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Jan 29 09:38

Crude Crumbles To Fresh Lows: $43 Handle

Jan 29 09:36

Putin's Unexpected Victory: Europe Furious That Greece Is Now A Russian Sanctions Veto

Two days ago, Zero Hedge first, and shortly thereafter everyone else, pointed out something stunning: the biggest surprise to emerge so far out of the new anti-Troika/austerity Greek government was not so much its intention to proceed with the first test of "Odious Debt" - this was largely known in advance - but its dramatic pivot away from Germany and Europe, and toward Russia: The most important message that Tsipras is sending to Europe is that (after meeting the Russian ambassador first upon his election) Greece is now effectively a veto power when it comes to future Russian sanctions!

Jan 29 09:19

College girl murders senior citizen with axe because she “just wanted to kill someone”

A 19-year-old college girl murdered an elderly woman with an axe and a scarf because she “just wanted to kill someone” news reports in Japan said today.

The student from the prestigious Nagoya University hit 77-year-old Tomoko Mori repeatedly with the axe and then strangled her “because she wasn’t completely dead“, the Asahi Shimbun said.

Jan 29 09:19

45 Percent Of Americans Think Online Privacy Is More Important Than National Security. As online trust remains at a three year low, US Internet users say more transparency from companies is key to reducing concern

The latest edition of the annual TRUSTe Consumer Confidence Index shows that online privacy is a hot button issue for Americans with 92 percent concerned about their privacy when using the internet and 42 percent are more concerned than a year ago. Most surprisingly, when presented with the statement 'Personal online privacy is not as important as national security', 45 percent disagreed. As online trust remains at a three year low, the business impact is significant with 77 percent moderating their online behavior over the last 12 months due to privacy concerns.

Jan 29 09:09

Mother wants independent autopsy after Denver police killed 17-year-old daughter: "The Monday shooting of Jessica Hernandez was the fourth time in seven months that a Denver officer fired at a vehicle after perceiving it as a threat."

The mother of a 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed by Denver police said Wednesday she wants a second, independent autopsy because she doesn’t trust the official investigation.

Jan 29 09:08

You Won’t Believe What This Major City Is Doing To Shame And Punish Homeowners Who Waste Food!

Because the city of Seattle isn’t one of the most ridiculous cities in the United States, they just added yet another law to prove they are completely outrageous!
Apparently they don’t want people throwing out food in their trash. That’s right, food.

Jan 29 09:04

BBC Headlines or Headlies

Jan 29 08:59

400 Rediscovered Suitcases Reveal The Lives That Mental Asylum Residents Left Behind (25 Pics)

illard Suitcases is a photo series by Jon Crispin that explores the rarely documented visual history and personal stories of former residents of the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, NY. The asylum was established in 1869 and went on to accept and house patients for the next 126 years.

Jan 29 08:56

The Big Squeeze and the Destruction of the Middle Class

The Middle Class is being squeezed economically by rising unemployment, declining wages and rising prices -- this is producing a remarkable decline in purchasing power

Jan 29 08:54

Shooting Itself in the Foot By Andrew P. Napolitano

snips: There was and is no such category in American law as enemy combatant. The Bush administration made it up from historical terminology. But the post-9/11 era was a fearful time, and most folks accepted Bush’s unconstitutional stripping of rights from detained persons as a route to safety. Al-Marri would soon be stripped of more than his rights, and that would lead to less safety for the rest of us.
[...] Yet, the courts have been loath to interfere with any president’s execution of foreign policy, no matter its apparent lawlessness. The courts permitted Abraham Lincoln to use troops to rob American banks, rape American women, and burn state and federal courthouses; they permitted Woodrow Wilson to prosecute those who sang German beer hall songs in public during World War I; and they permitted FDR to execute unsuccessful German saboteurs in the U.S. without any meaningful trial.

Jan 29 08:51

Don't Tell My Mother i'm in Iran - it was banned on youtube (but another copy has appeared)

A Documentary that Shows Hidden Facts On One of the Most Mysterious Countries in the World. If this copy gets yanked from YouTube, watch it HERE.

Jan 29 08:47

Clash Over Sanctions: Syriza Opposes Sanctions on Russia, Calls Them "Neocolonial Bulimia"; Negotiation Rules

snip: In regards to EU sanctions, 1 vote out of 28 can kill the deal. That's a lot of leverage, especially when 27 on the other side want something from you. What are they willing to offer in return?

In contrast, when it comes to bailouts, Greece is outvoted by a huge margin, perhaps 18-1 within the Eurozone block. In this case, Greece desperately wants something from the other 18 instead of the other 27 wanting something from Greece.

The only way to negotiate when it's 18-1 against you (and you are the one who needs something) is to have some leverage. If Syriza teamed up with To Potami and agreed to sanctions, Tsipras may as well put all his cards on the table saying "here, take the ones you like".

Jan 29 08:41

World War II Behind Closed Doors - part 1

snip: The series delves into such matters as the British, American and Soviet cover-up of the Katyn Forest Massacre; Churchill's agreement at Yalta that Stalin should keep his gains of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, including Kresy; the Polish population transfers (1944–1946); and the betrayal or persecution of figures such as Marshal Georgy Zhukov, Vyacheslav Molotov and John H. Noble.

Jan 29 08:38


YouTube HOWTO guy Grant Thompson offers a swift little tutorial on how to make a surprisingly powerful laser assisted blowgun for under $3.

Jan 29 08:37

The Soviet Story (full - English) (WWII from the Soviet side)

documentary of how Hitler was defeated

There were no good sides during WWII - just bad and worse

World War II: The Rest Of The Story And How It Affects You Today, 1930 To September 11, 2001 - book by Richard Maybury is an interesting (horrible) chronicle of democide/genocide

Jan 29 08:37

Rick Rule: Gold is in a war with the US $

Jan 29 08:36

How President Obama could take on and defeat the Zionist lobby

A longer version of my headline would be this. How President Obama could take on and defeat the Zionist lobby and secure for himself the freedom to put America’s own best interests first in the Middle East and wider Muslim world.

In the course of a prime time address to his fellow Americans, Obama could do it with just one sentence. This one.

“To our Jewish citizens I have to say the time has come for you to decide whether you are Americans first or not.”