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Feb 01 20:25

A CIA Propaganda Apparatus Aimed At The American People

The details surrounding the recent Honduras coup are filled with lies and disinformation perpetrated mostly by the Regan era Chief Liar, Otto Reich and his Otto Reich Associates, LLC, of Washington, DC, a consulting firm which provides the material for the media to form the perceptions of the American people.

Those same perceptions regarding Venezuela and their democratically elected president Hugo Chavez are manipulated to fit US government and Capitalist desires to allow for support for the overthrow of the Venezuelan anti-Capitalist government. Keep your eye on the news and don't believe much of what you read about Venezuela. The country and it's leader have made remarkable strides in human rights and the protection of the poor that even the US hasn't made, nor does it care to.

Feb 01 19:21

Israeli Police Who Put US Man In Coma Get Off Scot-Free

Israeli authorities have cleared the police of the charge of inflicting coma-inducing head injury to an American during a protest against the erection of an Israeli barrier.

The officials claimed that there was no criminal intent on the part of the police, said The Washington Post, reporting on the follow-up to the March 2009 incident in the West Bank in which the 38-year-old Tristan Anderson was hit in the head with a high-velocity tear gas canister.

Feb 01 19:01

Israeli Court: Firing On Unarmed Peace Activists Is OK

Feb 01 18:45

Strengthening US 'Defense' In Gulf A Step To War

In short, it seems likely that the Islamic regime would gamble that taking a hard-line would provide a better chance for regime survival than caving in to US demands. Their hope would be that the US would not risk the possibility of disrupting the flow of oil, which would cause incalculable difficulties for the world economy which is already in a precarious condition.

Any little incident would spark war and with US land and naval forces almost surrounding Iran, the chances of such an incident would be very high.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One question needs to be asked here; if such a confrontation does take place between the US and Iran, what will Russia do, support the Iranians militarily?

The Russians have nukes. This would absolutely mean World War III.

Feb 01 18:29

Obama to travel to Indonesia, Australia in March

US President Barack Obama will make what will be an emotional trip with his family to his childhood home of Indonesia in March, and will also visit Australia, the White House announced on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How nice.

I didn't realize that touring the world, rather than fixing the god-awful economic conditions here at home, were what apparently we have hired this man to do.

Feb 01 18:21

CIA moonlights in corporate world

In the midst of two wars and the fight against Al Qaeda, the CIA is offering operatives a chance to peddle their expertise to private companies on the side — a policy that gives financial firms and hedge funds access to the nation’s top-level intelligence talent, POLITICO has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, nearly any product or service of this government is available to the highest bidder!

Feb 01 16:35

Russia, China and the American free lunch

Christopher King considers the spurious foundations of the US economy and business relationships with the rest of the world, and argues that complacency and ignorance on the part of the British government – and the greed of business leaders – are letting the Americans have a free lunch every day.

Feb 01 16:00

All-clear after bomb threat at Phila. Int'l Airport

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The daily dose of booga-booga; the bomb threat turned out to be a hoax.

Feb 01 15:22

Air marshals say system a complete failure, another 9/11 could happen

Federal air marshals in the Central Florida Division, which covers Tampa and Orlando, say the system is a total failure, managers don't know what they are doing and another 9/11 could happen.


We're the TSA and You Can Count on Us!
(to overreact to tiny threats and ignore big ones) http://is.gd/7vl1R

Feb 01 15:16

Corporations are not people and money is not speech

Corporations, however, are inherently not the same as individuals and thus cannot have the same protections as individuals. There are a slew of laws that protect corporations and their interests in the arena for which they are by definition formed—namely the marketplace. The laws that govern corporations and the rights enjoyed by them are distinct from the laws and rights of individuals. A corporation, for example, can enter into contracts like an individual, but unlike an individual, a corporation’s members can be protected by limited liability so their personal assets are not at stake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If a corporation is a legal person, then under the 13th Amendment they may not be owned by, nor may they own, other persons (corporations).

If the 13th Amendment does not apply to a corporate person, then neither does the 1st.

A corporation is not engaging in free speech. Corporations are not sentient. At best they are immortal imbeciles unable to speak much less vote under the total control of their owners/guardians. The owner/guardians are normal human beings, and while they may spend as much of their own personal fortunes as they wish to exercise their right of free speech, spending the assets of the non-sentient creature in their charge may be misappropriation.

Feb 01 14:07

Barak: Without Syria peace, we could be headed for all-out war

"In the absence of an arrangement with Syria, we are liable to enter a belligerent clash with it that could reach the point of an all-out, regional war," Barak told senior Israel Defense Forces officers on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "If they don't let us keep the Golan Heights we will kill them!"

Feb 01 13:47

Afghanistan: Record winter casualties for US-led occupying forces

Last month 44 US and coalition troops were killed in Afghanistan—the bloodiest month of fighting recorded in the country’s winter season since the 2001 invasion. In previous years, the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions have seen a lull in the conflict between the US and NATO led International Security Assistance Force and anti-occupation guerrillas.

Feb 01 12:27


Ayman Talal Quader is a blogger from the Nuseirat refugee camp located in the middle of the Gaza Strip. He launched his blog “Voice From Gaza” (www.peaceforgaza.blogspot.com) during Israel’s invasion of Gaza last winter. Aywan chronicled eyewitness accounts of the war and the continuing siege of the territory as well as his own attempts to leave Gaza in order to further his education in Spain. Although classes start on 8 February, he has yet to receive approval from the Egyptian government to travel to Cairo for his flight to Spain. The Electronic Intifada contributor Jody McIntyre recently spoke with Ayman in Gaza.

Feb 01 11:43

Colorado Springs cuts into services considered basic by many

"I guess we're going to find out what the tolerance level is for people," said businessman Chuck Fowler, who is helping lead a private task force brainstorming for city budget fixes. "It's a new day."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The very first sentence reveals that this shut down of services is intended to scare the citizens into accepting higher taxes.

But this may well backfire, because the anger Americans have is not just against high taxes, but against the fact that no matter how much tax we pay, little of it gets spent on We The People, with the lion's share of the cash going to wars, Israel, and a lavish lifestyle for the elites (See story below about Pelosi's use of military aircraft for her kids).

Feb 01 11:06

Autopsy: Detroit Imam Shot 21 Times

Dearborn's police chief said he's approved the release of an autopsy report in the FBI's fatal shooting of a Detroit Muslim prayer leader but he's not commenting on the results.

The report reveals the Muslim Cleric Luqman Abdullah, 53, was shot 21 times in less than five seconds when the FBI raided a warehouse in Dearborn on Oct. 28.

Feb 01 10:50

U.S. defense fails missile test mimicking Iran strike (Reuters)

Reuters - A maiden U.S. attempt to shoot down a ballistic missile mimicking an attack from Iran failed after a malfunction in a radar built by Raytheon Co, the Defense Department said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, that's going to put a crimp in the US and Israel starting WW3!

Feb 01 10:42


Nasser Gawi and one settler have been expelled from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah for 15 days after the settler attacked local residents and threatened them with an M-16.

Feb 01 10:35

Wells Fargo Expecting Much Higher Interest Rates

By scaling back on the so-called carry trade, in which banks borrow in overnight lending markets at rates near zero and invest in higher-yielding securities, Wells Fargo aims to protect against losses when rates rise, but it forgoes the interest income it would have earned by putting on the trades.

Wells Fargo isn't giving up a billion dollars worth of interest income unless it is expecting a major spike in interest rates.

Feb 01 10:34

Obama’s Junk Economics: Democrats Relinquish the Populist Option to the Republicans

This is the Administration’s tragic flaw. What the economy needs is to recover from the Bush-Obama supposed cure, i.e., from the mushrooming debt overhead. It needs to recover from the enrichment of Wall Street. It doesn’t need more credit, but a write-down for the unpayably high debts that the banks have imposed on American families, businesses, states and localities, real estate, and the federal government itself.

Feb 01 10:33

IDF denies disciplining top officers over white phosphorous use in Gaza war

The Israel Defense Forces on Monday denied that two of its senior officers had been summoned for disciplinary action after headquarters staff found that the men exceeded their authority in approving the use of phosphorus shells during last year's military campaign in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli government wrote in a recent report.

Feb 01 10:29

Another U.S. War? Obama Threatens China and Iran

The possibility of yet another U.S. war became more real last week, when the Obama administration sharply confronted both China and Iran. The first aggressive act was performed by Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who “warned” China that it must support serious economic sanctions against Iran (an act of war).

Clinton said: “China will be under a lot of pressure to recognize the destabilizing effect that a nuclear-armed Iran would have, from which they receive a significant percentage of their oil supply.”

The implication here is that China will be cut off from a major energy source if they do not support U.S. foreign policy — this, too, would equal an act of war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is moving toward war because he can't think of anything else to do.

Historically, the US has rebounded from its economic problems through war.
However, at this time in history, however, we don't have the manufacturing base necessary to win the next war, as manufacturing, per se, has pretty well been outsourced from this country to countries overseas.

Someone just might want to remind Obama of this before he does anything any more geopolitically incendiary than he has already done.

Feb 01 10:23

Judicial Watch posts documents in ‘Pelosi Air Force Scandal’; travel tops $2 million

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Air Force detailing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of US Air Force aircraft for Congressional Delegations (CODELs). According to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Speaker’s military travel cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many of the trips were for Pelosi's children and grandchildren and flew without any official passengers on board at all!

Feb 01 10:21

Obama’s Junk Economics: Democrats Relinquish the Populist Option to the Republicans

Libertarians have warned that our economy is going down the Road to Serfdom. What they do not realize is that by fighting against government power to check financial hubris, they are paving the road for centralized financial planning by Wall Street. They have been tricked into leading the parade on behalf of the financial, insurance and real estate sector – down the road to debt peonage in a monopolized and polarized economy.

Feb 01 10:21

Spying on Americans: A Multibillion Bonanza for the Telecoms America's endless & highly profitable, "War on Terror."

In late January, the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General released a report that provided startling new details on illegal operations by the FBI's Communications Analysis Unit (CAU) and America's grifting telecoms.

Between 2002 and 2007, the FBI illegally collected more than 4,000 U.S. telephone records, citing bogus terrorism threats or simply by persuading telephone companies to hand over the records. Why? Because the FBI could and the telecoms were more than willing to help out a "friend"--and reap profits accrued by shredding the Constitution in the process.

Feb 01 10:19

Secret CIA-Mossad meeting, preparation for new war?

A secret meeting between the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Leon Panetta and Israeli officials has reportedly centered on Iran's nuclear program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, it has centered on how to trick the people of the United States into going along with another war for Israel.

Feb 01 10:16

Eight Children Hospitalised in Nabi Saleh Siege

Around twenty residents of Nabi Salah village were injured during Friday’s demonstration, directed mainly at the Hallamish settlement which occupies the village’s farmland and primary water source. Most of those injured were children not participating in the protest, tear gassed and fired upon with rubber bullets as they sheltered in a nearby house.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow, the IDF must love injuring Palestinian kids; they do it so frequently!

Feb 01 10:13

Chilcot War Inquiry: Professor to launch 'Nuremberg' war crimes prosecution against Blair

Plans to bring a war crimes prosecution against Tony Blair based on last week’s bombshell evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry have been launched by a leading law professor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good start; and let's not forget Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, while you're at it.

Feb 01 10:12

US consumer spending weaker than expected

US consumer spending edged up 0.2% in December, the critical shopping month, government data showed today, highlighting sluggish growth in the key driver of economic activity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the economy keeps performing differently than the government expects, then how do we know we are really in a recovery?

Feb 01 10:11

Tony Blair is guilty of mass murder

'Tony Blair should be tried for his crimes against Iraq—and the legacy the war has left there.

A million Iraqis have died, leaving millions orphaned and widowed. The war and occupation have made as many as four million people into refugees.

The whole infrastructure of Iraq has been devastated by the occupation. Our heritage has been looted and destroyed, the environment has been poisoned and vital water sources have been lost.

Iraq used to be the breadbasket of the region—now once fertile lands are in danger of being transformed into a desert. Children are growing up suffering from disease and deformities.

Feb 01 10:06

The Precarious State of the Union

In the words of the Spanish philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Since our President cannot even learn from the mistakes of his immediate predecessor, to say nothing of those he made himself while in the Senate or during his first year as president, we are surely doomed to repeat them, perhaps more quickly than Santayana could have imagined.

Rather than tightening the reins on the reckless monetary policy that undermined our savings, diminished our industrial output, inflated asset bubbles, and led to reckless speculation on Wall Street and excess consumption on Main Street, we are loosing them further. Rather than repealing regulations that distort markets and create moral hazards, we are adding new ones that do more of the same.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the most terrifying intellectual deficits from which this President suffers is an absolute ignorance of how businesses get started, and what they need to grow and succeed.

Feb 01 10:02

US military strategy focuses on fighting multiple wars

The strategy accounts for threats such as cyber attacks, global warming and "hybrid" guerrilla-style insurgencies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Pentagon now sees global warming as a military threat?

Do they think Osama Din Laden (or his ghost) is sitting in the middle of the desert gunning his SUV in the hopes that he can melt the polar ice caps and flood Washington DC?

Feb 01 09:58

Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing

Calls to introduce a licensing system to police the Internet on behalf of a powerful UN agency represent the latest salvo in a long-running battle to kill free speech on the web and bring an end to the powerful digital democracy that has devastated the carbon tax agenda of the UN by exposing the Climategate scandal.

Feb 01 09:54

Dumping my laptop for...a server?

Essentially, I’ve been saving for a high-end laptop/desktop replacement that could handle virtualization, lots of storage, video editing, you name it. My MacBook just isn’t cutting it anymore. So what does that have to do with the iPad, or any other tablet for that matter? The idea of “the screen” and everything the iPad represents means that lugging around one of those slick Core i7 laptops I’ve been eying up is probably a recipe for obsolescence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a subtle push for cloud computing, which strikes me as a return to the days of mainframe machines and a terminal at your desk. While the cloud does free one from limits in storage and computing power (as long as you pay the fees) it does mean that the cloud servers (meaning the government) have unlimited access to all your data without needing a warrant (an issue I have with the online backup services as well).

The problem with cloud computing is that the cloud can be switched off far more easily and selectively than the internet as a whole. Opponents of global dictatorship have warned of the shutting down of the internet for some time, but that is no longer practical. Far too much commerce uses the net for it to ever go away, and attempts at censorship have been less than 100% effective.

But in the event of a "national emergency" (Trademark, White House) the cloud servers could shut down access to any predetermined set of functions for any predetermined groups of users. That iPad or screen or netbook instantly becomes little more than a TV set with extra buttons, and your personal data is no longer available to you.

I like standalone computers for the same reason I would want to keep my money (if I had any) out of the bank. I do not recognize the government's right to loot or to shut down my computers.

Feb 01 09:52

Injured US activist case closed

The Justice Ministry declared Sunday that no indictments will be filed against police in the case of a US activist who was hit by a tear gas canister and left comatose during a violent demonstration in the West Bank last year.

Human rights groups charge Anderson's case highlights a culture of impunity toward Israeli forces, because incidents of harm against Palestinians and their supporters are rarely investigated and few reach prosecution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


And by the way, under the Symington Amendment to the US Constitution, Israel is not entitled to one penny of US taxpayer support, because - as has been validated by both former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Carter, that Israel has nuclear weapons, but will not be a signatory to the NNPT, nor will it allow IAEA inspection of their facilities.

Feb 01 09:48

Let them eat mudcake: Cruise ship docks at its trademarked private fantasy island of Labadee® in Haiti

The executives at Royal Caribbean know how to make a hard bargain with Caribbean islands which have little economic bargaining power. CEO Richard Fain cut a deal where for only $6 a passenger (paid by the passenger), Haiti turned over a 260 acre tropical waterfront paradise of Haitian sovereign land for Royal Caribbean to consider it "private property" bearing the trademarked name "Labadee®." Yes, that's right. This is a name that Royal Caribbean trademarked as a variation of the French slave owner Marquis de La'Badie who settled in Haiti in the 1600's.

Feb 01 09:46

War spending surges in President Obama's budget

President Barack Obama’s new budget, to be released Monday, forecasts two consecutive years of near $160 billion in war funding, far more than he hoped when elected and only modestly less than the last years of the Bush Administration.

In 2011 alone, the revised numbers are triple what the president included in his spending plan a year ago. And the strain shows itself in new deficit projections, already hobbled by lagging revenues due to the weak economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These wars without end will bankrupt this country, and are perilously closer to doing that than most Americans think.

Feb 01 09:44

Useful Lies, Useless Lives

In 1917, a simple typed letter of 68 words signed by Lord Balfour, foreign minister of England and addressed to the Jewish banker, Lord Rothschild, proscribed Palestine, still under Ottoman rule, "a national homeland for the Jews." It became known as the “Balfour Declaration” and used a manifesto by Zionists to justify their illegal, immoral, and genocidal design on Palestine.

"In Palestine, we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country…Zionism, be it right or wrong, is rooted in age-old traditions, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land.” - Lord Balfour, UK Foreign Minister

Feb 01 09:43

Orphaned, Raped and Ignored

A peer-reviewed study found that 5.4 million people had already died in this war as of April 2007, and hundreds of thousands more have died as the situation has deteriorated since then. A catastrophically planned military offensive last year, backed by the governments of Congo and Rwanda as well as the United Nations force here, made some headway against Hutu militias but also led to increased predation on civilians from all sides.

Feb 01 09:43

Israeli response to Goldstone admits use of white phosphorus

According to the daily, Gaza Division Commander Brigadier General Eyal Eisenberg and Givati Brigade Commander Colonel Ilan Malka, were the subject of disciplinary action after headquarters staff found that the men exceeded their authority in approving the use of phosphorus shells that endangered human life, the Israeli government report said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bad war criminals! No bagel!!"

Feb 01 09:36

Arrested TSA worker asked girl to be his ’sex slave’

A Transportation Security Administration employee in Florida is behind bars this weekend after a 15-year-old girl claimed he groped her and asked if she would be his "sex slave," according to published reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tourism Suppression Agency

Feb 01 09:33

Snow Storm in Virginia: Al Gore's Rebuttal

Al Gore: Snow? I don't see any snow! Ohhhhh that white stuff on the ground you mean? Ohhh, THAT'S actually the O-Zone deteriorating and falling to the Earth in flakes cause it's like a billion degrees up there. Ya see, I'm sorta like a scientist, with the only exception being, I am nothing like a scientist.

Feb 01 09:33

US kills baby, 4 other civilians in Afghanistan

US forces have killed at least five people, including a baby, during a night raid which they say has been aimed at targeting militants in central Afghanistan.

The NATO alliance has confirmed the death of the baby and expressed regret for what it called a tragic loss of innocent life.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More willing the hearts and minds of Afghan civilians, I see.

Feb 01 09:30

U.S. to beef-up Gulf air defense force to keep Iran, Israel in check

U.S. officials say the decision was intended to deter both possible attacks by Iran and to discourage Israel from striking Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In this next war, as happened in Iraq, the US will do the killing in Israel's behalf, so that those who are slaughtered or maimed for life in this upcoming war won't be Israelis, but Americans.

Feb 01 09:27

Timeline of antisemitism

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I put this up for two reasons.

This is the second largest article at Wikipedia (behind the list of common skin diseases). This alone shows a bias at Wikipedia.

The second point I want to make is this; As you read through all these thousands of years of social unrest, ask yourself what is the one factor common to all? In every incident where the end result is the same, you can dismiss as the cause any environmental or social factor that changes from incident to incident.

What is the one aspect every single incident has in common? What never changes from incident to incident?

Think about it, then look at how Israel treats the Palestinians.

Feb 01 09:27

Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

Labour has introduced 14,300 new offences since taking office in 1997, with Gordon Brown's administration inventing crimes at a rate of more than one a day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what a government indulges in when it cannot really do anything to make the lives of its people demonstrably better.

George Orwell was more than a writer; as far as the UK goes, the man was an absolute prophet.

Feb 01 09:23

Barack Obama tightens the screw on Iran

Over the weekend the Administration told American newspapers that it was stepping up defences against possible missile attacks by Tehran on Arab Gulf states. These include the stationing of Patriot missile batteries in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; the permanent deployment of Aegis-class cruisers in the Gulf; and help for Saudi Arabia in tripling the forces that protect oil rigs, ports and desalination plants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Obama is not "tightening the screws" on Iran; he is getting ready for a full-on military attack against Iran.

And a few factoids to chew on for the dunderheads who concocted this drivel.

1. Iran hasn't started a war in over 200 years.
2. The Iranian government is many things, but they are not stupid.
3. They understand that any attack against a US ally in the region would lead to the most maximum damage against them from the US and Israel.
4. Iran has put forth a counter-proposal to the one which was suggested by the IAEA in October, indicating that it wanted to ship their uranium for enrichment in phases, not shipping it out all at once.
5. The US, UK, and France have rejected this proposal.

What is happening in the Gulf right now is a pre-positioning of assets which will be waiting for the next "false flag" to be blamed against Iran to get this war going.

Feb 01 09:22

Israel reprimands two top officers over Gaza war

Israel's military has reprimanded two senior officers for the firing of shells, which contained white phosphorous, in a populated area near a UN compound during the Gaza war, the army said on Monday.

In the official response to a damning UN report on the 22-day war handed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday, Israel said a brigadier general and a colonel had been disciplined for the actions after an internal army inquiry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The response did not say what the disciplinary action was.

Feb 01 09:20

Israeli organ traffickers blame (I am not shitting you) the Holocaust!

In her Forum 13 lecture Scheper-Hughes discussed the two motivations of Israeli traffickers. One was greed, she said. The other was somewhat chilling: “Revenge, restitution—reparation for the Holocaust.”

She described speaking with Israeli brokers who told her “it’s kind of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We’re going to get every single kidney and liver and heart that we can. The world owes it to us.’”

Scheper-Hughes says that she “even heard doctors saying that.”

Feb 01 09:18

In the West Bank's stony hills, Palestine is slowly dying

In the richest of the Occupied lands, Israeli bureaucracy is driving Palestinians out of their homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What happens when Israel decides that where YOU live is supposed to belong to them?

Feb 01 09:17

Obama to urge repeal of tax on personal use of work cell phones

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh yeah; that'll turn the economy around!

Feb 01 09:14

'Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the nation will deliver a harsh blow to the "global arrogance" on this year's anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this means is that Iran will announce they are able to make their own medical isotopes now, without assistance from the west (Iran is a major exporter of isotopes for medical use), but the corporate media is trying to spin this statement as a declaration that hostilities will commence on February 11th.

But again, why would Iran attack anyone when they know the result will be the very invasion Iran has been trying to avoid? Why would Iran make such a statement knowing it only aids the US and Israel?

Or is it more likely that this is another intentional mistranslation along the lines of when it was falsely claimed Ahmadinejad said he would wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth?

Who WANTS the war?

Feb 01 09:09

As food distribution improves, Haitians want U.S to 'take over'

"I want the Americans to take over the country. The Haitian government can't do anything for us," said Jean-Louis Geffrard, a laborer who lives under a tarp in the crowded square. "When we tell the government we're hungry, the government says, 'We're hungry, too.' "

Added Canga Matthieu, a medical student whose school was destroyed: "The American government should take care of us."

Added Canga Matthieu, a medical student whose school was destroyed: "The American government should take care of us."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American government is broke. They cannot adequately take care of their own people.

And I will guarantee Haitians one thing. If Americans "take over", it will for the oil, natural gas and mineral rights which, by rights, should belong to the Haitian people.

Those funds could be used to create a true reconstruction, and improve the standard of living for Haitians mightily.

But of course, under US control, none of this will happen.

Feb 01 09:09

Bin Laden issues threat over Super Bowl 44

"Americans would do well to avoid cheering for the Indianapolis Colts," was the message found by Rita Katz of SITE, an Israeli Jew who has been on the FBI's payroll and who cruises Internet forums, looking for hot topics.

"I and the Prophet (PBUH) have decreed that the saintly New Orleans Saints to be the winner, that is what my fatwa says," added Bin Laden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the quarterback uncorks the long bomb, DUCK!

Feb 01 09:06

Blair warns that world faces decision to halt Iran’s nuclear programme

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blair 6tap-dances his way past charges that he lied to help start the war with Iraq and then proceeds to lie to try to start a new war with Iran.

A true sociopath.

Feb 01 09:05

Holocaust scholars slam EU for backing Nazi-Communist comparison

Leading Holocaust researchers have criticized European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek ahead of his speech at Auschwitz Tuesday, for endorsing the equalization of the Nazi genocide with Communist brutal oppression.

Some scholars call this growing trend "the gravest threat to preserving the memory of the Holocaust," suggesting it serves to exculpate populations complicit in the extermination of their Jewish minorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The Holocaust is ours! We trademarked it! We own it. Nobody can have another. This is the biggest, the best. The brightest! And we're going to soak the wor4lod with it for the next Thousand years!!! BWAHHH HA HA HA HA HA!"


The fact is that the Nazi slave-labor camps were not Jewish-only. The camp inmates also included Poles, Gypsies, gays, mentally retarded, and indeed people from every nation the Nazis conquered. It is a post-war myth that the Nazis were aimed only at the Jewish people. The Nazis were after ANYONE that wasn't Aryan (whatever the hell that meant).

And the reality is that even is we accept the orthodox number of 6 million Jewish victims of the camps (mostly from Typhus epidemics), that is less than half the total number of victims in the camps, and only 10% of the total deaths from WW2.

In contrast, both the Soviet and Chinese purges numbered 20 million each, a number that dwarfs the crimes of the Nazis and puts into sharp focus the desire by Israel for the world to see only Jews as victims, and every other dead body as a distraction.

Feb 01 08:57

Israeli soldiers abduct Lebanese teen shepherd from south

Lebanon has lodged a complaint against Israel to the United Nations Security Council to protest the kidnapping of a citizen in South Lebanon by an Israeli patrol Sunday afternoon. Israeli troops abducted a Lebanese boy in South Lebanon on Sunday, the National News Agency (NNA) reported. The 17-year old shepherd, Rabih Zahra, was tending a flock of sheep near Kfar Shouba when he was abducted. According to NNA, Zahra is being detained at the Zebdine military compound.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But when the war starts, Israel will demand the world place all the blame on Lebanon.

Feb 01 08:56

Iraq to sue US, Britain over depleted uranium bombs

Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the US over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says.

Iraq's Minister of Human Rights, Wijdan Mikhail Salim, told Assabah newspaper that the lawsuit will be launched based on reports from the Iraqi ministries of science and the environment.

According to the reports, during the first year of the US and British invasion of Iraq, both countries had repeatedly used bombs containing depleted uranium.

Feb 01 08:53

Archaeology in Jerusalem: Digging Up Trouble

But many experts find Elad's archaeological claims dubious. Israel Finklestein, an archaeologist from Tel Aviv University says that while there may be ruins on the Elad site dating back to the 9th century B.C., "there's not a single piece of evidence about David's palace. These people are mixing faith with science." Yoni Mizrahi, an independent archaeologist formerly with the IAA, concurs: "You'd think from Elad's guides that they'd excavated a sign saying WELCOME TO DAVID'S PALACE. Their attitude seems to be that if you believe in the Bible, you don't need proof." Raphael Greenberg, lecturer at Tel Aviv University, says Elad ignores key archaeological practices. "You're supposed to dig for six weeks and then report on what you find.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's claim on the land of the Palestinians rests on the Biblical story that God gave the land to the Jews. This is less than accurate, because the Hittites predate the Hebrews in the region. As for the Bible, it clearly states that God gave the land to the 12 tribes that followed Moses/Akhenaten out of Egypt, which excludes the Ashkenazi descendants of the converted Khazars. In any event, the archaeological evidence shows that the Exodux actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Hebrew.

So Israel looks around at the great Archaeological wonders to be found in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. and it becomes obvious there is a paucity of similar artifacts in Israel. Civilizations on a scale that we are told David and Solomon's were simply do not vanish without a trace, yet nothing can be found of the fabled First Temple.

As this article notes, in their desperation to lay spiritual claim t the land Israeli archaeologists have gotten into the habit of simply assuming that everything they find is proof of Israel's claimed past, and shouting that those who question are non-believers or worse, anti-Semites.

That Israel is a playground for antiquities forgery is well known. Some of them are very good, and for a while, both the Temple Pomegranate and the Jehoash Tablet fooled the world's experts.

But after all the frauds, the world is becoming more and more skeptical of Israel's claims that archaeology backs up their claims to the land. People are starting to point out the obvious inconsistencies, such as the pig bones found in the graves of Masada, something that would not be found in graves of Jewish but not at all unusual for a Roman grave.

As this article notes, Israel's policy seems to be to find something of antiquity and simply assume it to be proof of the orthodox account of Israel's history; daring anyone to prove the negative.

Feb 01 08:29

Spying on Americans: A Multibillion Bonanza for the Telecoms

Chillingly, Walker asserted that "a citizen may not gain standing by claiming a right to have the government follow the law." This pitiful summary judgement merely affirms the obvious: America is a lawless state where neither citizens nor "co-equal" branches of government, Congress and the Courts, can challenge the quintessentially political decisions made in secret by the Executive Branch.

Feb 01 08:24

H1N1 needle blamed for partial paralysis

Until five weeks ago, she was a perfectly healthy woman spending Christmas with her family in Nova Scotia. And then on Dec. 29 she was rushed to an emergency room in Halifax, suddenly unable to stand on feet.

The doctors diagnosed her with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition characterized by sudden weakness or paralysis. And while no one seems willing to discuss the likely cause, the 39-year-old knows exactly where the fault lies.

She blames the H1N1 flu shot she received on Dec. 13 - two weeks before her symptoms suddenly appeared.

Feb 01 08:23

Is Israel turning into Iraq?

People shoot at each other on the streets here. Crime families laugh in the face of police officers at court. Streets and towns are being built without permits. Motorists hit and run. Tax evasion has turned into our national sport. People are murdered because of a 10-shekel debt or because they uttered a curse, or just for the hell of it.

The latest buzz word around here is governability. People say that there is no governability. Bureaucracy is eating us up. Law enforcement efforts encounter a blatant and ongoing disregard. The police are despaired, our judges show mercy, and the feeling we get is that there is no master in this house. There is nobody to put things in order.

Feb 01 08:21

Banks & Telemarketers in Cahoots, Class Says

The class claims that telemarketers and payment processors illegally transfer victims' money through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit or a remotely created check (RCC), but banks know to look out for a high rate of suspicious transfers as "red flags" for money laundering.

"RCCs are well known to be used by unscrupulous telemarketers to perpetrate consumer fraud," according to the complaint.

The class claims that by processing fraudulent transactions, the defendants are "clearing millions of dollars in ACH transactions for the benefit of telemarketers."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears banks are abandoning their role as protecting customers' money; another good reason to go back to a cash-and-carry lifestyle.

Feb 01 08:18

This Blair fellow of yours

I continue to be, I must say, alarmed by invocations like the PM's that 9-11 changed everything to such an extent. What he's really trying to say without exactly saying it is that 9-11 justified anything. The way leaders -- Bush and Cheney and our gang mostly, but Blair, too -- took post-9-11 fear and manipulated it into a war of aggression was just...well, sick seems to be the word of the day. A shameful thing to watch then, and appalling to continue to hear such rationales today.

Feb 01 08:17

Blairfaced cheek?

Tony Blair has today faced hours of relentless questioning as part of the Iraq inquiry's process. Did his performance convince you?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently not!

Feb 01 08:15

Israel's history of state-sponsored assassination

Israel’s spy agency Mossad and the country's special forces have carried out a number of assassinations of Palestinian militants in the past and have also been blamed for killings which the Jewish state has never publicly taken responsibility for.

In addition, the army and air force have carried out so-called ‘targeted killings’ of numerous Palestinian leaders accused of masterminding attacks inside Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's play "Spot the Dingo (Disinformation Government Operative)" in the comments section.

Feb 01 08:12

CIA moonlights in corporate world

In the midst of two wars and the fight against Al Qaeda, the CIA is offering operatives a chance to peddle their expertise to private companies on the side — a policy that gives financial firms and hedge funds access to the nation’s top-level intelligence talent, POLITICO has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It also gives financial firms and hedge funds access to the nation’s top-level intelligence ... period.

Feb 01 08:07

Longest snowy period in 30 years set to end soon

The longest snowy period in the last 30 years could end next week, meteorologists from the German Weather Service (DWD) reported over the weekend.

Feb 01 08:06

The Real Reason for the Cancellation of the 9-11 Trial

The Obama administration will not have an open 9-11 trial because it would expose the fraud that the person said to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not the terror mastermind of 9-11. He is, in fact, not even Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The person said to be KSM is a "feeble-minded" man named Ahmed Abdul Qudoos. He has been scapegoated and made to fill in for the real KSM, who was killed in Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under torture Ahmed Abdul Qudoos confessed to being Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Lee Harvey Oswald, Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart, and Jack the Ripper!

Feb 01 08:03

We are tired of paying the price.

I am tired of paying the price. I am tired of watching the blood of the youth spilling and the innocence burning up like flash paper. I am tired of hearing about the ill gained money lost and misappropriated never to be recovered or anyone held in accountability for those losses. I am tired of the humans that think they are doing something great for man kind but only grasping at their egos because they are so frail within their own makeup, that this dire need for recognition and a place in history books over shadows their good intent. This then becomes another disastrous page in the books of human events.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Religion: "Early version of Climategate hoax."

Feb 01 08:01

TARP rescue failing to meet key goals

The 700-billion-dollar US government effort to rescue the financial system has failed to meet key goals such as sparking lending and curbing risky activities by banks, a special auditor said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bailout took trillions of dollars from the people and gave it to the banks so the banks could loan it back to the people at interest. But the bankers just gave that money to themselves as bonuses!

Feb 01 07:48

Pirates for America

Feb 01 07:47

Ron Paul on Obama seeking to assassinate "US citizens" he labels terrorists

Feb 01 07:33

Iraq to sue US, Britain over depleted uranium bombs

According to Iraqi military experts, the US and Britain bombed the country with nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the early years of the Iraq war.

Atomic radiation has increased the number of babies born with defects in the southern provinces of Iraq.

Iraqi doctors say they' have been struggling to cope with the rise in the number of cancer cases —especially in cities subjected to heavy U-S and British bombardment.

The high rate of birth defects and cancer cases will move in the coming years to the central and northern provinces of Iraq since the radiation may penetrate the soil and water by air.

Feb 01 07:30

Obama seeks $33 billion for Afghanistan troop rise

President Barack Obama will ask the Congress on Monday for an additional $33 billion in the current 2010 fiscal year to fund a troop increase in Afghanistan, the White House said.

Obama announced in December he was adding 30,000 more U.S. troops to the Afghan war effort to join the 68,000 already fighting a resurgent Taliban.

The $33 billion request would come on top of about $130 billion that Congress has already approved for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars through September 30, 2010.

Feb 01 07:18

US drones killed 123 civilians, three al-Qaeda men in January

Afghanistan-based US predators carried out a record number of 12 deadly missile strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan in January 2010, of which 10 went wrong and failed to hit their targets, killing 123 innocent Pakistanis. The remaining two successful drone strikes killed three al-Qaeda leaders, wanted by the Americans.

The rapid increase in the US drone attacks in the Pakistani tribal areas bordering Afghanistan can be gauged from the fact that only two such strikes were carried out in January 2009, which killed 36 people.

Feb 01 07:16

National Strike!

Feb 01 07:14

Agony of doctor's receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

A receptionist at a GP’s surgery has been left unable to walk properly after having the swine flu jab.

Alison Dygnas, who as an NHS worker was advised to have the vaccination, also experienced the paralysis in her face, had slurred speech and found eating difficult.

Doctors believe the jab triggered a rare condition affecting the nervous system known as myasthenia gravis.

Feb 01 07:12

Banks are charging 'highest interest rate on personal loans in a decade'

Banks are turning the screw on customers with the highest interest rate on personal loans for almost a decade, giving them record profit margins.

The rates have soared to an average of 12.4per cent despite the fact the Bank of England base rate remains at a 300 year low of 0.5 per cent.

The last time personal loans cost this much was in 2001 when the base rate was a much higher 6 per cent.

The figures, combined with evidence of sky high rates on credit cards, overdrafts and mortgages, suggest the banks are making customers foot the bill for the industry's mistakes.

Feb 01 07:10

Dwain Deets - Former NASA Engineer Interview on WTC Controlled Demolitions

Dwain Deets - former NASA engineer - interview on REPUBLIC THEORY by Dallas Andrews and Warren Dyson.

Feb 01 07:08

Radiation Therapy Harms the Brain, Causing Memory and Attention Problems

Radiation therapy for the treatment of brain tumors may lead to cognitive decline later in life, according to a study conducted by researchers from VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and published in The Lancet Neurology.

Feb 01 07:06

The Conscience of Honest Israelis

Looks like some of the Christians are getting fed up with the current Israeli government. About time!

Feb 01 07:03

Hundreds of Quakes Are Rattling Yellowstone

In the last two weeks, more than 100 mostly tiny earthquakes a day, on average, have rattled a remote area of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, putting scientists who monitor the park’s strange and volatile geology on alert.

Feb 01 06:59

Flashback: The Neoconservative Empire

Feb 01 06:58

No Genitalia Measurement, No Fly

Naked body scanning will now be compulsory at two of Britain’s biggest airports after the government announced people who refuse to let security thugs ogle their genitalia will be treated like terrorists and barred from flying.

“It is now compulsory for people selected for a scan to take part, or they will not be allowed to fly,” reports the BBC.

That ’s right – no optional pat down as we were told, if you think that having strangers leer over your naked body is an invasion of privacy and refuse, you’ll be treated the same way as a suspected terrorist.

Feb 01 06:54

The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution

Feb 01 06:49

Resist DC: The State Authority and Anti-Racketeering Act

Resistance is not futile,even peaceful resistance.

Feb 01 06:01

CHILDREN IN LOCKDOWN, Part 1: Solitary Confinement of Teens in Adult Prisons

While there are no concrete numbers, it’s safe to say that hundreds, if not thousands of children are in solitary confinement in the United States–some in juvenile detention facilities, and some in adult prisons. Short bouts of solitary confinement are even viewed as a legitimate form of punishment in some American schools.

Feb 01 03:59

NH group cites need for new 9/11 probe

Keene resident Gerhard Bedding doesn't buy the government's version of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, so he's working on a statewide campaign calling for another investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Bedding and other members of the state's 9/11 Truth Alliance have started a petition drive to place an article on town meeting warrants that would call on New Hampshire's congressional delegation to push for a new independent investigation into "all the evidence and unanswered questions" related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Feb 01 03:56

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs 'expecting $100 million bonus in defiance of moves by Obama

Goldman Sachs, the world’s richest investment bank, could be about to pay its chief executive a bumper bonus of up to $100 million in defiance of moves by President Obama to take action against such payouts.

Bankers in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) told The Times yesterday they understood that Lloyd Blankfein and other top Goldman bankers outside Britain were set to receive some of the bank’s biggest-ever payouts. “This is Lloyd thumbing his nose at Obama,” said a banker at one of Goldman’s rivals.