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Aug 22 20:15

James Cameron Backs Out of Global Warming Debate

Cameron said was itching to debate the issue and show skeptical journalists and scientists that they were wrong.

“I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads," he said in an interview.


Bizarrely, for a brief while, the worlds most successful film maker suggested that no cameras should be allowed-that sound only should be recorded. We agreed

Then finally James Cameron, who so publicly announced that he "wanted to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out," decided to ban the media from the shoot out.

He even wanted to ban the public. The debate/roundtable would only be open to those who attended the conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's okay to admit you were on the wrong side of this debate, James; I still love your movie!

Aug 22 19:49

Looking Out: Nazis On The [Boston]Harbor

Looking Out: Nazis On The Harbor
* By David Boeri
* August 19, 2010, 3:56 AM
Just after World War II ended, U.S. soldiers smuggled the Third Reich’s top scientists and engineers to a Harbor Island fort — just a few miles from downtown Boston — to find out what they knew and what they could do for America in the Cold War.
...Kolm was a newly minted American, working as a U.S. Army intelligence officer at the end of WWII. At a secret installation near Washington, D.C., (an operation code-named “P.O. Box 1142?) he’d had the job of interrogating Nazi prisoners, when he and a dozen others were assigned to Boston to set up “Project Paperclip.

Aug 22 18:08

The Iraq Legacy: Tell It Like It Is

By Medea Benjamin (opednews.com)
With the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq, the administration, the military and the media are trying to put a positive spin on this grim chapter of U.S. history. It would certainly give some comfort to the grieving families of the over 4,400 soldiers killed in Iraq if their sacrifices had left Iraq a better place or made America safer. But the bitter truth is that the U.S. intervention has been an utter disaster for both Iraq and the United States.

Aug 22 17:50


BEFORE THE victory of Feminism, there was a popular Israeli song in which the boy asks the girl: “When you say No, what do you mean?”

This question has already been answered. Now I am more and more tempted to ask: “When you say Zionism, what do you mean?”

Aug 22 17:49


The crowded streets around the World Trade Center site feel deeply ordinary: Commuters pour in and out of the subway stations; shoppers pour in and out of Century 21, the popular discount department store; tourists pour in and out of the Millennium Hilton. The Pit, glimpsed through gates and holes in the fence, looks like a construction site because it is a construction site.

Which is odd because, as President Obama said when he voiced support for the right of a controversial Islamic cultural center to be built nearby, “Ground Zero is, indeed, hallowed ground.”

Aug 22 17:48

Army Times - Combat brigades remain in Iraq under different name

Soldiers from the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division are deployed in Iraq as members of an Advise and Assist Brigade, the Army’s designation for brigades selected to conduct security force assistance.

So while the “last full U.S. combat brigade” have left Iraq, just under 50,000 soldiers from specially trained heavy, infantry and Stryker brigades will stay, as well as two combat aviation brigades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, your pants .... oh, forget it...

Aug 22 17:46

Fort Collins Crowd Clashes With Police, Sets Fires

A crowd of about 400 people threw bottles at officers, damaged cars and set fires early Sunday after a festival and concert in the Old Town district, police said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is how it started in Romania!

Aug 22 17:44

'Holocaust denier death, Mossad linked'

American writer JP Bellinger dose not rule out the the involvement of Israeli spy agency, Mossad, in the tragic death of a Polish historian, who was researching on the Holocaust.

Dariusz Ratajczak, a former professor at the University of Opole, was found dead in a car parked near a shopping center in Opole on June 11, 2010.

Forensic reports indicated that the body was in the car for nearly two weeks, but was in an advanced state of decay, suggesting that it was moved to car long after Ratajczak's death.

"After being questioned, a number of witnesses told the police that the car had only recently been parked there," Bellinger wrote in his article.

Aug 22 17:42

South Pacific sea levels – Best records show little or no rise?!

By looking closely at the records, it turns out that the much advertised rising sea levels in the South Pacific depend on anomalous depressions of the ocean during 1997 and 1998 thanks to an El Nino and two tropical cyclones. The Science and Public Policy Institute has released a report by Vincent Gray which compares 12 Pacific Island records and shows that in many cases it’s these anomalies that set the trends… and if the anomaly is removed, sea levels appear to be more or less constant since the Seaframe measurements began around 1993.

Aug 22 17:40

How WikiLeaks Keeps Its Funding Secret

The controversial website WikiLeaks, which argues the cause of openness in leaking classified or confidential documents, has set up an elaborate global financial network to protect a big secret of its own—its funding.

Some governments and corporations angered by the site's publications have already sued WikiLeaks or blocked access to it, and the group fears that its money and infrastructure could be targeted further, founder Julian Assange said in an interview in London shortly after publishing 76,000 classified U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan in July. The move sparked international controversy and put WikiLeaks in the spotlight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the site shut down for lack of funding last year, then suddenly they have a million bucks to play with from a source which must remain hidden ... at the same time they start coming out with stories about a living Osama Bin Laden and dissing the 9-11 truth movement!

Aug 22 16:57

'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Helped FBI With Counterterrorism Efforts

Is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf an Agent Provocateur for the FBI to distract Americans from real issues and to stir up hatred?

'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam Helped FBI With Counterterrorism Efforts
Buzz up!47 votes ShareretweetEmailPrintSam Stein Sam Stein – Tue Aug 17, 5:24 pm ET
In March 2003, federal officials were being criticized for disrespecting the rights of Arab-Americans in their efforts to crack down on domestic security threats in the post-9/11 environment. Hoping to calm the growing tempers, FBI officials in New York hosted a forum on ways to deal with Muslim and Arab-Americans without exacerbating social tensions. The bureau wanted to provide agents with "a clear picture," said Kevin Donovan, director of the FBI's New York office.

Aug 22 16:52

Nearly 85 percent of new drugs provide little or no benefit, study finds

Corruption and fraud in the drug industry is nothing new, but a new report to be presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association reveals that most new pharmaceutical drugs offer practically no benefits and a whole lot of negative side effects.

Aug 22 16:49

Return of the card sharks: Banks luring millions deeper into debt with 'reckless' credit cards

Banks were accused last night of luring consumers back into the red with credit card offers even more generous than before the recession.

Despite the fragile state of the economic recovery, they are offering eye-catching ‘interest free’ benefits to encourage borrowing.

The introductory promotions are promised to last for an average of 12.2 months – even longer than at the peak of the credit boom in July 2007.

Other companies are offering cash rebates and incentives to spend while the average interest-free ‘balance transfer’ deal, aimed at borrowers switching debts between cards, now runs for nearly 16 months.

But once the zero per cent periods expire, the rates credit card borrowers pay are soaring.

Aug 22 16:44

Tony Blair's new book 'is like a love letter to George Bush'

TONY BLAIR'S forthcoming memoirs will read like a 'love letter' to George W Bush, insiders claim.

The autobiography will praise the former U.S. president, with whom Mr Blair launched the controversial invasion of Iraq in 2003, as 'highly intelligent' and 'visionary'.

Aug 22 14:46

Iraq war dissenter Kelly’s postmortem report remains secret. Is British Attorney-General Grieve up to the job?

British Attorney-General Dominic Grieve’s response to widespread calls for Dr David Kelly’s postmortem files to be released continues to indicate that the government is hiding something of importance, argues Christopher King.

Aug 22 13:50

CEOs Blame Consumer Class for Joblessness: Admit Economy Grows From Bottom Up

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The economic debate has been going on for decades: if only we give more money to the wealthy Elite, they will create jobs and some crumbs will trickle down to the hungry public. Many in the middle-class herd bought this carrot in hopes of heehawing their way into the next tax bracket.

Indeed, this approach may have been effective during the industrial revolution when entrepreneurs used the capital to open American factories. And surely this method can also work if fair trade agreements existed that would motivate job growth at home, but that is just not the world we live in anymore.

Aug 22 13:25

West Bank Boycott Campaign Impacting Settlement Economy

Grassroots Palestinian boycott campaigns across the occupied West Bank to take Israeli settlement products off the shelves of local stores have made an impact on the Israeli settlement economy, to the unease of the Israeli government, noted the Israeli daily Haaretz this week.

Aug 22 13:23

What You Will Not Hear About Iraq

Iraq has between 25 and 50 percent unemployment, a dysfunctional parliament, rampant disease, an epidemic of mental illness, and sprawling slums. The killing of innocent people has become part of daily life. What a havoc the United States has wreaked in Iraq.

Aug 22 11:44

230 cases of wrong convictions in the US and this is just North Carolina

An inquiry in the US has revealed that corrupt officials in North Carolina have deliberately withheld or distorted evidence in over two hundred judicial cases.

Aug 22 11:34

Divers find seafloor near beaches “COVERED” in “brown residue” from MS to Florida — KIDS swimming around “GIANT POOLS of oily tar balls” big as watermelons

Since July, “Heavy sheen and persistent clouds of dingy brown water washing up in pockets” from the Perdido Pass near Pensacola, Florida to Mississippi is staining the white sand. A recent snorkeling trip along Fort Morgan found the bottom just offshore covered in a fine layer of brown residue,” Raines reports.

Aug 22 11:32

U.S. ready to resume Iraq combat role if needed

The top U.S. military commander in Iraq said local security forces will be ready for the withdrawal of American troops next year, but the United States could return to combat operations if needed.

Aug 22 11:30

Social Security Cuts Weighed by Panel

A White House-created commission is considering proposals to raise the retirement age and take other steps to shore up the finances of Social Security, prompting key players to prepare for a major battle over the program's future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reader who sent in this story commented about how the Baby Boomers were going to get screwed to pay off the gambling debts of Wall Street, and in part that is true, but the fact of the matter is the the pensions of Americans were looted by the Federal Government going back to the Clinton administration to balance the Federal Budget!

HOLLINGS: "Well, the truth is...ah, shoot, well, we all know there's Washington's math problem. Alan Sloan in this past week's Newsweek says he spends 150%. What we've been doing, Mr. Chairman, in all reality, is taken a hundred billion out of the Social Security Trust Fund, transferring it over to the spending column, and spending it. Our friends to the left here are getting their tax cuts, we getting our spending increases, and hollering surplus, surplus, and balanced budget, and balanced budget plans when we continue to spend a hundred billion more than we take in.

That's the reality, and I think that you and I, working the same side of the street now, can have a little bit of success by bringing to everybody's attention this is all intended surplus. In other words, when we passed the Greenspan Commission Report, the Greenspan Commission Report only had Social Security in 1983 a two hundred million surplus. It's projected to have this year a 117 million surplus. I've got the schedule, I'll ask to put in the record the CBO report: 117, 126, 130, 100, going right through to 2008 over the ten year period of 186 billion surplus. That was intended; this is dramatic about all these retirees, the baby boomers. But we foresaw that baby boomer problem, we planned against that baby boomer problem. Our problem is we've been spending that particular reserve, that set-aside that you testify to that is so necessary. That's what I'm trying to get this government back to reality, if we can do that."

-- from the 1998 Senate Budget Committee session.

Aug 22 11:00

Ed Overton slips up -- Reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means the toxins are being drawn up into the weather systems over the gulf, then to rain down on our food crops across the great plains!

Aug 22 10:33


Jewish-American Emily Henochowicz recalls how she lost an eye at a protest in Israel after the storming of the Gaza aid flotilla

Aug 22 10:32

Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel openly declares their intention to control everything you see, hear, and read on the internet!

Sieg HEIL! Sieg HEIL! Sieg HEIL!

Aug 22 10:30

Pay Up: Got a blog that makes no money? The city wants $300, thank you very much.

So even if your blog collects a handful of hits a day, as long as there's the potential for it to be lucrative — and, as Mandale points out, most hosting sites set aside space for bloggers to sell advertising — the city thinks you should cut it a check. According to Andrea Mannino of the Philadelphia Department of Revenue, in fact, simply choosing the option to make money from ads — regardless of how much or little money is actually generated — qualifies a blog as a business. The same rules apply to freelance writers. As former City Paper news editor Doron Taussig once lamented [Slant, "Taxed Out," April 28, 2005], the city considers freelancers — which both Bess and Barry are, in addition to their blog work — "businesses," and requires them to pay for a license and pay taxes on their profits, on top of their state and federal taxes.

Aug 22 10:26

Home values down, but tax bills rise

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Government is the most expensive thing you will ever buy in your life. We need a "Lemon law" to take this one back. It's clearly defective. Or maybe we need a "Cash for clunkers" program where we get a check for $50,000 towards the purchase of a new and more efficient government if we toss the present obsolete pile of junk in the car-crushing machine at the junk yard!

Aug 22 10:25

Israeli Academic Freedom at Risk

Born in Haifa, the son of German-Jewish immigrants who fled during the Nazi period, noted historian Ilan Pappe left Israel in summer 2007, telling London Guardian writer Chris Arnot he began "feeling for a while like public enemy No. 1" for his anti-Zionist views and supporting a boycott against Israeli universities, saying:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like many thinking Israelis, this man has a moral conscience, and is not afraid to use it, even understanding what the ramifications of such acts are certain to be.

Aug 22 10:24

Feds found Pfizer too big to nail, so they looked the other way on massive fraud

When the world's largest pharmaceutical company was found to have engaged in a massive illegal marketing campaign, federal prosecutors decided the company was too big to punish -- so they let it set up a shell corporation to take the blame.

In 2001, the FDA approved Bextra for the relief of arthritis and menstrual cramps, but did not approve it for more severe surgical pain. Yet Pfizer aggressively promoted the drug to anesthesiologists and surgeons -- "anyone that use[d] a scalpel for a living," in the words of one internal company document. Company employees also told doctors that the FDA had approved Bextra as safe in doses as high as 40 milligrams, whereas the agency had actually only approved doses up to 20 milligrams.

Yet when the government threatened Pfizer with prosecution for off-label marketing fraud, it realized that a conviction would, under federal law, require that Pfizer be excluded from Medicare and Medicaid -- and that this would probably put the company out of business.

Aug 22 10:24

Grayson slams mosque ‘distraction’: Talk about admin that ‘let’ 9/11 happen instead

The debate over a planned Islamic community center several blocks from New York City's World Trade Center site is a "distraction," according to Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL).

Instead, the debate should shift in focus to an examination of the administration which "let it happen."

'It,' of course, being the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Aug 22 10:22

Israel tells schools not to teach nakba

Government officials warned Israeli teachers last week not to cooperate with a civic group that seeks to educate Israelis about how the Palestinians view the loss of their homeland and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Israeli teachers are being told not to teach the truth to their students, but only the Israeli nationalist fantasy of how Israel came in to existence.

Aug 22 10:19

MSNBC: Hydrocarbons flowing "into the FORMATION" is "THE DOOMSDAY SCENARIO"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And again, looking at this video of the oil flowing out of the destroyed well, from before July 15th, it is possible to read the X coordinate of the ROV and confirm we were then being shown well "B", whereas the videos of the capped well are being taken at the earlier abandoned well "A".

Aug 22 10:19

Blood Money

The Book Signing Occasion, falls in the week that America commemorates 9/11.That day, arguably, the beginning of Blair's "Journey" - into dodgy dossiers, destruction of two of nations, the spectre of the unexplained death of an eminent scientist, weapons inspector, Dr David Kelly, having said publicly he thought the wmd claims might have been "sexed up" - and his unshakeable, blind, messianic certainty of being "right."

A shame the signing could not be moved to Saturday,11th September. Were there an arrest, citizens' or otherwise, no more fitting day for him to begin another journey - to the Hague.

One can only wistfully wish, and fantasize.

Aug 22 10:13

Toxic Contamination: Gulf Oil May Not Degrade for DECADES

As you might have heard, scientists are finding gigantic under oil plumes from the BP spill, including one that is more than 22 miles long, more than a mile wide and 650 feet deep.

On Thursday, Dr. Ian MacDonald and and Dr. Lisa Suatoni testified to a Congressional subcommittee that the oil will stay toxic, and will not degrade much further, for decades. MacDonald is an expert in deep-ocean extreme communities including natural hydrocarbon seeps, gas hydrates, and mud volcano systems, a former long-time NOAA scientist, and a professor of Biological Oceanography at Florida State University. Suatoni has a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Yale, and is Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council's Oceans Program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BP is working overtime to limit its liability here, and the Federal Government is letting them get away with it!

Aug 22 10:09

Obama’s Delusions: The Economy and Iraq

Contrary to his recent statements, Obama has not improved the economy. He has overseen a catastrophic destruction of jobs on a state-by-state basis, in part due to state budget crises and the pathetic lack of response on the national level: Obama’s first stimulus was under-funded and misdirected (too much emphasis on tax cuts for businesses, etc.), while Obama’s recent “stimulus”— only $26 billion — is simply farce.

When it comes to the Iraq war, Obama is equally off kilter. He recently announced the end of “combat operations” in Iraq, which we are meant to interpret as “mission accomplished.”

Aug 22 10:06

Israel takes U.S. handouts, buys U.S. media…

“It is frightening how easily some in the American news media surrendered to a foreign public relations campaign that spent the 2010 equivalent of $36 million over two years. Time has proven most of the planted content to be misleading, if not dangerous.”

This article provides a fascinating insight into Israel’s hugely successful efforts to influence and control Americans’ knowledge of Israeli and Middle-Eastern affairs, and to mould opinion in Israel’s favour. I think it highly likely that ‘foreign aid’ funds provided to Israel by the U.S. enable Israel to ‘buy’ not just U.S. public opinion, but also U.S. politicians, by virtue of the AIPAC-controlled ‘political action committees’ that provide essential funding to candidates selected for their pliability.

Aug 22 10:04

Palestinians see danger for Abbas in resumed Israel peace talks

There was little for Palestinians to be upbeat about Friday as they waited for an official invitation to join Israel at resumed direct peace talks to be hosted by President Obama on Sept. 2.

The so-called Middle East Quartet of the European Union, United Nations, United States, and Russia that act as Israel-Palestine peace mediators issued a statement Friday in which they reaffirmed "their strong support for direct negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians to resolve all final status issues" that should "lead to a settlement, negotiated between the parties, that ends the occupation which began in 1967 and results in the emergence of an independent, democratic, and viable Palestinian state... which can be completed within one year."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Quartet's statement is simply sound and fury, signifying...absolutely nothing, and here is why:

1. Israel will refuse to stop building in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The world will continue to see a brisk annexation of Palestinians from those places, coupled with demolition of the houses in which their families have lived for generations.

2. Israel will never either declare its borders, nor will it retreat to its 1967 borders, as the Palestinians have long requested.

3.Hamas, and the people who support it, are not at all represented in these talks.

The Palestinians have everything to lose, and absolutely nothing to gain here. Abbas is Israel's version of "Step and Fetch It", and has no real ability to negotiate in the Palestinians' best interests.

Aug 22 10:01

“THE REAL DOOMSDAY SCENARIO” is a compromised FORMATION and uncontrolled flow to seafloor: Bob Cavnar on MSNBC

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the X coordinate in the well video. That is well "B" we are seeing pour oil into the gulf, not well "A" which is the capped well!

Aug 22 09:48

Odierno Raises Prospect of US Troops ‘Returning’ to Iraq

Though the Obama Administration’s claims that the war in Iraq is “over” is a myth to begin with, top US Commander in Iraq Gen. Ray Odierno today detailed the possibility of US forces “returning” to Iraq in larger numbers.

Odierno insists this would “only” happen if Iraq’s security forces suffer a complete failure in the ability to provide security in Iraq. And while Odierno insists “we don’t see that happening,” the reality on the ground makes this all the more plausible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: we are never really leaving Iraq; the occupation is simply being rebranded, period, end of discussion.

Aug 22 09:43

The New Auto IRA Is Just Highway Robbery

Just as with the Obama Administration plans eventual nationalization of healthcare, the tremendous amount of funds in private retirement plans and IRA accounts are also being targeted to meet future revenue needs. Bills have just been introduced in both the House and Senate to create the new Auto IRA accounts which will at first be voluntary but later will become mandatory like Social Security and I expect the early 3% employee after tax contribution levels to eventually rise to 10 to 15% of compensation rising even more than Social Security has increased over the years. Read this August 17th article in Investment News at for more information.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Aug 22 09:41

The ‘Mosque’ Affair: An American Comedy

THE “ground zero mosque,” as you may well know by now, is not at ground zero. It’s not a mosque but an Islamic cultural center containing a prayer room. It’s not going to determine President Obama’s political future or the elections of 2010 or 2012. Still, the battle that has broken out over this project in Lower Manhattan — on the “hallowed ground” of a shuttered Burlington Coat Factory store one block from the New York Dolls Gentlemen’s Club — will prove eventful all the same. And the consequences will be far more profound than any midterm election results or any of the grand debates now raging 24/7 over the parameters of tolerance, religious freedom, and the real estate gospel of location, location, location.

Aug 22 09:40

Fidelity sees record number raid their 401(k)s

In the wake of news about a spike in new applications for unemployment benefits comes another potentially troubling sign: A record number of workers made hardship withdrawals from their retirement accounts in the second quarter.

What's more, the number of workers borrowing from their accounts reached a 10-year high, according to a report issued Friday by Fidelity Investments.

Aug 22 09:39

In striking shift, small investors flee stock markets

Renewed economic uncertainty is testing Americans’ generation-long love affair with the stock market.

Investors withdrew a staggering $33.12 billion from domestic stock market mutual funds in the first seven months of this year, according to the Investment Company Institute, the mutual fund industry trade group. Now many are choosing investments they deem safer, like bonds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, these people recognise that the light at the end of the economic tunnel is coming from an on-coming train!

Aug 22 09:36

And Now: The Stealth Obama Ocean Grab

It's not enough that the White House is moving to lock up hundreds of millions of acres of land in the name of environmental protection. The Obama administration's neon green radicals are also training their sights on the deep blue seas. The president's grabby-handed bureaucrats have been empowered through executive order to seize unprecedented control from states and localities over "conservation, economic activity, user conflict and sustainable use of the ocean, our coasts and the Great Lakes."_

Aug 22 09:35

Obama Wins No-Balls Prize

Nobel Committee Regrets "Tragic Typo" That Mistakenly Awarded U.S. President 2009 Peace Prize

In a dramatic announcement that drew gasps of pleasure and cries of "it's about time," President Barack Obama today won the "No-Balls" Prize for "spinelessness above and beyond the call of duty," while retroactively losing the 2009 Nobel Peace prize, which the awards Committee confessed had been mistakenly granted due to a "tragic typographical error."

Aug 22 09:32

Activist: Gulf fishermen being held responsible for toxic seafood

The US government, and even President Obama himself, have said that Gulf seafood is safe to eat in the wake of the massive BP oil spill.

But an admission from the federal government that it hasn't been testing Gulf seafood for toxic heavy metals, and news that fishermen are being forced to sign waivers making them liable for toxins in their catch, suggest not everyone is convinced of the safety of Gulf seafood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could the US government and BP possibly punish the victims - and the American people - any more ruthlessly than make fisherman sign waivers of responsibility for the toxicity of the seafood, and let that seafood into the American food chain?!?

Aug 22 09:31

Lebanon’s Gaza bound aid ship is now scheduled to depart on Aug 29

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cyprus was under heavy pressure from big powers not to let the ship reach any of its ports.
A ship that's is carrying women,called Miriam,and carrying food and aid supplies cannot be a danger to Cyprus.
But,as usual political pressure got in the way.

Aug 22 09:29

NATO Strikes Kill Three Afghan Civilians, Three Police

Top NATO officials are constantly warning that the most important part of their long term war strategy in Afghanistan must include avoiding killing civilians and building up the nation’s police force, but they appear to have failed on both counts yesterday, launching a pair of attacks that killed three police and three civilians.

Aug 22 09:26

Computer expert load PAC-MAN onto a "secure" voting machine without breaking tamper-proof seals meant to convince you elections are honest!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Our early election results predict that 'Blinky' will be the next Governor of California!" -- ABCNNBBCBS

Aug 22 09:02

No 'proliferation risk' from Iran nuclear power plant: U.S.

The United States sees no “proliferation risk” from Iran’s Russian-built first nuclear power plant at Bushehr that was loaded with fuel Saturday, the State Department said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a signal that the US Government will not support Israel in an attack against Iran based on the power station, which is authorized by the NNPT. While Israel can still resort to another false-flag attack to kick off the war, at least for the moment the plan for war with Iran is stalled (which may be why Israel is overflying Lebanon at the moment to feel butch).

But one thing is clear, everyone got to see Israel's paid presstitutes playing every propaganda trick they could, from the Goldberg article to the screed about Obama being a Muslim, and now everyone knows for themselves that Israel does indeed control the US media.

Aug 22 08:59

Lebanese Gaza-bound flotilla postponed over Cyprus rebuff, organizers say

Lebanon revokes Miriam aid ship's permit to sail after Nicosia authorities prohibit travel between Gaza and Cyprus.

Aug 22 08:58

Without a Revolution Americans Are History Paul Craig Roberts

Bottom line: If the wars are not immediately stopped and the jobs brought back to America, the US is relegated to the trash bin of history.

Aug 22 08:57

Murder-suicide leaves 3 dead

Conley was deployed with his Hawaii unit to Iraq in 2004, and friends said he struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aug 22 08:53


Jane Leaf of Tennessee irked by movement’s threat to drive away philanthropists if Beersheba university fails to appoint right-wing staff members. ‘Such an attack reflects ignorance,’ she tells Ynet, adding it will only make her increase donations

Aug 22 08:49


Direct talks will lead to more erosion of Palestinian rights especially when conducted in Israeli-occupied Washington between Abbas whose mandate as president of the Palestinian bantustan in the West Bank expired last January and Mr. Netanyahu, a known terrorist and war criminal leading the most extreme right-wing government in the history of the apartheid state of Israel.

Aug 22 08:46


Hebrew textbooks focus chiefly on the success of Israel’s troops during the 1948 war. The books say that the 750,000 refugees either left voluntarily or were ordered to leave by Arab armies. Most historians now say that Israeli troops either physically expelled the Palestinians or frightened them so much that they fled.

Aug 22 08:42

One US soldier killed in southern Iraq

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for 'combat operations have ended in Iraq', eh Obama? Even for you, this lie cratered pretty fast!

Aug 22 08:42

An Open Letter to Israel From: Lauren Booth, UK

Before you scream ‘lies!’ or ‘anti semite!’ please, I beg you. Parent to parent. Human to human. in the name of the God of all faiths, take a breathe, suspend your disbelief a while longer, then read on. Because, oh Israel. What if, just suppose, I’m not the anti semite your wiki trained extremist supporters try to paint me as? And what if, just ten per cent of the 64,000 google entries for “IDF looting’ are utterly true?

by strong>Lauren Booth (Lauren Booth is Tony Blair's sister in Law

Aug 22 08:30

BUMP BACK TO THE TOP - Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder what it cost to have ABCNNBBCBS frame Arabs for 9-11?

Everyone needs to email this video to every congresscritter and every corporate media outlet they know. Nobody will likely admit that this is going on, but they need to know we know that news coverage of the middle east was not really news, but paid advertising all these years.

Aug 22 08:30

Part Tinker Bell, Part Predator Drone

The devices employed in US election cycles and its national politics, in general, are akin to the dramatic conventions of children's theatre. Every two to four years, voters are instructed to clap their hands and believe in Tinker Bell. "Children, you have to believe -- you really, really have to believe in Tinker Bell." But behind the stagecraft is oligarchy. President Obama took millions from Goldman Sachs, et al. If there is a Captain Hook in this show, it is those Wall Street pirates who threw the global economy to the crocodiles for their ill-gotten gains.

Aug 22 08:27

FLASHBACK - The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Before we start screaming about Mosques near ground zero, we better make sure we are looking in the right direction. Especially now that we know Israel pays the presstitutes in the US media millions to report the news Israel wants reported!

Aug 22 07:50

Florida mosque bombed; FBI calls for help; national media mute

So, a mosque is bombed by a white guy and the bomb isn't exactly small, but the national media sees no value in reporting it? Really? And yet, that is evidently the case.


I did a quick Google news search. I found lots of local stories. But look what happens when I try major news sites:

FOX News: Nothing

CNN: Nothing

MSNBC: Nothing

CBS News: Nothing.

Aug 22 07:47

Blood Money

Sometimes a topic simply will not go away. These weeks, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Q.C., former Prime Minister, alleged potential war criminal, surreal Middle East Peace Envoy - who led an administration who shared responsibility for, if not quite rivers of blood, bloodied market places, mosques, squares, homes, humans, hospitals, beyond counting - just keeps coming back and back.

Aug 22 07:34

Globalized Business Cares Little About Left or Right

Chrystia Freeland

Here's the good news about China's emergence as the world's second largest economy -- US business has figured it out. And here's the bad news -- while US companies can go global, most US citizens can't. The result, in this age of globalization, is a growing tension between the interests of America's business leaders and the interests of much of its middle class. Indeed, the most important fault-line in American politics may not be between Democrats and Republicans, it is between those businesses and business people who are succeeding in the global economy and those who are not.

Aug 22 07:30

The facial recognition software that will put a name to every photograph in the internet

A software company is developing revolutionary software which provides the ability to identify people from photographs posted on the internet.

Face.com has produced technology that can identify individuals on social networking sites and online galleries by comparing their image against a known picture of them.

It means detailed profiles of individuals can be built up purely from online photographs and critics have said it could lead to exploitation by employers.

Aug 22 07:28

An open letter to Israel From: Lauren Booth, UK

It’s becoming increasingly clear that your young men and women are being trained to behave like animals. These events, the looting, the photos posted online by Eden Abergil, they can’t be explained away as ‘one off’’s any longer.

It’s for you to ask yourselves what they mean.

I’m truly sorry if my words have offended you. I just wanted to talk with you directly for once.

By the way there are an estimated 400 laptops, 600 mobile phones plus other personal cash and effects, which your military still has not returned to the passengers of the aid flotilla. You see, when then they set sail. For some reason, those good people, didn’t think the IDF would steal from them.

Aug 22 04:45

IRAN: Building a Nuclear Weapon? You’re Kidding, Right?

By Bob Nichols – Veterans Today

(San Francisco) Many people are asking if Iran can build a nuclear weapon. The answer is No, they cannot. Iran does not have the tools or material to do so. Some 40 countries would probably like to build a reactor, though, according to the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency. A reactor is the first step to a nuclear weapon.

But, the President of the US, politicians in Israel and other important people say Iran “might” be able to build a weapon in a few years. So what? I might like to jump over the moon too; but, it ain’t gonna happen.

Aug 22 04:03


More than one group was involved in smuggling heroin out of Lebanon and into the USA using PanAm flights.

Reportedly, these groups included:

A. The group working for Syrian Monzer al Kassar, a CIA asset with reported links to Oliver North and Mohammed Atta. (Monzer al-Kassar - Wikipedia / Madcow Morning News.)

B. Members of the PFLP-GC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command) which had links to Monzer al Kassar, the CIA asset.

The PFLP-GC bomb-maker Marwan Khreesat was a Jordanian intelligence service (GID) agent with links to the CIA. (Pan Am Flight 103.)

C. The CIA unit known as Corea, which worked with Monzer al Kassar. (Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee)

Aug 22 03:25

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Is Globalist Stooge

The Imam of the now infamous “ground zero mosque” is a member of the ultra elitist Council On Foreign Relations and receives financial backing from powerful globalist sources including the Rockefellers, the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation.

This information provides a compelling backdrop to the theory that the move to establish the mosque is a deliberate attempt to further stoke religious tensions and divert attention away from the real enemy of free humanity, the corporate globalist elite who continue to profit from global war and division.