Apr 20 21:19

How the West Gassed Thousands to Death in Damascus

The Chemical attack was premeditated conspiracy to mire Syria in a sectarian bloodbath for the purpose of achieving regime change in Damascus and undermining neighboring Iran.

Apr 15 07:39

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter Sy Hersh: Benghazi Is a HUGE Scandal … But Not For the Reason You Think

A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdo?an administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities. Retired American soldiers, who didn’t always know who was really employing them, were hired to manage procurement and shipping. The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer.

Apr 15 07:19

The Red Line and the Rat Line

Barring a major change in policy by Obama, Turkey’s meddling in the Syrian civil war is likely to go on. ‘I asked my colleagues if there was any way to stop Erdo?an’s continued support for the rebels, especially now that it’s going so wrong,’ the former intelligence official told me. ‘The answer was: “We’re screwed.” We could go public if it was somebody other than Erdo?an, but Turkey is a special case. They’re a Nato ally. The Turks don’t trust the West. They can’t live with us if we take any active role against Turkish interests. If we went public with what we know about Erdo?an’s role with the gas, it’d be disastrous. The Turks would say: “We hate you for telling us what we can and can’t do.”’

Apr 12 13:21

Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire visits Lattakia and Syrian Refugees from Kessab

The Nobel peace laureate added, that many media institutions are involved in a campaign aimed at misguiding the public about the situation in Syria. Maguire had previously stressed the role of western media in manufacturing public consent with the war on Syria.

Apr 11 07:26

‘Armenian genocide’ bill passes U.S. Senate Committee with 12 votes

An “Armenian genocide” resolution has passed the U.S. Senate's Foreign Relations Committee on April 10 by bipartisan voice.

Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, and Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, had presented the bill last week.

“Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, during which 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turkey ... To honor the survivors and the memory of those lost, and to lead globally on human rights, the United States should finally join the European Union and 11 of our NATO allies in officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide,” Kirk had said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why this bill and why now?

Armenian Americans are very angry at US support to Turkey while Turkey is sending their supported Jihadists into Syria to kill Christians in general, and Armentian in particular.

The last attack on Kessab, Armenian town, angered Armenia and Armenian Americans.They wanted the US senate and their Congress members to stand against Turkey and do something about such attacks.

Instead of criticising Turkish acts of supporting Jihadists now operating inside Syria, the Senate brought in a bill sponsered by Senator Menendez against Turkey for events under Ottoman Empire, almost a century ago to pacify the Armenian Americans community.

Apr 10 12:33

Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling

YouTube will remain blocked in Turkey in spite of a court order ruling that the ban is a violation of freedom of speech. The prohibition of social media in Turkey sparked public ire and mass protests against internet censorship.

Apr 10 08:03

NATO and Turkey’s genocidal war on Syria

In the early stages of the covert war on Syria, Erdogan’s government rendered the entire 877 kilometres-long border with Syria porous for the NATO-backed mercenaries who have been using it as a highway. In many areas along the Syrian border, fences and concrete barriers were removed and roads were stabilized to allow the passage of all sorts of vehicles, including those rigged with bombs.1

Apr 10 07:40

Erdogan paves way for Turkish surveillance state

Turkey's government has submitted a draft law to parliament in a bid to strengthen the position of the country's intelligence service. Critics say this will turn Turkey into a surveillance state.

Apr 09 19:06

Assad There to Stay?

Assad is there to stay. Change will come only under his leadership or his guidance. Understanding with him is the only way to internal and regional stability. More or less he has succeeded in turning the “huge magnet” for international terrorists into their killing field.

Apr 08 18:59

NATO and Turkey’s Genocidal War on Syria

On March 16, the third anniversary of the NATO-led covert war on Syria, the Syrian army won a landmark victory by taking back the Yabroud town on the Lebanese border.3 Hours later, NATO-backed ‘Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon’ retaliated by launching a false-flag bombing attack in Lebanon.4

On March 18-19, the Israeli army bombarded Syrian Army positions by tank and artillery fire and airstrikes.5

On March 21, NATO-backed mercenary forces and Turkish Armed Forces launched a massive offensive on the Syrian border town of Kasab in the Latakia province. The unprecedented overt military aggression by Turkey and its NATO allies is the clearest indication of their desperation in the face of Syria’s steady progress towards a decisive victory on all fronts.

This article details the flagrant war crimes committed by Turkey and NATO during the ongoing offensive on Kasab and puts them in a context.

Apr 08 12:02

NATO Members Conduct False Flag Terror In Attempt to Whip Up War

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh (who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal and the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam) says that high-level American sources tell him that the Turkish government carried out the chemical weapons attacks blamed on the Syrian government.

Indeed, it’s long been known that sarin was coming through Turkey.

Turkey is a member of NATO. So we’re really talking about a NATO member launching a false flag attack against a non-NATO member, and then blaming it on the victim.

Apr 07 08:11

Was Turkey Behind Syrian Sarin Attack?

Journalist Seymour Hersh has unearthed information implicating Turkish intelligence in last summer’s Sarin attack near Damascus that almost pushed President Obama into a war to topple Syria’s government and open a path for an al-Qaeda victory, writes Robert Parry.

Apr 07 03:31

Obama’s Redline, Erdogan’s False Flag and the Rat Line Channel Highway into Syria

The full extent of US co-operation with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in assisting the rebel opposition in Syria has yet to come to light. The Obama administration has never publicly admitted to its role in creating what the CIA calls a ‘rat line’, a back channel highway into Syria. The rat line, authorised in early 2012, was used to funnel weapons and ammunition from Libya via southern Turkey and across the Syrian border to the opposition.

Apr 04 14:48

Turkish forces fire artillery into Syrian territory

Turkey has fired artillery into the Syrian territory, claiming that it has responded to shelling from the neighboring country.

Apr 04 07:05

Erdogan slams top court for lifting Twitter ban

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a stinging broadside Friday against the country's highest court for overturning a ban on Twitter, refuelling controversy over his social media crackdown.

Apr 04 06:12

YouTube ban violates human rights, says Turkish court - Guardian

A Turkish court has ruled that a blanket ban on YouTube violates human rights and ordered that most of the restrictions be lifted, citing a court ruling this week that scrapped a similar ban on Twitter.

The Turkish telecoms authority, TIB, blocked access to both sites after anonymously leaked recordings embarrassed the government of the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an. The YouTube ban was imposed a week after the Twitter ban.

The Twitter ban was lifted on Thursday, a day after Turkey's constitutional court ruled it illegal, and the telecoms authority told internet service providers to start restoring access.

A court in Ankara cited the lifting of the Twitter ban in its ruling on Friday in the YouTube case, saying the ban was too broad, and instead blocked access to 15 videos.

Apr 03 10:20

Why Turkey Was Planning a False Flag Operation in Syria

You’ve probably heard about the recent leaked conversations involving Turkey.

It was stunning to hear the highest-ranking Turks causally discussing how to provoke a false flag incident that would justify a large military intervention in Syria.

This is a big deal because Turkish troops in Syria opens the door to NATO troops in Syria, which drastically expands the conflict.

Apr 02 13:05

Turkey’s constitutional court: Twitter ban violates free speech

The Twitter ban imposed by Turkey’s government violates freedom of expression and individual rights, said the country’s Constitutional Court after a unanimous vote on Wednesday. The ban caused mass protests and public uproar.

Apr 02 08:51

Why Turkey Was Planning a False Flag Operation in Syria

You’ve probably heard about the recent leaked conversations involving Turkey.

It was stunning to hear the highest-ranking Turks causally discussing how to provoke a false flag incident that would justify a large military intervention in Syria.

This is a big deal because Turkish troops in Syria opens the door to NATO troops in Syria, which drastically expands the conflict.

Apr 01 10:34

Turkish police fire water cannon as thousands protest local election results (VIDEO)

Riot police have used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the thousands-strong crowd of protesters surrounding the Supreme Electoral Council in Ankara. The people demanded a recount of local election results, in which the ruling AKP party narrowly won.

Apr 01 07:05

Fear of war grips Turkish border province

A fisherman’s boat bobs on the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A stray puppy gambols on a deserted sand beach. In normal times, this small seaside Eden in Turkey’s southernmost province of Hatay would buzz with summer holidaymakers. But the coming season threatens to be different in Meydankoy. “We are on the frontline of the war,” says Ozgur Kaya, a fisherman, pointing toward the Syrian side of the coast. The thud of artillery fire drowns out his voice

Apr 01 07:00

Turkey’s opposition to contest Ankara local poll result

Turkey’s secular main opposition party said Tuesday it would contest a narrow poll win in Ankara mayoral elections claimed by the Islamic-rooted party of Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, citing “irregularities”.

The Turkish capital was a key battleground and symbolic prize in Sunday’s municipal elections, in which Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) scored sweeping victories nationwide despite a corruption scandal and recent street protests.

“We will appeal today at the Supreme Electoral Board over hundreds of ballot boxes in Ankara,” lawmaker Aykan Erdemir of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said in Ankara, Turkey’s second biggest city.

“More than 1,000 volunteers have been working for over 48 hours to check data at the party headquarters. We have evidence of irregularities.”

Apr 01 06:50

Turkey: Cat Blamed for Ankara Election Night Power Blackouts

Turkey's energy minister Taner Yildiz has blamed widespread power blackouts that disrupted vote-counting after the local elections on a cat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And it is just a coincidence the blackouts hit the opposition strongholds! Really. Honest!"

Apr 01 06:32

Opposition ballots found in trash bags in southern Turkey

Used ballots, marked for the main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), have been found in the garbage of six schools used as polling stations in the southern province of Osmaniye.

Apr 01 06:31

Mass protest actions held in front of CEC building in Ankara

Protestors are demanding a recount of votes after the municipal elections held on March 30. The Justice and Development Party won in the elections, gaining 45.6 percent of the votes.

Apr 01 05:23

William Cook : The Goal of the BDS Movement Is Justice

Israel Denies Justice and therefore does not Exist as a Legitimate State. Justice and legitimacy are one and inexorably linked to the Charters and Declarations of the United Nations.

This is a truth that Michael J. Rosenberg does not address as he castigates the supporters of the BDS movement in his recent article: “The Goal of the BDS Movement is the Dismantling of Israel.”


Mar 31 22:41

Christians flee Syria’s Kessab, Twitter cries atrocities, Armenia accuses Turkey

The Syrian Army is trying to retake the Christian majority town of Kessab reportedly seized by al-Qaeda-linked forces. The attack made hundreds of ethnic Armenians flee and caused international outcry with Armenia blaming Turkey for supporting extremists.

Mar 31 16:08

Leaked YouTube Tape: Turkey Plotting Pretext for War With Syria?

While there was extensive media coverage of the Turkish government cutting off YouTube late last week, just prior to that, there was a posting on YouTube of an apparently leaked tape of Turkish government officials plotting a pretext for war with Syria that has received relatively little attention.

Mar 31 08:59

Planned Turkish False Flag Exposed

Welcome to police state Turkey. It’s no democracy. Claiming otherwise is a convenient illusion.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is tyrannical. He’s ruthless. He blames victims for his crimes. He’s unapologetic.

He heads Ankara’s rogue government. Turkey is one of 28 NATO countries. Erdogan partners with Washington’s imperial wars.

Mar 31 07:17

Turkish forces 'strike ISIL convoy in Syria'

The Turkish armed forces attacked a convoy of al-Qaeda-linked rebel vehicles in Syria in retaliation for cross-border fire on Tuesday, destroying three vehicles, Turkish media said.

Turkish troops opened fire on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) positions in northern Syria after a mortar shell fired from Syria landed in Turkish territory during clashes between ISIL and the Free Syrian Army, broadcaster NTV reported.

It said a pick-up truck, a lorry and a bus were destroyed in the Turkish retaliation on Tuesday evening.

Mar 31 07:13

EXPOSED: Kerry Implicated in Turkey False Flag Using AlQaeda To Start War With Syria

A leaked conversation between Turkey's intelligence chief and the war room reveals plot to create a casus belli for war with Syria by using ISIL, an alQaeda offshoot, to threaten a turkish shrine Suleiman Shah Tomb. Turkey has blocked youtube in order to cover up the leaks. Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed the recording of planning for a military incursion into Syria adding that a 'network of treason' was responsible for leak. Part two of the leaked conversation implicates John Kerry US secretary of state in the plot.

Mar 30 10:25

Turkey Hijacking IP addresses for popular Global DNS providers

At BGPmon we see numerous BGP hijacks every single day, some are interesting because of the size and scale of the hijack or as we’ve seen today because of the targeted hijacked prefixes.
It all started last weekend when the Turkish president ordered the censorship of twitter.com. This started with a block of twitter by returning false twitter IP addresses by Turk Telekom DNS servers. Soon users in Turkey discovered that changing DNS providers to Google DNS or OpenDNS was a good method of bypassing the censorship.
But as of around 9am UTC today (Saturday March 29) this changed when Turk Telekom started to hijack the IP address for popular free and open DNS providers such as Google’s, OpenDNS’ and Level3’s

Mar 30 09:27

At least eight killed in local polls

At least eight people were killed March 30 in clashes between groups backing rival candidates in Turkey’s municipal elections.

Security officials said six people were killed in a gun fight between two families in the village of Yuvac?k in the southeastern province of ?anl?urfa’s Hilvan district, which borders Syria. In the Siverek district of the same province, another brawl happened after one family insisted on violating the rule of anonymous voting, leading to several injuries. Such clashes have occurred in previous local elections.

Mar 30 09:25

Israel Put on Notice Throughout the World

Internationals from 20 countries came to Istanbul to hear testimony on March 27, 2014 against Israeli officials and to offer their support to the victims on board the Mavi Marmara. Many of these supporters had also been attacked on other flotilla boats; suffering wounds, unlawful detention, torture and theft of money, credit cards and possessions at the hands of the Israeli militants.

Mar 29 10:02

Media Buries Bombshell Turkey False Flag Attack

Mar 29 09:21

EVIDENCE- Al-Qaeda entering Syria from Turkey

No boundaries, no customs offices! All clear!

Mar 28 18:20

CONFIRMED: NATO’s Plans for False Flag Attack on Turkey Revealed

It has been revealed that NATO has been planning a false flag attack against Turkey to justify the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, the International Business Times reported in its article, “Turkey YouTube Ban: Full Transcript of Leaked Syria ‘War’ Conversation Between Erdogan Officials.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ban of YouTube occurred after a leaked conversation between Head of Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu that he wanted removed from the video-sharing website.It released the full transcript of a leaked conversation between the head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu. The Times reported:

Mar 28 09:51


After company refused to take down problematic recordings, Turkish FM defends move to block service, citing need to defend national security.

Mar 28 08:36

Erdogan's facade crumbles further: 1 in 5 living in poverty in Turkey

Contrary to the rosy picture of Turkey's economic development that is put forward by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, a recent analysis argues that the country is suffering from a serious problem with poverty.

Mar 28 08:35

Turkey shuts down YouTube over security alert

Turkey’s telecoms authority has shut down YouTube.

Regulators say an anonymous account posted what it presented as a leaked recording of a discussion between the country’s intelligence chief and military leaders about possible operations in Syria.

It comes a week after Turkey tried to block access to microblogging site Twitter.

“I have been a Facebook and a Youtubeuser for years and all of a sudden, this ban comes as a shock. I am
uneasy over these developments and my biggest
concern is what will happen if this government wins the elections?” said internet user Robin Cetin.

Mar 28 08:35

Turkish watchdog suspends national broadcast licence of critical TV station

The television company Kanalturk has been reduced to broadcasting on the internet after its national licence was suspended by Turkey’s media watchdog on Wednesday.

In what is being seen by some as a further example of state agencies clamping down on voices critical of the government, the move has been condemned by opposition parties ahead of regional elections this weekend.

Mar 28 08:34

Report: Erdo?an may visit Israel after elections

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an may visit Israel after the March 30 local elections in a move to improve Turkish-Israeli relations, which turned sour after a Gaza-bound Turkish aid flotilla was attacked by Israeli forces in March 2010, Turkish dailies reported on Thursday.

Mar 28 08:34

Leaked recording shows Turkish officials discussing military aggression against Syria

A leaked recording has revealed Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Turkish officials discussing a plan to launch a military aggression on Syria in coordination between Turkish intelligence and armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Mar 27 12:17

Turkish Political and Military Leaders ADMIT to Planning False Flag Terror to Justify a War with Syria

As we noted here, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had blocked Twitter access to his nation ahead of what was rumored to be a “spectacular” leak before this weekend’s elections. Then this morning, amid a mad scramble, he reportedly (despite the nation’s court ruling the bans illegal) blocked YouTube access. However, by the magic of the interwebs, we have the ‘leaked’ clip and it is clear why he wanted it blocked/banned. As the rough translation explains, it purports to be a conversation between key Turkish military and political leaders discussing what appears to be a false flag attack to launch war with Syria.

Mar 27 10:38


Mar 27 09:59

Video Showing how the Al Qaeda Terrorists who Destroyed the Last Armenian Village in Middle East coming walking from NATO Erdogan Turkey

There is the Armenian town who Al Qaeda destroyed and doing Massive Looting from Houses and Churches http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesab this was doing by Erdogan Turkey we know Without external Support these terrorists can't advanced a single meter

How Erdogan / US Help them for raid in Kasab =

1) Erdogan let Al Qaeda using the Turkish Territory equipping these AQ terrorists with Weapons - Attacking Syrian territory from Turkey - Preparing these Terrorists attacks in Turkish soil.

2) Erdogan give Al Qaeda Air Support Shotting down a Syrian Plane

3) Erdogan give Al Qaeda precise fire support artillery and Tanks shelling the days 23/3 and 24/3 killing some NDF / SAA troops and commanders forcing the Syrian troops to leaving the place.

5) Al Qaeda star the terrorist attacks shotting from Turkish soil.

6) US Help Provide Erdogan a shield with Patriots Missiles since 2012 near the Area who Al Qaeda attack http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=20f_1395609153

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Erdogan, having learned nothing from the backlash from his attempt to shut down Twitter, is trying to get the YouTube version of this video taken down.

Mar 27 08:47

BREAKING: leaks reveal Turkey suggests using AlQaeda to start war with Syria

Ahmet Davuto?lu:
“Prime Minister said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on Suleiman Shah Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us.”
Hakan Fidan:
“I’ll send 4 men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.”
Feridun Sinirlio?lu:
“Our national security has become a common, cheap domestic policy outfit.”
Ya?ar Güler:
“It’s a direct cause of war. I mean, what’re going to do is a direct cause of war.”

Mar 27 08:23

Turkish Court Overturns Erdogan's Twitter Ban Ahead Of "Spectacular Leak" Rumor

A Turkish court has ruled against Prime Minister Erdogan's unilateral decision to ban Twitter from the nation after the threatened leak of corruption allegations. As The FT reports, the Ankara district court imposed a stay on the measure after hearing arguments from the Turkish Bar Association that the ban was disproportionate and illegal. While government officials have agreed they would implement the court's ruling, so far there has been no change. Twitter has officially responded expressing concern at the ban and filing further petitions to have it lifted as rumors spread of a "spectacular leak" in the next few days ahead of Sunday's elections.

As The FT notes, A Turkish court has ruled against the country’s ban on Twitter, which has attracted widespread international condemnation, in the last heated days before nationwide elections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That Edrogan somehow thought this would be a great move, right before the elections, is suspicious in the extreme, and may only confirm what Turkish voters have been thinking for a long time; that there is cause to believe that there has been some corruption in his government.

Mar 26 10:30

Turkish court orders lifting of Twitter ban

A Turkish court Wednesday overturned a controversial Twitter ban imposed after audio recordings spread via the social media site implicated Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a corruption scandal.

The Ankara administrative court ruled that the ban restricted freedom of expression, after the Turkish Bar Association put up a legal challenge against the government's move, saying it was without legal grounds and an arbitrary decision.

Twitter, meanwhile, said it had challenged the ban through local courts, "joining Turkish journalists and legal experts, Turkish citizens and the international community in formally asking for the ban to be lifted".

Mar 26 09:47

Turkey Vs. Syria: NATO’s Last Gasp?

Turkey’s downing of a Syrian plane it knew was targeting militants it is intentionally harboring within its territory is problematic for several reasons.

First, these militants crossing over into Syria from Turkey are openly identified as Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra front by the above mentioned Reuters report - Al Nusra being a designated terrorist organization by the US State Department itself, thus making the Turkish government guilty of violating both US and international law.

Mar 26 07:23

Turkish army artillery pounds west Syria

Turkish army has fired several rounds of artillery toward western Syria as Ankara seeks to renew its assistance to foreign-backed militants fighting against the Damascus government.

Mar 26 06:11

Turkish military pounds Syrian army bases near border

Turkish military tanks have targeted Syrian army bases in the Kasab border town, where the Syrian army has been battling numerous militant groups to secure the border.

According to Al-Alam reporter in Syria’s Latakia, a huge explosion was heard at a Syrian army base near Kasab after Turkish military targeted the area.

The explosion has been followed with Turkish military firing several other rockets at Syrian army bases, the reporter said citing military sources.

The report said, Al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra front have raised their flags over several Turkish military tanks near Kasab, as a sign of having the area under their control.

Mar 25 10:11

URGENT: NATO's Turkey Providing Air Support for Al Qaeda in Northern Syria

The downing of a Syrian jet by Turkey was not an isolated incident but part of a major offensive by Al Qaeda affiliated groups Jabhat Al Nusra (designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department) and Ahrar Al Sham against a northwestern Syrian-Turkish border crossing. Turkey has been supporting Al Qaeda’s attack on the Kassab border crossing, the only crossing that was still held by the Syrian military. While the AFP did report that the group involved in the attack was the AlQaeda faction Jabhat Al Nusra , this fact has not made it to any mainstream media headline.

Jabhat Al Nusra, are also actively being given safe haven by Turkey. The map below shows the Al Qaeda Camp within the Turkish border from which the attack on the Kassab border crossing came. AlQaeda militants also brazenly videotaped themselves walking right through the Turkish Kassab border gate into Syria without any harassment from Turkish guards.

Mar 25 10:05


Turkey’s Prime Minister confirms he gave the orders to shut down Twitter, claims the site was breaking Turkey’s laws.

Turkey’s Prime Minister confirmed on Sunday that he was the one who gave theorders to shut down Twitter in the country, reports The Associated Press (AP).

Speaking at a campaign event in Istanbul ahead of March 30 municipal elections, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he had given the order because Twitter was not obeying Turkey’s laws.

Previously, the Turkish government said that the telecommunications authority had blocked Twitter on court orders. However, the move came shortly after Erdogan threatened to “rip out the roots” of the website.

Mar 25 06:20

Was shoot down of Syrian plane linked to Turkish elections?

The first sentence of any news analysis about the Syrian plane shot down March 23 cannot be complete unless it notes that the plane was shot down one week before the March 30 local elections.

On March 24, as this article was being written, Ankara authorities had not yet released sufficient or persuasive information to the public that the Syrian plane was posing a direct and critical security threat that needed to be eliminated.

Mar 24 06:44

Syrian jet shot down near Turkish border - media

It was not immediately clear who was responsible.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted local residents as saying the plane was brought down by shooting from the Turkish side of the border. Al Manar, the television station of Lebanon's Hezbollah group, said two rockets were fired from Turkish territory.

But Turkish media quoted officials as denying Turkey had shot it down and said Syrian rebels were responsible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The initial report was that the plane was inside Turkish air space when shot down, but it appears the plane was still on Syria's side when attacked.

Mar 23 10:22


Mar 22 13:44


Mar 21 11:05

Outraged Turks take to Twitter to flout government ban

Turkish Twitter users -- led by the country's president -- Friday defied a government ban on the social networking site as world leaders condemned the move and opposition leaders vowed to challenge it in court.

Mar 21 09:36

Turkish prime minister threatens to ‘wipe out’ Twitter over corruption allegations

Turkey’s combative prime minister warned on Thursday that he would eradicate Twitter in the wake of damaging allegations of corruption in his inner circle that have spread across social networks in recent weeks.

“We will wipe out Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says,” premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at an election rally in the western province of Bursa.

“They will see the Turkish republic’s strength,” he added.

The Internet Publishers Association, a body representing online and media companies, said the move was an attempt to “destroy freedom of expression”.

“The prime minister having the power to shut down Twitter will be the confirmation of dictatorship,” it said in a statement published by local media on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Turkish Prime Minister Edrogan: I think you will find it just as hard to completely close down the net in Turkey as did those who engineered The Great Firewall in China.

Netizens will find a way around any blockade you try to attempt to do.

Mar 21 08:28


Twitter went dark in Turkey, just hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “wipe out” the social network which, along with others, was highlighting corruption allegations against his inner circle.

Mar 18 10:59

Turkey Warns Russia it Will Blockade Bosphorus if Violence Occurs

According to diplomatic sources, Turkey has threatened Russia with a blockade of the Bosphorus Strait

Mar 17 12:04


Mar 15 08:07

Erdogan links dead Turkish teenager to 'terrorist' groups

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said a teenager who died this week after sustaining a head injury in anti-government protests last summer was linked to "terrorist organizations", in comments likely to fan political tensions.

Mar 13 09:36

Turkish cops confront angry mobs in capital city

Police officers in riot-gear turned water cannons on civilians in an attempt to stop an angry demonstration on Wednesday after news circulated that a teenager, who was wounded during street riots last year, reportedly died on Tuesday, according to former Middle East police adviser and training officer, Larry Arkajian.

Violent protesters marched alongside the thousands of mourners as they walked to the memorial ceremony for 15-year-old Berkin Elvan, who laid in a Turkish hospital bed for nine months in a coma until finally succumbing to his wounds on Tuesday.

Mar 12 07:54

Teenager's Death Reignites Protests Across Turkey

Protests against Turkey's government flared up around the country after the death of a boy who had been unconscious since he was injured in the initial uprising last Summer.

Berkin Elvan, 15, was walking to get bread at a local store in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, when a tear gas canister smashed into his skull, according to the BBC. He was in a coma for the 269 days that followed and withered to a mere 35 pounds before he died on Tuesday.