Apr 24 23:05

EU to assist Ukraine in pay off part of debt to Gazprom, says commissioner

He said support would be given by the EU to Kiev in paying on Gazprom’s bills, which the EU believes to be justified.

The commission has no money of its own, so this will either be in the form of a loan from the ECB, which the Ukrainian people will have to pay back, or this largesse on the part of the EU commission will be at the expense of the tax payers in the rest of the European Union.

Apr 24 22:57

Putin sends tanks to the border after five pro-Russians are killed

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned there will be "consequences" if the Ukrainian army has been used against its people after Ukraine's interior ministry said "up to five" pro-Russian militants had been killed in the separatist-controlled city of Sloviansk.

Apr 24 22:53

Ukraine crisis: John Kerry issues blunt warning to Russia as deadly clashes at Slaviansk raise tensions

US secretary of state John Kerry has accused Russia of launching a "full-throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic process" in Ukraine, after clashes inside the country left five people dead.

Apr 24 22:48

Unverified & exposed: NYT-State Dept 'Russians in Ukraine' image proof collapses

Pictures presented by Washington and Kiev as evidence of Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and published on Monday by the New York Times, were unverified and in fact contradicted the claims they were to support.

Apr 24 22:44

Introducing the Altyn: Russia Accelerates Plans to Launch New “Gold” Eurasian Currency

Several Russian News outlets have reported that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, that currently form the Eurasian customs union, will sign an agreement in May to accelerate the formation of an economic union and a joint currency: the Altyn.
Russia’s economy is eight times smaller than the US, but by forming a new ‘empire’ on top of a vast amounts of resources, this economic block will be a serious threat for the US petrodollar.

Apr 24 22:37

Ukraine suspends anti-terror operations, citing concerns over Russian invasion

Putin means business!

Ukrainian anti-terror operations against pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine are on hold, a senior official said Thursday. The decision to suspend the operation was prompted by increasing concern of a Russian invasion as Russian troops are amassing along the border.

Apr 24 18:23

Putin calls the internet a 'CIA project'.

Vladimir Putin gave his clearest signal yet that he aims to break up the global nature of the internet when he branded the network a "CIA project" on Thursday.

Apr 24 18:19

Putin calls Internet 'CIA project'

warned Russians against making Google searches.

Apr 24 17:35

Ukraine and Syria: In Orwellian Times, Revolution is Imperialism

We live in the times that George Orwell predicted in his groundbreaking novel 1984. A time of deception, where nothing is what it seems to be. Lost in a deep fog of propaganda that passes for information, we have to decipher through conflicting narratives, where stories are planted to hide other ones. In this fictional conundrum, reality has become surreal, and words have lost their meaning.

Apr 24 17:30

Russia Warns of Retaliation as Ukraine Prepares to Attack Protestors

Ukraine’s interim government is promising new attacks against protester-held cities in its east, something they have presented as “anti-terrorism” operations, but is facing increasing warnings from Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said any attacks on Russian citizens in eastern Ukraine would be treated as an attack on the Russian Federation itself, and that Ukraine could “certainly” expect a response

Apr 24 17:29

Russia to US: Stop military operation in Ukraine

Russia says the United States must force the current leadership in Kiev to immediately stop a military operation in southeastern Ukraine.

Apr 24 16:05

U.S. offers Ukraine a new $50 million aid package

The United States has offered Ukraine a new $50 million aid package to help with economic and political reform, the White House said on Tuesday during a visit to Kiev by Vice President Joe Biden.

It also offered an additional $8 million in non-lethal military aid, including radios and vehicles, according to a statement issued by Biden's staff in Kiev.

Small in terms of Ukraine's needs and in relation to the $1 billion loan guarantee already signed with Washington, the package, along with Biden's visit, was a clear show of support for the new authorities following the overthrow of the Kremlin-backed president and continuing confrontation with Russia.

Apr 24 16:00

Ukraine puts economic cost of losing Crimea at €8 billion

Ukraine’s ecology and natural resources minister estimated today that Kiev had lost natural resources and related assets worth 127 billion hryvnias (€8 billion) when Russia annexed the Crimea region.

Apr 24 15:59

Russia to employ system of advance pay if Ukraine breaks off gas pay schedule

In the near future Russia will employ a system of advance pay for gas, which will be a tough, but fair decision if the problem of Ukraine's outstanding gas debt is not settled, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told Duma deputies on Tuesday.

"It is highly probable that in the near future our partners will be unable to start a process of settlement of the debt they owe to Russia, and we will have to employ a system of advance pay. Russia will supply as much gas as Ukraine pays for in advance. In other words, it will be a system of "gas for money,” Medvedev said.

Apr 24 15:53

Ukraine economy: How bad is the mess and can it be fixed?

What is the new Ukrainian government doing?

At the moment, consumers only pay a quarter of the cost of imported gas. The interim government says it will raise household gas prices by 50% from 1 May. This was one of the conditions demanded by the IMF, but an unpopular measure that President Yanukovych refused to take.

Taxes will go up, the minimum wage is being frozen, and 10% of civil servants will be made redundant.

Apr 24 15:33

Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?

Ordinary people will be the undisputed losers in the International Monetary Fund’s loan deal with Ukraine.

Apr 24 13:06

Slavyansk checkpoint attack aftermath, Kiev forces leaving scene

Fighting has erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in east Ukraine where population voiced their protest against Kiev authorities. This video shows the Ukrainian forces leaving the scene in the aftermath of the attack.

Apr 24 13:04

Doomed US targets China, Russia

Russia dropped "a bombshell" this month when it announced that it was going to conduct all its future international trade in the Russian ruble or in other national currencies. That decision by Moscow – which the Western media avoided to report – was prompted by Washington's provocative sanctions towards Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Apr 24 12:58

Putin: Sanctions may benefit Russian economy but MasterCard, Visa made mistake

Economic sanctions may benefit Russia by helping de-offshorize its economy and create better conditions for doing business inside the country, President Vladimir Putin said.

Apr 24 12:19

Russian Oil Giant LUKoil to Participate in Iraqi Nassiriya Tender

Russia's largest private oil company LUKoil is exploring the possibility of joint participation with Zarubezhneft in the Nassiriya Integrated Project tender in Iraq, the company has said.

The project involves the development of a giant oil deposit and construction of an associated refinery.

In addition, the company signed a memorandum of understanding in Baghdad earlier this month with the Iraqi government and the Oil Exploration Company. The memorandum stipulates the possibility of exploration in the 17,000-square-kilometer Western Euphrates block.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"What?!? You can't Do that!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 24 12:18

Does Washington want War with Russia?

In the last 48 hours, the Pentagon has announced the deployment of US paratrooper units to Poland and the three former Baltic republics of the Soviet Union—Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania—bringing US troops to Russia’s very border. Another American warship has been dispatched to the Black Sea and more US forces are slated to deploy to Ukraine itself this summer under an exercise known as Operation Rapid Trident.

Apr 24 11:58

Russian planes and warship put UK on high alert

TYPHOONS were scrambled to investigate two Russian bomber aircraft which flew close to the coast of Scotland yesterday as it emerged that a Royal Navy warship met and tracked a Russian naval vessel after it approached Scottish waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the Russian forces were in international airspace and waters, but the spin is that they are the provocation here.

Apr 24 11:55

Ukrainian Right Sector says it will join crackdown on pro-federalization protesters

The ultranationalist Ukrainian Right Sector movement said Thursday members of organization will join paramilitary units currently being formed to crackdown on pro-federalization protests in eastern Ukraine.

Apr 24 11:50

UK exploiting routine Russian military maneuvers for political reasons – Scottish MP

The United Kingdom is trying to exploit routine military maneuvers between the Russian and the British military for political reasons linked to the crisis in Ukraine, a Scottish MP told RIA Novosti.

Apr 24 11:47

Kiev authorities committing crime against own people, says presidential candidate

The actions of the Kiev government towards the people living in southeastern regions of Ukraine are a crime against own people, MP Oleh Tsaryov, who is running for presidency in the May 25 election, said Thursday in an interview with the Rossiya 24 channel.

Apr 24 10:56

Russia "Forced" To Launch Drill On Ukraine Border In Response To "NATO Build Up", Will Involve Fighter Jets

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says that Russia will begin "defense drills" today, forced to react to the situation in southeast Ukraine and, more improtantly, the NATO build up, the first time Russia has explicitly reacted to the military build up of the military alliance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How many will have to die this time before the bankers are happy?

Apr 24 10:53

Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or "We Will Fight"

Ukraine's foreign ministry has given Russia a 48-hour ultimatum to explain its military exercises near the nation's border; or, as foreign minister Andriy Deshschytisa warns "we will now fight with Russia troops."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The unelected Junta in Kiev is working hard to start the war that the United States wants with Russia. Russia already stated the reasons for their military exercises; that they are a response to Kiev's use of military force against the Ukrainian people. And whatever Russia does inside their own borders is none of Kiev's business.

They are just trying to pick a fight to get WW3 really cranked up, to please their masters in the private central banks.

Click for larger image

Apr 24 10:37

Gazprom Turns Up Heat On Kiev With $11bn Bill

Russia's energy giant Gazprom has hit Ukraine with a new $11.4bn (£6.8bn) gas bill - more than five times its original claim.

Gas supply has become a key economic weapon used by Moscow against its near-neighbour amid EU claims it can divert supplies to Ukraine.

The EU has also said it could take supplies from the United States amid its fracking revolution but Russia sees this as an unviable alternative in the near-term.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia is not the bad guy here. They have every right to charge whatever they want for their petroleum products. The former elected government in Kiev received a discount price in exchange for those Black Sea naval bases, but those bases are now Russian territory and Russia is under no obligation to continue to sell gas to Kiev at a discount, although the western media spin is that Russia is wrong not to do so.

Apr 24 10:27

France bids to cut EU's reliance on Russian gas

As the Ukraine crisis intensifies and threatens to divide Russia from the West, France and Poland made a joint call for a European-wide energy union that would help reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies.

Apr 24 10:23

Does Washington want War with Russia?

What underlies the US war drive? In the run-up to the Ukraine crisis, Washington had grown increasingly incensed by Moscow’s role in blocking US war plans against both Syria and Iran, not to mention Putin’s granting of asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Earlier, there was the fiasco that Moscow dealt Washington in the US-backed 2008 war launched by Georgia against South Ossetia. The events in Ukraine suggest that US imperialism has embarked on a strategy to eliminate Russia as an obstacle to its drive to assert hegemony over the Middle East and, more broadly, the landmass of Eurasia.

Apr 24 10:22

Ukraine crisis: US troops land in Poland for exercises

An initial 150 soldiers are to be followed by a further 450 within days.

US President Barack Obama has warned Russia it faces new sanctions if it refuses to implement an agreement to reduce tensions in eastern Ukraine.

Reports are coming in of violent incidents overnight between pro-Russian militants and Ukrainian forces in Mariupol and Artemivsk.

Apr 24 10:08

‘Feed your army, motherf***ers!’ Raging locals ‘hijack’ RT report as Ukraine troops raid Slavyansk

Eastern Ukrainians enraged by the Kiev military operation have used an RT video report to tell first-hand details of a Ukrainian army attack in Slavyansk. The Ukrainian troops raided a checkpoint and took all the food and medicine, they said.
Ukraine-based British journalist Graham Phillips was making a video report for RT on Thursday right after Ukrainian armed forces stormed a checkpoint near Slavyansk and were withdrawing from the area.
As Phillips was telling of the volatile situation in the background and reports of fatalities in the shootout, two locals approached his camera to have their say on what happened at the scene.

Apr 24 10:02

Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre

As the rhetoric rages out of control, worsening violence in Ukraine grows more likely. Official Washington is readying the American people to view the slaughter of eastern Ukrainians as justified because they are “terrorists” and linked to the hated Russians, Robert Parry reports.

Between the anti-Russian propaganda pouring forth from the Obama administration and the deeply biased coverage from the U.S. news media, the American people are being prepared to accept and perhaps even cheer a massacre of eastern Ukrainians who have risen up against the coup regime in Kiev.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia will respond militarily, and before you know it, the US will be at war with Russia over the Eastern Ukraine.

As an American, and someone who believes in peaceful self-determination, these areas of Ukraine which may be looking to break off from it, should be allowed a referendum for their autonomy, and without one shot being fired.

OF course, this administration will make sure that doesn't happen.

Apr 24 09:50

Ukrainian troops APCs, choppers amid burning checkpoint in Slavyansk

Fighting erupted again just outside Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine. Kiev restarted anti-terrorism operation leaving a checkpoint in ruin. Ukrainian troops take photos alongside APCs as Choppers fly overhead.

Apr 24 09:44

Russia 'forced' to launch military drills near border in response to Ukraine op - Moscow

Russia has begun extensive military exercises near the Ukrainian border following the escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine.

Apr 24 09:41

Video: Evidence for Russian Involvement in East Ukraine Based on Shoddy Journalism

Robert Parry: The Obama administration and Kiev government claimed that Russian soldiers were present at the building occupations, yet it turns out that this was assertion based on photos the US government provided to The New York Times and that the newspaper has had to retract.

Apr 24 09:38

Germany halts arms sales to Russia

Germany has stopped selling arms to Russia due to the current “political situation”, according to reports on Thursday. The sale of military equipment to Russia by German firms has been criticized by the country’s Nato allies.

Apr 24 09:35

Kiev Deploying Army Against Ukrainians Would Be Serious Crime – Putin

If Kiev has actually deployed its army in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk, then that is a serious crime against its own people, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Apr 24 09:33

Russia asking OSCE, ICRC to push for access to imprisoned Donetsk Region people’s governor

Pavel Gubarev never seized buildings, he was arrested only for calls for a referendum on federalization.

Apr 24 09:23

"Facebook, Gmail, Skype face Russia ban under 'anti-terror' data snooping plan

Russia's parliament has passed a bill that could see Western technology firms barred from operating if they fail to store Russian data within the country.

Apr 24 09:17

Ukraine Interim Govt: US Promises Backing for Eastern Offensive

Again touting their promises for a military offensive against protesters in the eastern portion of the country, Ukraine’s interim government has claimed direct US promises of support in the face of “aggression” from the protesters.

US officials have been deployed to Kiev in recent days, most recently Vice President Biden, while US officials have loudly cheered the invasion of the protester-held cities as “counterterrorism” operations designed to improve “law and order” in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema told reporters today that the military is working on the “liquidation” of the protester groups, and that actions in the near future would show results.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So America, would you like this upcoming war with Russia regular...or extra crispy, complete with the dead bodies of people seeking self-determination?!?!?

As a peaceful American who cares very much for the future of her country, I cannot condone any "liquidation" of ANYBODY.

Apparently, Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Yarema has never, ever heard of the words "good faith negotiation", and that is woefully unfortunate in this situation.

Apr 24 08:56

The US Plan for the Ukraine - a hypothesis by The Saker

Does the Obama administration want the coup installed government of Ukraine to initiate military action against their citizens in the Eastern Ukraine? That's an important question, one that blogger, The Saker, seeks to answer. His blog, The Vineyard of the Saker, has rocketed in popularity going from 1,000 hits a day to 20,000 a day since the start of the crisis. His analysis takes us to depths that are not even hinted at in the New York Times and other U.S. media. The comments section has also become a robust forum for debate and elaboration.

Apr 24 08:50

Putin warns of consequences of Ukrainian use of army

"If these people have advanced to the so called 'acute phase' (of confrontation with protesters), this is not an acute phase, it is just a punitive operation and it will of course incur consequences

Apr 24 08:39

Caspian sea closed for US military

A convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea will keep the sea free from any military facilities except of either Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran or Azerbaijan, according to citing Kazakhstan’s KTK Channel.

The accord was reached between foreign ministers of the five Caspian states at talks held in Moscow.

Although the countries have been in dispute over delimitation of the sea bed for the last two decades, the diplomats came up with unanimous decision on alien military presence.

There is hardly any other issue within the CIS area which was talked over so long at this high level.

It is 18 years now the Caspian states have been seeking a compromise on who should own the sea, what laws should regulate it and who should be prevented from entering it under any pretext.

The issue is critical due to the Caspian Sea being a storage of huge oil deposits, being rich with bioresources – the sturgeon initially, and a place of location for navies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US will not recognize this, and this agreement will further accelerate the rush to war.

Apr 24 08:19

"VP Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force On Ukraine Trip"

During his two-day visit this week to Kiev, Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden unfurled President Barack Obama's “U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine.”

A key part of the package involves promoting the deployment of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Ukraine. Dean Neu, professor of accounting at York University in Toronto, describes this phenomenon in his book “Doing Missionary Work.” And in this case, it involves the U.S. acting as a modern-day missionary to spread the gospel of fracking to further its own interests.

With the ongoing Russian occupation of Crimea serving as the backdrop for the trip, Biden made Vladimir Putin's Russia and its dominance of the global gas market one of the centerpieces of a key speech he gave while in Kiev.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable.

Fracking is one of the most environmentally unfriendly practices ever. And although the short-term financial gain may be lucrative for the oil companies involved, the health risks, for humans, animals, and the earth where this practice is done, are monumental.

In fact, every oil company exec, and every politician on this planet who approves of this process, should be COMPELLED to live not further than a quarter mile from where the practice is taking place.

It is only reasonable and fitting that they have first hand experience of what fracking is like to live with.

Apr 24 08:06

Fighting Breaks Out As Ukraine Deploys Tanks, APCs, Troops In Slavyansk: Deaths Reported

A day after the acting government in Kiev announced the Geneva agreement is void and that it would once again send special forces to deal with "terrorists" in east Ukraine, it had made good on its promise and over the past few hours, Ukrainian tanks, APCs and other special forces troops took control of a checkpoint north of Slavyansk on Thursday, following what numerous reports confirm was an exchange of gunfire.

What happened next is not exactly clear. Reuters reports that "when the armoured unit approached along a road from Sviatogorsk, which Ukraine's government said it recaptured on Wednesday, militants set up a smokescreen of burning tyres. Within half an hour, the Ukrainian force was in control of the position near the village of Khrestyshche. No shots were heard."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make no mistake about it, the US government and NATO are slouching toward a war against Russia over the Ukraine.
Unfortunately, just because an action is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly counterproductive move the US government could make is absolutely no guarantee that the US government will not do it.

And you had better acquaint yourself with Charlie Rangel's draft legislation, which has been quietly sitting in committee for about a year. And I say this because this time, should this legislation be passed, the US military will not only be coming for your sons; it will be coming for your daughters as well.
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Friday said he plans to introduce legislation that would bring back the military draft and extend it to women for the first time. Rangel, who has pushed for years to bring back the draft, said the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat means that they too should register for the Selective Service. "Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts," Rangel said in a statement. "Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm's way." Read more: Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

But the statement he makes about such a move would "...compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation." is disingenuous and completely, utterly false.

Wars that are fought are never about making us more safe; they are never about bringing democracy; they are always for private corporate profit, and shoring up the petrodollar, period, end of discussion.

Banks loan money to all sides, at interest, and do not care who wins, just as long as the money is repaid. And take a look at the killing (both literally and figuratively) defense contractors like Halliburton, and companies providing private mercenaries, made during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This, particularly, with a reinstitution of a draft, is why your kids are going to to get killed or maimed for life in Ukraine: money.

The American people, peacefully, had better stand up, with one voice, and scream "Thank, you NO!" before it is too late to do so.

Apr 24 06:49

NYT Retracts Russian-Photo Scoop

After starting a propaganda stampede – with a lead story about photos of Russian troops purportedly in Ukraine – the New York Times admits the pictures really don’t prove much, and one photo was labeled as snapped in Russia when it was really taken in Ukraine, writes Robert Parry.

Apr 24 06:48

Putin: Ukraine 'Crime' Will Have Consequences

Vladimir Putin has warned there will be "consequences" if Ukraine has used its army against pro-Russian activists.

Ukraine's interior ministry said "up to five terrorists" have been killed during an operation to clear checkpoints in the eastern town of Slavyansk.

In response to this, and increased Nato activity in the region, Russian troops have begun military exercises near its border with Ukraine.

Apr 24 06:44

US 'pivots', China reaps dividends

Let's start with a flashback to February 1992 - only two months after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. First draft of the US government's Defense Planning Guidance. It was later toned down, but it still formed the basis for the exceptionalist dementia incarnated by the Project for the New American Century; and also reappeared in full glory in Dr Zbig "Let's Rule Eurasia" Brzezinski's 1997 magnum opus The Grand Chessboard.

It's all there, raw, rough and ready:

Our first objective is to prevent the reemergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed by the Soviet Union. This ... requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia.

Apr 24 06:26

Ukraine forces kill up to five rebels, Putin warns of consequences

Ukrainian forces killed up to five pro-Moscow separatists in the east of the country, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of "consequences" if Kiev used the army against its own people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The entire case for US involvement in Syria is based on the claim that Assad is using the military against his own people. But having supported the overthrow of the elected government by force, the US is now openly supporting the use of the military (or hired mercenaries in Ukraine uniforms) against the Ukrainian people.

Apr 24 05:29

Ukraine termoil blocking the new Silk Road? Yes but not for long

China is long term

Apr 23 22:59

Kiev claims town ‘liberated’ from rebels

Ukraine claims to have “liberated” one eastern town from pro-Kremlin rebels, in defiance of a call from Moscow to withdraw forces and a warning that it would respond if Russian citizens or interests in the area were attacked.

Apr 23 22:55

Kiev Restarts Operation Against Protesters in Eastern Ukraine

The military operation launched by Ukrainian authorities earlier this month against protesters in eastern Ukraine has again entered an active phase, the Security Service of Ukraine told RIA Novosti Wednesday.

Apr 23 22:53

Canada to send 500 observers to Ukraine's presidential election

"Canada is a world leader in helping to promote democracy and good governance in Ukraine," Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

And I'm sure he said it without even the slightest hint of irony.

Apr 23 16:36

"VP Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force On Ukraine Trip"

A key part of the package involves promoting the deployment of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Ukraine. Dean Neu, professor of accounting at York University in Toronto, describes this phenomenon in his book “Doing Missionary Work.” And in this case, it involves the U.S. acting as a modern-day missionary to spread the gospel of fracking to further its own interests.

Apr 23 13:46

Kiev must immediately deescalate east Ukraine crisis, call back troops - Moscow


Kiev authorities must “immediately” deescalate the situation in southeast Ukraine by withdrawing its troops from the region, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said, adding that Kiev must start nationwide talks and stop “distorting” the Geneva agreement.

Apr 23 13:36

Welcome to Nulandistan

The media war continues to see a showdown of some kind. Does the West want to provoke Russia into a military conflict? And will Russia back down? Vladimir Suchan, Marcus Papadopoulos and Patrick Henningsen discuss.

Apr 23 13:33

Ukraine: Americans are not ready to admit they cannot run the show - Lavrov

As the standoff in the eastern Ukraine deteriorates into violence it's up to world powers to step in and calm things down. Despite tough talk from Washington, the US, EU, Russia and Ukraine have managed to reach a framework to peace in Geneva. But will it be enough to avert a civil war?

Apr 23 12:59

Russia conducts wargames on border, U.S. troops enter Poland

On Wednesday Russia conducted military exercises in its south-eastern Rostov region, which boarders Ukraine, a spokesman for Russia’s southern military district told Reuters.

Apr 23 12:38

Ukraine fears militants could provoke invasion

Ukraine called on Russia to pull troops back from the border, saying it feared pro-Russian separatists could use their proximity to provoke a Russian invasion.

Apr 23 12:17

US Caught in Web of Lies

America has found itself in an untenable situation in the Ukraine. As the second day of military incursions by the coup backed Kiev government proceed in the East, the Obama administration has begun to realize that it has been “blindsided.”

A presidential candidate is beaten in the streets by neo-Nazi thugs and nothing is done.

A government responsible for murdering over 100 of the protestors that backed their takeover is now moving military forces across their country to attack the “babushkas resistance,” the heart of the resistance to the Kiev cabal, led by Russian speaking grandmothers.

The US position is clearly unsound and if violence unfolds as Kiev intends despite stories of its forces switching sides, the Obama administration will be severely weakened.

With that weakening, the settlements with Syria and Iran may well fail.

Apr 23 11:46

No Reason to Doubt US Running the Show in Ukraine – Lavrov

The visit of US Vice President Joseph Biden to Kiev this week and the subsequent restart of a military operation against protesters is evidence the US is controlling the actions of Ukrainian authorities, Russian Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov said Wednesday.

Apr 23 11:41

Germany sold €40 million of arms to Russia

German arms sales to Russia have come under fire following the crisis in Ukraine. In 2012 Germany sold €40 million worth of rifles, pistols and armoured vehicles to the country.

Apr 23 11:32

US Threatens Russia

Washington bears full responsibility for elevating illegitimate fascist putschists to power. Doing so reflects another sordid chapter in US history. For sure, it won’t be the last.

Bullying, bluster and threatening ultimatums define US policy. John Kerry warned Sergei Lavrov.

Apr 23 11:19

Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia

Biden’s visit is not the first time Western representatives have traveled to Kiev in direct support of the “Euromaidan” protests and the subsequent unelected regime that violently seized power. US Senator John McCain would literally take the stage with the ultra-right, Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leaders as well as meet with “Fatherland Party” member and future “prime minister,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Apr 23 11:00

RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away From UK

Two Russian bombers which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter.

The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland.

They were turned away from Britain when an RAF Typhoon was scrambled from Leuchars airbase, near Dundee.

Crews stationed there are on standby to intercept unidentified aircraft at a moment's notice.

The incident comes amid heightened international tensions over the situation in Ukraine, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia last month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the Russian planes never entered British air space but were flying in international air space, which like every other nation they have a right to do.

Russia is clearly testing air defenses around Europe. I think Putin knows that by hook or by crook the US will get their war with Russia!

Apr 23 10:27

US Navy cancels charity projects in Crimea

The US Navy has discontinued charity programs in Crimea, canceling the renovation of a public school and children’s hospital. Russian media and bloggers suspect the programs were meant to butter up locals for a possible US settlement there.

Until quite recently the US military has been allocating American taxpayers’ money to reconstruction of public offices on the Crimea Peninsula, while it was still autonomous within Ukraine.

Apr 23 10:15

Lavrov: Kiev issued 'criminal order' allowing use of weapons against civilians

The coup-appointed Kiev government’s order to use force against Ukrainian citizens is “criminal,” the Russian Foreign Minister told RT. He also denied claims that there is Russian military presence on Ukrainian territory.

In an interview with RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze, Sergey Lavrov called acting Ukrainian President Alexander Turchinov’s order to reinitiate an anti-terror operation in East Ukraine, a criminal act.

Apr 23 10:11

Dutch scramble jets after Russian bombers approach

The Dutch defense department says several NATO member countries scrambled jets Wednesday afternoon after a pair of Russian bomber planes approached their airspace over the North Sea.

The Dutch ministry identified the planes as two Russian TU-95 Bears, and said it had launched two F-16s from Volkel air force base to intercept them. The Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain and Denmark until they departed.

Maj. Wilko Ter Horst said "that's why we scrambled, that's why the Danish scrambled and the English scrambled, to ensure to insure they fly out of our air space."

Read more:
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Apr 23 09:19

Occupation of Government building was a sign of democracy in January but a sign of terrorism in April! I'm confused, can anyone help me?

I'm confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were 'pro-democracy protestors'.

The US government warned the Ukrainian authorities against using force against these 'pro-democracy protestors' even if, according to the pictures we saw, some of them were neo-Nazis who were throwing Molotov cocktails and other things at the police and smashing up statues and setting fire to buildings.

Now, just a few weeks later, we're told that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine are not 'pro-democracy protestors' but 'terrorists' or 'militants'.

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"It's simple. Our puppet Junta in Kiev is GOOOOOOOD! And the people of Ukraine are BAAAAAAAD! Got it?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 23 09:13

NATO Minesweepers Set off on Baltic Deployment

Five NATO mine-hunting ships set off Tuesday on a deployment in the Baltic Sea, part of the alliance's efforts to strengthen its presence in Europe's ex-communist east as members there worry about Russia's intentions in Ukraine.

The ships — a minesweeper and a support ship from Norway and one mine-hunter each from the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia — left the German port of Kiel for an exercise that will continue under Norwegian command until the end of May. Germany will then take command of the deployment.

The ships will visit several Baltic ports and also participate in previously scheduled operations to dispose of ordinance from the two world wars.

Commodore Arian Minderhoud, the NATO Allied Maritime Command's deputy chief of staff for operations, said the exercise "is part of the whole package of ... actions to show NATO's resolve, to show NATO's preparedness."

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This is all about ratcheting up tension in the Baltic region in order to attempt to get Russia to move militarily against NATO or the US first.

I would urge Russian President Putin to NOT respond to any provocations here; doing so will give the US and NATO the excuse to attack, and blame their aggression on Russia.

Apr 23 08:55

Nuclear Warfare in the “New Cold War”

All governments are crazy!

Apr 23 08:45

U.S. troops to exercise in Eastern Europe along Russia Ukraine Border

The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that 600 U.S. troops will be sent to Eastern Europe to engaged in military exercise’s in allied countries that border Russia and Ukraine.

Apr 23 08:41

Europe braces for gas showdown with Russia, helped by Japan's nuclear restart

The Western powers are scrambling to bolster defences against a halt in Russian gas supplies after the Kremlin tightened the energy noose on Ukraine, and paramilitary actions in eastern Ukraine increased the risk of a full-blown sanctions war.

Stepping up pressure on Ukraine, he said Kiev would now have to pay for its energy supplies on the nail. “It’s gas for cash,” he said. Failure to pay would cut off half of Russia’s gas supply to Europe, since it flows through Ukraine’s pipeline.

European regulators and power companies are battening down the hatches in case the crisis escalates. Gas flows from Britain to Europe through the UK’s Interconnector pipeline have soared over the past three weeks to almost 10bn cubic metres (bcm), a sign that countries are boosting reserves even though stocks are high. “Utilities have contingency plans,” said an Interconnector official.

Apr 23 08:31

Russia threatens response if pro-Kremlin rebels attacked in Ukraine

Russia issued a blunt warning Wednesday it would respond if its interests are attacked in Ukraine, as pro-Kremlin rebels in the restive east of the country braced for a new military offensive by Kiev.

The threat by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, recalling the 2008 war with Georgia over South Ossetia, came as US troops were headed to region in a show of force after Washington again warned Moscow of new sanctions over the escalating crisis.

“If we are attacked, we would certainly respond,” Lavrov told state-controlled RT television.

“If our interests, our legitimate interests, the interests of Russians have been attacked directly, like they were in South Ossetia for example, I do not see any other way but to respond in accordance with international law.”

He did not elaborate, but the reference to South Ossetia strongly hinted at the possibility of military action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, folks, it appears that this Administration is deliberately attempting to provoke Russia into a war over the Ukraine.

Will this augment the security of Americans at home or American assets overseas? No. Will it be a financial windfall to a country which is morally and fiscally broke from the two ruinous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? No.

With a domestic economy which is thoroughly broken; where people are living in their cars or on the streets, or camping in Obamavilles, because their jobs were offshored/outsourced, this administration is desperate for something, ANYTHING, to distract thinking Americans from recognising the real causes of their economic misery.

An animal is never more dangerous than when it is cornered, and this Administration is cornered by the results of the numerous lousy decisions it has made: one could responsibly say that this administration is exceptionally dangerous to the health and welfare of not only the American people but also the entire world, because of this.

War has gotten the US government out of their economic problems in World War I and World War II. However, that was before so many countries in this world were nuclear-armed, including Russia, China, the UK, Pakistan, India, France , and Israel.

The US is incapable of winning a conventional war against Russia, because it doesn't have the troop strength; the manufacturing; or the money to insure a positive outcome; and this is what makes the military option so dangerous.

When the commanders of the US military realize that they cannot win conventionally, that is when they will resort to nuclear weapons, which can, potentially, vaporize the entire planet.

Frankly, I have rather grown attached to this planet, and would like, if possible, NOT to see it blown up, courtesy of US governmental stupidity.

And here in the Pacific, the people of Hawaii will get a ring-side seat to the destruction, particularly if China joins the fray, because conquering Hawaii would be a force-projection coup eastward for them.

Apr 23 08:29

Russia warns it will respond if interests attacked in Ukraine - Guardian

Russia issued a blunt warning on Wednesday that it would respond if its interests are attacked in Ukraine, as pro-Kremlin rebels in the east of the country braced for a new military offensive by Kiev.

The threat by the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, in which he recalled the 2008 war with Georgia over breakaway South Ossetia, came as Russia accused Kiev and the US of distorting an agreement reached in Geneva last week to defuse the crisis and of ignoring what it said were provocative actions by Ukrainian nationalists.

Lavrov used an interview with the Russian state-controlled broadcaster RT to accuse the US of "running the show" in Ukraine, claiming that it was "quite telling" that Kiev had announced a new offensive in the east of the country after US Vice-President Joe Biden had visited.

"If we are attacked, we would certainly respond," Lavrov told state-controlled RT television.

Apr 23 08:12

China Is Quietly Profiting From the Russia-Ukraine Standoff: Here’s How

Enter the standoff between Russia and the WestThe escalating standoff between Russia and Ukraine is making both sides a little apprehensive. Russia is far and away the largest supplier of natural gas to Europe, and the pipelines that run through Ukraine are responsible for 34% of all imports. Europe wants to diversify its energy sources exactly because of events such as the ones in Urkaine. For Russia, it will be even harder to find a client as large as Europe. It is the destination for 65% of Russian natural gas exports, and any disruption of that flow could put a pretty big hole in the Russian budget. The most logical step for Russia is to send its gas East, and what better customer than China?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The first of May comes at the end of next week; expect this deal to move very quickly from negotiations to final agreements.

Apr 23 07:56

Canada's coup-supporting corporate cowboy diplomacy

When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry bloviated last fall about officially ending the Monroe Doctrine (the U.S. belief that God grants only Americans the right to interfere with the internal affairs of other western hemisphere countries), one wonders if Stephen Harper and his foreign affairs pitbull John Baird immediately took the concept on for themselves. Perhaps they also adopted a bit of manifest destiny thrown in for good measure. How else -- other than through the lens of someone who truly feels anointed by the heavens -- can one begin to understand Harper's messianic foreign policy, one in which he and John Baird play tag-team John Waynes making the world safe for Canadian corporate profits?

Apr 23 07:43

The West Marches East: The U.S.-NATO Strategy to Isolate Russia

Indeed, Russia can only be said to be an "aggressive" and "imperial" power so long as one accepts the unrelenting hypocrisy of U.S. and Western leaders. After all, it was not Russia that invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, killing millions. It is not Putin, but rather Barack Obama, who has waged a "global terror campaign," compiling "kill lists" and using flying killer robots to bomb countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and even the Philippines, killing thousands of people around the world. It is not Putin, but rather, Barack Obama, who has been sending highly-trained killers into over 100 countries around the world at any given time, waging a "secret war" in most of the world's nations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, I am having a palm to forehead moment, at velocity, upon reading this.

Something horrifically wicked this way comes, and I am praying that some precious adult in the bowels of power in DC will wake up, and realize that a conventional US/NATO war against Russia is not winnable.

Then they have to have the courage of principal to convince this country's Commander in Chief of that reality, even if they have to immediately resign from office for having done so.

This coming war has nearly ZERO support from the American people, and the government cannot force that support, because of the influence of the independent media.

And it is too late to turn back time. Any attempt at a "great fire wall of the US" on the net cannot work, because "White Hat" hackers will find ingenious ways to get their voices heard, in spite of any attempt to silence them.

The older I get, the more viscerally Quaker I become about war (Quakers are pacifists, and will not take part in wars because of their religious convictions). I remember, with painful clarity, how kids in my college did not come home from their tours of duty in Vietnam, or didn't quite come back all the way, emotionally. And trust me, there is always a way, through good faith negotiations, to avoid war.

But the problem with war is that war makes money, not only for the military-industrial complex, but also for the banks, which loan money to all sides, at interest, and care not which side wins or loses.

Wars are never fought for the reasons fed, like pablum, to the people who fight them and the families who love them; wars are always for private corporations' economic profit. People get killed and maimed for life for profits, folks, that is always how this works.

And if you don't believe me, take a good, hard look at the profits corporations like Haliburton and Kellogg Brown Root made during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This country is not on the right side of history here, and has absolutely no moral high ground. Please do not believe the propaganda, being force-fed to you by the corporate presstitute talking heads; they are lying. Make up your own mind, and use the gift of logic God gave you.

Unless Obama suspends the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you still have the freedom to peacefully assemble, and express your opinion about being forced into yet another war which will not keep the American people more safe; will not benefit this country economically; and will make this country even more morally and fiscally bankrupt than it already is.

Apr 23 07:42

Time is running out for the US dollar

It is often speculated that some members of the US establishment are pushing Ukraine towards a military conflict with Russia. But why do it in such a hurry? A Russian economist claims t hat he know s the answer, alluding to the link between the latest international crisis and the fate of the US currency.

Apr 23 07:35

Ukraine: The Anti-Maidan Begins

It was predicted that the regime in Kiev would not last long, and that almost immediately there would be a backlash. First, opposition would come from eastern Ukraine where Ukrainians stand by their nation’s long historical, linguistic, cultural, economic, and strategic ties to Russia. Then opposition would come from western Ukraine, where people, despite their perceived anti-Russian sentiments and initial support for the “Euromaidan” protests, would find the corrupt client regime in Kiev intolerable as it integrated the nation into the EU while imposing IMF-engineered austerity measures already spreading socioeconomic chaos across the rest of Europe.

It was also predicted that the regime in Kiev, backed by the US and EU, would use the pretext of “war with Russia” to arm itself against the inevitable uprising to come.

Apr 23 07:35

Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?

Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev has decided to invade its own country. We all knew that a pro-referendum movement in the East Ukraine was a certainty.

The Kiev coup government in their early braggart days were quite open about their plans for suppressing the Russian population in the East. They began by immediately banning the language in state affairs. But that was just the start of the race to tear the country apart.

Apr 23 07:28

U.S. says will act ‘in days’ if no Russian action in Ukraine

The United States government said on Monday it will decide “in days” on additional sanctions if Russia does not take steps to implement an agreement to ease tensions in Ukraine reached in Geneva last week.

Apr 23 07:08

West Visits Newly Installed Regime in Kiev

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Biden’s visit is not the first time Western representatives have traveled to Kiev in direct support of the “Euromaidan” protests and the subsequent unelected regime that violently seized power. US Senator John McCain would literally take the stage with the ultra-right, Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leaders as well as meet with “Fatherland Party” member and future “prime minister,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk...

Apr 23 06:57

Ukraine's leaders say have U.S. backing to take on 'aggressors'

Ukraine's government relaunched a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups after an Easter pause on Wednesday and said it had the backing of the United States.

Prompted in part by the discovery of the body of a Ukrainian politician who appeared to have been tortured, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an "anti-terrorist operation" against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine.

Apr 23 06:48

Common Sense Versus Obama’s Next War

The Obama administration tottered on the edge of launching a cruise missile attack on Syria this past August and September. Obama hesitated and decided to seek congressional approval before blowing up many targets on the Syrian landscape. After Americans made it loud and clear that they did not want another war, congressional opposition helped curb his bellicosity. But he came close to plunging the United States into another war, and the episode provides warnings for the next foreign-policy brouhaha.

Apr 23 06:30

U.S. sends troops near Russia as Ukraine tensions build

Vice President Joe Biden, in a visit to Kiev, warned Russia to pull back its troops and abide by last week’s international agreement or face the certainty of swift new sanctions. Biden also urged Ukraine’s leaders to adhere to democratic principles and respect cultural differences, reassuring them, “You will not walk this road alone.”

Despite Washington’s efforts, tensions flared as Kiev accused pro-Russian separatists of torturing and killing two people and of shooting at one of its military planes, prompting a call by the country’s interim president for a resumption of what he termed counterterrorism actions to uproot militants.

The Kremlin didn’t comment on the developments but has complained that Western military moves only serve to raise tension in the region.

Apr 23 06:22

ROAD TO WW3: U.S. State Departments Evidence for "FALSE FLAG" Ridiculed By Reporters

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have reached the point where the world's media (if not the US) simply does not trust anything the US Government says any more.

Apr 23 06:18

US Sending Paratroopers to Baltics As Ukraine Boils

As the Obama administration publicly warned Russia against further provocative acts relating to the ongoing tensions in Ukraine on Tuesday, it also announced that U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) based in Italy are heading to Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia this week to bolster NATO forces.

Pentagon spokesperson Rear Adm. John Kirby made the announcement Tuesday, characterizing the deployment of approximately 600 troops as "exercises" that would last about a month.

Apr 23 06:18

New York Times propaganda photos on Ukraine exposed

A day after the New York Times published a front-page report purporting to show the involvement of Russian Special Forces in protests in east Ukraine, its report, titled “Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia,” has been exposed as a blatant fabrication.

The Times printed low-resolution pictures of fighters—allegedly wearing Russian insignia while in Georgia, and then later as protesters in east Ukraine—asserting they were the same men, thus proving the existence of an armed Russian intervention in Ukraine. It was based on a crude trick first noted by a commenter on a link posted on Reddit. The photos in the Times were down-sampled versions of higher-resolution images circulating online, which show that the men in the different pictures are in fact not the same.

Apr 22 22:50

Washington using Ukraine as pawn in its big geopolitical game — Russian politician

"What matters for Washington is not Ukraine, but the advantage it could derive for its own interests from the crisis,” President of the Russian International Affairs Council Igor Ivanov said.

Apr 22 22:38

US State Dept publishes 'evidence' of Russian 'involvement' in Ukraine

Pictures, according to the US State Department, prove Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine. The 'evidence' as the State Department calls them, show people taking part in seizures of admin buildings in the region. These same individuals were involved in operations in Georgia in 2008, according to the State Department whose spokeswoman Jen Psaki came under fire over those photos during her last briefing.

Apr 22 22:27

Local lawmaker among fatalities in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region

One of two men who were killed near urban settlement Raigorodok in Donetsk region was identified as lawmaker of Horlivka city council from Batkivshchyna parliamentary party Volodymyr Rybak.

Apr 22 18:27

Ukraine President Demands Action in East After Politician Killed

Ukraine's acting president called for an anti-terrorist operation to be relaunched in the east of the country on Tuesday after the body of a local politician from his own party was found showing signs of torture.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are getting desperate if they are sacrificing their own people for a false-flag!

Apr 22 17:07

Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup. The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.

Apr 22 15:36

Anti-Semitic Fliers in Eastern Ukraine: Obama Endorses a Forgery, 300 German Intellectuals Support Putin

On Friday, April 18, President Obama voiced his righteous indignation over anti-Semitic fliers pasted on synagogue walls in the pro-Russian eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The fliers, calling on all Jews to register or face expulsion, had appeared the day before and were instantly denounced by Donetsk leaders as a gross provocation and a forgery.

The next day, however, Obama “expressed his disgust quite bluntly”. At least, that is what his hawkish national security advisor, Susan Rice, told the public. “I think we all found word of those pamphlets to be utterly sickening, and they have no place in the 21st century,” she declared.

Apr 22 14:35

Obama runs China's pivot gauntlet

By Peter Lee

Maybe it should be understood that the beginning of the "Pacific Century" is perhaps the end of the "American Century". That would certainly be an ironic coda to President Obama's visit.

Apr 22 13:51

Kiev Breaks Easter Truce

On April 19, Kiev putschists pledged no Easter weekend Eastern Ukraine attacks. They promised "suspension of the active phase of the anti­terrorism operation" to defuse crisis conditions.

Apr 22 13:32

US sends 600 troops to Eastern Europe, warship USS Taylor enters Black Sea

US frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50) has entered the Black Sea, according to the US Navy, as the Pentagon announces plans to dispatch some 600 troops to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for military exercises.

The US claims the ship’s entry is “to promote peace and stability in the region.”

Apr 22 13:23

Biden Uses Kiev Visit To Lecture Russia

US Vice-President Joe Biden told Russia today “to stop talking and start acting” to reduce tension in Ukraine.

He insisted that Moscow should be using its influence to encourage pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine to vacate government buildings and checkpoints, accept amnesty and “address their grievances politically.”

Apr 22 12:47

The Truce Is Over: Ukraine President Urges Restart Of Military Action

Ukraine's Acting President Turchynov appears to be calling for an official break in the "truce" deal...


So much for Joe Biden's peace-keeping salvation mission to Kiev...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US media will spin this as somehow Russia's fault, of course.

Apr 22 12:32

Why the US Obsession over Ukraine?

Imagine that the collapse of Soviet communism more than two decades ago had taken a different form than it did. It might have done so, if the dramatic and fast-moving events of 1991 and key people who participated in them had taken a few different turns.

Today we associate the collapse with the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. and its replacement by 15 independent republics. But the break-up of that union did not need to be part of the failure and demise of the Leninist method of organizing politics, economics and society that we came to know as Soviet communism.

Apr 22 12:17

Russia FM: Ukraine Crudely Violating Geneva Deal

Western officials continue to accuse Russia of violating last week’s Geneva deal on Ukraine by not stopping public protests against the interim government, but Russia is finding just as much fault with Ukraine’s non-implementation of the pact.

Russia is arguing that the text’s call for the disarmament of “illegal” factions applies to the neo-Nazi Right Sector, which launched a weekend attack on the eastern protesters, violating the Easter Truce.

Apr 22 11:48

Fracking won't save Germany from Putin

Germany's reliance on Russian gas continues to limit the nation's diplomatic leverage in the Ukraine crisis. But as leaders once again explore fracking as an alternative, critics say the risks were too high.

Apr 22 11:43

Russia sees war with Ukraine as unlikely

War between Russia and Ukraine was unlikely, a senior Russian defense official said Tuesday.

Apr 22 11:32

UK minister claims that Russia is holding countries to ransom

The British energy minister says London must work to weaken what he called Moscow’s stranglehold on world energy resources.

Apr 22 11:29

Turchynov demands resumption of raids in eastern Ukraine

Interim President of Ukraine, appointed by the Verkhovna Rada and parliament Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov demanded from special task forces to resume the raid in the country’s east. Vekhovna Rada’s press service reported this on Tuesday.

Apr 22 11:05

US warship USS Taylor back in Black Sea

A US Navy warship that caused a spike in tension between Russia and Turkey due to staying past its allotted time in the Black Sea passed through the straits again en route to the Black Sea on Tuesday.

Apr 22 11:03

Poland’s Hand in Ukraine Coup d’Etat: Trained Putchists Two Months in Advance, on Behalf of US-NATO

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup.

The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.

Apr 22 09:51

U.S. Warns That Russia Has 'Days, Not Weeks' To Comply With Ukraine Accord

Russia has "days, not weeks" to abide by an international accord aimed at stemming the crisis in Ukraine, the top U.S. diplomat in Kiev warned Monday as Vice President Joe Biden launched a high-profile show of support for the pro-Western Ukrainian government. Russia in turn accused authorities in Kiev of flagrantly violating the pact and declared their actions would not stand.

Biden, the highest-ranking American official to visit Ukraine during its conflict with Russia, planned to meet with government officials in the capital of Kiev on Tuesday. The vice president also planned to announce new technical support to help the fledgling government with energy and economic reforms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The war-mongering US government has no concrete proof of Russian military involvement in Eastern Ukraine. It may have great Photoshop capabilities; but utterly zero concrete evidence.

The formerly legally elected President of Ukraine was booted out of office by a western-backed putsch. And the rest of Ukraine, particularly in the Eastern part of the country, are looking at this and thinking, do we really want this? Is not peaceful self-determination supposed to be a benchmark of international law?!?

Apparently, according to the US, not so much.

Folks, something wicked this way comes, and it would not surprise me to hear that the US government already has boots on the ground in the Ukraine.

Just because war with Russia would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government could do right now, with the domestic economy well and truly flushed, is unfortunately absolutely no guarantee that this government will not do this, and soon.

Apr 22 09:47

Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia

Intelligence regarding Syria is arguably being manipulated even more blatantly than intelligence on Saddam and Iraq.

Media coverage of Syria and Ukraine is as bad as it was of the Iraq war … or worse.

Indeed, it is largely the same knuckleheads in government and in media who are pushing the lies.

Former Associated Press and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry notes today that some of the core Iraq war lies, Syria lies and lies about Ukraine were all penned by New York Times reporter Michael Gordon.

Apr 22 09:06

Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia

Intelligence regarding Syria is arguably being manipulated even more blatantly than intelligence on Saddam and Iraq.

Media coverage of Syria and Ukraine is as bad as it was of the Iraq war … or worse.

Indeed, it is largely the same knuckleheads in government and in media who are pushing the lies.

Former Associated Press and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry notes today that some of the core Iraq war lies, Syria lies and lies about Ukraine were all penned by New York Times reporter Michael Gordon:
There is now a pattern to New York Times “investigative” stories that seek to pin the blame on some nefarious foreign enemy, as in the 2002 article on Iraq buying aluminum tubes for nuclear centrifuges; the 2013 “vector analysis” tracing sarin-laden rockets to a Syrian military base; and now a photographic analysis proving that Russian soldiers are behind unrest in eastern Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If ever there was a "Presstitute in Chief", shilling for the US government's lies with which to support a war agenda, it has to be this guy.

I would like to politely point out that at this time in its history, the US military doesn't have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia; and that is what makes the military scenario here so scarily dangerous.

And a small memo to the Congress, the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon; having lied us into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (ultimately for private profit, I might add) you collectively have no credibility left - not one shred.

Should President Obama stop over on Oahu on the way to his Asian tour, knock on my door, an inform me that the sun was shining, I would feel morally obligated to get up, walk out the door, and validate for myself.

And the real problem with having lied so consistently to the American public, is that should there be a real emergency (say, the emergence of a serious infection of some kind here in the US), no one would believe a word you said about what to do to keep the public out of harm's way.

Apr 22 09:00

CEO Of “Russian Facebook” Says He Was Fired And That The Social Network Is Now In The Hands Of Putin Allies - So ends the slow unravelling of independence at VKontakte, Russia’s most popular social network.

Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte, Russia’s most popular social network, said on Monday that he had been fired and that the site was now “under the complete control” of two close allies of President Vladimir Putin.

Apr 22 09:00

Putin Says that the Oil Wars with Russia will Make the West Bleed

Opportunities for the West to hurt the Russian economy are limited, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday. Europe cannot stop buying Russian gas without inflicting pain on itself, and if the US tries to lower oil prices, the dollar will suffer.

If the West tries to damage Russia’s influence in the world energy market, efforts will likely backfire, the Russian President said during his twelfth annual televised question and answer session.

Apr 22 08:40

Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia - War Lies Sold Again By the Same Old Liars

Intelligence regarding Syria is arguably being manipulated even more blatantly than intelligence on Saddam and Iraq.

Apr 22 07:47


Here in Spain’s sunny south, you wouldn’t know that a new world war over Eastern Europe threatens. In fact, rumor has it that none other than Vlad Putin is house-shopping in this glamorous resort.

Easter is Europe’s most important holiday. While churches are empty, restaurants, clubs and boutiques are packed with visitors and residents. Northern Spain is racked by record unemployment and a deep recession, but armies of British, French and German tourists are back in the south and the mood is upbeat.

To Spaniards, the dangerous fracas over Ukraine seems remote and unimportant. Western Europeans are taking this nasty business calmly. There is none of the media hysteria and patriotic drum beating found in North America. No one that I’ve met thinks Ukraine is worth a war, even a small one.

Apr 22 07:30

Duplicitous Human Rights Misinformation On Ukraine

A previous article discussed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. It discussed her duplicitous anti-Assad report. It wasn’t her first one. It won’t be her last

She’s a reliable imperial tool. She buries truth. She lies for power. Her credibility long ago was lost. Not a shred of it remains.

She never had any in the first place. It launched her career earlier. It sustained it.

Apr 22 07:00

This is the moment Ukrainian thugs beat up a young pro-Russian man and throw him into a RIVER

Video footage which appears to show Ukrainian nationalists beating up a young pro-Russian man before throwing him into a river has been posted online.

The attack is believed to have taken place in Donetsk, in the largely Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine where anti-government separatists have been staging angry protests.

There have apparently been growing reports of masked thugs from the pro-government side trawling the streets, claiming to be acting as agents of the Ukrainian nationalist political party.

Apr 22 06:57

Putin instructs to set zero VAT on air traffic to and from Russia's Crimea from June 1

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the country’s government to set a zero VAT (value-added tax) rate for air traffic to and from the Russian Republic of Crimea starting from June 1.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Crimea just became a boom town!

Apr 22 06:55

Biden Tells Russia 'Time is Short' for Progress in Ukraine

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is calling for Russia to live up to its recent agreement to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, saying Ukraine is "in the struggle for its very future."

During a joint appearance Tuesday with interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kyiv, Biden said it is time for Russia "to stop talking and start acting" on commitments it made last week during international talks in Geneva to withdraw support for pro-Russian separatist forces who have taken over government buildings in eastern Ukraine.

"We've heard a lot from Russian officials in the past few days. But now it's time for Russia to stop talking and start acting," he told a news conference. "We will not allow this to become an open ended process. Time is short in which to make progress."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "We stole Ukraine fair and square and now you have to let us keep it!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 22 06:54

Putin warns of US navy threat

On Thursday President Vladimir Putin described NATO missile batteries aimed at Russia's Black Sea coastline as threatening the nuclear defences of southwestern Russia. It was the first time the president or Russian defence officials have put Crimea into Russian strategic survival doctrine.

US Navy deployment in the Black Sea of ships armed with Aegis missiles is one of the concrete threats Putin was referring to. This has made the current Black Sea cruise of the USS Donald Cook, an Aegis-armed destroyer, of special importance. It is the reason a Russian military aircraft buzzed the Cook as it steamed towards Constanta port, in Romania.

Apr 22 06:52

ANALYSIS: NATO Build Up in Poland Threatens International Stability

NATO’s military build-up in Poland is a dangerous and provocative development which might lead to another Cuban Missile crisis, Professor Francis Boyle told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

“This is an extremely dangerous and provocative development in the crisis between the United States and Russia over Ukraine,” said Boyle, a Harvard-educated professor at the University of Illinois.

Apr 22 06:46

Ukraine peace deal falters as rebels show no sign of surrender

An international agreement to avert wider conflict in Ukraine was faltering on Monday, with pro-Moscow separatist gunmen showing no sign of surrendering government buildings they have seized.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reuter's is still blocking my comments, otherwise I would remind them that the independence movement in eastern Ukraine were not invited to Geneva, therefore could not be part of any agreement reached in the first place. If your neighbor to the left and your neighbor to the right have a meeting that you are not invited to and decide your house should be painted a different color, why are you obligated to go along with that? You were not part of that meeting, remember? The same applies here. The unelected Junta in Kiev, the EU, the US, and Russia had a meeting, and the US media is trying to sell you the idea that the Eastern Ukrainians, who want nothing to do with the unelected government in Kiev, are wrong for not doing as they are told.

Apr 22 06:33

Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia

War Lies Sold Again By the Same Old Liars …

Intelligence regarding Syria is arguably being manipulated even more blatantly than intelligence on Saddam and Iraq.

Media coverage of Syria and Ukraine is as bad as it was of the Iraq war … or worse.

Indeed, it is largely the same knuckleheads in government and in media who are pushing the lies.

Apr 22 04:01

Russian gas giant buys 50% stake of South Stream

Even as the EU remains split on deciding policy for the pipeline, Russian gas giant Gazprom on Tuesday approved the purchase from its Berlin-based subsidiary of 50 per cent of the shares of South Stream Transport.
Gazprom Germania will sell 205,990 shares of Dutch-based South Stream Transport to the Russian energy giant, according to the resolution approved by the Gazprom Board of Directors.

South Stream Transport, an international joint venture of Gazprom, Italy’s ENI, France’s EDF and Germany’s Wintershall Holding, is in charge of building the undersea portion of the South Stream gas pipeline.

Apr 21 22:59

BEX Alert: Ukraine - Photos show undercover Russian troops

Do a series of photos of gun-toting men wearing green uniforms prove Russian forces are operating in eastern Ukraine?

These photos could just as easily be of Russian troops outside of Ukraine or foreign mercenaries (who are known to be operating in Ukraine) disguised in Russian uniforms. They prove nothing.

Apr 21 22:51

Armoured Personnel Carrier rams through barricade in eastern Ukraine

An armoured vehicle drives through barricades set up by anti-government protesters in Slavyansk, east Ukraine.

Apr 21 22:47

New people’s governor of Ukraine's Luhansk region pledges to take courts and police under control

Valery Bolotov, the newly elected people’s governor of the Luhansk region, has pledged to take courts and police under control, Ukrainian media quoted Bolotov as saying on Monday.

Apr 21 20:12

Sochi Olympics awarded to Russia to stage coup against Ukraine

Hindsight does have a remarkable way of allowing the past to be revisited and properly understood. There are many events leading up the US-sponsored and CIA-coordinated coup d’état in the Ukraine which point directly to a highly covert implementation plan going back to 2007.

Apr 21 19:41

Russian Su -24 scores off against the American "USS Donald Cook"

Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system "Aegis" installed on the destroyer "USS Donald Cook". Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada, shares details about this version which is being actively discussed in the Russian media and by bloggers.

Apr 21 13:46

Western powers, Ukrainian regime call for military buildup against Russia

Amid the crackdown on pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine being carried out by his Western-backed regime, Ukraine’s acting prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called for a military buildup against Russia in an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” program Sunday. He advocated measures, including US military aid to his government, that pose the risk of a direct clash between nuclear-armed powers.

Apr 21 13:02

NATO's task is to drive wedge between Russia and its allies - deputy DM

Russia could not build an equal partnership and mutually advantageous cooperation with NATO, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said.

"The Russia-NATO Council was created for 'all-weather' discussions that could be conducted even if relations between our countries deteriorated," he told Rossiiskaya Gazeta in an interview to be published on Tuesday, April 22. However, "what we encountered during the crisis in Ukraine showed that this forum is not working," he added.

Apr 21 13:00

Biden wants to reinforce the commitment of the US to the Government in Kiev - analyst

US Vice President Joseph Biden has arrived in Ukrainian capital Kiev, in order to hold talks with Ukraine’s acting President Alexander Turchinov and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The visit, announced on Sunday, will last for two days, until April 22nd. He is also expected to meet members of the Ukrainian parliament and non-government representatives.

Apr 21 12:59

Russia: Kiev Flouting Geneva Accord To End Ukraine Violence

Russia accused the Kiev government yesterday of flouting an international agreement meant to diffuse the Ukraine crisis.

"The Geneva accord is not only not being fulfilled, but steps are being taken, primarily by those who seized power in Kiev, that are grossly breaching the agreements," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Apr 21 12:50

‘Kiev desperately pushing for greater conflict with Russia’

The Ukrainian authorities seek to escalate conflict with Russia so as to call for the support of the West, NATO and the EU, while Right Sector plays the role of the illegal infantry of the Kiev government, journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter told RT.

Apr 21 12:44

New Silk Road: China, Russia strengthen trade ties amid Western sanctions

With US calling for tougher sanctions on Russia, Moscow is turning to China for future business deals. Russian President Putin will pay a visit to China next month to seal a gas deal. China expert Andrew Leung believes the doors are opening on a long partnership. This could shift international economic landscape.

Apr 21 12:40

Confronting Both Russia and China 'Strategic Mistake' for US – Russian Lawmaker

The United States runs the risk of making a huge foreign policy blunder by simultaneously antagonizing two major world powers, Russia and China, a senior Russian lawmaker wrote on Twitter Monday.

Apr 21 12:01

Lavrov: It’s impossible to isolate Russia

"Isolation has never done anyone any good," Russia's minister of foreign affairs said

Apr 21 11:46

Anti-Semitic PSYWAR Hits Ukraine

Opposing a government is not easy. They have tanks, weapons of mass destruction and can falsify any document. They can stage attacks, decoys and provocations. Governments can maim and kill easier and faster than a ninja. "It was a hit-and-run event," the police report read.

Standing on the path of an attacking government is not easy. It demands faith strong enough to stand against the personal attacks that will follow by those who cannot defend otherwise their institutional crimes. It demands to be ready for martyrdom.

Apr 21 11:33

Japan steps up surveillance posture against China: Reports

Japan bolstered its military surveillance capabilities in the southern island region of Okinawa over the weekend, reports said, as territorial tensions with China simmer.

The nation’s armed forces, called the Self-Defence Forces, launched a squadron of four E-2C early warning planes at its air base in Naha on the main Okinawan island Sunday, the Jiji and Kyodo news agencies reported.

Apr 21 09:07

U.S. has no defence against current Russian missiles

Posted by Not mainstreamer ---Claim is made by multiple sources.

Meaning: Obama will not survive a WWIII. Israel will not survive a WWIII. The militaries know that, but not Netanyahu?

Apr 21 09:07

This Means War: US To Target Putin’s Personal $40 Billion Stash

While the White House has continually threatened further sanctions against Russia for non-de-escalation (even as it un-de-escalates itself), the specifics of the additional sanctions have been sparse. German CEO warnings over blowback from economic sanctions… the“nonsense” of replacing Russian gas with US gas… the Russian warnings of “interdependence” and “boomerangs”… all reduce the West’s arsenal of financial sanctions. But, as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin – a sanctions regime that would target Putin’s personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

As The Hill reports,

The White House on Friday refused to comment on reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth could be targeted if the West were to move ahead with additional sanctions over Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I seriously doubt that the Swiss banks in which these accounts are held will allow the US to attach these funds.

IF it becomes know that Swiss banks let a world leader's funds to be attached by another country, no one, neither large or small account holders, will feel that their money is safe anymore in a Swiss bank, and there will be massive capital flight away from them.

Apr 21 08:13

NATO Threatens To Raise Hell In Eastern Europe

The secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, announced today the “immediate” reinforcement of the collective defense of Alliance members with the deployment of resources by “land, sea and air ” in the countries of Eastern Europe, due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, he said.

Apr 21 03:05

Biden to meet with Ukrainian leaders

US Vice President Joe Biden is heading to Ukraine on Monday on a two-day visit to underscore Washington’s support for Kiev amid growing tensions between the US and Russia.

Apr 21 03:03

Man takes hostages at bank in central Russian city

Reports say the man wants his money back after learning that the bank’s license has been revoked.

Apr 21 03:01

Lavrov: US should face responsibility for powers it installed in Kiev

The Russian Foreign Minister says the US should take responsibility for those whom they put in power instead issuing ultimatums to Moscow.

Apr 20 20:31

Ukraine calls for US military support

The Ukrainian acting prime minister says his country needs to be militarily and economically supported from the United States in its standoff with Russia.

“We need a strong and solid state. We need financial and economic support. We need to modernize our security and military forces. We need the real support,” said Arseniy Yatsenyuk while appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

He made the remarks ahead of a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine this week.

Apr 20 19:46

BEX Alert: Haaretz- "Russian activists staged shooting, Ukrainian forces say"

Ukraine's police and intelligence service accused Russia of staging a fatal shooting incident on Sunday in which pro-Moscow separatists were killed in the east of the country.

Apr 20 19:37

BEX Alert: Haaretz "Ukraine synagogue reportedly firebombed"

The main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev reportedly was firebombed.

The synagogue was empty of worshippers when it was firebombed early Saturday morning, according to the Chabad-affiliated website.

Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the door and window, the report said, citing Yisroel Gotlieb, son of the city’s chief rabbi, Sholom Gotlieb.

A passer-by put out the fires with a fire extinguisher, according to the report. The attack was recorded by the synagogue’s closed circuit television security camera and uploaded to YouTube.

Last week in eastern Ukraine, fliers calling on Jews to register with pro-Russian separatists and pay special taxes were distributed in Donetsk.

Apr 20 19:19

China Prepares Massive Investments in Crimea

China intends to invest in massive projects in Crimea less than a month after the former Ukrainian province was annexed by the Russian Federation.

Apr 20 16:35

This Means War: US To Target Putin's Personal $40 Billion Stash

While the White House has continually threatened further sanctions against Russia for non-de-escalation (even as it un-de-escalates itself), the specifics of the additional sanctions have been sparse. German CEO warnings over blowback from economic sanctions... the "nonsense" of replacing Russian gas with US gas... the Russian warnings of "interdependence" and "boomerangs"... all reduce the West's arsenal of financial sanctions. But, as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin - a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

Apr 20 15:56

US to pile up troops on Russia doorstep: Report

The United States plans to deploy troops to Poland and Estonia to conduct drills with its allies, amid rising tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine, report says.

Apr 20 15:54

Military intervention in Ukraine risks spiralling into 'all-out war' with Russia

Head of MI6 is understood to have told David Cameron that Vladimir Putin will not “stand idly by” if the West sends troops to support the Ukrainian government

Apr 20 15:35

Russia to Build 150 Military Facilities on Kuril Islands

Russia will build more than 150 military facilities on the Iturup and Kunashir islands, part of the Kuril chain disputed by Japan, a senior military commander told reporters Friday.

“All decisions on the construction of military stations on the Iturup and Kunashir islands have been made and approved,” said Col. Gen. Sergei Suvorkin, the head of Russia’s Eastern Military District.

“All essential facilities, more than 150, will be built before 2016,” he added.

Apr 20 15:21

Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops

The Pentagon may deploy more ground troops in Poland, although the number may be much smaller than what the eastern European NATO member wants to see. Washington is seeking to reassure allies amid fears of a Russian aggression.

Warsaw and Washington may announce the deployment of additional American troops in Poland next week, Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said following a meeting with his US counterpart, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon on Thursday.

He added that Poland would play a leading role in the NATO build-up of troops in Eastern Europe, “under US patronage,” the Washington Post reported. He added that the US needs to “re-pivot” back to Europe from Asia to counter “Russian aggression” in Ukraine.

Apr 20 10:48

Slavyansk mayor asks Russia to send peacekeepers in wake of deadly night attack

Head of the self-defense units of Ukraine's eastern town of Slavyansk, Vladimir Ponomaryov, who was appointed Slavyansk mayor by the town's residents, has asked Russia to send peacekeepers to eastern Ukraine to protect civilians from National Guard and Right Sector militants.

"They kill our people. They don't talk to us but just kill," Ponomaryov said at an emergency press conference in the wake of last night's armed clashes on the outskirts of Slavyansk.

"The town has actually been besieged by the Right Sector," he said.

Apr 20 10:21

Ukraine PM: We Will Find These Anti-Semitic 'Bastards' and Bring Them To Justice

Check the comments!
Look in the mirror Yats! Head Rabbi in Kiev says it's a hoax! And what kind of a Jew allies his cause with Neanderthal Neo-Nazis like Maidan! Pot! Kettle Black!

Apr 20 09:23

Donetsk "Letter To Jews" Found To Be A Forgery

So the bottom line, namely that this was merely a provocation designed to generate a kneejerk emotional response from the west and paint the pro-Russia militia as neo-nazis and generally, as fascists (even though it was the ultra nationalist Right Sector that was instrumental in the overthrow of the Yanukovich government) was clear to most - even the population that was seemingly being targeted.

But not to John Kerry. "Secretary of State John Kerry said the language of the leaflets "is beyond unacceptable" and condemned whomever is responsible."

Apr 20 09:23

Germany should make use of shale gas: EU Energy Commissioner

EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger has urged Germany to make use of shale gas options and added that the he saw no danger of Europe's access to Russian gas falling victim to possible economic sanctions in the standoff over Ukraine.

Apr 20 08:41

Professor Stephen Cohen on Russia Ukraine Crisis "We are Well Into a Cold War"

Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and History at New York University, disects and rebutts the US media propaganda on the conflict in Ukraine and warns of a new Cold War.

Apr 20 08:31

Provocation in Slavyansk proves Kiev is not willing to disarm extremists

The militants organized the provocation on the night of Sunday in Ukraine’s Slavyansk (Donetsk region). It proves the Ukrainian authorities are not willing to disarm nationalists and extremists, Russia’s foreign ministry says in a statement published on Sunday.

Apr 20 08:26

Russia on Eastern Ukraine shooting: Kiev must fulfill Geneva de-escalation pledge

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed outrage over the deadly gun battle on Saturday night in the protester-held city of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine. It said Kiev must deliver on its commitment to de-escalate the violence.

Apr 20 08:20

Russia 'outraged' as east Ukraine shootout shatters Easter truce

A deadly gunfight in a town in restive east Ukraine on Sunday shattered a fragile Easter truce, with Russia declaring it was "outraged" at the return to violence in the crisis-hit former Soviet republic.

Apr 20 07:12

East Ukraine breaks Easter truce with fatal shooting

A deadly gunfight in restive east Ukraine has shattered a fragile Easter truce, with Russia declaring it was ‘‘outraged’’ at the return to violence in the crisis-hit former Soviet republic.

Three pro-Russian militants and one attacker were killed early on Sunday in a firefight at a roadblock close to the separatist-held town of Slaviansk, a local pro-Kremlin rebel leader, Vyatcheslav Ponomarev, said.

Vladimir, a masked 20-year-old pro-Russian rebel who was at the barricade, told AFP: ‘‘Four cars pulled up to our roadblock around 1am. We wanted to conduct a check, and then they opened fire on us with automatic weapons.’’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am going to take a guess that these were some of the American mercenaries, sent in specifically to break the truce and kick off more fighting.

Apr 20 07:04

Rabbi Tries To Squelch 'Register Jews' Story — But It Won't Die

A Ukrainian rabbi whose congregation was the target of an anti-Semitic leaflet that drew global media interest and condemnation from the U.S. government believes it was a hoax and wants to put the matter to rest.

But five days after the incident in the restive eastern city of Donetsk, Ukraine’s prime minister, anxious to maintain U.S. support against Russia, issued a statement accusing Moscow and told a U.S. TV channel he would find the “bastards” responsible.

Apr 20 06:52

US placing military resources into theater for attack on Russia: Don DeBar

The United States is placing its “military resources into the theater” to launch a military attack against Russia, an American political commentator says.

“The US is placing the military resources into the theater for an attack on Russia. It appears to me that’s what’s going on,” Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

He was commenting on a Washington Post report which says that the US is planning to send troops to Poland.

Apr 20 06:40

Six deaths after gun attack on citizen-run Eastern Ukrainian checkpoint

Six people have been reportedly killed in a gunfight in Slavyansk, a city in eastern Ukraine held by anti-government protesters. The fatalities include four protesters and two attackers, who are believed to be from the Right Sector paramilitary.

Submitted by WUFYS

Apr 20 02:17

Six deaths after gun attack on citizen-run Eastern Ukrainian checkpoint

Six people have been reportedly killed in a gunfight in Slavyansk, a city in eastern Ukraine held by anti-government protesters. The fatalities include four protesters and two attackers, who are believed to be from the Right Sector paramilitary.

Apr 19 21:29

2014, Year of reckoning for America/WW3

014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads.
The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard.

Russia and China have had enough.

Apr 19 21:21

Dollar dying; multi-polar world in offing

Washington’s decision to go for the military coup in Ukraine was intended to rupture the emerging cooperation between key Eurasian nations that ultimately would have isolated the power of US hegemony and opened the door for a genuine multi-polar world where peaceful cooperation replaced military threats and sole Superpower domination.

The very rich and powerful families who control the US military industry complex reacted by trying to revert to their tried strategy of re-activating a new Cold War that paints Russia as evil and tries to cripple or severely weaken her. Ultimately it was a stupid decision being implemented by very stupid people, who believe they are very smart.