At Bundy Ranch Being Droned

The patriots at the Bundy Ranch being droned. Recorded on 23 April 2014.

Apr 24 09:03

Cop bitten by K-9 for taking “selfie” after raid

An overzealous police officer was recently shown the power of karma after celebrating the arrest of a nonviolent person.

Apr 24 08:48

Bank Regulators Sure Are Doing Well These Days

Thanks to new financial “reform” rules — made possible through the demonization of “greedy” Wall Street — the average bank regulator now makes more than the average “fat cat” banker.

Since the 2010 enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act, federal bank regulator jobs have expanded and pay has climbed with them. Last year, according to Labor Department data, the average worker at a federal bank regulatory agency got 2.7 times the average pay of a private banker.

Apr 24 08:11

Harry Reid's Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth

Last month, as the Senate was busy negotiating the final details of its Ukraine aid package, Majority Leader Harry Reid became temporarily distracted with a campaign finance issue. Since winning re-election in 2010, Reid’s campaign had purchased gifts for supporters and donors from vendors like Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Nordstrom, and the Senate gift shop, among others. But one round of spending was directed to a less recognizable firm: Ryan Elisabeth, a jewelry line.

In 2012 and 2013, the campaign spent $31,267 purchasing gifts from the company, which is owned by Reid’s granddaughter, Ryan Elisabeth Reid. All told, she took in nearly seven times more cash than all vendors of donor gifts combined during that period of time.

Apr 24 08:04

Breaking News - Israel suspends peace talks in response to Palestinian unity deal

RT - Israel suspends peace talks in response to Palestinian unity deal

(details to follow)

Apr 24 07:57

America’s Surge Toward Oligarchy

Is America an oligarchy? Thanks to a new study from Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin I. Page of Northwestern University, social media, Op-Ed pages and the blatheri are all atwitter at the implication that American democracy is a sham.

Apr 24 07:54

Perry rips ‘out-of-control’ federal government over Texas land dispute

Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined his state’s top attorney on Wednesday in blasting the federal Bureau of Land Management over concerns that it may be looking at laying claim to thousands of acres of property in northern Texas.

“The federal government already owns too much land,” Perry told Fox News.

At issue are thousands of acres of land on the Texas side of the Red River, along the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Officials recently have raised concern that the BLM might be looking at claiming 90,000 acres of land as part of the public domain.

On Tuesday, state Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is running to replace Perry, raised the issue in a letter to the BLM director. He also told Breitbart.com he’s ready to “go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.”

Apr 24 07:29

F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic

The principle that all Internet content should be treated equally as it flows through cables and pipes to consumers looks all but dead.

The Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday that it would propose new rules that allow companies like Disney, Google or Netflix to pay Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon for special, faster lanes to send video and other content to their customers.

Apr 24 06:59

Very interesting photo from the Bundy Ranch area!

Click for larger image

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Either the cops have to get really drunk before they can violate Americans' constitutional rights. or we have confirmation that the US Government hides its activities from the American people using trucks disguised as commercial vehicles.

Apr 24 06:16

IRS Gate was never one-sided

"new documents obtained through a FOIA request by ThinkProgress show that yes, the IRS targeted both conservative and liberal groups.."

Apr 24 02:59

Two Thirds of Rebel Fighters In Syria Are European Citizens

According to the report, entitled “Greenbirds: Measuring importance and influence in Syrian Foreign Fighter Networks’”, around 10% of the foreign fighters are from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria included.
The largest share of foreign fighters comes from the UK – 17.9% of fighters in Syria were from the UK, based on their database of 190 fighters identified from their social media accounts.
There is also a considerable number of citizens of France – 11.6%, Germany – 11.1%, Sweden – 10%, 8.9% from Belgium and 6.3% from the Netherlands. The report claims that there is a total of 5.3% citizens of Australia, Canada and the US.

Apr 23 19:21

Ukraine coal miners on strike, refuse to pay Kiev coup damages bill

The Coupsters are trying to get the working man to pay for the damage that they,the Coupsters did to Kiev! What gall!

Over 2,000 coal miners in Lugansk region have been on strike for the second day running, demanding higher wages and refusing to accept a pay cut to fund the restoration of Kiev, which suffered damage during the coup that overthrew the government.

According to local media reports miners have seen around a 10 percent cut in their paychecks to restore the Ukrainian capital.

Apr 23 19:20

Monsanto's Government Ties

The most telling evidence that Monsanto's strategy has been an overwhelming succes is the number of former Monsanto employees who have been given jobs in the FDA and other regulatory agencies that monitor Monsanto's products.

Margaret Miller is just one example. While working as a Monsanto researcher, she contributed to a scientific report for the FDA on Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. Shortly before the report was submitted, Miller left Monsanto to work at the FDA, where her first job was to review the same report! Assisting Miller was another former Monsanto researcher, Susan Sechen.

Needless to say, the FDA accepted Monsanto's findings, which became the basis for its approval of Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone and its decision not to require labels on milk produced through the use of the artificial hormone.

Apr 23 16:40

Secret American base in Libya reportedly seized by jihadists

A secret base in Libya that has reportedly been used up until recently by United States special operations forces may have been taken over by local militants linked to Al-Qaeda, a new report suggests.

Apr 23 16:36

"VP Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force On Ukraine Trip"

A key part of the package involves promoting the deployment of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Ukraine. Dean Neu, professor of accounting at York University in Toronto, describes this phenomenon in his book “Doing Missionary Work.” And in this case, it involves the U.S. acting as a modern-day missionary to spread the gospel of fracking to further its own interests.

Apr 23 16:08

Georgia Governor Signs Unprecedented “Guns Everywhere” Bill: Carry at Schools, Churches and Government Buildings

The State of Georgia has just signed an unprecedented new law that removes all handgun carrying and possession permissions to allow lawful residents the ability to carry their concealed firearms just about everywhere including schools, churches, government buildings, nightclubs and bars. The National Rifle Association hails it as the “most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent state history.”

Apr 23 13:59

Meet Dave, your Christian “Dyno-Rod”

Stuart Littlewood reflects on the “Christian” rhetoric of Prime Minister David Cameron, whose actions belie his supposedly “Christian” sentiment, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, whose moral outrage carefully tip-toes around Israel.

Apr 23 12:13

West Blames Assad For Chemical Weapons Attack . . . Again

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In what is now the latest of chemical weapons attacks to have taken place inside Syria and blamed on the Syrian government by the Western media, the recent chlorine-based gas attack in Kfar Zeita has prompted the Anglo-European propaganda machine to once again begin greasing up its gears to accuse Bashar al-Assad of crimes against humanity and justify some form of humanitarian intervention in Syria by NATO forces.

The attacks come shortly before the completion of the transfer and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.

Predictably, the recent attacks are being promoted by Western outlets as an example of how a chemical weapons free Syria is still capable of deploying chemical weapons against civilians due to a loophole allowing for the production of chlorine gas...

Apr 23 11:46

No-Fly List Under Fire as Evidence Shows it was Used to Recruit Snitches

Joe Wright
Activist Post

Earlier in the year a Malaysian woman became the first to successfully contest having been put on the U.S. secretive No-Fly list. In that case, Rahinah Ibrahim, a student at Stanford in 2005, was detained at San Francisco Airport while en route to Kona, Hawaii as part of a Ph.D. program in architecture and design. She was detained, interrogated, then released after two hours, but subsequently ended up on the No-Fly List . . . for 7 years.

After a lengthy battle, it was admitted that a clerical error led to her addition to the list and that, worse still, the government knew early on that it was a mistake and tried to conceal the error. Ibrahim is still battling over the legal fees in that case, which has revealed yet more potential deception on the part of the U.S. government.

Apr 23 11:33

Report: Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented if the US Hadn’t ‘Switched Sides in the War on Terror’

‘The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,’

Apr 23 10:59

Did the NSA Blackmail Obama? Whistle-blower Claims NSA Targeted Obama “Word for Word” Beginning in 2004

In what is the most ironic of any of the NSA Prism-gate revelations to date, NSA Whistle-blower Russ Tice has revealed that the NSA began targeting President Obama in 2004 prior to his run for the Illinois Senate seat.

Tice states that the NSA targeted Obama, his spouse, his entire family, and all of Obama’s staff members, and that the monitoring was NOT simply meta data, but that Obama’s communications were targeted by the NSA: ”24/7, word for word what was said and typed into their emails. Was Obama blackmailed? I don’t know the answer to that, but what is the justification for Obama turning against his campaign promises and his supposed love for the Constitution?”

Apr 23 10:50

Kedem complex: The final piece of Israel’s complete control over Al-Aqsa mosques

Kedem complex was the final piece Israel needed to secure its complete control over the area around al-Haram al-Sharif. Now tourists will enter from Jaffa Gate , walk through the Jewish quarter, see the Western Wall, visit the City of David and get their information from the Kedem complex. The experience would reinforce both the idea of Israel's physical control of the area and a hardline nationalist narrative associated with Israel's far right. The sites and signs will look Israeli; all the information and tours will consolidate an exclusively Jewish narrative. Most Israeli and foreign tourists will have no idea that they are in Palestinian territory. It will feel to them like they are still in Israel. Continue reading --> http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=21984

Apr 23 10:40

All is not lost for Palestinians, even if talks hit the buffers

With the Palestinian leaderships committed to hopeless strategies, a third way has begun to emerge. With Israel's demand for "unconditional surrender" from the Palestinians, "the road to South Africa has been paved". Continue reading --> http://sabbah.biz/mt/?p=21979

Apr 23 10:36

Wall Street Greed and the Corrupt Global Banking Cartel: Too Big to Prosecute? Not for a California Jury

Sixteen of the world’s largest banks have been caught colluding to rig global interest rates. Why are we doing business with a corrupt global banking cartel?

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks are too big to prosecute. But an outraged California jury might have different ideas.

Apr 23 10:19

Sen. Dean Heller calls for BLM hearings during appearance with Reid - #Bundyranch

Nevada’s junior senator noted that he wants to determine “who drove” BLM policy

Apr 23 09:37

The Ugly, Gruesome, Slimy Run-Up To WW-III

The unpleasant reality is that we are already in WW-III, and have been for some time. The entire Earth and the vast majority of the human race are under unrelenting assault.

The Economic Front of WW-III

But you don't have to take my word for it. Warren Buffett, the well-known multi-billionaire and fourth richest man in the world recently stated:

"Through the tax code, there has been class warfare waged, and my class has won. It's been a rout.

Apr 23 09:36

NBC: All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant in 2017

Imagine, if you will, a future where drones, platformed with active denial systems, DNA disrupting tetra radiation, targeted to RFID chips forcibly inserted into American citizens, located by GPS satellite systems that encircle the globe from space, causing intense pain and suffering (torture), covert and unseen death for those human beings who had the unmitigated gall to stand up to the Satanic oligarchy that expropriated their resources and properties, enslaved the world via the 9/11 inside job attacks and the so-called "war on terror".

Apr 23 09:05

Money-laundering probe targets Republican “godfather” Sheldon Adelson

This just in from my recent radio guest Gene “Chip” Tatum! (Literally seconds ago…) Sheldon Adelson, the ultra-Zionist “Las Vegas godfather” who owns the Republican Party and wants to nuke Iran, is the target of a federal money laundering probe. A key witness, Curtis Pope, is afraid for his life.

Apr 23 09:02

The Nevada statute that is on the Bundy family side

Nevada has a statute that is directly in conjunction with what is happening to the Bundy family. It is called the “Sagebrush Revolution” statute. If the state would enforce this, it would start working to stop the removal of the ranchers that has happened. This would help get the state to where it could grow.

Apr 23 08:55

Can talking about the Constitution make you a federal target?

A political prisoner? A target for the FBI?


Schaeffer Cox came to the attention of the government’s Sovereign Citizen Task
Force circa 2010

Apr 23 08:36

My Recorded Calls to Congress for them to start Impeachment Proceedings against Obama Immediately.

I called my Congressional Representatives to Demand they begin Impeachment Proceedings against Obama after the New Benghazi report out today.

Apr 23 08:28

Man attacked by cop for asking question

A Green Bay police officer is under investigation after violently attacking a man outside a downtown bar last weekend

Apr 23 08:11

See Something, Say Something, Hell Yeah !!! by Chuck

OK use it !!

When you see some Crooked Bureaucrat not following the Constitution or the LAW, Snitch on Him.

From the Local Town Council Crook all the way up to the OBozo Cronies, See Something Say Something !!!

Apr 23 08:10

How the Obscenely Wealthy Are Strangling Our Democracy

A new academic paper by Princeton University’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Benjamin Page has made national headlines by concluding that wealthly Americans almost always get what they want from the political system regardless of what middle-class and working-class people seek from the government.

Steven Rosenfeld spoke with Benjamin Page about this research and the prospects for political change and a progressive agenda.

Apr 23 07:56

Canada's coup-supporting corporate cowboy diplomacy

When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry bloviated last fall about officially ending the Monroe Doctrine (the U.S. belief that God grants only Americans the right to interfere with the internal affairs of other western hemisphere countries), one wonders if Stephen Harper and his foreign affairs pitbull John Baird immediately took the concept on for themselves. Perhaps they also adopted a bit of manifest destiny thrown in for good measure. How else -- other than through the lens of someone who truly feels anointed by the heavens -- can one begin to understand Harper's messianic foreign policy, one in which he and John Baird play tag-team John Waynes making the world safe for Canadian corporate profits?

Apr 23 07:30

IRS workers who didn’t pay taxes got bonuses

he Internal Revenue Service handed out $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with disciplinary issues — including more than $1 million to employees who didn’t pay their federal taxes, a watchdog report says.

Apr 23 07:29

Leonard Peltier and Me

Okay, I sat with Nick O’Hara in the FBI office, and on the way in, on the wall, were the photos of the two agents, Ron Williams and Jack Coler, who were killed at Oglala, supposedly by Leonard Peltier.

I had spent a lot of time studying the case, read In The Spirit of Crazy Horse, knew something about the ballistics evidence, the shell casings.

I listened to O’Hara tell me point-blank eye to eye, that Peltier did it, that he was a murderer, and that the shell casings found were proof, etc.

I admit that when I left I didn’t know who was telling the truth.

Apr 23 07:08

West Visits Newly Installed Regime in Kiev

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Biden’s visit is not the first time Western representatives have traveled to Kiev in direct support of the “Euromaidan” protests and the subsequent unelected regime that violently seized power. US Senator John McCain would literally take the stage with the ultra-right, Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leaders as well as meet with “Fatherland Party” member and future “prime minister,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk...

Apr 23 07:02

Government = Protection Racket for the 1 Percent

The evidence of income inequality just keeps mounting. According to “Working for the Few,” a recent briefing paper from Oxfam, “In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer.”

Apr 23 06:44

Ministry of Truth: SCOTUS skeptical of law to police campaign ‘lies’

Taking up a closely watched case on the roles of truth and lies in modern politics, Supreme Court justices Tuesday appeared skeptical about the constitutionality of an Ohio law that criminalizes false statements about candidates in the days before elections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I mean, really! If politicians are not allowed to lie the whole US system of government would collapse!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 23 06:39

Former BLM Employee Reid Bunkerville & the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's all about the money. Harry Reid's money!

Apr 23 06:29

It’s only April and a Democrat is already vying for The Biggest Lie of 2014

David Gregory: Is the issue in the fall a referendum on President Obama?

Wasserman-Schultz: No, absolutely not. The–

Gregory: It’s not?

Wasserman-Schultz: No, in a mid-term election, and even like I said in 2012, these elections, particularly the Senate elections, are referendums on the candidates running. I mean, if they were not, you would have seen the states where Mitt Romney won–

Apr 23 06:05

New Report Proves Treason at the Highest Degree from Obama and Hillary Clinton. D.C. needs to begin Impeach Proceedings Immediately!

A report out about the Benghazi murder of the Ambassador, Stevens proves the U.S. was behind the terrorist groups that murdered him.

The report also proves that the U.S. is the one who supplied the guns to Al Qaeda in Libya and the revolution there to oust Gaddafi.

'The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,'

'Some look at it as treason,' said Wayne Simmons, a former CIA officer who participated in the commission's research.Retired Rear Admiral Chuck Kubic, another commission member, told reporters Tuesday that those weapons are now 'all in Syria.'

CONgress ignored Fast and Furious, NSA, IRS, NDAA, and all the other Treasonous acts of the Administration! We can NOT allow them to ignore this!

Apr 23 02:09


Has a certain bitter humour to it, but is not satire: these charts are based on thorough research.

Apr 22 21:51

I’m not biting Bloomberg’s bullet

I want to talk about Michael Bloomberg’s latest initiative to demonize legal gun owners. I say, “legal” gun owners because you and I know that the only people who are likely to comply with gun laws are decent, law-abiding citizens.

Apr 22 21:05

Agenda 21: The BLM Land Grabbing Endgame

Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land? After all, the federal government already owns more than 40 percent of the land in 9 different U.S. states. Why are federal bureaucrats so determined to grab even more? Well, the truth is that this all becomes much clearer once you understand that there is a very twisted philosophy behind what they are doing. It is commonly known as “Agenda 21?, although many names and labels are used for this particular philosophy. Basically, those that hold to this form of radical environmentalism believe that humanity is utterly destroying the planet, and therefore the goal should be to create a world where literally everything that we do is tightly monitored and controlled by control freak bureaucrats in the name of “sustainable development”. In their vision of the future, the human population will be greatly reduced and human activity will be limited to strictly regulated urban areas and travel corridors.

Apr 22 19:32

Meet David Cameron, your Christian ‘Dyno-Rod’

British PM has certainly helped make a big difference to people's lives across the globe.Cameron was among those who stupidly voted for war with Iraq, which caused mega-death and destruction, shredded the lives of everyone there and wrecked their ancient civilisation. He went on the prod in Libya with generally disastrous consequences for its people. He was itching to bomb Syria but, mercifully, Parliament stopped him. And he has inflicted vicious sanctions on the Iranians, with the intention of ruining their economy, for no reason except Israel and America wished it. Now he wants to mix it with the Russians without knowing the facts.

Apr 22 19:01

Cowboys and Indians united against Keystone

Published on Apr 22, 2014

The Cowboy and Indian Alliance kicked off a five-day protest Tuesday against the proposed expansion of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Apr 22 18:13

Bitcoin for an Efficient Open-Source Government

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Bitcoin, the currency, remains controversial, but the possibilities of its technology as an automated public ledger is beginning to gain universal respect...

Apr 22 17:15

Harry Reid Is The Real Domestic Terrorist

With BrightSource Energy donating cash to Harry Reid’s political slush fund, and with Harry Reid in control of the BLM via Neil Korntze, it should be pretty clear why Harry Reid has pro-actively taken a public stand and unleashed verbal violence on the BLM/Bundy battle. I have a good hunch he’s close to getting a big solar deal clinched from which he’ll stand to make a lot of money eventually and he needs the Gold Butte piece to cement the deal.

That truth is, given Harry Reid’s history of abusing the power of his Senate seat – Reid is the one who is the terrorist.

Apr 22 17:12

MUST SEE VIDEO: BLM Whistleblower — Reid Bunkerville LLC. Owns Land Around the Bundy Ranch

You saw his proof. (below) Now meet BLM Whistleblower Rusty Hill who uncovered the corporations and shady land deals connected to Reid Bunkerville LLC, Zion Bank Corp, and BLM lands surrounding the Bundy properties.

Apr 22 17:07

Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup. The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.

Apr 22 16:34


Posted by Karen Quinn-Tostado

The courageous Men and Women who are risking Their Lives to support the Bundy's Ranch and OUR FREEDOM NEED OUR HELP! Below is a request from the Oath Keepers.

Consider getting phone numbers of locally owned stores in Eureka and purchasing goods there that can be picked up and taken by these Hero's who are going to help. leaving today, Tues and tomorrow.

Consider as well what a STRIKE from those of US who cannot go would do to in a MASSIVE SHOW OF SUPPORT!

Apr 22 16:25

Mossad routinely uses forged Canadian passports on covert missions

reports revealed that the Canadian government gave a new identity and passport to an Israeli Mossad assassin who participated in the 2010 murder of Hamas military commander

Apr 22 15:38

Exclusive--Texas AG Abbott to BLM: 'Come and Take It'

Don't mess with Texas!

“I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.”

Gen. Abbott sent a strongly-worded letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze, asking for answers to a series of questions related to the potential land grab.

Apr 22 14:53

Berlusconi doing community service inseminating pandas

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was recently sentenced to a year’s community service for tax fraud, has found work inseminating a giant panda at Edinburgh zoo, following failed attempts to mate her with a male panda. The zoo and the 77-year-old billionaire’s lawyers said that they were satisfied that the ruling was a win-win, allowing him to remain both politically and sexually active.

Apr 22 14:35

Obama runs China's pivot gauntlet

By Peter Lee

Maybe it should be understood that the beginning of the "Pacific Century" is perhaps the end of the "American Century". That would certainly be an ironic coda to President Obama's visit.

Apr 22 13:32

US sends 600 troops to Eastern Europe, warship USS Taylor enters Black Sea

US frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50) has entered the Black Sea, according to the US Navy, as the Pentagon announces plans to dispatch some 600 troops to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for military exercises.

The US claims the ship’s entry is “to promote peace and stability in the region.”

Apr 22 13:27

Albuquerque police kill third person in five weeks

Killed a retired Judges daughter this time!

A 19-year-old woman was shot and killed by police in Albuquerque, New Mexico early Monday after being suspected of stealing a truck. This week's death of Mary Hawkes now marks the third time in five weeks that Albuquerque cops have killed a civilian.
Recently retired Valencia County Magistrate Danny Hawkes identified his daughter Mary as the victim later that evening.

Apr 22 11:34

Insurer Admits Nearly 1,000 Doctors Wrongly Placed On Covered California Provider List

Two months after KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch first reported about some doctors listed on the Covered California exchange were actually not accepting the plans, insurer Anthem Blue Cross admitted that nearly 1,000 doctors were erroneously listed.

Apr 22 10:57

U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court, Rules Michigan’s Proposal 2 is Constitutional

In a 6-2 decision today, the Supreme Court overturned a lower court and ruled that Michigan’s Proposal 2 is constitutional. Proposal 2 is a 2006 ballot initiative that led to a state constitutional ban on race-conscious college admissions policies in Michigan. It specifically barred students from lobbying universities to consider race as one of many factors in admissions.

Apr 22 10:53

Oklahoma House Votes to Legalize Gold and Silver as Money

Activist Post

Late last week, a bill to legalize gold and silver as legal tender was passed through the Oklahoma state house. The vote was 74-12.

Senate Bill 862 (SB862), was introduced by Sen. Clark Jolley and Rep. Gary Banz, with cosponsorship from Sen. Natham Dahm. It reads, in part:

"Gold and silver coins issued by the United States government are legal tender in the State of Oklahoma. No person may compel another person to tender or accept gold or silver coins that are issued by the United States government, except as agreed upon by contract."

The bill also provides a state-level tax exemption to Oklahoma residents exchanging their precious metals for another medium of exchange...

Apr 22 09:55

Teachers Aim To Expose Bad Agencies Via Website

Teaching union NASUWT launched a new website yesterday which allows teachers to publicly rate employment agencies in an effort to prevent exploitation in the industry.

Apr 22 09:36

VIDEO: Sheriff Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck, “You Oughta Be Ashamed of Yourself!”

"Bunkersville, Nev., April 22, 2014- In this video Sheriff Mack breaks down the Bundy Ranch situation, while calling out Glenn Beck. He states that the Bundy family simply wants to be left alone and highlights how the federal government has run all 53 of the other cattle ranchers in Clark County out of business, while questioning how these types of authoritarian acts will subsequently affect the food supply system. Sheriff Mack goes on to question what this will do to liberty in America."

Apr 22 09:31

Reid: ‘Something Will Happen’ To Stop Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy

Homeland Security Active Shooter Workshop - April 22, 2014 Circus Circus Hotel/Casino

Apr 22 09:22

Bob Dole Talks About Starting World War Three

Former Senate Majority leader, presidential candidate and Republican establishment icon Bob Dole has come out in favor of sending the fascist junta in Ukraine weapons, including tanks.

“There are a lot of things we could do. We could give the poor Ukrainians some weapons,” Dole told about 75 people in Kansas. “I think I would first of all send some tanks and some weapons to help the Ukrainian people. Putin would understand then that we’re serious. Those would be consequences.”

Apr 22 09:22

Obama: “Remaking the Middle East”: The American Gulag

During the beginning of his first term in office President Obama promised “to remake the Middle East into a region of prosperity and freedom”. Six years later the reality is totally the contrary: the Middle East is ruled by despotic regimes whose jails are overflowing with political prisoners. The vast majority of pro-democracy activists who have been incarcerated, have been subject to harsh torture and are serving long prison sentences. The rulers lack legitimacy, having seized power and maintained their rule through a centralized police state and military repression.Direct US military and CIA intervention, massive shipments of arms,military bases, training missions and Special Forces are decisive in the construction of the Gulag chain from North Africa to the Gulf States.

Apr 22 09:20

Director of Israel’s home front ministry resigns

The director general of Israel’s Homefront Security Ministry has stepped down over dispute with the Ministry of Military Affairs that he says has left his ministry paralyzed.

Dan Ronen tendered his resignation Tuesday in a letter he sent to Homefront Security Minister Gilad Erdan, in which he explained that the ministry does not have the necessary tools to successfully discharge its responsibilities.

Apr 22 09:13

The Alex Jones Show-- Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy at his best,

AJ, well, spouts his years old now, same talking points

51 minutes in

Apr 22 09:00

Do We Need a Thieving, Warmongering Ruling Class?

Murray Rothbard called his political philosophy anarcho-capitalism to differentiate it from the far more common “communist anarchism.” Or, rather, it was more common then.

Today, Murray’s vision of the free society without the oppressive, bloodthirsty, predatory State, and buttressed by private property, laissez-faire, and non-aggression, has relegated the bad guy anarchists to a particularly dusty corner of the history of thought.

Apr 22 08:58

The Class War's Front Line Should be Eliminating Billionaires From the Planet

The brutal class war shows up every day in our headlines. So does climate change. What do they have in common? Billionaires-- people who should not be allowed to exist. It is far too dangerous to allow any one person to have the power that billionaires wield.

Apr 22 08:42

US intel employees face new consequences for speaking to media

Members of the United States intelligence community must now operate within the boundaries of a new media policy, as contact with a journalist without prior approval can now be considered a fireable offense, their boss said on Sunday.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper signed on Sunday a directive which outlines new restrictions that intelligence analysts must consider before speaking to the press about both classified and unclassified information.

“No substantive information should be provided to the media regarding covered matters in the case of unplanned or unintentional contacts,” the directive states, defining “covered matters” as “intelligence-related information, including intelligence sources, methods, activities, and judgments.”

Apr 22 08:39

Unionists rally as Scottish independence mood gains ground

Opponents of Scottish independence speak of pensions being lost in the potential separation from the UK. It comes after a recent poll showed that the gap between Yes and No votes is narrowing, with unionists losing ground.

The landmark ICM survey revealed Sunday a decline of the No vote from 46 per cent to 42 percent over the past month. At the same time the Yes vote remained steady at 39 percent. With the “don’t knows” excluded from the count, the No vote stands at 52 percent, just four percent ahead of the Yes vote.

It’s the highest level of support for Scotland’s independence since last August, and with only five months remaining till the September 18 referendum, the poll opened to criticism the campaigning of those wishing to keep the union in place.

Apr 22 08:18

Gulag Amerika- It's Already Here

Michael T. Winter
Activist Post

For those who've read "Gulag Archipelago" by A.I. Solzhenitsyn, they know that the term 'gulag' is not a 'prison' in the sense citizens of the USA understand what a prison to be; large buildings with little windows, a wide open yard surrounded by razor wire and guard towers. Solzhenitsyn's gulag was a system...

Apr 22 08:11

Obama’s tour to reinforce “pivot to Asia”

Amid the on-going confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, President Barack Obama arrives in Japan tomorrow on the first leg of a tour of Asia that will also take in South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. Obama’s overriding aim is to signal his intention to press ahead with the “pivot to Asia,” which seeks to ensure US hegemony throughout the region.

Last October, Obama cancelled his trip to Asia, including his attendance at two key Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) summits, citing the government shutdown in Washington. His decision to proceed with the current tour, despite the escalating Ukraine crisis, is intended to reassure American allies that the US remains committed to its diplomatic offensive and military build-up in Asia against China.

Apr 22 07:22

The U.S. government has put full time military on our streets, we have not recognized it for what it is.

The U.S. government has been working on completely militarizing our Police over the last few years.

People simply have to look around to see that our police are completely militarized. Look at the BLM agents that were in Nevada. If you didn't know where and what they were doing and you just saw the pictures, you would have thought they were military personnel over in Iraq or somewhere.

Gallatin Tennessee got a Maxxpro Armored vehicle (info about Maxxpro vehicles). Not just the DHS vehicle style but the even more serious Marine style armored vehicle!

Iowa got a total of 7 MRAP vehicles for their police.

The U.S. has put military on our streets full time through the police, we simply haven't fully recognized it for what it is.

Apr 22 07:02

Setting the Stage for War With Pakistan

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Attempts to paint Pakistan as a dangerous enemy of the West and a prime candidate for military intervention has been made once again by those in the Western media...

Apr 21 20:20

A Key Test for International Law (forced deportation of Diego Garcia islanders by Britain)

In truth, if colonial conquest and force majeure are legitimate grounds of sovereignty, and if extermination of a population can wipe out the legal right to self-determination, then in international law Britain has the right to Diego Garcia and to give it as tribute to their US overlords. But if international law has any relationship of any kind to principles of justice, then Britain should not be permitted to reap the dubious benefit of genocide. What international law actually is in the neo-conservative era is the real question before the UN tribunal now looking at the Diego Garcia question.

The UK is represented by Sir Michael Wood. He is the man who overruled my objection inside the FCO to the use of “intelligence” gained from torture, and argued that British cooperation with extraordinary rendition was legal.

If anybody in Scotland can read through this and read through the links, and does not want to take the chance to leave the stinking cesspit of international shame that is the United Kingdom, they are severely deficient in moral sense.

Apr 21 20:12

Sochi Olympics awarded to Russia to stage coup against Ukraine

Hindsight does have a remarkable way of allowing the past to be revisited and properly understood. There are many events leading up the US-sponsored and CIA-coordinated coup d’état in the Ukraine which point directly to a highly covert implementation plan going back to 2007.

Apr 21 19:08

SPLC Releases List of 11 Unsung Heroes Of Liberty

Unbelievable, I know! OK, they call it "The Players: Anti-Agenda 21 Activists." If you just hit the Lotto and need some worthy causes to donate to (assuming you already cut a fat check to WRH) here are a few folks apparently doing good work!

Apr 21 18:57

Flashback: Sheriffs Across U.S. Rise Up Against Obama Regime

Feb 2013 - The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff's associations
Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against unconstitutional gun control

-#Occupy Security-Constitutional Sheriffs Association Nevada Resolution #BundyRanch
w/D. Callahan, Sheriff Christopher

Apr 21 18:32

Statists Call For Drone Strikes On Bundy Supporters

Stench of hypocrisy runs rampant

Paul Joseph Watson
April 21, 2014

As a federal appeals court rules that the Obama administration must divulge its legal basis for launching drone strikes against American citizens, many statists opposed to Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s stand against the government are calling for him and his supporters to be the victims of what would be America’s first domestic drone attack.

If ever there was a time for a drone strike, I'd say Bundy's self-appointed militia should've been turned into paste on the prairie. #tcot

— TeapartyCrasher (@VegasJessie) April 21, 2014

Apr 21 17:25

Clapper Begs Students To Stop Thinking Of Ed Snowden As A Hero

A few weeks back, I read a Washington Post story “Inside the admissions process at George Washington University” and noted this interesting tidbit towards the end:

GW also asks students to list a role model and two words to describe themselves. As for herself, Freitag said, she would list “Martha Stewart/Tina Fey” and “sassy/classy.” This year, she’s seeing a lot of Edward Snowden citations.

Apr 21 17:13

Crimes against Peace”: Historic Class Action Law Suit against George W. Bush

We now know that the Bush Administration began a concerted effort to scare and mislead the American public in order to obtain support for the Iraq War. As alleged in the complaint, this included the famous phrase that “the smoking gun could not be a mushroom cloud,” which was used repeatedly by Administration officials on news shows as a way of equating non-action with the vaporization of a United States city. The Administration used bogus and false intelligence to make the case for weapons of mass destruction, and also falsely linked al Qaeda to Iraq, despite the fact that there has never been any evidence of any operational linkages between the two. These were not simple mistakes: this was an intentional campaign by Administration officials to use faulty data to garner support for a war.

The crime of aggression was completed when these officials failed to secure proper authorization for the war. So concerned with their invasion, the Administration dismissed any need for a formal Security Council mandate. Today, Kofi Annan, an official Dutch inquiry, the Costa Rican Supreme Court, a former law lord from the House of Lords (Lord Steyn) and a former chief prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials (Benjamin Ferencz) have all concluded the Iraq War was illegal under international law.

Apr 21 16:55

SLOPD can use cameras in the courtroom when no one else can?

So here's the deal:

March 24, 2014, Karen Velie of CalCoastNews.com - one of the very few independent, boots-on-the-ground journalists who actually does the hard, thankless work of exposing corruption in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, California - was sitting in the defendent's seat for a dubious DUI arrest where she had field- and breath-tested for a blood-alcohol level BELOW the legal limit.

Yes, below.

A trial where it came out that the arresting officer - SLOPD Officer Josh Walsh - had a reputation for being a "Lone Ranger," (i.e. for doing things his own way, instead of the standard/accepted way) and who admitted under oath that: 1) He lied, 2) He perjured himself, and that 3) In his opinion, it was OK for police officers to lie in the performance of their duties.

Apr 21 16:16

America’s Mad Dash to Oligarchy

The evidence of income inequality just keeps mounting. According to “Working for the Few,” a recent briefing paper from Oxfam, “In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer.”

Apr 21 14:19

Homeland Security Adviser Warns Parents That Their Mouthy Kids May Grow Up To Be Terrorists

Our nation's singular focus on terrorism has led to various branches of the government and counterterrorism pundits declaring all sorts of things to be warning signs of terrorist activity. Here's a short (but by no means all-inclusive) list of activities that are supposedly indicators of terrorism-in-progress.

Apr 21 14:04

Shocking Revelation - Precog "Justice" System

Sicking realization that you have lost your freedom because of what may happen aka Precog Justice

Apr 21 13:03

Obamacare Spawning 'Medical Homelessness' Crisis

California Obamacare enrollees are struggling to find doctors who accept their newly purchased health insurance plans.

UCSF Dr. Kevin Grumbach calls the phenomenon "medical homelessness."

CBS San Francisco says that many of the health care clinics for low-income individuals that helped people enroll in Obamacare are now seeing those same people "coming back to the clinic begging for help."

Apr 21 12:31

Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe

A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told that the price would be $600,000, and claims to have made an initial payment of $250,000 when he was slapped with a federal lawsuit. Now he says he wants his money back.

Apr 21 12:17

UKIP causes a stir with biggest ever poster campaign costing £1.5 million but they're immediately attacked as 'racist'

Critics compared the immigration posters with those used in the past by the far-right British National Party.

Apr 21 12:15

Bush and Obama Are Both Evil Men

Singling out the last two presidents as evil is not to let other U.S. government officials, past and present, off the hook. It is only to focus on recent, visible and incontrovertible instances of evil deeds done by evil men.

Bush lied the U.S. into a vicious and aggressive war against Iraq. He’s responsible for a huge number of deaths and injuries.