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Oct 31 17:53

Is Ebola Airborne?

This video is a short summary of the literature resulting from 19 different laboratory studies (the list of which are on the YouTube site).

Bottom line – it’s more airborne than we are being led to believe. So expect and plan for the unexpected.

Oct 31 16:59

The men who gave their today for our tomorrow

THE glorious sea of scarlet surrounding the Tower of London is now reaching its zenith.

After Armistice Day on November 11 the nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies planted in the Tower’s moat, each representing a British soldier killed in the First World War, will be removed and dispatched to those who have bought them for £25 each, raising £11million for armed service charities.

The artwork has attracted around four million visitors so far.

It’s a breathtaking sight which has moved many, including the Duchess of Cambridge, to tears.

I think most people who’ve seen it, whether in reality or on TV, would agree that it is the most moving Remembrance tribute we have witnessed.

Oct 31 16:56

Celebrity Pumpkin Carvings

Artist Alex Wer carves amazingly intricate versions of famous faces into pumpkins, unveiled just in time for Halloween. He has capture some of the year's hottest celebrities on halloween pumpkins, such as Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

Oct 31 16:56

Why that Economy of Ours Feels so Crummy

Oct 31 16:54

11 things much, much scarier than Halloween

Youth unemployment rates in the European Union are at levels that can only be described as revolutionary. These are the worst affected countries.

Almost one in three (3.5million) children in the UK live in poverty, and 1.6million of these children are in severe poverty. Overall, 63 per cent of children living in poverty are from a family where at least one adult works.

Oct 31 16:50

TTIP: Governance by the Corporations, For the Corporations

Activist Post

At present, the EU and the US are negotiating a free trade agreement referred to as Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The negotiation process is secret and the treaty could have major negative consequences for humans and the environment in Europe...

Oct 31 16:49

Britain Welcomes Warmest Halloween On Record

Britons lounge on deck chairs, sunbathe at beaches and take a dip in outdoor pools as the country basks in unseasonable weather.

Britain has experienced its warmest Halloween on record, with temperatures passing 23 degrees early in the afternoon.

But at 1.15pm the Met Office announced that the temperature in Gravesend, Kent, had soared to 23.5C (74.3F).

Oct 31 16:42

Fiona Woolf resigns as chair of government’s child abuse inquiry

The government’s child sex abuse inquiry was thrown into crisis after Fiona Woolf became the second senior legal figure to quit as chair over her links to the Westminster political establishment.

**FYI, the Home Office rewrote her application 7 times... when did you last have your potential employer rewriting your CV.

Oct 31 16:27


Oct 31 16:22

Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque

Local Editor |
Muslim's third holiest mosque will be undermined in any moment by Zionists. This is not secret or one of conspiracy theories as many of Jewish Zionists publically declare that, and the pretext is to 'rebuild' the 'Solomon's Temple'.

Yesterday, Israel closed Al-Aqsa mosque compound and prevented Muslim worshipers from entering the mosque, after Palestinian youth stabbed extremist rabbi who calls to undermine Al-Aqsa mosque and to 'rebuild' Jewish Solomon's temple.
Zionists are working day-and-night to undermine the mosque.
In 1969, a Jewish Zionist immigrant (he came from Australia) burned the mosque, but there was no official response although the former Israeli PM Golda Meir expected tough response by the Arab and Muslim governments.

Oct 31 16:06

Eric Frein Appears Out of Nowhere for Closeup

Appears remarkably clean and clean shaven for someone who has allegedly been living in the wild like Grizzly Adams. Haircut fresher than mine.

Oct 31 15:49

Ore. Health Authority: Portland Woman Monitored for Ebola Hospitalized

Officials with the Oregon Health Authority said Friday a person who they've been monitoring for Ebola has been hospitalized with a fever and is in isolation.

Oct 31 15:32

Another One Bites the Dust

Fiona Woolf, who was appointed to lead the British parliamentary paedophile inquiry has been forced to resign

just 3 months after her predecessor did, and for the same reason:

her close connections to suspected child abusers.

Oct 31 15:03

Few have been paying attention to the “supporting actor” Boston Bombing trials now paving the way for the main act

it’s clear the government wants to ensure it will have a slam-dunk case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at his trial in January

Remember that scene in Scarface?

2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die

Oct 31 14:53

The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now ‘Aerostable’ And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days

When it comes to Ebola, the story that the government is telling us just keeps on changing.

Oct 31 14:48

7/7 London bombings and Woolwich beheading have some things in common

You see, 7/7 has an awful lot in common with the Woolwich drama and not just because they were both government orchestrated false flag operations either.

For instance, Detective Inspector Peter Sparks of the wholly corrupt Metropolitan Police Force was allowed to have his hearsay evidence admitted as fact at the 7/7 public hearings. See HERE

And of course, Sparks was also the family liaison officer to Rebbeca Rigby – a woman whom I firmly believe posed in photos as Samantha Lewthwaite, the most improbable “most wanted” female terrorist in the world today and widow of alleged 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsey, whom I also believe played Michael Adebowale in the Woolwich hoax. See HERE

Oct 31 14:37