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West Ramp Up Anti-Iran Propaganda

US and Western European officials are continuing a strategy of making dubious allegations against Iran in an effort to try to justify continued military hostility, which is expected to involve a large US military buildup in the region.

In Europe, this is centering on claims about Iran’s conventional missile systems, arguing that they are in violation of a UN ban on nuclear-capable missiles even though Iran doesn’t have any nuclear warheads. Iran has pointed out this is a lie, saying they have a right to missile systems under international law.

This allegation, pushed by Britain, France, and Germany, is likely to be a red herring that will be used in upcoming talks with Iran about their civilian nuclear program to distract from relatively straightforward matters of sanctions relief and enrichment limits.

US officials are continuing to talk up the idea that Iran might carry out sneak attacks on US forces, or on Saudi Arabian oil supplies, allegations which come with claims Iran was behind a previous drone attack which was claimed by Yemen’s Houthi movement.

On top of this, US officials continue to try to scale up the death toll of November’s protests in Iran. Amnesty International put the estimated deaths around 200, while Iran insists it is much less. President Trump, offering no evidence, claimed the deaths were “thousands and thousands.”

Though Trump seemingly just made up a high death toll on the spur of the moment, US officials are continuing this narrative, with Brian Hook now claiming that it is at least conceivable that more than 1,000 were killed in the crackdown. He too offered no evidence of this.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Demonization is generally the last act before an actual invasion; that being said, however, there are many more millions in this country, and beyond, who now understand, in hindsight, and without a shadow of a doubt, that this was the same kind of codswallop we were getting, courtesy of the corporate media, before the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sorry, President Trump; no deal here at all.