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Oct 05 22:44

Taxation is Theft: Elaine Brown Sentenced to Life in Prison

No man in his individual capacity would be justified in extracting “taxes” from any other man. And what would not be tolerated of any man ought not be tolerated of any men.

I submit, therefore, that taxes are not proper, and that taxation really is theft, the substantive difference (as the saying goes) is that the thief doesn’t pretend to have your best interests in mind when he robs you.

Oct 05 22:30

A Free-Market Guide to Fixing Healthcare

It's a near-universal assumption of the healthcare debate that the current system is a market system and it is broken, and hence we should try a government system. The people who assume this aren't considering the last 100 years of healthcare policy. Government is deeply involved at all levels, from medical licensure and patents, to direct subsidies and provision, to employee mandates and insurance-pooling controls, at all levels.

Oct 05 21:42

Michael Milken, 60,000 Deaths, and the Story of Dendreon

We know that the vast majority of those companies are now gone, and that some number of them, if left to the rigours of the market, but not to the whims of criminal short sellers, would have one day delivered their medicines to patients.

But, of course, we do not know who the criminal short sellers are. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, that is a big secret – “proprietary trading strategies.”

Oct 05 20:42

86% of Economics professors during Great Depression supported ending the Federal Reserve

The Great Depression in the US (1929-1941) motivated professional economists to comprehensively and creatively address its causes. Upon consideration of previous US economic depressions in 1837, 1873, and 1893, prominent economists led by Henry Simons at the University of Chicago proposed monetary reform as the nation’s most effective and practical policy response, known as the Chicago Plan (and here). This proposal was endorsed by Simons’ colleague, Paul Douglas, Frank Graham and Charles Whittlesley of Princeton, Irving Fisher of Yale, Earl Hamilton of Duke, Willford King of NYU, and sent to a thousand academic economists for their input.

Oct 05 20:28

Inspector General: Treasury Misled Public About Bank Health

The same day the investments were announced, Treasury officials repeatedly referred to strength of the recipient banks, repeatedly emphasizing the word "healthy" and casting the decision to take the money as almost a sacrifice on behalf of the country, according to Barofsky.

Oct 05 19:34

Autism: the mercury trail

The classic juvenile tactic to get out of a scrape is to deny it vehemently, even if that means claiming black is white. Curiously, governments adopt the same technique, reinforcing their indignant denials with name-calling.

This has been the response from both US and British establishments to parental fears that autism is causally related to vaccines.

Oct 05 18:42

The demise of the dollar

In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's one-half of the foreign demand for the dollar.

Oct 05 18:38

The great global warming scam (ctd)

Yet another scientific scandal has come to light which knocks another whopping crater in the already shattered theory of anthropogenic global warming. Eight peer-reviewed studies, which for years have played a significant supporting role behind the IPPC’s claims of AGW, have been shown to be fraudulent.

As Andrew Orlowski reports in The Register, the issue is the use of tree rings as a temperature proxy in order to ‘reconstruct’ past temperatures.

Oct 05 18:36

Americans manufacture another nuclear crisis

The U.S., Britain and France staged a bravura performance of political theatre last week by claiming to have just “discovered” a secret Iran uranium enrichment plant near Qum. On cue, a carefully orchestrated media blitz trumpeted warnings of the alleged Iranian nuclear threat and “long-ranged missiles.”

In reality, the Qum plant was detected by U.S. spy satellites over two years ago, and was known to the intelligence community.

Oct 05 18:30

Government admits filming torture of Gitmo inmate, alleged 9/11 plotter

The United States government admitted on Monday that the torture of a Saudi man alleged to be part of the 9/11 plot was recorded on video, according to court documents procured by the Center for Constitutional Rights.

The tapes, allegedly showing the torture of Mohammed al Qahtani, 31, have long been kept under wraps, but a discovery motion for video of his interrogations led the court to acknowledge their existence and order their release.

According to Susan Crawford, convening authority at the Office of Military Commissions, "We tortured Qahtani."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We the Taxpayers deserve to know just what our money has been - and is - buying at Guantanamo.

Oct 05 18:19

Freak snow storm hits New Zealand

A freak snow storm has left hundreds of people stranded and unable to return to their homes in New Zealand's central North Island.

A state of emergency was declared after heavy snow trapped around 700 people in their vehicles on two of the country's major roads.

The bad weather, which is highly irregular at this time of year, has forced many to take refuge in nearby community centres.

Oct 05 17:49

Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

Rumours that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's family converted to Islam from Judaism are false. In fact, they are proud Shias.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is starting to look like a propaganda stunt to imply that Ahmadinejad's criticism of Israel comes from a personal bias, rather than a legitimate critique of Israel's actions.

Israel has to be in a total panic to be trying this one.

Oct 05 15:41

FBI Veteran Executive Calls For Special Counsel Investigation, Prosecutions in Sibel Edmonds Case

An 18-year Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Manager for the FBI has called for a Special Counsel to be appointed to investigate the allegations of FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. John M. Cole, who now works as an intelligence contractor for the Air Force, made his comments during an audio interview released late last week with radio journalist Peter B. Collins.

He also offered a detailed insiders look at the concerns among high-level officials inside the Bureau as Edmonds disturbing allegations began coming to light back in 2002, before they would be quashed for seven long years by the Bush Administration's unprecedented use of the so-called "State Secrets Privilege" to gag her.

Oct 05 15:25

Exclusive:Mahmoud Abbas Convinced Israel To Continue Strike On Gaza

Palestinian news sources have described that the existence of a video was truly behind the Palestinian Authority’s decision to withdraw support for the draft resolution (i.e Goldstone Report) from the UN Human Rights Council on violations in the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

Oct 05 15:08

The Myth Of Global Warming

A brief list of arguments that each refute the notion that the community should be scared by the idea of global warming.

Oct 05 14:25

Great time for US consumers: America is on sale

There has never been a better time to be a consumer. America is on sale.

The Great Recession has caused massive job losses and hardship for millions, but it has also fostered a shoppers' paradise. Anyone who still has the means to spend can find unheard of deals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Flogging the masses back into the shopping malls.

Oct 05 14:08


The tabloids lied…. We were taken for a bunch of fools!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It doesn't matter of Ahmadinejad (or yours truly) has Jewish ancestry. We are past one tribe bashing the other tribe on the skulls with large wooden sticks.

Opposition to Israel is based on the obvious double-standard of allowing Israel to have nuclear weapons while denying them to everyone else.

Opposition to Israel is based on the obvious double-standard of allowing Israel to commit war crimes with impunity.

It has nothing to do with being Jewish of Jewish descent or not.

UPDATE: After thinking about the call we got from Susan in Arizona on today's radio show I finally realized that the reason for this story about Ahmadinejad being from Jewish ancestry is to blame his anti-Israel rhetoric on being a converted Muslin, aka self-hating Jew, which is to foster the illusion that Ahmadinejad does not and could not have any legitimate complaints against Israel.

In other words, this is just another Israeli propaganda stunt and a continuation of their attempt to spin away recent embarrassments.

Oct 05 13:26

It's bomb, bomb, bomb Iran time

Lula actually talked to Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad face-to-face for over an hour on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last week. He invited Ahmadinejad to visit Brazil in November. About the meeting, he went straight to the point, "What I wish for Iran is what I always wanted for Brazil - a peaceful, civilian nuclear program."

Lula is an island of common sense in an ocean of hysteria.

Oct 05 13:24

Outrage Puts Crist in TV Spotlight

A reporter for The Florida Times-Union broached the persistent “claims” about Governor Crist's sexual orientation, rumors that are rarely mentioned by most media in his state. The occasion was the Monday night HBO premiere of the Kirby Dick documentary about closeted gay politicians who vote against the interests of LGBT people.

Oct 05 13:20

Terrorists could seize nuclear weapons if we fail in Afghanistan, warns Army chief

General Sir David Richards, the new head of the British Army, has warned of the 'terrifying prospect' of losing the war in Afghanistan. General Richards told the London Sunday Telegraph if NATO failed in Afghanistan the risks to the western world would be 'enormous' and 'unimaginable', with the possibility of terrorists seizing nuclear weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, how does letting the Taliban have Afghanistan back link to terrorists getting nuclear weapons, since there are none in Afghanistan?

Oct 05 13:13

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength, and Debt Is Recovery

Oct 05 13:13

Stock Market Collapse Dead Ahead Say Faber, Rogers, Dent and Celente

Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, advised his subscribers and followers to take positions in US tech stocks, the banking sector and hard assets at the bottom of the markets in early March of 2006. However, he did provide a word of caution on March 16, 2009, making it known that while he was a short-term bull on stocks, that eventually, the economic fundamentals would catch up:

“probably a total collapse in the second half of the year when it becomes clear that the economy is a total disaster.”

Oct 05 13:12

Dissolve the Palestinian Authority

Palestinian civil society has strongly and almost unanimously condemned the Palestinian Authority's latest decision to delay adoption by the UN Human Rights Council of the report prepared by the UN Fact-Finding Mission, headed by justice Richard Goldstone, into the recent Israeli war of aggression against the Palestinian people in the occupied Gaza Strip. A common demand in almost all Palestinian statements issued in this respect was for the UN to adopt the report and act without undue delay on its recommendations in order to bring an end to Israel's criminal impunity and to hold it accountable before international law for its war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Gaza and, indeed, all over the occupied Palestinian territory.

Oct 05 13:10

Dead Man Walking

For now, the government can fiddle GDP with $800 billion infusion of stimulus, but what happens when the political will for more deficit spending dissipates? What happens when foreign investors demand the Fed stop writing checks on an overdrawn account?

Oct 05 13:01

US economic power 'is declining'

US economic power is declining as a result of the financial crisis, the head of the World Bank has said.

"One of the legacies of this crisis may be a recognition of changed economic power relations," said World Bank president Robert Zoellick.

The US, the world's biggest economy, has been in recession for almost two years, while emerging economies like China and Brazil have grown.

Oct 05 12:57

Do They Need a Lesson In Non-Violence?

The great Vietnamese nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh once joked that if Gandhi had been fighting the French, he would have given up non-violence within a week. I was reminded of Ho Chi Minh’s witticism when reading a report of a speech on West Asia delivered by the U.S. Deputy Defence Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz. Mr. Wolfowitz, who is one of the key strategy-makers in Washington, and is reputed to be a well-read man, far more so than his bosses Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. Speaking to the students of Georgetown University, he said terrorism is the greatest obstance to a settlement in Palestine. Then he added: “If the Palestinians adopt the ways of Gandhi, they could, in fact, make an enormous change very quickly. I believe the power of individuals demonstrating peacefully is enormous.”

Oct 05 12:55

U.S. Financial System Systemic Failure Approaches

Debate stirs on whether the financial structure of the USEconomy is broken irreparably.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look over the last year. Has the US Government been acting like they think the economy can be saved, or are they just looting the place before the roof caves in?

Oct 05 12:32

USF police take subject into custody in search for gunman

At one point ABC Action News crews on scene were told there was an all clear. However, it appears the focus of police moved from the library where the initial report came in to Transportation Services.

Oct 05 12:27

E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection

Meat companies and grocers have been barred from selling ground beef tainted by the virulent strain of E. coli known as O157:H7 since 1994, after an outbreak at Jack in the Box restaurants left four children dead. Yet tens of thousands of people are still sickened annually by this pathogen, federal health officials estimate, with hamburger being the biggest culprit. Ground beef has been blamed for 16 outbreaks in the last three years alone, including the one that left Ms. Smith paralyzed from the waist down. This summer, contamination led to the recall of beef from nearly 3,000 grocers in 41 states.

Ms. Smith’s reaction to the virulent strain of E. coli was extreme, but tracing the story of her burger, through interviews and government and corporate records obtained by The New York Times, shows why eating ground beef is still a gamble. Neither the system meant to make the meat safe, nor the meat itself, is what consumers have been led to believe.

Oct 05 11:41

'All clear' issued at USF after report of gunman on campus

- The University of South Florida Police has issued an "all clear" after searching for an armed intruder was reported on campus.

According to the initial report, the intruder was near the library.

Campus police asked students and staff to stay indoors and the Bull Runner Transit System would not pick up passengers until an all clear was given. The school instructed students to seek safe shelter and not wait at bus stops.

Police are searching the area, but no one has been found.

Oct 05 11:40

Armed intruder reported on USF's Tampa campus

So far, there is no sign of the man. The call came in from off campus.

Oct 05 11:29

Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin

An Italian scientist says he has reproduced the Shroud of Turin, a feat that he says proves definitively that the linen some Christians revere as Jesus Christ's burial cloth is a medieval fake.


Carbon dating tests by laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Tucson, Arizona in 1988 caused a sensation by dating it from between 1260 and 1390. Sceptics said it was a hoax, possibly made to attract the profitable medieval pilgrimage business.

But scientists have thus far been at a loss to explain how the image was left on the cloth.

Garlaschelli reproduced the full-sized shroud using materials and techniques that were available in the middle ages.

Oct 05 11:25

Jobs vs. bottom line in mega military project

At the center of the debate is one of the biggest construction projects on the U.S. government’s “to do” list: a roughly $15 billion military base expansion that is expected to require some 20,000 construction workers starting next year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What this will mean is that US military power projection in the Pacific will transfer from Hawaii to Guam, which means Hawaii will likely suffer an economic double-whammy following on TSA's destruction of Hawaii's tourism.

Oct 05 11:22

Good news: The splurge is back

The US economy relies on consumer spending, making forecasts of an age of austerity quite dire. But it looks like our 'spendy culture' will ride in to the rescue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just MSNBC helping to flog the masses back into the shopping malls.

Oct 05 11:19

Prior to a Settlement Freeze: the Race for Construction “Starts” is On!

Today in around 34 settlements work is taking place to lay the foundation and make construction starts - 16 of these settlements are found east of the Separation Barrier.

Peace Now estimates that the infrastructure works currently taking place in the settlements are for a total of 800 housing units (about 300 east of the fence and 500 west).

In addition, some 55 buildings are in the process of being completed and another 50 have their foundations laid.

Oct 05 11:18

Worst losses for a year as Taliban storm NATO outpost

It was the worst attack on NATO forces in 14 months, and one of the deadliest battles of the war. The London Times reported about 300 insurgents attacked a pair of isolated US outposts with machineguns, rockets and grenades. The battle lasted all day. US and Afghan soldiers finally repelled them, with the help of US helicopters and warplanes but at heavy cost.

Oct 05 11:17

Billions in US Aid Never Reach Pakistan’s Military

According to top generals, only $500 million of $6.6 billion in US military aid sent to Pakistan between 2002 and 2008 actually ended up in the hands of the military. Officials say much of it went to then-President Pervez Musharraf’s various subsidy programs to bolster his sagging domestic image.

Oct 05 11:17

Why are American Jews abandoning Israel?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because they are moral people?

Oct 05 11:14

DA Accused of Stealing Money From Motorists Wants To Defend Herself With Money She's Accused of Stealing From Motorists

The little town of Tenaha, Texas has been all over the news in the last year after several defense attorneys revealed the town's police had been pulling over motorists along a main highway, seizing their property (cars, cash, jewelry, etc.), then presenting them with an unsavory bargain: Sign a waiver forfeiting all of their property over to the police, or be arrested for drug crimes where, even if innocent, they'd face a night or more in jail and attorney and court fees that would usually amount to more than what the property was worth.

Oct 05 11:11

Federal SWAT Raid Over . . . Orchids.

Kathy and George Norris lived under the specter of a covert government investigation for almost six months before the government unsealed a secret indictment and revealed why the Fish and Wildlife Service had treated their family home as if it were a training base for suspected terrorists. Orchids.

That's right. Orchids.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See my comment below about government agencies trying to justify their continued existence in these budget cutting times.

Oct 05 10:37

Gold to track oil, hit $1,500/oz in 2011

Gold prices will hit $1,500 an ounce in 2011 when oil prices move back above $100 a barrel as emerging market growth creates shortages, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said on Monday.

Oct 05 10:26

Analysis: No relief in Geneva

It has long been Israel's conviction that this is the Iranians' game plan: stay more or less within the parameters of the NPT until they have reached that threshold, and then, at the moment of their choosing, aided with progress made at various non-disclosed facilities, breach the treaty and go nuclear when it's too late for anyone to stop them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to David Horovitz: Israel has nuclear weapons, (as confirmed by former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, and former President Jimmy Carter) and refuses to sign the NPT.

Iran understands that one of the most stupid things it could ever do would be to attack Israel, because they would be reduced to puddles of green glass for any such attack.

The IAEA has stated consistently that in every one of their inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities that no nuclear material has been diverted, and that the level of enrichment is perfectly consistent with that necessary to develop a power plant, which is completely within Iran's rights as a signatory to the NPT.

So, Mr. Horovitz, should you believe that the Israeli government should immediately attack Iran, let them deal with the full physical, moral, and ethical consequences for such an attack, with the US on the sidelines on this one.

And by the way, did I mention that Russia has made it very clear that should Iran be attacked, Russia will be siding with Iran?

Now, a war between Israel and Russia over Iran; that would be something to see!

Oct 05 10:18

Judge accused of sex with inmates

The trial of a former US judge accused of having sex with male inmates in exchange for leniency is set to start in Mobile, Alabama.

Herman Thomas, 48, denies the charges, which include sodomy, kidnapping, extortion, sex abuse and assault.

Up to 15 current and former prisoners are set to testify against him at the jury trial.

He was once the Democratic Party's choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama.

Oct 05 10:15

Police find wheelbarrows with rocks in Al Aqsa compound

Jerusalem police explained their decision to allow only worshipers over the age of 50 into the Temple Mount on Monday, revealing that wheelbarrows filled with rocks had been discovered throughout the Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look very closely at the picture at the top of the headline.

How much more obvious could a "propaganda set-up" to blame the Palestinians be?!? And notice how beautifully the Palestinian flag is draped over the wheel-barrow?

A serious protester would have had those rocks well out of view of any potential camera, if the intentions were to actually use them in a protest.

Lina Riefenstahl would have been so proud of a picture like that.

Oct 05 10:09

Kidnapped Baby Found: State Reunites Mother And Child, Then Takes Custody Of Kids

A mother whose newborn was kidnapped by a knife-wielding woman posing as an immigration agent was briefly reunited with her baby Saturday, then saw him and her three other children taken from her and put into state custody.

Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, said the children were taken from their mother, Maria Gurrolla, "purely for safety reasons," though he would not detail why the state deemed they were in danger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is going on here (and everywhere) is very simple.

A lot of government agencies see the budget axe headed their way and are doing any and everything they can to justify their continued funding and existence. Just as professional witch hunters n the middle ages saw witches everywhere, social services paid to find child abuse will see abused children even where they ,may not really exist.

This practice by government agencies to create the justification for their continued existence, left unchecked, leads to events like the siege and murder of the Branch Davidians at Waco (which was initially justified in part because of allegations of child endangerment).

Oct 05 10:07

Firms are getting billions, but homeowners still in trouble

The federal government is engaged in a massive mortgage modification program that's on track to send billions in tax dollars to many of the very companies that judges or regulators have cited in recent years for abusive mortgage practices.

The firms, called mortgage servicers, have been cited for badgering, manipulating or lying to their customers; sticking them with bogus fees, or improperly foreclosing on them.

Oct 05 10:02

Hamas accuses Abbas of treason for 'justifying' Gaza war

Hamas leaders on Monday warned that President Mahmoud Abbas' decision to delay action on a United Nations report criticizing Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip was in essence a "justification" of the war and encouragement of occupation.

The report, by Justice Richard Goldstone, criticized both Israel and the Palestinians for the war in January 2008. Last week the Palestinian delegation to the UN Human Rights Council dropped its support for an immediate vote on the report.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Oct 05 10:01

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Release of Sex Abuse Papers

The Supreme Court has refused to block the release of documents generated by lawsuits against priests in Connecticut for alleged sexual abuse.

The justices on Monday turned down a request by the Roman Catholic diocese in Bridgeport, Conn.

Several newspapers are seeking the release of more than 12,000 pages from 23 lawsuits against six priests.

Oct 05 10:00

IG Report Finds Paulsen, Bernanke Misled Public on Bank Rescues

Report says then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and other officials were wrong to contend that all nine banks receiving the first round of bailout support -- $125 billion -- were sound.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The word you are looking for is "LIED!"

They LIED to the American people.

They LIED to the world.

They LIED!

"Lie" is thew perfect word to describe the US Government. Why won't the media use it?

Oct 05 09:58

ADL slams ousted Honduras president amid Jewish conspiracy claims

A Jewish civil rights organization is expressing alarm over conspiracy theories claiming Jews and Israel aided the ouster of the Honduran president and attempts to dislodge him from his refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.

Oct 05 09:55

Jirga threatens to support Afghan Taliban if drone attacks continue

A tribal Jirga of North Waziristan on Sunday threatened to support the Afghanistan-based anti-US groups, including the Taliban, if the US drone attacks were not stopped.

The elders said they would send volunteers and suicide bombers to Afghanistan to intensify the attacks on the US troops if the Americans did not change their policy of using drones to target the tribal people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aerial bombardment is guaranteed to do two things, and two things only.

First, kill a lot of innocent human beings.

Second, to cause those still standing to become even further radicalized against the government allowing this bombardment to happen.

If throwing Afghanistan into more chaos and more miserable despair was the outcome of US and NATO forces wanted to achieve, then we can say "mission accomplished" here.

Oct 05 09:55

Even BLS Admits Birth-Death Model Skews Unemployment Numbers During Recessions

It now appears that during the first half of 2008, when the recession was getting under way, job losses averaged 146,000 per month. That is nearly three times the average of 49,000 jobs shown in the initial estimates.

How did the government get it so wrong?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... or did the government BS us all (again)?

Oct 05 09:54

U.S. Suffering Permanent Destruction of Jobs

The number of people not on temporary layoff surged 220,000 in August and the level continues to reach new highs, now at 8.1 million. This accounts for 53.9% of the unemployed — again a record high — and this is a proxy for permanent job loss, in other words, these jobs are not coming back. Against that backdrop, the number of people who have been looking for a job for at least six months with no success rose a further half-percent in August, to stand at 5 million — the long-term unemployed now represent a record 33% of the total pool of joblessness.

Oct 05 09:53

Top Gear in America's redneck country

The full story behind the Top Gear presenters' quest to cause each other grievous harm (see clip below) - one of the funniest things I've seen on TV :)

Oct 05 09:51

ElBaradei says nuclear Israel number one threat to Mideast: report

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said Sunday that "Israel is number one threat to Middle East" with its nuclear arms, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Oct 05 09:49

Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase

“While research has suggested that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in American children was about 1 of every 150 children, a new government study estimates that the prevalence is more likely about 1 in every 91 children,” reports U.S. News & World Report.

“The study, which is published in the October issue of Pediatrics, estimated that 110 of every 10,000 U.S. youngsters will be diagnosed at some point in their lives with an autism spectrum disorder. That currently translates to about 673,000 American children with some form of autism, according to the study.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Screw your autistic brat; we have to keep our stockholders happy!"

Oct 05 09:49

U.S. Suffering Permanent Destruction of Jobs

"The number of people not on temporary layoff surged 220,000 in August and the level continues to reach new highs, now at 8.1 million. This accounts for 53.9% of the unemployed — again a record high — and this is a proxy for permanent job loss, in other words, these jobs are not coming back. Against that backdrop, the number of people who have been looking for a job for at least six months with no success rose a further half-percent in August, to stand at 5 million — the long-term unemployed now represent a record 33% of the total pool of joblessness."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hope and Change" has has truly morphed into "shock and awe" when it comes to this economy.

Oct 05 09:48

Secret IAEA report: Iran has physics textbooks

Iran has the information to build a nuke? So do most college physics students. The theory behind it is not that complicated. That's a far cry from saying Iran has the capability to make one, let alone make one that fits on a missile

Oct 05 09:44

Israeli Exceptionalism

In any case, whatever the nature of what seems to have been a purely verbal agreement, it appears to have been broken by the Israelis, who were presumably pledged to secrecy. Alas, that secrecy has been violated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, according to the Times, "let the news of the continued U.S.-Israeli accord slip last week in a remark that attracted little notice. He was asked by Israel’s Channel 2 whether he was worried that Mr. Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly, calling for a world without nuclear weapons, would apply to Israel. ‘It was utterly clear from the context of the speech that he was speaking about North Korea and Iran,’ the Israeli leader said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real problem with the Middle Easy is that Israel refuses to abide by the same rules as all other nations.

Oct 05 09:42

Norway is best place to live, China moves up: UN

Norway takes the number one spot in the annual United Nations human development index released Monday but China has made the biggest strides in improving the well-being of its citizens.

The United States ranks 13th, down one spot from last year.

Oct 05 09:41

Ashkenazi holds secret talks in France

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi flew secretly to France on Sunday for meetings with Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin, the chief of the French Defense Staff.

The meeting in Normandy focused on assessments regarding Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and the joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise that is scheduled to start later this month. The exercise will include the Israeli Arrow missile defense system as well as three American systems - the THAAD, Aegis and PAC3 - that will all be deployed in Israel for the duration of the exercise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this meeting was intended to cobble together some kind of strategy to pull the rug out from under a possible peaceful resolution regarding Iran's nuclear enrichment, and put the US and Israel squarely back on the war track.

Oct 05 09:39

Profits for Buyout Firms as Company Debt Soared

Simmons says it will soon file for bankruptcy protection, as part of an agreement by its current owners to sell the company — the seventh time it has been sold in a little more than two decades — all after being owned for short periods by a parade of different investment groups, known as private equity firms, which try to buy undervalued companies, mostly with borrowed money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, while the real estate market was being wrecked with "house flips", manufacturing was being wrecked with "company flips."

Oct 05 09:36

Fmr. U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter challenges the idea that Iran is close to producing a nuclear weapon

Scott Ritter, Fmr. U.N. Weapons Inspector in Iraq (1991-98), discusses his London Guardian op-ed which challenges the idea that Iran is close to producing a nuclear weapon.
Washington, DC

Oct 05 09:32

US storms troops into the Philippines

The arrival of about 3,000 US Marines in the Philippines next week for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods has some Filipino officials wary that the soldiers could be diverted to war-torn Sulu island, where Islamic extremists recently killed two US soldiers. The scheduled deployment represents five times the number of US troops currently stationed in the Philippines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Filipino officials have every reason to be wary of this exercise, given the history of US military involvement and encroachment here.

Oct 05 09:29

India to station all MiG 29s along Pak border

To beef up air defence capabilities and react in quickest possible time along the international border with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force has decided to station all its MiG 29 squadrons at Adampur, the second largest Air Force base in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what India is expecting to happen, for them to be making this move, and make it so publicly.

Oct 05 09:26

Lawmakers vow swift action over Iran's alleged nuclear inroads

US lawmakers on Sunday vowed quick action against Iran following a report that weapons experts believe Tehran has the know-how to build an atomic bomb -- even as a senior US official downplayed the news article.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The scientific understanding of how an atomic bomb is made is a matter of public record.

That US lawmakers should be screaming for sanctions the Sunday after the Thursday Iran agreed to let other countries enrich their uranium, and has also agreed to allow IAEA inspectors to inspect their nuclear facility in Qom, makes one wonder if the only party now in Washington is neither Democrat or Republican, but simply the War Party, running the show here.

And of course, Israel would love nothing better than for the US to attack Iran for it, so that it will be our kids doing the fighting, getting maimed and dying to "neutralize" yet another of its existential enemies in the region.

Oct 05 09:24

I was ordered to cover up President Karzai election fraud, sacked UN envoy says

The head of the UN mission in Afghanistan has been accused by his former deputy of ordering a systematic cover-up to conceal the extent of electoral fraud by President Karzai.

Oct 05 09:21


Thanks to the Goldstone report, even in Israel voices began to stammer about the need for an independent inquiry into the assault. But shortly after Abbas was visited by the American consul-general on Thursday, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization got on the phone to instruct his representative on the United Nations Human Rights Council to ask his colleagues to postpone the vote on the adoption of the report’s conclusions.

Oct 05 09:16


The Palestinian Authority (PA) decision to defer until March a vote on the “Goldstone report” at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva constitutes a huge betrayal of Palestinian people.

Likewise, the stupid and disgraceful feat immensely serves the Israeli goal of covering up the Nazi-like crimes the Israeli occupation army committed during its manifestly criminal war on the Gaza Strip nine months ago.

Endorsement of the report by UNHRC would probably have paved the way for the prosecution of Israeli war criminals before the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This proves that the Palestinian Authority is as compromised by Israel as the US Government.

Oct 05 09:14

Obama ‘Furious’ Over Gen. McChrystal Speech

Officials say that President Obama was “furious” with the General following his pointed remarks at a London speech the day prior. At the speech, Gen. McChrystal mocked Vice President Biden’s call to scale back the objectives of the eight year long war, saying it would lead to “Chaos-istan” and insisting that he would never accept such a plan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

McChrystal was appointed to this position by Obama only last June, when his predecessor was unceremoniously and quickly sacked.

It could be that McChrystal is pulling a "Douglas McArthur" here, by attempting to do an end-run around the administration to get more troops for the fight, and to garner more pubic support for yet another "surge".

In that case, he may well find himself kicked out of this job also, after only 4 months at it, with Obama having used him as a "scapegoat" for having told the world the truth as he sees it, and that may well be what has made Obama "furious" about Mc Chrystal's London speech.

The "scaling back" of objectives here will not translate as any kind of victory here, and all the blood and money which has been spent will have meant nothing, which is about what the situation looks like in Afghanistan, 8 years on.

The hatred of the Afghan people against any kind of occupiers is legendary, and something which the original US civilian and military leadership which "planned" the invasion and occupation apparently never thought to consider.

So now, what? We should have our military leave immediately, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing for the oil pipeline routes to control Eurasian oil.

But of course, the Bush administration thought that a war would be "cheaper" than what the Taliban was demanding in August of 2001.

Of course, that would be logical.

Oct 05 09:09

A look into the IAEA's secret annex

David Albright is a physicist and president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. A friend has alerted us to Albright's publication of a summary of excerpts from the internal IAEA document referred to by the AP in the story linked below as what appears to be "the secret annex" on Iranian nuclear weaponization.

The AP story linked below (headline: "Nuke agency says iran can make bomb") states that the information in the secret annex is either new, more detailed or representative of a more forthright conclusion than found in published IAEA reports. Albright prefaces the excerpts with the explanation that the "secret annex" may be a working document that is subject to revision:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The again, this "secret annex", like the Niger Yellowcake Documents, is likely a forgery, since the IAEA has denied the document comes from them.

Oct 05 09:06

Honduras to restore civil rights

An emergency decree that prohibited large street protests and limited other civil liberties following the return of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya will be repealed within 24 hours, the country's interim leader said Monday.

The emergency decree, which resulted in dozens of arrests and the closing of two pro-Zelaya media outlets, is no longer necessary because "we have peace in the country," interim President Roberto Micheletti told the privately owned Channel 5 television network.

"We want to go back to normalcy," Micheletti said.

Oct 05 09:04

Air Force Readying Cyber Strikes

A few months back, Pentagon officials were saying that "the military had no plans to shift its cyber warfare focus from a defensive mindset to an offensive one." But now that the Air Force has declared themselves the service in charge of all things electronic, "high-ranking service officials say they are developing offensive strategies to attack enemies’ cyber assets."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Starting with those %$#@%# bloggers!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 05 09:03

TD Bank Says U.S. Account Processing Is Delayed

Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canada’s second-biggest bank by assets, said technical glitches delayed the processing of bank transactions at some U.S. branches today.

Toronto-Dominion converted some of its branches in the U.S. from Commerce Bancorp Inc. to its TD Bank brand over the weekend, spokesman Nick Petter said. The Toronto-based bank acquired Commerce in March for about $7.1 billion, giving it about as many branches in the U.S. as in Canada.

Keisha Shore of Brooklyn, who works in customer service at a dry cleaner, said her paycheck didn’t go through direct deposit. Her bills were paid through preauthorized payments, leaving her with a negative balance.

Oct 05 08:52

Galbraith Was Ordered to Cover Up Karzai Fraud

Former US Ambassador Peter Galbraith, who was fired from his role as second ranking official at the UN Mission to Afghanistan last week, says he was ordered by mission chief Kai Eide to cover up the extent of the voter fraud by Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Undaunted by the growing evidence against him, and likely bolstered by reports that the Obama Administration has decided he will remain in power regardless of what the investigations determine, Karzai attacked the continuation of the investigations, saying that the delay in declaring him winner harmed the nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

this was an "election" in name only.

It was a grand sham, a grand piece of theatre, writ large, and perpetrated against the good and the will of the Afghan people, to re-install the US's and NATO's puppet in Afghanistan.

Oct 05 08:48

City to homeowner: Let us in, or get out

A Pennsylvania man who refuses to allow city officials to enter his home without a warrant has been forced out to stay in a hotel
instead, evicted by a notice posted on his door that forbids him from using or occupying the building he owns.

Oct 05 08:46

Americans manufacture another nuclear crisis

Welcome to Iraq deja vu, and another phony crisis. U.S. intelligence and UN inspectors say Iran has no nuclear weapons and certainly no nuclear warheads and is only enriching uranium to 5%. Nuclear weapons require 95%. Iran's nuclear facilities are under constant UN inspection and U.S. surveillance.

The U.S., its allies, and Israel insist Iran is secretly developing nuclear warheads. They demand Tehran prove a negative: That is has no nuclear weapons. Iraq was also put to the same impossible test.

Israel is deeply alarmed by Iran's challenge to its Mideast nuclear monopoly. Chances of an Israeli attack on Iran are growing weekly, though the U.S. is still restraining Israel.

Oct 05 08:44

CBI report warns of 60,000 financial job losses

Up to 60,000 jobs could be lost in the financial services sector this year, according to the CBI and PricewaterhouseCoopers, adding to fears expressed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that Britain faces a jobless recovery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not if financial people learn how to actually MAKE products other people want to buy!

Oct 05 08:43

"What are you? An anti-semite?"

Traficant: Israel has a "powerful stranglehold on the American government." if they don't like you they defeat you in poll and if they cant they put you in jail (paraphrasing).
Oct 05 08:43

Pakistan: WFP Compound Attacked By Suicide Bomber In Disguise, 5 Killed

A suicide bomber disguised as a security officer struck the lobby of the U.N. food agency's Pakistan headquarters Monday, killing five people a day after the new leader of the Pakistani Taliban vowed fresh assaults, authorities and witnesses said.

The blast raises questions as to how the bomber managed to evade tight security at the heavily fortified World Food Program compound in the capital, Islamabad. It could also hamper the work of WFP and other aid agencies assisting Pakistanis displaced by army offensives against al-Qaida and the Taliban in their strongholds close to the Afghan border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the ultimate goal of US and NATO involvement in Pakistan, through continued drone attacks, was to wreak even further instability in this country, then one can say that this goal has been well and truly accomplished.

Oct 05 08:41

New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit

Official police documents allege the two men used Twitter messages to contact protesters at the summit "and to inform the protesters and groups of the movements and actions of law enforcement".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Dammit, WE'RE the only ones allowed to have computers and maps and radios and stuff!!!!!!!! It says so right here in the rule book; 'The Dictator gets all the advantages'!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 05 08:36

Sharon Tate's sister: Polanski won't get fair trial in US

While Roman Polanski sits in a Swiss jail awaiting extradition to the US, the sister of his late wife Sharon Tate today said the sex act on a 13 year-old to which he plead guilty 31 years ago was consensual and that he will not get a fair trial in the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the utter disregard for the fact that the girl was underage, therefore even if she was begging for it, it is still statutory rape. In any event, drugs were involved, which makes any consent claim dubious at best.

Normally I would not waste space on yet another celebrity sex scandal, but the Polanski case is rather illustrative of how a certain group of people feel they are above the laws, and band together to protect each other from that law, acting more like a high school clique than the social leaders they like to pose as.

This attempt to help Polanski evade the consequences of a crime he had already admitted to committing is going to flash back on Hollywood, mostly at the box office. As the poverty increases in America, the lifestyles of the rich and famous will inspire a great deal of resentment which will tarnish Hollywood's carefully manicured public image. Seeing a display of top celebrities espouse a "We are above the laws you must all obey" will only accelerate the process, and we will see a drop in ticket sales/rentals/cable pay per view revenues.

The good news is that many of the same people now trying to polish the Polanski turd are the same ones that bashed Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Mary Cotillard, etc. etc. etc. for daring to suggest that the government's story of 9-11 was not the truth. So as these self-righteous hypocritical stars fall, the stars of the real heroes will have a chance to shine as they deserve.

Oct 05 08:36

Afghan violence 'global terrorism' not domestic insurgency: FM

Afghanistan's foreign minister said Monday the country was a victim of global extremism, denying that an increase in violence was a domestic insurgency and warning against any withdrawal of foreign troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, this guy can stand there with his hair on fire and claim he doesn't smell the smoke.

Oct 05 08:28

2 government studies find autism disorders in 1 in 100 US children

Two new government studies indicate about 1 in 100 children have autism disorders — higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 150.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except the Amish children, who never suffer autism, and who are never vaccinated.

Oct 05 08:27

Ya'alon fears arrest if he goes to UK

Vice Premier and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon on Monday decided not to fly to London next month, for fear of being arrested on war crimes charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about getting some honey trap to seduce him, drug him, then kidnap him ... the way Israel did the Mordecai Vanunu?

Oct 05 08:26

Three Government Reports Point to Fiscal Doomsday

When our leaders have no awareness of the disastrous consequences of their actions, they can claim ignorance and take no action.

Or when our leaders have no hard evidence as to what might happen in the future, they can at least claim uncertainty.

But when they have full knowledge of an impending disaster … they have proof of its inevitability in ANY scenario … and they so declare in their official reports … but STILL don’t lift a finger to change course … then they have only one remaining claim:


Oct 05 08:25

Program to Buy Bad Assets Nearly in Place, U.S. Says

The Treasury Department said on Sunday that its scaled-down program to help banks unload their troubled mortgages and mortgage securities would begin operating at full strength by the end of this month, more than a year after Congress authorized $700 billion for that purpose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the government will FORCE you to buy these assets that the banks could not sell yo on their own.

Oct 05 08:24

John Boehner Admits He Is Completely Out Of Touch

Boehner claimed, with a semi-straight face, that he has yet to meet a regular "American" who favors the option -- despite polls showing that a majority of voters support to the idea of having the choice of a government plan.

"I'm still trying to find the first American to talk to who's in favor of the public option, other than a member of Congress or the administration" said Boehner, whose sole recent foray into a public discussion of health care reform was a tea-party-style event in Ohio a few weeks back.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, when you spend your entire life with health industry lobbyists, I can see how that might skew the statistical sampling!

Oct 05 08:24

Report on Bailouts Says Treasury Misled Public

The inspector general who oversees the government’s bailout of the banking system is criticizing the Treasury Department for some misleading public statements last fall and raising the possibility that it had unfairly disbursed money to the biggest banks.

Oct 05 08:15

Government Watchdog Says Treasury and Fed Knew Bailed-Out Banks Were Not Healthy

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve lied to the American public last fall when they said that the first nine banks to receive government bailout funds were healthy, a government watchdog states in a new report released today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is that why they were laughing so hard when they passed TARP?

Oct 05 08:12

LWB Unveils Afghanistan Exit Strategy

4. Tell leaders of Pakistan we will no longer be pursuing the man who allegedly planned 9/11, Osama Bin Laden. Instead we will do the next best thing, extradite Dominick Sutter the Israeli spy who knew about 9/11 but did not tell us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that "someone" has reported this post as being objectionable.

Oct 05 08:11

APF Changes Name, Logo & Website To “Diffuse Tension”

In response to growing criticism and suspicion, American Police Force has changed its name, changed its logo and altered several areas of its website in an attempt to “diffuse tension” surrounding the private paramilitary organization that wants to take over law enforcement duties while bossing a $27 million dollar detention facility in Hardin, Montana.

Following threats of legal action on behalf of the government of Serbia against APF for using a near copy of the Serbian Coat of Arms, on Sunday the logo was changed although it still remains a double-headed eagle, which is widely accepted as signifying imperial power, not something many would be comfortable with for an organization that wants to provide law enforcement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 05 08:08

Goldman to be paid $1bn if CIT fails

Goldman Sachs stands to receive a payment of $1bn – while US taxpayers would lose $2.3bn – if embattled commercial lender CIT files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, people familiar with the matter said.

Oct 05 08:04

McCain, Obama back law shielding reporters

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The important question is whether online journalists are also covered by this law. The issue of whether bloggers are journalists has flip-flopped in the courts several times.

Oct 05 08:02

DDoS attack against Bitbucket darkens Amazon cloud

Initially, they had a difficult time convincing Amazon technicians that the problem was on their end, and it was at least 16 hours before a DDoS attack was identified as the culprit.

Oct 05 07:52

Okla. trooper again accused of excessive force

Trooper Daniel Martin is accused of beating Khristopher Douglas of Holdenville. Douglas says he was at a friend's home helping with renovations Saturday when troopers pulled up to handle an apparent traffic stop.

Douglas says he was going inside when Martin demanded he come toward the street. Douglas says Martin grabbed his arm and began beating him when he questioned the order.

Oct 05 07:46

Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame

For the Trilateral crowd, the game is about over. The recent reemergence of original members Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and Paul Volker serves to reinforce the conclusion that the New International Economic Order is near.

The Trilateral Commission and its members have engineered the global economic, trade and financial system that is currently in a state of total chaos.

Does that mean that they have lost? Hardly.

As I recently wrote in Chorus call for New World Order, they are using the crisis to destroy what remains of national sovereignty, so that a New World Order can finally and permanently be put into place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Global Governance is what Alexander the Great wanted.

Global Governance is what Genghis Khan wanted.

Global Governance is what Napoleon wanted.

Global Governance is what Hitler wanted.

Oct 05 07:44

Protesters versus SWAT

Oct 05 07:42

Anti-Wi-Fi paint keeps your wireless signal to yourself

Don't like the idea of your neighbors rudely snooping on the wireless signal you slaved to pay for from the lazy comfort of their living room? It's not just about slowing down your connection; while they're downloading Mad Men via bittorrent, you could be on the hook for their actions.

Wireless security and encryption systems are fraught with problems and insecurity, and other methods to restrict your signal to a small area are cumbersome at best.

Enter a new solution: Anti-Wi-Fi paint.

Oct 05 07:23

New bio-power plant will power 3,000 homes from food scraps

A new renewable energy plant that will power 3,000 homes using food scraps, has been announced today.

Waste management group Shanks have brokered an £8million deal to build the facility, which will treat by-products from kitchens, supermarkets and food production in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

Oct 05 07:09

Politicians and celebrities granted permission to keep their names off child database

Patricia Morgan, an author who writes about the family and abuse, said: 'This is very Soviet - the elite get entirely different treatment from everybody else.'

Oct 05 06:39

Carl Cameron Supports Questioning 9/11

Oct 05 06:20

How the Jews opened America's borders

One ten minute video and one 5 minute video on immigration.

Oct 05 05:33

Fluoridation is money down the drain

Children's cavity rates are similar whether water is fluoridated or not, according to data published in the July 2009 Journal of the American Dental Association by dentist J.V. Kumar of the NY State Health Department(1), reports NYSCOF.

Oct 05 05:08

The IMF to Play Role of Global Central Bank? The Dollar Needs to be Devalued by Half?

“A year ago,” said law professor Ross Buckley on Australia’s ABC News on September 22, “nobody wanted to know the International Monetary Fund. Now it’s the organiser for the international stimulus package which has been sold as a stimulus package for poor countries.”

The IMF may have catapulted to a more exalted status than that. According to Jim Rickards, director of market intelligence for scientific consulting firm Omnis, the unannounced purpose of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh on September 24 was that “the IMF is being anointed as the global central bank.” Rickards said in a CNBC interview on September 25 that the plan is for the IMF to issue a global reserve currency that can replace the dollar.

Oct 05 03:58

Website for the reopening of the case against Mounir El Motassadeq up and running

Dear friends,
as David Ray Griffin announciated in his letter to the 9/11 Truth Community on 9/30/09 on this blog, the website www.justiceformounir.org is now up and running.


By demanding the reopening of the trial, it is our aim to force a judicial determination that there exists no evidence of Muslim participation in the attacks of 9/11. We expect, evidently, that the US and German governments will fiercely oppose any attempt to reopen the case because such reopening could - if the court acts impartially - undermine the official legend of 9/11, the raison-d'être of the Western Alliance, and the basis of the the War on Terror and the Occupation of Afghanistan. However, the wrongful condemnation of Mounir presents a unique and historical opportunity to reveal to the public the extent of political, judicial and moral rot, that afflicts even a country such as Germany, which claims to have learned lessons from history.

Oct 05 01:38

Enraged By Fascist Insurrection

I refuse to accept the Unconstitutional and Fascist Government put into power by the FASCIST INSURRECTION and will resist these Traitorous Usurpers who make War on us in every possible way.

I expect to be taken out, one way or the other for this, or if my writing is effective in helping to defeat the Insurrection of our Republic, and the looting of trillions of dollars; but I won't lose much of my allotted time to live because the unconstitutional stimulus bill has been passed directing that us old people be killed by denial of care.