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Muhammad – the Founder of Islam – Specifically CONDEMNED AS SINNERS Anyone Who Failed to Protect Christians or Interfered with Christians’ Ability to Practice their Own Faith 1 9 min ago Ethan Allen and...
Mississippi man savagely beaten by 20 men after restaurant warned him it wasn't safe for white people to eat there 2 43 min ago Ethan Allen and...
CFR Tells Federal Reserve To Give Away Money? 1 50 min ago Mike Rivero
Obama Set to Sign UN Climate Change Agreement WITHOUT Congress 1 1 hour ago Mike Rivero
Bankers Suck Lifeblood from Argentina 1 1 hour ago Mike Rivero
Gaza humanitarian situation disaster beyond imagination: Abbas 1 2 hours ago michael mazur
US government has frozen my paypal 3 2 hours ago z00mcopterdown
The Real Reason They Killed Gaddafi 1 4 hours ago michael mazur
Superintendent Forces Students to Bend Over During Dress Code Check 1 5 hours ago Archie
Yellowstone Super Volcano Even Bigger Than Previously Thought 1 5 hours ago Archie
Next stop Pluto! Nasa spacecraft crosses Neptune's orbit in record time on trip to the outer edges of solar system 1 5 hours ago z00mcopterdown
What is the Difference Between the Democrat NationalCommitee and the Communist Party USA? 1 9 hours ago Old_Logan
Florida Man Records Himself Getting Attacked by Cop for not Rolling Down Window all the way 1 10 hours ago mistorteem
Local Police Departments Lose Military Assault Rifles, Humvees Given From Pentagon 1 11 hours ago Tom Joad
Hollywood Stars, Executives Sign Petition in Support of Israel 4 11 hours ago Diogenes
Bill, Melinda Gates Donate $1 Million To Gun Control Campaign 1 13 hours ago blackbird9
Man, 32, is left with brain damage after 'being attacked by gang of 20 black men' in parking lot after being told Waffle House 'wasn't safe for white people after Ferguson' 1 16 hours ago Tom Joad
Moment Michael Brown was shot dead 'caught on audio recording': FBI handed potentially damning tape of ELEVEN shots being fired - including final volley of 'kill shots' 1 16 hours ago Tom Joad
Revealed: How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation 1 20 hours ago UKSecrets
US drones begin surveillance flights over Syria 1 20 hours ago UKSecrets
Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed 2 20 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
Woops! Looks Like the IRS Does Have Lerner Emails 1 21 hours ago z00mcopterdown
US Congressman says 'incestuous relationship' between CDC and vaccine manufacturers needs to be scrutinized 1 21 hours ago StingRay
Sarah Silverman wins Emmy, thanks her Jews 2 1 day ago CyberDurden
The World's Biggest Dinosaur "Sue" is Seized by the FBI 1 1 day ago CyberDurden
Why Does a Florida County Police Department Need Eight $18 Million Apache Attack Helicopters? 1 1 day ago CyberDurden
Assad's Game Changer! Syria 'Ready' to Work with U.S. Against ISIS! 1 1 day ago StingRay
New Anti Police State App Helps You “See Something, Say Something” in Real-Time 1 1 day ago Tom Joad
Report: Spec Ops Contractors To Missouri: “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat Team In Our Own City” 2 1 day ago Tom Joad
British Embassy celebrates the 200th anniversary of burning the White House 2 1 day ago dean_saor