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Dec 16 05:41

California DMV “Accidentally” Re-Registering Hundreds Of Voters As Non Affiliated

Whether by intent or incompetence, California officials are once again feeling the heat from another voter registration covfefe. This round involves the DMV’s new “motor voter” program, which automatically registers people to vote as they get their driver license or change their address. The DMV has “accidentally” been registering people as non affiliated instead of the party they actually signed up with, even if they had previously been registered to vote with the party of their choosing.

Dec 16 05:41

SOUNDS FAMILIAR: 2020 Democrat Michael Bloomberg Vows To Shut Down Every U.S. Coal Plant

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to close all U.S. coal plants during a campaign stop in Virginia on Friday.

Dec 16 05:31

Trump TORCHES Pelosi For Bungling Impeachment Resolution – “Nancy’s Teeth Were Falling Out of Her Mouth, and She Didn’t Have Time to Think!”

Trump went for the jugular on Sunday and hit Speaker Pelosi hard.
The gloves are off and Trump is going scorched earth on the Democrats.

Dec 16 05:30

Wow! Even Former Never Trumper Ben Sasse Is Slamming The DOJ For Failures At The FBI (VIDEO)

Even former Never Trumper Ben Sasse is slamming the DOJ for its failures at the FBI

Dec 16 05:30

EVIL: Intruder Hacks Eight-Year-Old’s Bedroom Security Camera, Terrifies Her With Disturbing Messages

On December 4, a Mississippi family experienced a chilling and horrifying invasion of their privacy when someone used the Ring security camera in their daughters’ bedroom to speak their eight-year-old daughter, say he was Santa Claus, and encourage them to act in destructive ways.

Dec 16 05:30

Sanders, Appearing With Omar, Lauds Her: ‘One Of The Bravest Members Of The United States Congress.’ Ted Cruz Has A Comment.

On Friday, appearing with hard-left anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) at a campaign event at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called Omar “one of the most extraordinary people in American politics,” Fox News reported.

Dec 16 05:24

“Much More to Come” – Giuliani Says Impeachment is Intended to Obstruct Investigations of Obama-Era Corruption – ‘Billions of Dollars Laundered, Extortion and Bribery’

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was on a roll Sunday afternoon and dropped bombshells revealing a huge Ukrainian money laundering operation involving Obama-era officials and the Biden crime family.

Dec 16 05:23

Serial Liar Adam Schiff Refuses to Admit He Was Wrong After Stephanopoulos Confronts Him For Making False FISA Claims (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and told host George Stephanopoulos that he made ‘inaccurate’ FISA claims due to limited evidence he had access to.

Dec 16 05:08

Trump Supporter Crashes Bernie Sanders Event in Iowa – Tells Crowd Socialism Doesn’t Work (VIDEO)

A Trump supporter managed to get the microphone at a Bernie Sanders event in Iowa this weekend. He didn’t cause a major disruption, but the Bernie supporters didn’t seem to appreciate his message.

Dec 16 05:07

Voters in Swing State of Michigan Not Interested in Impeachment: “Political Theater” (VIDEO)

NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ spoke to some voters in the swing state of Michigan this weekend and asked what they thought about the efforts of Democrats to impeach President Trump.

Dec 16 04:51

Seattle Hires Transgender Stripper To Perform At Homeless Strategy Conference (VIDEO)

Someone in King County’s Department of Community and Human Services thought it would be a fabulous idea to blow taxpayer money on hiring a transgender stripper to perform at the agency’s annual conference that usually centers around homelessness.

Dec 16 04:51

Washington Post “Conservative” Says We Should Be Grateful For The Work Of Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff

If you ever need definitive proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, look no further than Jennifer Rubin, the supposedly conservative writer for the Washington Post.

Dec 16 04:47

NY City Democrat Tells Off Corrupt Jerry Nadler on Sham Impeachment

The Democrat Party has been going after President Trump since he announced his presidential run.
Last week Democrats voted straight party line to impeach President Trump in the House Judiciary Committee.

Dec 16 04:47

“Could it Be Years in Jail?” – Trump Unleashes on Comey in Response to Interview with Chris Wallace Where He Admits He Was “Wrong” to Say FISA Process Followed

Fired FBI Director James Comey on Sunday said he was “wrong” to say the FISA process was “followed” — however he remained defiant and claimed the mistakes were all just human error and sloppy FBI work.

Dec 15 13:41

The History of Hybrids: How Breeding And Selection Led to Modern Marijuana

Cannabis growers are always searching for the next remarkable strain. The countless flavors and multitude of effects combine to create endless possibilities. In the last 60 years, breeders have capitalized on the diversity of cannabis more than ever before, crossing strains from around the globe.

Dec 15 10:29

NY Consumer Group Labels Nerf Guns 'Assault-Style Toy Weapons'

It’s something our Founding Fathers never could have imagined: a Nerf gun that shoots a foam dart every time the user pulls the trigger.

Dec 15 10:29

Wisconsin College Spent $100K Investigating Instructor For Allegedly Saying Police Department Was 'Full Of Racists'

The school is Western Technical College (WTC). The instructor is Nicole Miller, who teaches at the college's law enforcement academy; she is also a former La Crosse County sheriff's deputy and former correctional officer. Miller purportedly made the comment while warning a potential recruit against taking a job at the La Crosse department.

Dec 15 10:19

Video shows North Carolina deputy picking up, slamming child to floor

A North Carolina sheriff suspended a deputy who was caught on tape violently slamming a middle school student onto the floor, twice, officials said.

Dec 15 10:19

Prosecutors say a man stole $88,000 from a bank vault. The FBI caught him after he flashed stacks of bills on social media.

If you're systematically stealing money from a bank vault, it may not be a good idea to post the evidence on your social media pages.

Dec 15 10:16

Brave Photographers Captured Unforgettable Images of the Vietnam War

The brave photojournalists of the Associated Press' Saigon captured the harrowing face of the Vietnam war, sharing the bravery and drama of the conflict with those at home. As a result, the war left a deep and lasting impression not just on the soldiers at the frontline but the whole of America.

Dec 15 10:09

Vernepator Cur: A Tale Of Turnspit Dogs

There are hundreds of dog breeds and we know that many of dogs were bred to do specific jobs to help humans, like herd sheep or stand watch or rescue victims of avalanches. But did you know that some dogs in the United Kingdom were designed and bred to help with a very important kitchen duty…turning the spit? Large chunks of meat, like a whole hog or whole chicken, were threaded on a stick and left to roast over an open fire. The problem was, the meat had to be turned regularly or one side would burn. The clever Brits thought up a way to get the job done!

Dec 15 09:50

Hallmark Channel Pulls Zola Ads Featuring Brides Kissing

The Hallmark Channel pulled four TV ads featuring brides kissing each other on Thursday after a targeted campaign by a conservative group.