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Thugs with Keyboards to Spread Propaganda Using Up to 10 Online Personas Each 1 7 hours ago Tian Shan
When Arming the Rebels Goes Wrong? 2 7 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Initial Ferguson police report calls Darren Wilson’s testimony into question 12 7 hours ago 1newsjunkie
BREAKING: Reports of gunman at Everett Boeing facility 1 8 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Eric Frein accused of shooting 2 PA State Troopers, killing one, on September 12. Captured today, October 30 1 9 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Greenspan’s QE Criticism Too Little Too Late 1 10 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Al Sharpton Snitch - Gov. Bitch in #Ferguson this weekend -- Accused of Helping Lead FBI to Assata Shakur 1 11 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Sessions: 'World Has Turned Upside Down' 1 13 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Man Handcuffed for 1 Hour for Giving Coins to Homeless Man 1 14 hours ago 1newsjunkie
90 Pounds of Cocaine Found on Cargo Ship Owned by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Father-in-Law 1 14 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Sen. Lindsey Lisp Graham's remark at a private, all-male dinner about mainly helping white men if he became president 1 14 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Pedophile Catholic priest commits suicide 2 15 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Gunshot wounds, fights with police: San Francisco riots after Giants win World Series 1 15 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Jonathan Djanogly, example of UK's Israel stooges 1 15 hours ago dean_saor
Russia not to get warship just yet: French minister 1 15 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Globalization = Permanent Instability 1 18 hours ago Mike Rivero
Cop created false police reports to get his mistress’s husband thrown in jail 1 19 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Magnesium: The Missing Link to Better Health 1 19 hours ago earlybird
For-profit colleges that don't produce graduates capable of paying off their student loans could soon face the wrath of the federal government 1 20 hours ago Mike Rivero
Columnist Sets Off Storm Calling Michael Brown 'Animal' Who Had To Be 'Put Down’ 1 21 hours ago Tom Joad
EU chief scientist a dangerous imbecile, says renown risk expert Nassim Nicholas Taleb 1 1 day ago z00mcopterdown
Germany develops 'smart factories' to keep an edge: Germany is building completely automated "smart factories" that require no human workers. 1 1 day ago Diogenes
Who will remove the head of Russian President Putin and offer it on a platter to the U.S.? 1 1 day ago 1newsjunkie
Israel To Help California Combat Worst Drought In History Following Losses Of $2.2 Billion 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero
NYC: Son beheads mom, drags body from apartment into street, kicks head 20 feet before jumping in front of train, killing himself 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero
New Poll: Voters In 'Sour Mood', Say Obama Has Made Govt. Worse 1 1 day ago spinnaker
Hackers breach White House computer network 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero
UK’s Exeter University students in historic landslide vote to boycott Israel 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
The Special Interest Problem 1 2 days ago Diogenes
LOL. Camera catches crowd leaving Obama rally as he speaks 1 2 days ago Tian Shan