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Today's Top Voted Stories

Feb 12 10:08

BEX Alert!!! - "Four Arrests at Oregon Refuge End 41-Day Standoff"

Four antigovernment occupiers at an Oregon wildlife refuge peacefully surrendered Thursday, a day after the movement’s patriarch Cliven Bundy was arrested on federal charges upon his arrival at Portland’s airport.

Feb 12 10:11

Russia concerned over terrorists’ attempts to destabilize Lebanon — Lavrov

"The Russian side confirmed the consistent line towards supporting sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon." Lavrov stressed that the pressing issues of national agenda in Lebanon need to be solved in the framework of a dialogue between all the leading political forces of the country based on mutual consent and without foreign interference, according to the ministry.

Feb 12 10:13

Assad warns about risks of Saudi and Turkish intervention into Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an exclusive interview with the AFP news agency on Friday said there was a risk of Turkish and Saudi Arabian military intervention into Syria...

Feb 12 10:17

New Hampshire freezes GOP donors — helping Trump

The New Hampshire primary has frozen GOP establishment donors.

They’re not stampeding toward John Kasich or away from Jeb Bush. And they’re not flocking to Marco Rubio, who plummeted after a robotic debate performance.

Instead, some of the Republican party’s wealthiest donors are either staying on the sidelines or sticking with their chosen candidate, with many hoping that South Carolina clarifies who they should support.

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Feb 12 10:17

Moscow ready to provide necessary assistance to Lebanon — FM

Russia is prepared to provide assistance to Lebanon in the spheres where it is needed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said ahead of a meeting with Lebanon’s Prime Minister Tammam Salam on the sidelines of the Munich security conference on Friday.

Feb 12 10:19

Serbia not planning to join NATO or other military alliances — ambassador

The issue on Serbia’s joining the North-Atlantic Alliance is not on the agenda, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Slavenko Terzic, said on Friday. "Serbia is not going to join NATO," Terzic said. "This issue is not discussed in Belgrade." The diplomat also stressed that Serbia is not planning to join any other military alliances. Serbia is ready to bring to normal relations with Kosovo and Metohija, but would not recognize their independence, Serbia’s envoy also said.

Feb 12 10:19

The Debate Gaffe Isn’t Rubio’s Biggest Problem

Other than his third-place “win” in Iowa, Rubio has done nothing >>>
A bigger problem, <-> , is that the trust issue is too much to overcome.

Feb 12 10:20

Flu epidemic kills over 270 in Ukraine — health ministry

The flu epidemic death toll in Ukraine has reached 273, the Health Ministry said on Friday. "Since the epidemic’s outbreak 273 flu-related lethal cases were registered, including four deaths among children under 17," the ministry said, adding that over 3.6 million people got infected with flu in Ukraine
The Odessa Region in Ukraine’s south where 40 lethal cases were reported is hit by the epidemic most.

Feb 12 10:24

Russian Students Call on UN to Stop Obama's Aggression

Students at several Russian universities have released a video message in which they call on the United Nations to stop the “aggression” of U.S. President Barack Obama and demand that he be prosecuted for “the thousands of lives he has taken.”

“We urge the United Nations to take immediate action to stop the aggression of the U.S. president, and ask The Hague to investigate the actions of Barack Obama,” the students said in a video appeal to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, posted on YouTube on Thursday.

The video had gathered 35,000 views as of Friday afternoon. The video was first posted in Russian but a version with English subtitles was uploaded later.

Feb 12 10:24

Expect the GOP Establishment to Start Looking at the Bright Side of Trump

Donald Trump's win in New Hampshire — and the primary's reshuffling of the party's Establishment candidates — signals what one political reporter has described as "the growing chasm between the Republican Party’s leaders and its voters." Is it just a matter of time, as some commentators think, until GOP leaders come around?

Feb 12 10:26

Twitter Partners With ADL To Fight “Online Hate”

In an effort to combat “online hate” and “violent extremism,” Twitter, one of the most popular and influential social media companies in the world, recently created the Trust & Safety Council, “an important step forward to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and hate, and protecting free speech,” according to a recent press release from the Anti-Defamation League.

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So, twitter users will not be allowed to criticize the actions of the government of Israel!

Feb 12 10:27

Sleep Disorders and the Rhythm of Life

By Peter Paul Parker

Not being able to fall asleep when you need to can be a frustrating experience. This is a spiralling problem as the more you become frustrated, the more you may become anxious, therefore your condition will be even more detrimental to falling asleep. There are many reasons for this...

Feb 12 10:27

Derivatives Spread the Panic

Behind the smokescreen of a flurry of attempts by trans-Atlantic central banks to halt the financial mudslide, the news is emerging over the past 48 hours that a blowout of the $700 trillion to $1 quadrillion derivatives market is coming up. Derivatives exposure did not start the financial collapse, but it will surely "end" it if Wall Street and London are not shut down fast, with Glass-Steagall measures.

Japan’s Nikkei News, in an article entitled "Touchy derivatives market spreading Deutsche Bank waves," said the derivatives market is now acting as a "fire accelerator" within the growing fire of bank panic. The Financial Times, "Investors flock to CDS amid fear over banks’ bonds," reported a huge pile-in to credit defaults swaps (CDS), insurance derivatives against defaults by Deutsche Bank, UBS, and a number of London banks, even as the price of these CDS is zooming up, showing the loss of confidence in those banks’ credit.

Feb 12 10:29

NATO mulls joining US-led coalition in Syria, Iraq: Carter

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the NATO military alliance may join a coalition purportedly targeting Daesh Takfiri militants in Syria and Iraq.

Feb 12 10:30

Glaxo Fined $54.3 Million in `Pay-for-Delay' Antitrust Probe

GlaxoSmithKline Plc was fined 37.6 million pounds ($54.3 million) by the U.K.’s antitrust watchdog over pay-for-delay deals that held back sales of cheaper, generic versions of its anti-depressant Seroxat.

The London-based drugmaker colluded with other companies from 2001 to 2004 by agreeing to make payments “and other value transfers totaling over 50 million pounds to suppliers of generic versions of paroxetine,” the Competition and Markets Authority said in a statement Friday.

“These ‘pay-for-delay’ agreements deferred the competition that the threat of independent generic entry could offer, and potentially deprived the National Health Service of the significant price falls that generally result from generic competition,” the CMA said. “In this case, when independent generic entry eventually took place at the end of 2003, average paroxetine prices dropped by over 70 percent in two years.”

Feb 12 10:30

Crazier Monetary Policy Coming

In yesterday’s CNBC interview, Grant took things a step further, saying central banks may well go beyond negative rates and quantitative easing into even crazier monetary policy like “direct monetary funding.” Radical monetary policy begets more radical monetary policy. I think that’s what the markets are afraid of.

Feb 12 10:32

Conservative porn? Ted Cruz’s campaign ad accidentally features adult movie star

A presidential campaign ad by Ted Cruz promoting “conservative values” and attacking rival candidate Marco Rubio has accidentally starred a former porn actress, who said appearing in the spot was “cool.”

The Republican Texas senator, who has championed religious rights in his run for the White House, produced a 30-second spot featuring actress Amy Lindsay.

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That is a big 'Ooops!'

Feb 12 10:41

Trucker allegedly beaten by Calif. patrol officers settles case, sum undisclosed

The officers repeatedly punched, then used a Taser on the 5-foot, 165-pound trucker the lawsuit states. The officers repeatedly pushed his head against the pavement, resulting in a concussion, contusions, convulsions and significant traumatic brain injury, Kozacenko claims. They also broke an upper left arm bone and left him with multiple fractures, according to court documents.

Feb 12 10:42

‘People aren’t dumb’: Sanders attacks Clinton’s effort to distance herself from Wall Street

Senator Bernie Sanders criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she said that Wall Street donations wouldn’t influence her decision-making. The Vermont senator argued that she shouldn’t “insult the intelligence of the American people.”

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The Clintons have been insulting Americans for twenty years now!

Feb 12 10:48