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Rabbi Barry Freundel Urged Women To Take 'Long Showers' and Mikveh 'Dunks' 1 4 hours ago Diogenes
CHICAGOLAND: ‘Very Large’ Roach Scurries Across City Council Chamber — As Pest Control Boss Testifies! 1 8 hours ago Old_Logan
Germans Clear Russia in MH-17 Case 1 8 hours ago Old_Logan
Jewish fury after Ukip's Nigel Farage forms a pact with Holocaust deniers to secure funding from the EU 3 10 hours ago Diogenes
Flashback: Insider: CIA Orchestrated Operation Fast and Furious -gov allowed Mexican drug cartel to import tons of cocaine 2 10 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Russell Brand - Newsnight 2014 4 11 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Woman: Police Killed My Boyfriend For No Reason At Drivers License Checkpoint 1 14 hours ago Mike Rivero
NYPD Stunner: Cops Exit Ebola Victim Apartment, Dump Gloves, Masks In Sidewalk Trash Can - Zerohedge 1 15 hours ago UKSecrets
Thousands of people with degenerative conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s are being deemed ‘able to work soon’ by DWP assessments that are as cruel as they are incompetent 1 15 hours ago UKSecrets
Doctor who performed autopsy in #Ferguson:"Statements taken out of context. I did not confirm Darren Wilson's story. 2 15 hours ago mistorteem
Does Anyone Else Think the Stock Market Is Living on Reds, Vitamin C and Cocaine? This State Of Delusion Would Be Amusing If It Wasn't So Tragic. 1 16 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Amnesty International says police in #Ferguson committed human rights abuses. Big shocker 1 19 hours ago Tom Joad
- Missouri police have been brushing up on constitutional rights and stocking up on riot gear to prepare for a grand jury's decision 1 19 hours ago Tom Joad
U.S. Government SECRETLY Preventing a Stock Market Collapse! 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
New GMO Corn Ethanol Will Ruin Your Car and Void Your Warranty 1 1 day ago Archie
Everyone In America Would Be Better Off If We Soaked The Rich: "While conservatives warn that higher tax rates on the wealthy will hurt so-called “job creators,” economists point out that higher taxes and economic growth can go hand-in-hand." 1 1 day ago Archie
The High Price of Free Money: Now US Bankers Fear Financial, Social, or Political ‘Instability’ 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Flashback: Ebola is 'biggest health problem facing our world in a generation', warns David Cameron 1 1 day ago UKSecrets
People are eating less McDonald's and drinking less Coca-Cola 2 1 day ago Old_Logan
Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square 1 2 days ago michael mazur
Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel’s mainstream critics 2 2 days ago Diogenes
UN Gaza War Inquiry: Hold the Cheers 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
Man Brutalized & Stopped Over 20 Times in 5 Weeks by Cops Mistaking Him for Murderer 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
Back to the Bashing 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
Irish senate agrees to recognise Palestine as an independent state 1 2 days ago 1newsjunkie
ISIS Media account posts picture claiming to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau Canadian Shooting Suspect in Ottawa 1 2 days ago Mike Rivero
Tickets issued due to red-light cameras are illegal, says Florida court 1 2 days ago 1newsjunkie
Anti-Gun Missouri Dem Sen Arrested with 9mm Pistol, Refuses Breathalyzer 2 2 days ago 1newsjunkie
So Long Trutube.TV It Was Good While It Lasted 1 2 days ago 1newsjunkie
DHS limits travel, entry from Ebola stricken regions to just 5 U.S. airports 1 2 days ago gavin1