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Today's Top Voted Stories

Jun 29 21:58

“Russian aggression”—CBS provides a perfect example of imperial disinformation

Everything—and I mean that literally—everything in this item filed by CBS This Morning on 6.23.15, is false. The object is, as usual, to sell the almost completely clueless and habitually semi-indifferent American public the idea that Russia is the new Nazi Germany, with Putin as the new Fuhrer, rampaging across Europe and grabbing, insatiably, one hapless nation after another in his march toward the conquest of the…whole Free World!

Jun 29 22:04

Group behind intercepted Gaza flotilla accuses Israel of 'piracy'

Organizers of a Gaza-bound flotilla that was intercepted by the Israeli navy complained Monday that they were victims of an act of piracy, while Israeli officials denounced the pro-Palestinian campaign as hypocritical and unnecessary.

Jun 29 22:59

Ex-CIA Head: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if ISIS Attacks the U.S. This July 4th

The Blaze reports that former CIA head Michael Morell said today he “wouldn’t be surprised” if there’s a terrorist attack in the United States over the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Boy, they are really telegraphing that false-flag attack!

Jun 29 23:37

Silver Prices About to Hit $50.00?

Jun 29 23:44

Economist: Why cracks in China are more worrying for NZ than Greek nightmare

As extreme volatility plagues Chinese sharemarkets a top economist is warning that the cracks appearing within China's economy are of much greater concern for New Zealand than Greece's economic woes.

Almost US$1.25 trillion in value has been wiped off the Shanghai market since June 12. That's nearly eight times New Zealand's annual gross domestic product.

The Shanghai Composite Index fell by more than 5 per cent earlier today after plunging 3.3 per cent yesterday and 7.4 per cent on Friday.

It bounced back into positive territory this afternoon.

READ MORE: Greece is waking up to a nightmare

The index gained a massive 150 per cent in the year to June 12, but has retreated more than 20 per cent since then, meaning China has entered bear market territory.

Jun 29 23:45

Controversial cyberbullying law passes

• New cyberbullying law will create a criminal offence of intentionally causing harm by posting a digital communication, punishable by up to two years' imprisonment or a maximum fine of $50,000.

• Complaints can be made to an approved agency, which will attempt to resolve the issue and may contact companies like Google to get material taken down.

A wide-reaching law that will criminalise online communications deemed deliberately harmful has passed into law - despite unexpected and last minute opposition.

The Harmful Digital Communications Bill has passed its third reading, 116 votes in favour to 5 votes against.

The controversial law is designed to crack-down on cyber-bullying, but opponents have warned it is too vague and could be used as a weapon against free speech.

Act Party leader David Seymour was expected to be the only MP to vote against the legislation, after reluctant support from Labour and the Greens.

Jun 29 23:47

Political roundup: Dangers for democracy in today's cyber bullying law

Every MP, bar one, will vote this afternoon for a piece of legislation that seeks to protect those being “harmed” by material on the internet. But the Harmful Digital Communications Bill is being widely criticised as dangerous in the way it seeks to regulate online activities. So is online democracy under threat?

Could Patrick Gower be taken off the internet? Of course this is a ridiculous question - with many possible replies - yet it's also a useful question posed by opponents of new cyber-bullying legislation that will be passed today in Parliament.

It was posed on Twitter by the biggest critic of the new bill, blogger No Right Turn (@norightturnnz), who tweeted to Gower "Did you know that if the harmful Digital Communications bill passes, your job will be illegal?" - see my blog post, Top tweets about the Harmful Digital Communications Bill.

Jun 30 00:40

Massive train full of military equipment seen heading into “hostile” Salt Lake City, Utah ahead of Jade Helm 2015

In the last three months we have seen dozens upon dozens of suspicious military equipment movements throughout the country coupled with numerous urban military training drills with a strong domestic focus.

Jun 30 02:05

China's Stock Market Enters Bear Market

Jun 30 02:25

Europe blackmailing Greece, says minister in Athens

"The country has lived under the toughest imaginable pressure from European institutes in the past five months," he said. "They’re forcing us to do the things they’d like us to do."
"This unprecedented blackmail put us in the face of a choice, namely, either we accept what they recommend and what will put Greece to its knees and will destroy the remainders of our economy and society, or else we pull out of the euro area," said Lafazanis, one of the leaders of the ruling Coalition of the Radical Left.
"But we didn’t accept this blackmail and told them we must ask our people whether or not it accepts blackmailing," he said. "Hence we needed a referendum."

Jun 30 02:26

Greece threatens to sue EU institutions to block country’s expulsion from euro zone

Greece may seek a court injunction against the EU institutions to block the country’s expulsion from the euro zone and stop suffocation of the Greek banking system by the European Central Bank, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said on Monday.
"The Greek government will make use of all out legal rights," the Daily Telegraph cited Varoufakis as saying. "We are taking advice and will certainly consider an injunction at the European Court of Justice. The EU treaties make no provision for euro exit and we refuse to accept it. Our membership is not negotiable," the finance minister said.

Jun 30 02:27

US to work together with EU to prevent Grexit

US will work together with its European colleagues to prevent Greece’s default and exit from the euro zone, the White House press service said on Monday after talks between US President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande and UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
The leaders said their economic teams were in close contact and were monitoring developments in Greece and financial markets, the White House said.

Jun 30 02:29

Death toll from MERS in South Korea rises to 33 people

However, no new cases were reported over the last three days. There are currently 182 people infected with MERS coronavirus in the country, with 2,600 more under quarantine.

Jun 30 02:31

Dry grass on fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone — Ukraine’s emergencies service

Dry grass is on fire on the territory of a forestry complex near the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Ukraine’s emergencies service said on Tuesday, adding that the fire area is covering around 130 hectares.
The fire broke out at 17.10 p.m. (1410GMT) on Monday near the villages of Kovshilovka and Polesskoye in the flood plain of the Uzh River. The dry grass and bulrush started burning and the fire spread to the further area, the service said.
The firefighting effort involves 24 pieces of equipment and 117 personnel. A headquarters has been set up and a mobile task force has been deployed to deal with the fire.

Jun 30 02:33

Russian Railways, Defence Ministry to build railroad section bypassing Ukraine — source

Russian Railways (RZD) and Russia’s Defence Ministry have signed a deal on constructing a two-way electrified railway line bypassing Ukraine, a source in the company told TASS on Tuesday.
Under the deal, which was inked on June 25, the railway line will be built between Zhuravka, in the Voronezh region, and Millerovo, in the Rostov region.
The construction works will be performed by the Defence Ministry, while the Russian Railways will act as a customer.
"This concerns implementing works on the erection of the formation on the section between the 11th and 31st kilometers," the source said.

Jun 30 02:34

State Duma speaker compares G7 summit in Bavaria with Munich Pact

Speaker of Russia’s State Duma Sergey Naryshkin has likened the recent G7 summit in Bavaria to the 1938 Munich Agreement, during which Western countries de facto endorsed the beginning of Czechoslovakia’s seizure by Nazi Germany.
"The forum in Moscow was held publicly, with a positive agenda. What the G7 leaders in Bavaria discussed is unknown, the meeting was held practically behind closed doors, only the photo session was public," the head of the lower house of the Russian parliament said.
"This brings to mind another historic meeting, which took place in Bavaria in 1938. We all remember that it got its ominous name - the ‘Munich Conspiracy.’ Unfortunately, far from everyone draws necessary lessons from history," Naryshkin said.

Jun 30 03:24

White House Says It Expects Greece To Keep Commitments

Webmaster addition: This is how the financial firms that sold credit default swaps against Greece's debt plan to avoid having to pay for them, by saying there is no default because Greece will pay back the money ... eventually ... somewhere down the road ... next century ... maybe ...

Jun 30 03:55

Markets Crash on Greece

Jun 30 04:30

Russian MP suggests blacklisting 5 "most aggressive" NGOs

"How the most aggressive international organizations can be identified? [They] are aligned with the US Department of State, with some US government agencies - these are the first signs," Zhirinovsky said. In his opinion, the most important "aggressive organizations" are the American NGOs.
"We fully support [the initiative], because we have to draw up a list of all foreign organizations - they pursue an aggressive policy towards us and finance the destructive forces. Which means they are against Russia and even provide the funding so that the number of organizations engaged in such activities grows here," Zhirinovsky said.

Jun 30 04:32

Canada ruins prospects of its aircraft industry by expanding sanctions — Russian deputy PM

Canada introduced additional economic sanctions against 14 Russian legal entities and three Russian individuals, according to a statement issued by Harper on Monday.
"[Canada’s PM Stephen Harper] in the pursuit of the votes of Canadians of Ukrainian descent has killed the prospects of its own aircraft industry that has been dreaming of a deal with Russia," Rogozin wrote in his Twitter microblog.

Jun 30 04:34

Why Russian-Made Submarines Are Set to Dominate Asian Waters

Asian nations are expanding their submarine fleets at breakneck speed, coinciding with a major comeback by Russia’s undersea boats.
China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh are existing or prospective customers for Russian-made diesel-electrics.
Moscow is making a high-octane entry into the huge export market, with advanced diesel-electric submarines. As well as being silent, stealthy and armed with the world’s deadliest missiles, Russian submarines are often the vessel of choice for an increasing number of navies, especially in cash-rich Asia.
According to David Isenberg of Asia Times, “Russian submarines’ unique capabilities and powerful armament are the two major attractions for foreign customers. In underwater duel modelling, Russian Kilo-class submarines invariably emerged the winner in virtual competition against German, French and Dutch submarines.”

Jun 30 04:38

Greeks to say 'no' to Europe at referendum - expert

European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger told German publication Handelsblatt that the decision about the referendum was unfriendly. Is there a cold war brewing between the European Union and Greece?
Pravda.Ru asked this question to Drector of the Greek Cultural Center, Theodora Giannitsi.
"This is a natural result of the impasse process of negotiations - the period that lasts for five years. This is maybe the time, when it is peoples that stand responsible for their actions, for their leaders' actions, as well as for the future of the so-called Europe," she told Pravda.Ru.
We asked the expert what would be the results of the negotiations. The Greek people are tired, she replied. The expert believes tat the Greek people will say no to the conditions that the European Union has been imposing on Greece for the last five years.