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Sep 17 12:57

Egypt Introduces First “Vertical Forest” to Africa to Solve Housing Crisis and Pollution

By Jason Erickson

It’s well understood by most readers of this site that Egypt has experienced massive turmoil over the last decade in the aftermath of a contentious revolution in 2011. While it’s a tendency to ignore political machinations in far-off lands, unless they have a demonstrable effect at home, there is one area of concern for which everyone should be empathetic: overcrowding and urban pollution...

Various economic crises around the world have left abandoned buildings, empty malls and dilapidated houses with enormous potential if we begin to expand our thinking. Vertical Forests and Vertical Farming appear to represent two key ways that we can maintain our connection to nature and self-sufficient food production...

Sep 17 10:36

BREXIT: The power of surrender

Sep 17 10:34

18 Facts on the US National Debt That Are Almost Too Hard to Believe

By Mitchell Nemeth

At around $22.5 trillion, the United States national debt sits at 106 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There is no disputing that this gigantic debt will someday become due and payable. However, there is hesitation among the political class as to what must be done to pay down and eliminate this debt.

Progressive lawmakers have largely refrained from discussing this liability, preferring to claim that the United States can continue to fund exorbitant government programs. Conservatives have unsuccessfully, on numerous occasions, attempted to limit federal outlays. With each failed attempt, conservatives instead continue to vote for spending increases...

Sep 17 10:15

video - Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids America, Jordan Peterson

Dangerous people are filling the heads of young people with dangerous nonsense.

Sep 17 10:10

Investigative journalist premieres new film 'The Trayvon Hoax'

A new documentary dives into the circumstances surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting

Sep 17 09:42

The Teacher Shortage Is Real and about to Get Much Worse. Here’s Why

By Paul Boyce

One of the main stressors of teaching is the sheer amount of testing. Students are tested as frequently as twice per month and an average of once per month.

While testing has been around for decades, its increased involvement returned in 2002. As a result of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), teachers are “teaching to test.” These tests were designed to standardize the process and track progress. Schools must make accommodations for children failing to make progress.

There was a slight change to the law under the Obama administration. Passed in December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) gives greater control to states. However, children are still consistently tested through grades three to eight for literacy and math. According to Harvard professor Daniel Koretz, ESSA does little to relieve the pressure of testing.

Why is testing bad? ...

Sep 17 09:25

Gabbard Says Trump Making U.S. ‘Saudi Arabia's B****.’ Mark Levin Hammers Her With 2 Tweets.

On Saturday, an attack was launched against the Aramco oil facility; according to CBS News, 17 structures were hit with 19 points of impact. Saudi Arabian officials said cruise missiles were used. The same day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in blunt language that Iran was responsible for the attack, tweeting, ply.

Sep 17 09:25


Israel's National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat met with the head of the Central Elections Committee to prepare him for the possibility of postponing the general election slated for Tuesday due to a military operation, Haaretz has learned.

Sep 17 09:12

“Near Murder”: Cops Force K-9 to Rip Unarmed Man to Shreds As He Slept

By Matt Agorist

Lakewood, CO — There is no shortage of stories on The Free Thought Project of police K-9 units being used as vicious weapons that inflict grave injury and even death on unarmed and entirely innocent people. Elderly women, children, and other non-violent individuals have all fallen prey to the horrifying use of police K-9 units over the years. As the following incident illustrates, police are even willing to force a K-9 to attack and nearly kill people—in their sleep.

The Lakewood police department is now the defendant in lawsuit filed by 26-year-old Spencer Erickson after he was attacked in his own bed, and nearly killed by a K-9, as he slept. The K-9, known as Finn, latched on to Erickson’s throat as he slept and tore it to shreds...

Sep 17 09:11

“Trash Wheel” Invention Cleans Millions Of Pounds Of Garbage From Baltimore Harbor

By John Vibes

The Baltimore harbor is by far the most popular tourist destination in the city, but over the years conditions in the water began to deteriorate. Luckily, a Maryland resident invented a device that has been helping to remove millions of pounds of trash and debris from the harbor...