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Feb 11 15:31

Tory MP on £74k moves back in with mum because he ‘can’t afford’ to buy a house

Tory MP William Wragg has moved back into his mum’s house, citing problems getting onto the property ladder despite being paid £74,000 ($106,000) a year – three times the national average.

Feb 11 15:28

U.S. oil bankruptcies spike 379%

Feb 11 15:24

10 CIA Concentration Camps

The US Central Intelligence Agency has, according to multiple investigative reports from both mainstream media outlets and human rights organizations, operated numerous “black sites” across the world. These locations, according to the reports, are secret prisons used to house “ghost prisoners.” Those sent to these places are held captive without being charged with any crime and are not allowed any form of legal defense.

Feb 11 15:18

‘Snoopers’ charter’ still allows bulk data collection – ex-Deputy PM

Spy agencies will still be permitted to exercise bulk data collection under the Investigatory Powers Bill, dubbed the “snoopers’ charter,” former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has warned, as MPs slam the draft legislation.

Feb 11 15:16

RIP Free Speech: Watch This Cop Give a Ticket for OFFENDING Someone with... Words

Goodness gracious, me oh my, sweetie pie! It’s such a good thing the University of Texas at Austin PD was there to right this terrible wrong! When the highly sensitive and easily offended youth cannot walk about without fear of a microaggression or a big, bad word attacking them, this world is indeed a dark and troubling place.

It's like a large segment of the young people on today's college campuses have been brainwashed. Or lobotomized. Can't decide which. Maybe it's both. Apparently that's cops included.
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Feb 11 15:11

Yatsenyuk called the period of integration of the army of Ukraine in NATO

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the integration of the country's army in NATO will be held in 2016. On 11 February the newspaper reports "We actually go to a contract army, and the Ukrainian armed forces, de facto, should become members of NATO, they must fully meet the standards and criteria of the North Atlantic Alliance", — said Yatsenyuk. On 13 December last year, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko described the entry into the EU and NATO the main goal of the country. He stated that recently the public support for Euro-Atlantic integration has increased from 16 to 70 percent. "Right to talk in the perspective of accession to the European Union and NATO membership", — said the Ukrainian leader. November 12, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine allowed the admission of NATO soldiers on the territory of the country to participate in military exercises.

Feb 11 15:09

Trump’s Impeachable Offense

For anyone who cares deeply about being informed, watching Republican presidential debates can feel like a form of torture. But the program becomes more terrifying altogether when their ignorance is hitched to an endorsement of actual torture.

Feb 11 15:08

The Game is Over – Market Perspective

Feb 11 14:58

Sanders a 'Bourgeois Deviationist', Washington Post Declares

The day before the New Hampshire primary, the Washington Post (2/8/16) ran a column headlined:

Bernie Sanders Is No Revolutionary
—written by Dana Milbank, that noted expert on revolutionary movements.

Feb 11 14:56

Remains of About 400 Bodies Discovered at Ranch in Mexico

Thousands of body parts were found at a ranch where authorities believe people kidnapped by a cartel were taken to be burned and buried.

Mexican authorities from the southwestern state of Veracruz discovered thousands of human remains they believe belong to up to 400 people who were forcibly disappeared in the past few years, Veracruzan officials confirmed Wednesday.

“The forensic scientists have been working for three days at the El Limon ranch in order to pick up the remains and process them as they were being discovered,” a government source told Mexican news outlet Animal Politico.

Feb 11 14:54

“This Man Will Almost Certainly Die”: The Secret Deaths of Dozens at Privatized Immigrant-Only Jails

A shocking new investigation about private prisons has revealed dozens of men have died in disturbing circumstances inside these facilities in recent years.

Feb 11 14:53

Victims of Mexican Drug Cartels Sue HSBC Bank

The London-based bank has been sued by families of U.S. citizens killed in Mexico.

HSBC is being sued by the families of U.S. citizens murdered by drug gangs in Mexico, who claim the bank let cartels launder billions of dollars to operate their business.

“The Mexican drug cartels are terrorists who routinely commit horrific acts of violence to intimidate, coerce, and control the civilian population and the government,” Richard Elias, a lawyer for the victims and their families, told Bloomberg.

Feb 11 14:53

Keiser Report: Efficacy of Capitalism

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the efficacy of capitalism as profits remain high and with no competition on the horizon to put a dent in those high profit margins.

Feb 11 14:51

The Uzbek Kyzylkum desert covered with snow

In the Kyzylkum desert in Central Uzbekistan dropped large amounts of snow (on Thursday, February 11, the press service of the state Committee of Uzbekistan for nature protection). "Subzero temperature in these days were established in many regions of the Republic. For most areas of heavy rainfall are commonplace, but for one of the hottest places in the country — Kyzylkum desert — this amount of snow is rarely observed phenomenon", — stated in the message Department. This week in Uzbekistan for the first time this winter came the cold and the snow fell. In the coming days across the country at night will keep freezing to minus 5-8 degrees (Celsius), the temperature on average will rise to a mark plus of 2-6 degrees.

Feb 11 14:45

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Voting for Bernie Sanders Despite the Senator’s Opposition to Reparations

The acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of "Between the World and Me," has written some of the most discussed articles on the presidential race looking at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his position on reparations.

Feb 11 14:33

The Art of Dissidence and Diplomacy

The position of the body is the same. The figure is prone on the beach, near the water’s edge. The head is face down in the sand, and the face is just visible. One arm is close to the body, palm upward. The knees are bent, the feet together.

Feb 11 14:31

‘Let’s not underestimate tragedy of Syrian civilians’ – Russian UN envoy

The UN has released a report saying all sides in the Syrian war have systematically committed war crimes.

Feb 11 14:26

Natural Gas Becomes a Fracking Mess

Until late last year, Laura Gideon’s family lived in Porter Ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles. “We didn’t ever want to leave,” Gideon told the Associated Press. It’s “a nice gated community.”