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Apr 16 22:54

Report blames Syrian government for torture

A report by a group of international lawyers and prosecutors has found evidence of what it says is systematic torture by the Syrian government. At the request of France, members of the UN Security Council viewed graphic pictures in a closed session on Tuesday.

Ed. Note: It seems to me that at least some if not all of these "graphic pictures" are fakes.

Apr 16 23:00

Texas police officer caught on video breaking student's arm while attempting to stop school fight

A police officer was caught on video breaking the arm of a high school student while breaking up a school fight.

Apr 17 05:15

Yahoo spends $58 million to fire its chief operating officer

$58 million for 15 months of work.

That’s what Yahoo’s chief operating officer Henrique De Castro got in severance pay when he was sent packing on Jan. 16, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made public on Wednesday.

When you factor in De Castro’s salary and stock-based compensation, he earned roughly $244,000 a day — assuming he worked weekends — by Forbes’s calculations.

Apr 17 05:21

$64 million in bribes paid to UK doctors last year by drug companies

New data that once again highlights the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and the medical industry indicate that British doctors were paid some $64 million by drug makers, which was only slightly less than in 2012.

According to Reuters, such industry payments to physicians have increasingly come under scrutiny following several scandals involving drug sales practices, most notably in the United States, as well as concerns that such close ties put commercial interests of drug makers ahead of what is best for patients.

Apr 17 05:34

How super-fast cable networks allow City flash boys to fleece your pension of billions

Installing the cable was to cost £180 million, but the investors behind it were convinced it was going to make them very, very rich. For they had calculated that using this cable rather than the existing, less direct, ones would cut the time it took to send a message between the two cities from 17 milliseconds to 13.

That’s a fraction of the time it takes to blink very quickly, yet the minuscule time difference is enough to allow sophisticated computer programmes to exploit profitably tiny price differences between the Chicago and New York stock exchanges.

These split seconds saved in the transmission of information, an industry expert calculated, were worth an astonishing £12?billion a year to those who knew how to exploit them.

Apr 17 05:37

Promoting a “Right to Heal” from Ft. Hood to Abu Ghraib

Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are holding the U.S. government accountable for innocent victims on all sides of the fighting.

The recent shootings of soldiers at Fort Hood and other U.S. military bases have once again brought to public attention the challenge of making sure that soldiers returning from war zones find security and support at home. The Washington Post calls the pressures on veterans “the next war.” But whatever war comes next, those existing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their consequences continue.

The exploding rates of suicide among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the escalating numbers of soldiers turning their weapons on each other as well as themselves, and the endemic spread of PTSD all are linked to the wars themselves. Wars of aggression and occupation have an enormous, terrible effect on the young women and men ordered to fight them.

Apr 17 05:46

Cyprus warns economic sanctions against Russia will destroy its economy

Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told a German newspaper Wednesday that economic sanctions against Russia by Europe would destroy the Cypriot economy, adding that every EU state should decide separately whether they want to cut ties with Moscow.

“There are very strong economic ties between Cyprus and Russia. If sanctions are really necessary, then every member state should decide for itself whether to take part. However the measures look, we must not harm ourselves,” Kasoulides told Die Welt.

Apr 17 05:49

Crucial military satellite systems are vulnerable to hacking, experts say

A range of crucial satellite systems manufactured by some of the world’s biggest government contractors contain severe vulnerabilities that could be exploited to disrupt military operations and flight-safety communications, researchers have warned.

Apr 17 06:04

Microsoft And Sony Double Down On Patent Trolling; Dump More Cash Into Intellectual Ventures

There was a time when Bill Gates said:

"If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today's ideas were invented and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today... A future start-up with no patents of its own will be forced to pay whatever price the giants choose to impose."

And, now, via Intellectual Ventures and its own patent holdings, Microsoft seems to be trying to make sure Gates' prediction is a reality. It all fits in to the same paradigm we've observed for years. When you're young, you innovate. When you're old, you litigate. Microsoft appears to have given up on innovation, but is ramping up on litigation, and re-investing in patent trolling via Intellectual Ventures is merely the latest step.

Apr 17 06:07

UN Says They Can Slow Non-Existent Warming

It isn’t difficult slowing a non-existent warming trend.

Apr 17 06:13

CIA caught red handed in Ukraine

Both the coup-meisters and the US State Department are joined at the hip on who has made the biggest fools of themselves. What the independent Intel community is seeing is anger replacing good judgment. As the US/Kiev bogus hyping of an impending Russian invasion becomes known to all, even down to the cab drivers of the world, they cripple themselves because nothing they say is believed anymore. They are in diplomatic quicksand.

So what did they do to fix the situation? They just kept making more and more charges against the Russians. NATO General Breedlove's comment about the Red Army being ready to sweep through Ukraine to Molodova in a few days was a sure bet that panic was setting in on the real impending disaster, another US regime change miscalculation.

Apr 17 06:52

The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Constructed Reality

The careful coordination of information and visual representations governs the mass mind. The conditions for such are accentuated in times of perceived crisis. For a relatively brief period following the Boston Marathon bombing two sets of photographs emerged that actually depicted what appeared to have taken place at “ground zero,” where the first explosive device detonated. Each series of photos strongly suggests the execution of a mass casualty exercise.

Apr 17 06:57

Former Time editor sworn in at State Department

Richard Stengel, the former managing editor of Time magazine, was confirmed as Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy

Apr 17 06:59

Michael Ruppert Dead From Suicide, Early 9/11 Truther, Former LAPD Detective

Michael Ruppert, a 9/11 Truther, former LAPD narcotics officer, author, and activist, reportedly took his own life last Sunday.

Those close to Ruppert say his death is not suspicious, as his "suicidal ideation" went back at least eight years.

Here, Mark Dice discusses Ruppert's legacy.


Apr 17 07:04

NATO ups military presence amid Russian threat

NATO to deploy warships, undecided on possible deployment of troops in Eastern Europe

Apr 17 07:05

Missouri Senate Panel Approves Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

legalize freedom posted discussions

By a 5-2 party-line vote yesterday, a Missouri senate committee passed House Bill 1439 (HB1439), the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.

Apr 17 07:05

Feds accused of leaving trail of wreckage after Nevada ranch standoff

Feds Destroyed Water Lines, Fences, Water Tanks, Killed Two Prized Bulls During #BundyRanch Standoff

"They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week," said Corey Houston, friend of rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. "So why would you trust somebody like that? And how does that show that they're a better steward?"