Oct 13 09:30

The Ugly Truth About Poverty In Britain

David Cameron gave his keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week and there was a definite change in the political wind with an attempt to move towards the centre ground. He said that central to tackling big social problems is an all-out assault on poverty. Perhaps, Cameron could see the Conservatives being seen as the ‘nasty’ party again, some have said that this is the true man.

Oct 13 09:29

The Banking System Has Gone Rogue

The next wave of the greatest financial crisis may soon be upon us.

When the music stops, and loans everywhere on cheap and easy credit are called, far too many nations, businesses and individuals will be suddenly and violently unable to repay their debts — particularly in the developing world.

The results are likely to be catastrophic, and the weight of the bad debts may well be enough take down the rest of the world with it. This is no small problem, and it is not clear if there is a solution.

London Guardian writer Will Hutton issues a stark warning that “the world economic order is collapsing and this time there seems no way out.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 13 09:24

Tennessee district closes schools over lack of funding, blames Obamacare

A school district in Tennessee voted to cancel classes and shut down its schools as a result of a budget problem that has left the government unable to fund the facilities. The school director blamed Obamacare for its problems.

Oct 13 08:38

Two Israeli firms sign cumulative $923 million deals

Israel-based MediWound signs $112 million contract while Mellanox buys tech firm EZchip for $811 million, seeking to become leader in interconnect solutions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, I wonder where Israel gets all this money to buy up these companies!!!

Oct 13 08:11

Gold Prices Will Rise Because …

Central banks will lose control over interest rates and that will pose a huge risk to the global financial system. Expect much higher gold prices as rising interest rates force insolvent governments to more aggressively monetize debt and devalue their currencies.

Oct 13 07:12

Gold Prices Will Rise Because …

Oct 13 07:04

Goldman Sachs: The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis Is Upon Us

These days it seems like there is a never-ending stream of dire predictions for the United States and the global economy. Many of them have merit of course, since the fundamentals of our economy are being held together by little more than duct tape and string. However, any prediction that suggests that the system is going to come crashing down at a moments notice, is hard take seriously.

It’s certainly a possibility, but it’s not the most plausible end to our way of life. In reality, our society enduring a long-term collapse that may take decades to fully develop. There will be moments of rapid decline, much like the financial collapse of 2008, but overall we seem to be falling on a long trajectory.

Goldman Sachs admitted as much this week when their top analysts claimed that the third wave of the financial collapse of 2008, is rapidly approaching.

(read more)

Oct 12 16:20

Venezuela is now the most expensive country in the world

Too much spending created too much debt and too much money printing, which in turn created too much inflation.

Inflation then led to price controls. Capital controls. Media controls. Destroying people’s standards of living. Appalling levels of violent crime.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Venezuela is a case in point, and shows just how short that road can actually be.

Westerners always think that these sorts of consequences can’t happen where they live, as if the laws of the financial universe only apply south of the border.

It’s not to say that the West will become Venezuela.

But if your government is already making its way down this path, taking on $60+ trillion in debt and printing limitless quantities of money, it’s seriously foolish to assume that that it will not end up somewhere similar.

Oct 12 15:15

The Fed Just “Discovered” Another $2.7 Trillion In Debt: “Quietly Boosted Total Credit”

The people of the United States, misled by its politicians, and plundered by its financial institutions, are swimming in so much debt that no one will probably ever grasp the truly staggering amount — if indeed it can ever be fully calculated.

Oct 12 14:06

Baltic Dry 'Bounce' Is Dead - Freight Index Lowest In 29 Years For Time Of Year

Since the mid-July peak, when Jim Cramer warned the market's "last shred of hope was the freight index holding up," The Baltic Dry Index has been in free fall (at a time with very positive technicals). In fact, today's drop to 809 is the lowest in over 3 months and the lowest for this time of year since 1986!!

Oct 12 14:05

BofA Forecloses On Home That Never Had A Mortgage, Owners Sue And Win Judgement, BofA Doesn't Pay Up, So Couple Forecloses On Bank Of America (Must Read + Video)

BofA Forecloses On Home That Never Had A Mortgage, Owners Sue And Win Judgement, BofA Doesn't Pay Up, So Couple Forecloses On Bank Of America (Must Read + Video)

Oct 12 13:01

US wars in Mideast depleted national budget, profited arms industry: Analyst

The US military interventions in the Middle East have been very profitable for the US arms industry but have bankrupted the country and depriving the American people, a peace activist and analyst in Washington says.

Oct 12 10:18

Fed Quietly Revises Total US Debt From 330% To 350% Of GDP, After "Discovering" Another $2.7 Trillion In Debt

For those who have not seen it, as well as for those who are familiar with this chart, take a long look, because this is the last update of this particular data series, pulled straight from the Fed's Z.1 Flow of Funds (section L.1), you will ever see.

So did the Fed spontaneously terminate the reporting of what until the second quarter's update of the Flow of Funds, was the most comprehensive official summary of Household, Financial, Corporate and Government debt in existence? And if so why?

Many Fed watchers assumed that this is precisely what happened, and indeed, searching high and low for the infamous L.1 Section revealed nothing.

Oct 12 10:02


Hundreds of thousands of people rallied on Saturday afternoon in the German capital against the massive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) accord being negotiated by the European Union and the United States. Critics say the trade deal will benefit large corporations at the expense of average Europeans.

Trade unions, environmental groups, NGOs and anti-globalization groups were among the organizers of the huge rally, which went from the main railway station in central Berlin to the national parliament. Over 250,000 people turned out for the event – many more than the 50,000 to 100,000 expected, but Berlin police claimed the number was closer to their initial expectation of 100,000.

Many trains and more than 600 buses had been chartered to bring protesters to Berlin, who marched carrying signs that read “Stop TTIP” and “TTIP signals climactic shipwreck”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet, barely a whimper from Americans over the nightmare this trade deal will bring to this country, including controlling the internet and silencing dissent!!

The text of the deal is out there; why is no one reading it, and why is there no outrage over the deal in this country?!?

Oct 12 09:22

America : Freedom to Fascism

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost!

Oct 12 09:20

The G-30 Group Of Central Bankers Warn They Can "No Longer Save The World"

In a detailed report by the Group of Thirty, central bankers warned that ZIRP and money printing were not sufficient to revive economic growth and risked becoming semi-permanent measures. As Reuters reports, the flow of easy money has inflated asset prices like stocks and housing in many countries but have failed to stimulate economic growth; and with growth estimates trending lower and easy money increasing company leverage, the specter of a debt trap is now haunting advanced economies. "Central banks have described their actions as 'buying time' for governments to finally resolve the crisis... But time is wearing on," sending a message of "you're on your own" to governments around the world.

Oct 12 08:41

Greek Cash Ban Escalates: 'Permanent' Stricter "Capital Controls" On 3 Million Pensioners, Civil Servants Imposed

In a stunning move towards the elites' endgame of 'banning cash', Greek authorities unveiled stricter capital controls for civil servants and pensioners this weekend. By drastically limiting cash withdrawals and forcing the more 'controllable' compulsory use of plastic money, Greek authorities hope to stop tax evasion through the use of 'fake cash registers'.

Oct 12 08:21

Adolf Hitler – the Man Who Fought the Bank

Adolf Hitler tells you what has happened to our world, who has been doing it, and what our response should be. It is striking to see how the Jewish schemes of today are exactly how Hitler had described the situation.

Oct 12 08:06

‘EU will no longer follow US on Iran’

A senior Iranian energy official has dismissed US warning to Western companies against a rush for investment in Iran, saying European firms will no longer follow Washington's “possible hardline movements” against the Islamic Republic.

The remarks by head of Iran’s Oil Contracts Revision Committee Mehdi Hosseini came after a report said the Obama administration had secretly contacted foreign governments to remind that sanctions against Iran were still in place.

Oct 12 06:55

The Banking System Has Gone Rogue: “World Economic Order Is Collapsing”

The next wave of the greatest financial crisis may soon be upon us.

When the music stops, and loans everywhere on cheap and easy credit are called, far too many nations, businesses and individuals will be suddenly and violently unable to repay their debts — particularly in the developing world.

Oct 12 05:39

Why are the IMF, the UN, the BIS and Citibank all warning that an economic crisis could be imminent?

The warnings are getting louder. Is anybody listening? For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing.

Oct 11 18:35

The Problem Explained In 110 Words

"...declining velocity of money requires an ever rising level of monetary stimulus, which further depresses velocity of money, and requiring even further QEs. Also as countries compete in a diminishing pool by discounting currencies, global demand compresses, as current account surpluses in these countries rise not because of exports growing faster than imports but because imports decline faster than exports. This implies less demand for the global economy."

Oct 11 17:13

3-minute video: US $18 TRILLION debt being dumped; economic endgame? If so, demand monetary/credit reform or kiss your assets goodbye

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tip: investmentwatchblog

Elliott Wave International’s 3-minute video documents US debt securities being sold by other nations’ governments (and here). This is in context of the historically ever-increasing US federal government’s $18 trillion debt. US “leadership” chose to somehow “freeze” their debt for the last 200 days, a seeming impossibility, with “debt ceiling” again addressed in Congress as ongoing theatrics.

Demonocracy’s 2-minute video to visualize the unimaginable magnitude of not millions or billions, but trillions of dollars in US federal government debt:

Oct 11 14:55

Putin and the Press: The Demonology School of Journalism

Western media is engaged in an intense long-term propaganda campaign to demonize President Putin. Demonology offers no allies, no solutions and no positive path to peace and co-existence.

he major influential western print media are engaged in a prolonged, large-scale effort to demonize Russian President Putin, his politics and persona. There is an article (or several articles) every day in which he is personally stigmatized as a dictator, authoritarian, czar, ‘former KGB operative’ and Soviet-style ruler; anything but the repeatedly elected President of Russia.

Oct 11 13:35

Negative Rates: Gold Catalyst?

Oct 11 13:34

Nationalism on the Rise in Germany as Migrant Influx continues

Oct 11 13:32

African Illegal thought he would get a house and a car within a few months

Oct 11 10:41

UK super rich given low interest mortgages

A British economic analyst has blamed the Tory government’s policies for the country’s worsening housing crisis.

Oct 11 10:15

Trump's Success Exposes America's Winner-Loser Society

Everywhere you look - from political campaigns, both Democratic and Republican, that are focused on the haves and have-nots, to much of the Internet - people are upset. They are angry that they are being bullied by folks who have more power - and sometimes lots more money — than they have.

You feel a tension in America now between “us” and “them.” This is not about the usual suspects of polarization - conservatives and liberals. It is “us” and those myriad groups that the public feels have disempowered them. Because bullying isn’t just an issue for children any more. It is an issue - perhaps the issue - for everyone.

Oct 11 10:03

War Party’s New Line: Vladimir Putin Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

As the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact collapsed, the rationale for spending one of every four US government budget dollars on a military jobs program and corporate welfare for “defense” contractors evaporated. With peace breaking out, American politicians faced the daunting task of remaining relevant without an external boogeyman to scare the bejabbers out of us commoners.

Bush the Elder and Bill Clinton tried hard to keep the scare up with Iraq, but after Desert Storm nobody really bought Saddam Hussein as a major threat to world peace. It took 9/11 to really put the War Party back in charge. They took full advantage, joyfully dancing on 3,000 graves while they dragged the US into interminable and expensive fiascoes in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, all the while grooming a reluctant China as the next monster under the foreign policy bed.

Oct 11 09:34

Keiser Report: Slinky Economics

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss debt gorillas.

Oct 11 08:09

Fred for Dictator!: Good as Any, Better’n Some

If you were an evil dictator, would you mess with this man?

Having recognized that the country is calling on me to restore order and common sense, and that my election as dictator is the last hope of Western Civilization, I hereby throw my sombrero into the ring. Below is a compact summary of the wise and forward-looking policies which will characterize my reign. Interposed are thrilling slogans that will throw you into an electoral frenzy.

Social Policy: On the day of my coronation, I will undertake a sweeping reform of society, beginning with radical feminists. We will hunt them with dogs. I will save a few and chain them in the Great Dismal Swamp, where they will poison the mosquitoes, allowing civilized people to catch catfish in comfort.
“The only thing we have to be A-fred of is Fred Hisself!!”

Oct 11 07:35

Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House.

Across a sprawling country, they reside in an archipelago of wealth, exclusive neighborhoods dotting a handful of cities and towns. And in an economy that has minted billionaires in a dizzying array of industries, most made their fortunes in just two: finance and energy.

Now they are deploying their vast wealth in the political arena, providing almost half of all the seed money raised to support Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found. Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.

Oct 11 07:30

Monsanto To Cut 2,600 Jobs As World Rejects Its Products And Practices

Monsanto — the world’s largest seed producer and chemical-biotech giant — recently announced it would cut 12% of its employees due to an historic decline in stock value. As Bloomberg reports: “Monsanto Co. said it will eliminate 2,600 jobs as part of a cost-savings plan, joining a growing list of major corporations…

Oct 11 04:19

Noted Libertarian Author Tom Woods offers Free E-Book "Bernie Sanders is Wrong"

Dr. Tom Woods, New York Time Best Selling author, well known libertarian pundit, economist and author, is offering an easy-to-read free e-book debunking the theories of self-described 'socialist' presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He will explain how to answer Bernie's supporters. The 156 page book, titled 'BERNIE SANDERS IS WRONG,' includes 12 chapters. Woods has also developed and produced many courses for the Ron Paul home school curriculum. Woods is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute, holds a bachelor's degree in history from Harvard and his master's, M.Phil., & Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has been described as "the smartest guy in the room" by Judge Andrew Napolitano. Woods, who is Catholic, has also aired a number of podcast episodes outlining in great detail why Pope Francis ideas on economics are wrong. Highly recommended.

Oct 11 02:15

Deflation is getting worse

Oct 10 23:03

What is THCV and What are the Benefits of this Cannabinoid?

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a compound in cannabis that offers a unique array of effects and medical benefits that sets it apart from other cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

What are THCV’s Effects and Benefits?
As its name suggests, THCV is similar to THC in molecular structure and psychoactive properties, but it provides a variety of pronounced and altogether different effects.
THCV is psychoactive. It intensifies the euphoric high of THC, but with only about half the duration.
THCV is energetic. It provides a clear-headed, stimulating buzz.
THCV is an appetite suppressant. In contrast to THC, THCV dulls the appetite. This may be good for consumers focused on weight loss, but THCV should be avoided by patients treating appetite loss or anorexia.........

Oct 10 22:58

CBD Rich Strains

If you’re looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine's active healing properties. In order to qualify as "CBD Rich", the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumors and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the reduction in anxiety and stress.

Oct 10 19:24

Will Blackberry and Sony shut their phone operations next year? CEOs both admit 'it's make or break in 2016'

Sony said it would 'consider its options' if the firm's mobile division failed to make a profit, while BlackBerry claimed it would 'never say never' to closing down its hardware teams.

Oct 10 19:22

IMF: keep interest rates low or risk another crash

Oct 10 15:49

The strongest force to shift geopolitical balances

Most believe that the price of oil will recover and that China will continue its rise. They are mistaken. For decades, manufacturing was flooding into China. The problem for China is that their industrial robots are no more productive than industrial robots in the West are. They all work 24×7 without joining labor unions. It will no longer make sense to send raw materials across the oceans to China to have them assembled into finished goods and shipped back. Manufacturing can once again become local. Countries that have invested in educating their populations will benefit the most.

Oct 10 14:57

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Thursday, the scientist predicted that economic inequality will skyrocket as more jobs become automated and the rich owners of machines refuse to share their fast-proliferating wealth.

If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution. So far, the trend seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality.

Oct 10 11:02

Weekend Reading: Is The Correction Over?

Oct 10 08:51

Rural Hospitals Closing Across America

Oct 10 08:12

There and Back Again – Your Trip Through the American Empire

By Tony Cartalucci

The October 8, 2015 US Senate Committee on Armed Services hearing titled, “Russian Strategy and Military Operations,” gave viewers an instructive snapshot at the current state of America’s dwindling power.

The hearing is one of many interfaces between corporate-financier funded policy think tanks and the politicians who will ultimately rubber stamp their schemes and designs into law. It consists of a panel of bought-off, self-serving senators, listening to think-tank academics with no practical experience along with retired generals drawing paychecks by keeping big-defense, big-oil, big-ag, big-finance, and others well fed...

Oct 10 08:03

250,000 Germans protext against TTIP

TTIP & CETA stoppen! – Für einen gerechten Welthandel!

Oct 10 06:22

Twitter Readies For Company Wide Layoffs

Oct 09 21:17

Anti-terror campaign in Syria not burden on our budget: Moscow

Russia says the recent anti-terror military campaign in Syria does not strain its current government’s budget.

Speaking to reporters in a Friday conference call, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that his country’s air campaign in the Arab country did not burden the Defense Ministry's budget with any additional financial allocations, AFP reported.

He also noted that the military operation in Syria was not noticeable in financial terms in comparison with the large-scale military drills that Russia has held recently.

Oct 09 20:04

Standard Chartered 'to cut 1,000 senior jobs'

Mr Winters told staff in the memo that about a quarter of senior managers, of director level or above, would be cut. There are about 4,000 bankers in the grades affected by the decision.

The bank employs about 88,000 people in total. It has grown rapidly, from about 44,000 in 2005.

Oct 09 17:46

A crisis of global dimensions

In a Perspective column published at the beginning of 2015, the World Socialist Web Site commented on the frequency of crises convulsing the global capitalist system. “The ‘peaceful’ intervals between the eruption of major crises—geopolitical, economic and social—have become so short that they can hardly be described as intervals,” we wrote. “Crises, on the other hand, appear not as isolated ‘episodes,’ but as more or less permanent features of contemporary reality.”

Oct 09 17:17

Twitter Readies For Company Wide Layoffs

Oct 09 13:02


Oct 09 12:30


?The warnings are getting louder. Is anybody listening?
For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing. For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF“. And actually what we are heading for would more accurately be described as a “credit freeze” or a “credit panic”, but a “credit crunch” will definitely work for now. The IMF is warning that the “dangerous over-leveraging” that we have been witnessing “threatens to unleash a wave of defaults” all across the globe…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As always, please don't panic; plan.

Have storable food, water purification capabilities, extra medicines for yourselves and your pets, and a way to cook food that doesn't require electricity.

Have no more money in your checking account than you actually need to pay your bills; in a pinch, there may be a "haircut" of both checking and savings accounts, as has happened in Cyprus and Greece.

Make sure you pick up small amounts of gold and/or silver consistently; if the dollar tanks, there will need to be something solid you can trade for necessities.

Find out what skills you have to barter with like-minded neighbors in a win/win environment.

And THIS is the time that President Obama is beseeching the Congress to raise the ceiling on the National Debt?!?

Why in the world is this country in debt in the first place, when it can, Constitutionally, create money as a public utility, not a debt at interest when it is first circulated?

Something is really, fundamentally wrong here, both in terms of corporate leveraging and US governmental debt.

Oct 09 12:19

IMF: $3 trillion in “Over-Borrowing Now Threatens To Unleash a Wave of Defaults”

There is so much debt piled up all over the place, that things are absolutely in danger of coming unglued. The IMF is now hovering over the situation, warning of impending crisis.

A poisonous “triad” of global risks is pushing the world to the brink of a new financial crisis, says stark IMF report


Oct 09 11:59

Sanders Denounces TPP, Vows to Stop It from Passing in Senate

Heading back out on the campaign trail this weekend with a stop in Tucson, Arizona and Boulder, Colorado, Bernie Sanders recently spoke out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement reached between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations, calling it a “disastrous” trade deal.