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Yesterday's Top Voted Stories

Mar 28 05:41

Attorney General: Obey the Law, or I'll Take Your Money; Any Questions?

The words ‘undocumented immigrants’ might make it seem like they are just ordinary and perfectly legal immigrants missing the relevant documents when in fact they are here in the country illegally. While ‘illegal immigrant’ is a much more accurate term to describe the situation, the dishonest media are starting to paint the usage of the word as racist rhetoric. Simply ridiculous; almost as ridiculous as cities actively not co-operating with national law enforcement agencies. We are talking of course, about sanctuary cities.

Mar 28 05:43


People are waking up into the new unreal reality and feeling guilty of what they think, unable to say anything

Mar 28 05:46

Oh Mommy (*I Ain't No Commie)

oh mommy
i aint no commie
i'm just doing what i can
to live the good old
American way
it says right there
in the constitution
It's really A-OK
to have a revolution
when the leaders that you choose
just don't fit the shoes

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(*This chestnut was originally aimed at Nixon era marijuana prohibition, but takes on new meaning as the government/media industrial complex tries to demonize Putin , and revert our thinking to Russia still being the communist soviet union , ever since we determined Hillary Clinton didn't fit the shoes that were sized up for Trump)

Mar 28 06:09

Crooked Columbus Progressive group drops council candidate with theft conviction

"Yes We Can" rescinded that endorsement

Mar 28 06:31

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Cracking Down On Sanctuary Cities – It Cannot Continue.

President Trump signed an order in January to withdraw funds from cities that did not cooperate with immigration authorities, but that has not stopped some cities from illegally declaring themselves “sanctuary cities.”

Mar 28 06:38

How To Protect Your Children From The Human Traffickers And Sexual Perverts That Are Lurking At Your Favorite Retail Stores

We live in a society where human traffickers and sexual perverts seem to be multiplying. It has been reported that there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the United States, but the latest figure we have is now about five years old, so that total is almost certainly significantly higher today.

Mar 28 06:39

Crooked Columbus judge will spend 10 days in jail for misusing campaign funds

Jail sentences rare for sitting judges